Quando vola il falco Quando Zouga Ballantyne e sua sorella Robyn salpano alla volta dell Africa alla ricerca del padre misteriosamente scomparso sono pieni di sogni e di speranze Ma una volta giunti nella Colonia del Ca

  • Title: Quando vola il falco
  • Author: Wilbur Smith Mario Biondi
  • ISBN: 9788878197527
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quando Zouga Ballantyne e sua sorella Robyn salpano alla volta dell Africa, alla ricerca del padre misteriosamente scomparso, sono pieni di sogni e di speranze Ma una volta giunti nella Colonia del Capo i loro destini inevitabilmente si separano Robyn, animata da fervore missionario e decisa a combattere la sua battaglia contro la schiavk , segue la Via degli Schiavi ZoQuando Zouga Ballantyne e sua sorella Robyn salpano alla volta dell Africa, alla ricerca del padre misteriosamente scomparso, sono pieni di sogni e di speranze Ma una volta giunti nella Colonia del Capo i loro destini inevitabilmente si separano Robyn, animata da fervore missionario e decisa a combattere la sua battaglia contro la schiavk , segue la Via degli Schiavi Zouga, invece, temerario e senza scrupoli, si mette sulle tracce della scomparsa citt di Monomotapa e delle sue leggendarie miniere d oro Cos , l avventura succede all avventura, la scoperta s alterna alla meraviglia, mentre ovunque aleggia, potente, quel senso di mistero di una terra sempre nuova e imprevedibile.

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    • Unlimited [Business Book] ✓ Quando vola il falco - by Wilbur Smith Mario Biondi ¿
      390 Wilbur Smith Mario Biondi
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    One thought on “Quando vola il falco”

    1. Another splendid read from this author. I'm going through all of Smith's books in chronological order, and have reached up to 1980. All of his previous books were stand-alone thrillers, mostly set in the modern day, so I was looking forward to something a little wider reaching with this one.I got it. A FALCON FLIES is an epic read, an adventure story charting the events that befall the Ballantyne siblings as they penetrate the Zambezi river and the African interior. Smith throws a little of ever [...]

    2. In his other multi-novel series, Smith continues to use Africa as his central backdrop. The year is 1860 and slave trading remains a key form of commerce amongst Europeans and those in the Americas. After missionary Fuller Ballantyne has gone missing on the African sub-continent, his two children join a clipper out of England to find him. Robyn Ballantyne is a missionary like her father, but also has a medical background, both areas of education she wishes to bring to the African people. Her bro [...]

    3. Just arrived from Japan through BM.An enjoyable reading after has read too many "serious" books.This is the first book of the series The Ballantyne Novels describing the first Rhodesia historical facts when slavery was still taking place to North and South America. Every slave was sold by 20 dollars and these ships are able to transport thousands of them in very inhumane conditions.A very touching moment can be described when Robyn Ballantyne find his father debilitated by the disease and being [...]

    4. This was the second Ballantyne novel I read, although its first in the series. It steps back several generations to trace the originations of the Ballantyne family's fascination with Africa. Captain Mungo St. John, who is a rapscallion you want to love, despite his unsavory profession as a slaver. Britain's fight against slavery, while the recently independent United States is left to slave unmolested due to treaty. Great moments of naval action. Robyn Ballantyne's place as a strong female chara [...]

    5. WTF! I have read other stuff from this author. 'River Gods' was great, the 'Seventh Scroll' was good, the other two books in that series was whack-a-doo! I had read a later book in this series that was not too bad, and thought I should start at the beginning.Started out OK, then suddenly turned into a cheap romance novel! One star is reserved for books I simply could not finish! This author shows moments of brilliance, and is not a bad writer, but is inconsistent. When I read historical fiction [...]

    6. Wilbur Addison Smith is the best known author on stories based in Africa. All his books are based on some country of the mystic African continent! It has lot to do with his birth place which is Zambia also in Africa! This book is based on the slave trade which was flourishing in 18th century in entire Africa and I must say that it has been researched really well. I can definitely connect with his writing after spending 2 years in Africaa real good read.

    7. I tried this book out because I heard it was good historical fiction. At about 100 hundred pages in, one of the main characters attempts to murder a many to end up sleeping with him because male magnetism is more than she can resist. SERIOUSLY?! Who thinks of this crap? After this happened in the book, I couldn't bring myself to read more.

    8. In another Smith serious that follows the "Ballantyne" Family They go to Africa and they start a life trying to make money from diamonds/gold by exploiting the locals but it's pretty historical (though fictional) it includes Cecil Rhodes the man(as in Rhodesia) The whole series is good i have one more to read in the series

    9. Really enjoyed getting back to 19th Century Africa with the first of the Ballantyne novels. A mixture of hunting elephants (again), missionary work, the slave trade, imperial ambition and passionate affairs (by the female missionary no less). Looking forward to reading on from the various story lines established in part one!

    10. interesting history of the slave trade between africa and america, and the efforts of the european countries, especially the british, to end the slave trade.

    11. This is a great beginning to the Ballantyne Series, action packed with some really interesting characters introduced.

    12. Great book!!A big Wilbur Smith fan! I have read just about all his books and love the way he mixes fiction with historical facts.

    13. Horrible. Instead of character development, we simply have a series of character tropes. The heroine is simply a male fantasized version of some female adventurer out of a Danielle Steele novel. Her brother reminded me of the early Sharpe of Bernard Cornwell fame (without the decent plot and excellent history to accompany him). The heroine's interests are the typical friend-zone good guy and bad boy with lots of "animal magnetism". The "David Livingstone" type character, his faithful guide, the [...]

    14. This book was super interesting and was a hard read. It was very intriguing and required critical thinking and reading skills. A Falcon Flies is a Wilbur Smith classic. Something I loved about this book is it can be read on it's own, or it can be read with the other books in the Ballantyne series. This story has a lot of depth and certainly requires a reader's full attention. I really loved that Robyn, a woman, was a strong heroine and very predominant in the book. I think it is notable because [...]

    15. Fantastic book for the first in the Ballantyne series! A lot going on from start to finish and never a dull moment! Few things I would have liked closure on (although I think it was made clear) however I would recommend as a good stand alone book from Wilbur Smith

    16. 'Africa crouched low on the horizon' and Wilbur had me hooked for life with this first sentence. I've read all his books since and still enjoy them as soon as they're published.

    17. Several typos slipped through, but the interwoven stories still shone through regardless. A fascinating read about seafaring, "untamed" Africa, and the inherent differences between men and women.

    18. Feels like Smith pulled this out of a reject pile after Men of Men was a hit. Reads like an R-rated H. Rider Haggard novel, a concept that will appeal to some.

    19. Good readAnother well written book, already looking forward to the next book and future reads in the Ballantyne series. . .

    20. I know that when I'm feeling sad just few authors can make me feel good again. Wilbur Smith is one of them.A Falcon Flies takes the reader in a long journey into the hear of Africa, side by side with its population, its animals, its landscape. It was intense, really: after reading this, one could easily think that Africa has a soul and a mind of his own, that it will not let you go through its territories unless it lets you do that. I have to say that W. Smith has a great role in making this pos [...]

    21. Wilbur Smith is like an old friend. I have read so many of his books, I know what to expect: Good looking, hunky heroes, wilfull and good-looking women that get what they want. Which is usually not the good-looking hero, because he is mean. But hey, in the end it turns out he is not so mean after all and they live happily ever after - starting an Empire or perhaps a gaming reserve or that diamond business There is some adventuring going on as well. At least one of the main characters goes native [...]

    22. I love Wilbur Smith and have read many of his books including Men of Men (book 2) of the Ballantyne Family series which I greatly enjoyed (it follows Zouga many years down the road.) Unfortunately, this book, the first in the Ballantyne Family series is just so-so. I greatly disliked the God-fearing (but only when she wants to be) heroine, Robyn and sometimes liked and sometimes disliked her brother Zouga who was only after riches (gold and ivory) regardless of his claims.Robyn and Zouga are ret [...]

    23. Used as I am to having a love/hate relationship with this authors work even I was surprised to find myself having such very mixed feelings about A Falcon Flies.An epic story of siblings, Robyn and (Morris) Zouga's, search for their missionary father in 1800's Africa, this is a story of slavery, hunting and adventure on (and off) the high seas.Part one in what turns out to be a series of four novels, this occasionally felt as if it was two books combined into one - the more adventurous 'swash and [...]

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