Who Was Sacagawea Sacagawea was only sixteen when she made one of the most remarkable journeys in American history traveling miles by foot canoe and horse all while carrying a baby on her back Without her the

  • Title: Who Was Sacagawea?
  • Author: Judith Bloom Fradin Nancy Harrison Val Paul Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780448424859
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sacagawea was only sixteen when she made one of the most remarkable journeys in American history, traveling 4500 miles by foot, canoe, and horse all while carrying a baby on her back Without her, the Lewis and Clark expedition might have failed Through this engaging book, kids will understand the reasons that today, 200 years later, she is still remembered and immortalizSacagawea was only sixteen when she made one of the most remarkable journeys in American history, traveling 4500 miles by foot, canoe, and horse all while carrying a baby on her back Without her, the Lewis and Clark expedition might have failed Through this engaging book, kids will understand the reasons that today, 200 years later, she is still remembered and immortalized on a golden dollar coin.

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      450 Judith Bloom Fradin Nancy Harrison Val Paul Taylor
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    One thought on “Who Was Sacagawea?”

    1. Who Was Sacagawea? by Judith Bloom Fradin is a very informative book! I did not realize that she was only 10 or 11 when she was traded to a frontiersman to be one of his Indian wives! She had been kidnapped from her tribe by another and that tribe just sold her at a young age! I don't think they told me this in school. There was a lot in here they didn't discuss. I wealth of knowledge in this book. I am glad I picked it up from the library. Wow, what a strong girl. Great book.

    2. Judith Bloom Fradin's book about Sacagawea, is an amazing and entertaining non-fiction read. The book explains Sacagawea’s life both who she was and what she did. The book begins with a fascinating explanation for the reason she was depicted on the dollar coin. Sacagawea was placed on the United States new dollar coin in the year 2000. The top side shows an American Indian women holding her baby.Sacagawea was born in 1790 in what is today the state of Idaho. While She was hundreds of miles awa [...]

    3. “Who was Sacagawea” is about a 16 year old girl who traveled one of the most remarkable journeys in American history. At age 11 she tells her life story from when she was kidnapped by the Hitdasta. At 15 years old she married an older Canadian man named Charbonneau. The two of them joined the Lewis and Clark expedition. She traveled with a baby on her back and traveled over 4000 miles by walking, canoe, or horse. Sacagawea skills and knowledge of Native American languages helped them make th [...]

    4. 1 Who Was Sacagawea?2 5/27=30min, 5/30=20min, 6/2=30min3 Indian/hunting/shoshone/river/home/baby/coin4 I like this passage "Sacagawea had traveled 4,500 miles carrying her baby on her back." When I holded my cousin's daughter, it was difficult to hold her for a long time. It was great to travel 4,500 miles carrying her baby on her back.5 I respect for her because many people who live around the world respect for her. In addition, a new dollar coin "head" side shows her.

    5. She was very important and interesting if u like Lewis and Clark this has to do with them a lot so I'd read it! Great person!

    6. I didn't realize there were not my any photos or portraits taken of her. Every picture we see of her today is the illustrator's imagination. I also didn't know that she has the most statues, monuments and landmarks named after her out of all native Americans! She travelled across a huge portion of the US, feeding dozens of men, translating between tribes and settlers, navigating rivers and mountains AND had a 1-year old baby strapped to her back the whole time! Not to mention she was taken priso [...]

    7. Personal Reaction: -I really liked this book because it gives a wonderful history of Sacagawea while still keeping it interesting. Its not one of those boring biographies that are really hard to read. It has pictures on every page and the words are simple.Purpose/Use in the classroom: -This would be a great read aloud if you were doing a social studies lesson on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and you wanted to do a day on the impact she had on the journey that they took. The class can take a jou [...]

    8. I read a kindle version in English. I learned many things about Sacagawea, that I had never known before the reading. She was an amazing young woman. I didn't know she had been stolen from her people, and then sold to a man, to become one of his wives. She was pregnant by the time she was 15. Lewis and Clark needed someone who could speak with the Shoshone's, as they traveled, so they could trade for horses, to get over the mountains. I didn't know about her husband and her son. I didn't think t [...]

    9. This series looks really juvenile from the cover, but they actually contain a lot of useful information. This one was particularly informative, not just on Sacagawea, but covers what led up to the Louisiana Purchase, events during the Corps of Discovery and what happened later (byond M. Lewis' untimely death). We read many books on Lewis and Clark during our study and this was one of only a handful that discussed the fact that Clark later adopted "Pomp" to raise with his own ten(?) children and [...]

    10. This book is very interesting, and it gives you a lot of information on Sacagawea. It is not boring like you might think. This book goes in chronological order, because there are dates and it is in order of past to most recent. There is information on Lewis and Clark, info on Sacgawea's tribe, info on Thomas Jefferson, etc. There where some hard times tat the explorers had to go through, but they did, and Sacagawea did it all with a baby on her back! She was an important person in american histo [...]

    11. If you ever need some basic information on Sacagawea here is the book to read. It just gives basic facts about Sacagawea's life. Like when Louis and Clark found Sacagawea, a Cherokee Native American and they all embarked on their long journey exploring land together. This book basically gives you all of the basics on her life and why she's important to what we know of today as the United States. So if you ever have a report or anything like such and Sacagawea is your topic you can use this book [...]

    12. Who Was Sacagawea? is an excellent source of facts on her life. What made me choose this book? I chose this book because I hardly knew any information on Sacagawea. My favorite part was when she was reunited with her family on their journey west. My least favorite part was at the beginning when they were talking about how she was kidnapped from her tribe and sold. I liked in the book when she helped translate with an Indian tribe to get their crew heading west horses. Anyone looking for basic in [...]

    13. i think of this book really impressive buy when Sacagawea's tribe was getting attacked by another tribe and Sacagawea is captured and was forced to marry this man which she really didn't want to and she had a baby girl which she was forced the give her daughter away with another parents which she was sad so then she got really sick and then she had another baby and it was a boy and it's nick name is Pomp and she loved him always!

    14. And to think that the success of one of one of the greatest expeditions depended on a woman. We really enjoyed reading about Sacagawea. She was brave, loyal, tough, and important. I have a hard time thinking about traveling all the way that she did, and then I remember that she had a baby on her back. Amazing.

    15. I love this author's biographies! The author finds a way to keep the readers interested. I think it is the fact that the author doesn't state any boring facts. The author only puts interesting facts in her books. Like, did u know that Sacagawea was only 15-16 years old when she had her baby boy, Jean? Jean was called Pomp and was born on February 11. ( I cannot remember what year )I like it!!!

    16. Eh. Not a lot of detail (not terribly surprising), but the structure of the book left something to be desired. There was a great deal about Lewis & Clark and points discuss the fact that Clark raised her children--but before we even know that she had a second child. I think it would be a bit more of a confusing read. There's almost too much data missing.

    17. Personally I'd give this three stars - I found it a little dull - but my kids (3 and 7) loved it. I appreciated the fact that it did not glorify colonialism (much). Sacagawea remains pretty mysterious, since we only have second hand accounts, but I was actually glad not to read a fictional or romantic interpretation of who she might have been.

    18. This is a really good informational book for elementary and early middle school students. It had a lot of basic knowledge and facts in it. One might think a book all about history and Sacagawea might be boring but I thought it was interesting. Even though the pictures were simple and black and white, I thought they were great and made the book come to life more.

    19. My daughter and I shared this as a read aloud during spring of 1st grade, and we were both enthralled. The writing was clear but riveting, with an appropriate number of pictures. We still reference things we both learned in this book.We have since picked up several other biographies from this publisher and are hoping they are just as good.

    20. I read this while I was in the Library. Just to tell you the Library is a good place to read because it is quiet. I really liked this book because I like learning about Sacagawea. I also really like the "Who Was" books.

    21. I love this series in general, but this particular one is more of a story about Lewis & Clark than Sacagawea. I know there are gaps in her record, but I was hoping for some new perspective. Still, an interesting book for this age group.

    22. Excellent reading material for first year Spanish learner. I also learned -- for the first time -- the brave India young woman Sacagawea who guided Lewis and Clark's expedition through much danger and risk.

    23. A well written historical fiction about the life of the famous Indian tracker who helped Lewis and Clark on their famous exploration. Fully illustrated to help depict the life and adventures this heroine experienced.

    24. This is a very informative and fun book that 3rd -5th graders would enjoy reading. It tells the story of a young girl who helped Lewis and Clark in their expedision and discoveriea, all while carring her baby on her back. The book offers great facts along with fun illustarions.

    25. This book was about a woman who helped two men, Lewis and Clark, on an expedition. Without her, the men might not have made the journey alive. I loved this book as kid because I thought of the adventures she had. I would use this book to demonstrate adventure and history on her life.

    26. It was about her trip with Lewis and Clark. She had a baby named Pomp. If you like history, you should read this book.

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