Frida Zelden sprak een schilderes meer tot de verbeelding dan Frida Kahlo Niet alleen geldt zij als de beroemdste schilderes van de twintigste eeuw zij is misschien ook wel de populairste De popster Madonn

  • Title: Frida
  • Author: Bárbara Mujica
  • ISBN: 9058473279
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zelden sprak een schilderes meer tot de verbeelding dan Frida Kahlo Niet alleen geldt zij als de beroemdste schilderes van de twintigste eeuw, zij is misschien ook wel de populairste De popster Madonna bezit meerdere schilderijen van Frida Kahlo.Frida Kahlo s grote kunst kwam tot stand ondanks of misschien wel dankzij haar lichamelijke handicap De schoonheid van haar scZelden sprak een schilderes meer tot de verbeelding dan Frida Kahlo Niet alleen geldt zij als de beroemdste schilderes van de twintigste eeuw, zij is misschien ook wel de populairste De popster Madonna bezit meerdere schilderijen van Frida Kahlo.Frida Kahlo s grote kunst kwam tot stand ondanks of misschien wel dankzij haar lichamelijke handicap De schoonheid van haar schilderijen en de vele zelfportretten getuigen hiervan Haar liefdesleven was echter net zo tumulteus als haar carri rre als schilderes Zij was de geliefde van Leo Trotski en was twee keer getrouwd met Diego Riviera, de grote Mexicaanse schilder en rokkenjager.De roman Frida is geschreven vanuit het perspecief van haar jongee zus Cristina Deze jongere zus stond altijd in de schaduw van Frida, maar werd ook lange tijd de geliefde van Frida s man Diego Riviera.De rivaliteit tussen deze twee vrouwen of wat B rbara Mujica noemt het oneindig vermogen van de mens zelf de naaste geliefden te schaden, loopt als een rode draad door haar roman.

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    One thought on “Frida”

    1. Frida Kahlo was an influential Mexican artist as well as a colorful(literally!)character. Her marriage to Diego Rivera as well as her many famous lovers has been documented by many authors, playwrights and screenwriters.Barbara Mujica must hate Frida, however. This book had an interesting twist- it was narrated by Frida's younger sister, Cristina- but I found it full of hatred and spite for the main character. I've always liked Kahlo's art and her life story, but this was uncomfortable to read. [...]

    2. Kurgu olmasına rağmen Frida'nın hayatını bu şekilde okumak güzeldi. Fakat kardeşinin ağzından anlatıldığı için Frida'ya antipati duymanız olasıdır. Sanki o bilge kadının yaptığı her hareket sahteymiş, samimi değilmiş gibi aksettirilmiş.

    3. di alismu langit berkabungdengan jerit hitamdua burungdi ragamu tiang patahdi kamar narkose, ampul tertebar :rasa sakit dan sejarah(Untuk Frida Kahlo - Goenawan Mohamad)Siapakah Frida Kahlo, sehingga Goenawan Mohamad terinspirasi menulis puisi untuknya? Secantik apakah ia sampai-sampai ilham itu menyembul dari benak seorang penyair seperti Goenawan, menjelma dalam bait-bait puitis sajaknya? Padahal jarak waktu dan geografis memisahkan keduanya sedemikian jauh. Frida Kahlo di kalangan seniman luk [...]

    4. Honestly, I'm not even sure I liked this book. The book tells the story of the life of Frida Khalo, her tumultuous relationship with Diego Rivera and the even more tumultuous relationship between her and her sister Cristina, whose narrative we follow throughout the book, in the form of her confession to her psychiatrist, following the "death" of her sister. I believe that my main problem was with the writing of this novel. In general I thoroughly enjoy first person narratives, but this particula [...]

    5. I really enjoyed making it through this book. I say "making it through", because Frida's story is so painful and I have been dealing with pain while reading it. I guess it is always nice to be able to focus on someone whose suffering is more intense than your own, in order to diminish your own pain. The book is written in a very unconventional style, as a kind of transcript of Frida's younger sister describing Frida's life to a psychoanalyst after Frida's death. An interesting device, and someho [...]

    6. I enjoyed learning more about Frida Kahlo and her muralist husband Diego Riviera in this account that mixes fiction and biography. Narrated by Frida's younger sister Cristina, there are many fascinating details about Mexican politics and history of the early twentieth century. Having read Barbara Kingsolver's novel "The Lacuna, " having seen the film about Frida starring Selma Hayek, and being familiar with their artwork, there was still much to learn of Frida and Diego's idiosyncrasies and tumu [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book overall. I do agree with some of the reviews from other readers. Although it's a good book, it's also a work of fiction and that is somewhat disappointing. When I first picked up the book, I was really excited to learn facts about Frida I didn't know before, however now I am questioning what things were real and what things weren't real. I think anyone would enjoy this, except the readers that don't like to historical fiction books. Most people would've picked up this book ho [...]

    8. Ačkoliv jsem věděla do čeho jdu, tedy že kniha není biografie nýbrž ROMÁN inspirovaný skutečným životem malířky, byla jsem dost zklamaná. Je mi jasné, že Frida měla své mouchy, jako naprosto každý, ale autorčino pojetí prostřednictvím vyprávění její mladší sestry Cristiny, zde vylíčené jako ublížená a závistivá naprostá chudinka, až to mnohdy byl fakt extrém, mi absolutně není sympatické.

    9. FridaBy Bárbara MujicaFrida Kahlo is an important artist in her own right, as well as a tragic figure crippled first by polio, then by a horrific traffic accident, and then by her own pain, both physical and emotional. And if that is not interesting enough, she was also married to painter Diego Rivera, and partied with the famous and infamous - Trotsky was a house guest, and Paulette Goddard was Diego’s lover.Given all that material and the skill of the author, the book should be more compell [...]

    10. First of all, this book isn’t a biography, it’s a novel. It is full of fiction elements, from incidents to people, a fact the author admits in the end of the book. I consider unacceptable such an enormous falsification of events in a biography, let alone when it is not always clear what happened in reality and which events are the products of the author’s imagination.Secondly, the story is being narrated by Frida’s younger sister, Christina, from the couch of a psychiatrist. Although int [...]

    11. What i had to remind myself multiple times whilst reading this book is that it was not a biography of Frida, but her story imaged by the author. Barbara Mujica picked up well documented pieces of Kahlo's life and glued them together with her own interpretation. And i think she did a fairly good job, because the characters imagined by her simply made sense to me, that's why i had to remind myself that a good part of it was fiction.First of all, i think it was an amazing idea to tell the story fro [...]

    12. This book was a work of fiction based on the life of Frida kahlo. It was told from the point of view of Cristina Kahlo, Frida's youngest sister and constant companion. The author speculates what it must have been like for Cristi to live in the shadow of her famous sister. The tale of Frida, entwined with the rich history of the Mexican Revolution and the Mexican Art Movement, is a fsacinating, rich and scandalous story. There is no denying the fact tha Frida lived a life rich in interesting expe [...]

    13. Very interesting story. I'd never heard of the painter Frida Khalo or her husband Diego Rivera until reading this book. It's a fictional account of Frida's life, told through the eyes of her younger sister Cristina. In this story, Frida is self-centered and high-maintenance. She can't survive without being the center of attention. Her sister dotes on her and their relationship is one of the most extreme examples of co-dependency I've ever read. There were times when I wanted to reach into the bo [...]

    14. I gave this book four stars, because I thought it was very new and gripping. The book was compelling throughout every chapter and gave an interesting, new perspective to Frida Kahlo's life from her sister Cristina. The only thing that bothered me was how spiteful Cristina did seem at times which while understandable got slightly irritating. Bárbara Mujica did a very solid job at organizing the facts of what Mexico was like at the time and Cristina's emotional state throughout her life. This boo [...]

    15. Cristina is Frida Kahlo's younger sister and the narrator of this novel. She is telling her tale of her famous sister's life to what seems to be a psycho-therapist. From the first page, Cristina seems to be confessing to her sister's death. (No spoiler alert---this is evident from the first chapter.)I found the narrator hard to sympathize with in the first half of the book. She comes off as unsympathetic, whining, and even self-centered. In the final two chapters, I finally thought Cristina was [...]

    16. I like to read artist biographies. I think that is like the least popular form of studying art history because it's too easy or too much focused on the 'history' part or something. I read this years ago and it was pretty decent. It is the standard Frida Kahlo story told from her sister's perspective. I remember liking it but I mostly remember that I was reading it when I met my husband. Like, literally. I was eating pizza and reading this book and he came over and talked to me. Irrelevant but tr [...]

    17. Utter drivel. The narrative is tricksy and too clever for its own good. Check the author's notes to discover just how much she made up. Clearly a poor novelist riding on the coat tails of the far more talented Frida Kahlo. Novelizations of real people are always slightly dodgy if not done correctly. This one is not done well and is clearly trying to appeal to the masses. I felt like I was reading a book by Judy Bloom, she probably would've done a better job!

    18. Most of you must have watched the very famous movie"Frida" played by Salma Hayek, you must have liked it but the book is the best. You will simply love it. It gives an intimate detail on Frida by her sister Christine. I started reading this book and i just couldnt stop it. Frida goes through so many tragic events in her life but she never gives up, she always lives her life to the fullest.I simply adored it, i recommend it to everyone.

    19. I liked this work of fiction about Frida. The author used her sister as someone telling the story of what went on in Frida's life & her relationships. A lot of it is made up, speculated, based on true events. This makes me want to read a nonfiction book on Frida & to find a book of her paintings & Diego's.

    20. Velmi kvalitní a čtivý biografický román o dost divoké, dost potrhlé, dost zkoušené, dost mexické malířce Fridě Kahló. Kniha má úžasný spád a tváří se upřímně. Autorka sice tvrdí, že si trochu vymýšlela, ale knize to neuškodilo. Možná naopak. Výborné čtení.

    21. Mettons d'abord les choses au point: si une auteure décide de mettre en scène un personnage de la vie réelle et qualifie son oeuvre de roman, elle a a priori le droit d'écrire ce qu'elle veut comme elle veut. Et non, ce ne sera jamais une biographie, n'en déplaise aux thuriféraires de tout bord. Ceci étant dit, il convient de se demander si la perspective choisie apporte quelque chose de plus que ne le ferait une biographie. Bárbara Mujica a choisi de raconter la vie de Frida Kahlo par l [...]

    22. FRIDAPenulis : Barbara MujicaPenerjemah : Nuraini JuliastutiPenyunting : M. MushthafaPenerbit : PT. Bentang PustakaCetakan : Pertama, Juni 2004Tebal : xxviii + 795 halFrida adalah novel semi biografi seorang pelukis legendaris bernama Frida Kahlo. Ia adalah pelukis besar Meksiko hidup pada tahun 1907 – 1954 yang kehidupan pribadinya sangat kontroversional. Dari beberapa sumber yang aku peroleh dari mesin pencari Google, mengatakan bahwa Frida adalah seorang seniman yang karya-karyanya sangat [...]

    23. Kucuk kardesin gozunden Frida'nin hikayesini dinlemek ilgi cekici olsa da, yazar, tarihin yanlis tanittigi aldatan kardes imajini yikip iade-i itibar icin Azize Cristi gibi bir tablo cizse de bir yerden sonra bayiyor hatta batiyor. MFO'nun sarkisindaki gibi peki peki anladik Cristi herkesten farkli, o en anlayisli, o masum, o bir numara! Bastaki ilgimi cok fazla ben mesaji verildigi icin ve O'nu aklamaya calisirken Frida -her ne kadar gerceklik payi olsa da- yerildigi icin rahatsiz oluyorum. Son [...]

    24. Meh Nie podobaju sie Ogólnie problem w tym, że chcąc poznać życie Fridy, w tej książce trzeba przedzierać się przez stos kłamstw i wymysłów. Nie to, że Frida była wielką królową czy coś (dobra, była hehe), to nie do końca 'tego' oczekiwałem. Drażnił najbardziej fakt, że książka zamieniła się w pewnym momencie w harlequina. Nie czytałem 'Miliarda Twarzy Greya', ale chyba tak go sobie wyobrażałem. Dużo prostactwa, histeryzowania siostry Cristiny (z pewnością niepr [...]

    25. I found this very rewarding, imagining what it would be like to live as an ordinary person in a family with such an extraordinary sister. Some reviewers remark that the incidents are invented by the author, so that it misrepresents Frida Kahlo and her life. But the story is about Cristina and her experiences which, the narrator keeps reminding us, are Cristina's memories that change and shift. The intensity of the love that binds the two sisters seems real to me, often swinging dramatically to j [...]

    26. While I love learning and reading anything I can about Frida Kahlo's life, I did not particularly enjoy this book. Cristina Kahlo flips back and forth from bitter resentment to absolute adoration for her sister, Frida. Sometimes within the same sentence. And while, yes, that may be an accurate depiction of sibling rivalry, it just didn't work for this story and didn't make sense at times. There was no character growth or development for Cristina's character. Not only did I dislike Cristina, but [...]

    27. Kitap Cristina'nin ruh halini tasvir acisindan basarili olsa da , Kahlo'nun biyografisi gibi anlatilan cogu olayin yazarin kurmacasi oldugu belirtildigi icin kitabi Frida Kahlo hakkinda gercekci bilgi edinmek icin degerlendirmemek gerekmektedir. Yazarin anlatım dili özellikle olay tasvirlerinde cok basarili,masalsi ve surukleyici oldugu icin keyifle okunabilen bir kitap olarak tavsiye edebilirim.

    28. Bardzo przyjemnie spędzało się czas z tą książką. Autorka przyjęła bardzo ciekawą perspektywę, opowiadając o życiu Fridy skupiła się głównie na emocjach i charakterze bohaterki. Należy jednak pamiętać, że nie jest to stricte biografia malarki, a powieść inspirowana jej osobą. Była idealna na długie wieczory :)

    29. Even though it's fiction, it seemed very plausible. I liked the writing and how the writer analyses the feelings of jealousy, pain, love, appearances. Very good novel.

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