The Someday List Rachelle Covington has it all A fabulous home a handsome and prestigious husband two beautiful children and a place in the upper crust that s quite comfortable But her life is not all it s cracked

  • Title: The Someday List
  • Author: Stacy Hawkins Adams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rachelle Covington has it all A fabulous home, a handsome and prestigious husband, two beautiful children, and a place in the upper crust that s quite comfortable But her life is not all it s cracked up to be Rachelle visits a dying friend who leaves her with an unsettling challenge As she seeks to meet it, she takes an honest look at her dissolving marriage, loss of iRachelle Covington has it all A fabulous home, a handsome and prestigious husband, two beautiful children, and a place in the upper crust that s quite comfortable But her life is not all it s cracked up to be Rachelle visits a dying friend who leaves her with an unsettling challenge As she seeks to meet it, she takes an honest look at her dissolving marriage, loss of identity and an abandoned faith and tries to pick up the pieces Read this inspiring tale to discover how one woman finally faces the truth and triumphs in the face of it.

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    One thought on “The Someday List”

    1. “Someday” I'm going to give Stacy Hawkins Adams a big hug for writing this awesome story. While I acknowledge the Lord inspires Christian Fiction authors, the artist is one who actually toils to bring the work to the pages of a book. Stacy Hawkins Adams efforts were not in vain. The characters of Rachelle and Gabe Covington, Aunt Irene and Melba, Uncle Charles and Troy reminded me of people in my own life. They were real family and friends that I loved, and rooted for as I turned each and ev [...]

    2. This was a really good book! Wanted to stand up and clap at the end! I like the way the author tied real problems that ALL people, even Christians, face in everyday life. None of the characters were perfect, but by God's grace, were overcomers, allowing God to pull down strongholds in their lives. If we were really real with others about what we go through, there would be a great move of healing - spiritually, physically, and mentally. Great, inspiring read!

    3. This was an Emotionalllll read but a Great One also A second story line just caught me off guard and it's timing. Well Gods Grace A definite unearned Gift from God. Well Done

    4. As with all inspirationals there's a religious message woven throughout this story, it's just not as subtle as in others in this category. That means if obvious references to God and scripture bothers you, this book definitely isn't for you. Anyway, back to the bookThe life of our main character, Rachelle, is in crisis. Her marriage is falling apart because she's dissatisfied with her life and her husband's cheating. I really wasn't certain how the author was going to resolve her problems. That [...]

    5. Apart from her heart surgeon husband, two young children she loves, and her rather privileged lifestyle, Rachelle Covington isn't exactly sure who she is or what she truly wants for herself. Her journey to figuring it out, and dealing with her past, begins in The Someday List by author Stacy Hawkins Adams.I can tell how much I'm enjoying a novel when, at some point or another, I hear myself as I read: hear myself laughing, hear myself gasping, hear myself talking back to a character who needs to [...]

    6. I must admit I rolled my eyes too many times while reading this one. I'm a guy & this is a rather girlish read so, yeah.Rachelle is wife to Gabe, a star surgeon & they seem to have it all: the money, cars, social notoriety & great friends. But beneath the facade, their marriage is crumbling. Rachelle goes to her home town after attending her friend (who's only got weeks left due to breast cancer) to figure her life out. Meeting her long lost love while in her home town throws everyth [...]

    7. I can't wait for this book to arrive in the mail. Just reading the exerpt has me on the edge of my seat

    8. Awesome book about living on purpose and forgiveness. I highly recommend this for those who feel stuck and need some inspiration to get motivated.

    9. I loved the book but I didn't really like the ending. I loved all of the characters but I was mad at Gabe. I haven't been fully delivered so I would have been out. I felt sorry for Troy and Rachelle's parents were a bit much. I believe the story was realistic and I like that the "religion" wasn't over the top. I was looking to see what would happen when Gabe got back from Uganda. Maybe another story?

    10. Interesting story about finding God in the midst trials; faith and forgiveness. I'd prefer it if the gospel was presented more explicitly, if at all, especially since the book talked slot about how to become a Christian. However very good story line that had me eager to read more, which is probably why I read it so quickly. Would I recommend? Probably not, as I feel it would confuse some people regarding how one comes to Christ.

    11. This book was intriguing from the beginning to the end, I read it in a few day. It shows the glory of God.

    12. InspiringMs. Adams did an outstanding job showing the love and reconciliation of Jesus Christ. I look forward to seeing the Covingtons grow together in Christ.

    13. Rachelle and Gabe Covington have been married eleven years. Rachelle had everything she could possibly want as far as material things, but she longed for something more meaningful. Tired of being in the presence of a man who just didn’t get it, she left Houston, TX and took a trip to San Diego; her childhood friend, Jillian, had requested her presence. The reason for the invite was a sad one, however, Rachelle was sure of one thing when she left – It was time to figure out who she was and wh [...]

    14. Title: The Someday ListAuthor: Stacy Hawkins AdamsPublisher: Fleming H. Revell CompanyJubilant Soul Book 1Reviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 5Review:"The Someday List" by Stacy Hawkins Adams "Rachelle Covington has it all. A fabulous home, a handsome and prestigious husband, two beautiful children, and a place in the upper crust that's quite comfortable. But her life is not all it's cracked up to be. When her husband goes away on business trip and the kids are sent off to the grandparents for a mon [...]

    15. A Christian novel about a trophy wife who isn't happy with her life and starts to look at what she is living for after receiving the news that a dear friend is dying.

    16. Mistakes and MisstepsRachelle Covington is a wife and mother, who, while she enjoys the amenities of her life, is wondering about the what ifs. With the children off to spend the summer with her parents, it seems as if she and her husband, Gabe, are virtual strangers. Sure she knows everything about him, but does he know anything about her? For that matter, does Rachelle know anything about herself? Gabe is off to a medical conference and then on a mission trip to Africa. Rachelle can’t wait a [...]

    17. Nice read Great story and reminders about the importance of perspective, relationships and being true to self. Easy read. Simple story line about real life issues.

    18. My review from :Amidst so much that's wrong in the world (and in literature), it was refreshing to finally read this book that had been resting in my Kindle for 2 years or more.The Someday List is the story of Rachelle and her journey of discovery, realizing her future, and reconciling her past. She is a woman in need of healing and self-acceptance and a seat (so she'll stop running!). We meet her when she is at a crossroads and dealing with relationship issues with her husband, her parents, and [...]

    19. The Someday List moved me to tears on more than one occasion, but they were not sorrowful tears. They were the kind of tears that make you want to hug your family and show more love. The kind that make you want to ask for forgiveness and offer it to others. Everything about this story was done right. It was hard to put down and I kept wanting to pick it up at every opportunity to read it. I loved the themes, the spiritual lessons and the insight. This story went beyond the warm fuzzies and dug d [...]

    20. What do you want to accomplish in life? What are your goals? These questions, asked by a childhood friend who is now dying of cancer, along with other things going on in her life, cause Rachelle, the beautiful wife of a wealthy cardiac surgeon and mother of two beautiful children, to take a hard look at her life. She doesn't like what she sees. Her husband, though a good provider materially, isn't meeting her emotional needs. Her life is a round of tennis games, manicures, workouts, parties and [...]

    21. Rachelle isn't sure about anything anymore. Her husband Gabe doesn't seem to want ton engage in their marriage and it feels like there is no purpose to life. Gabe is going to a medical conference and then on to a missions trip right after, so Rachelle goes to visit Jillian, who is dying from breast cancer. Jillian is have a party to say goodbye and to share some of the things she has learned about life and her relationship with God. Jillian asked everyone there to make a Someday List. Rachelle t [...]

    22. This is one of those heartwarming books that tries to remind the reader that even though bad things happen, good things can come out of the bad. Rachelle Covington is married to an emotionally abusive, controlling husband- a big-shot heart surgeon who thinks very highly of himself. When Rachelle finds out that an old friend is dying she decides it's time to reassess her life, and goes to spend time with her aunt and uncle in the small town where she attended college. While there Rachelle discove [...]

    23. This is not the type of genre I prefer to read at all. This is a story about a women coming to terms with God as well as with herself. As a non Christian this type of book can become overly preachy and condemning. However The Someday List was not judgmental in the slightest. The main character, as well as several of the side characters, go through their own problems. The overall message of the novel is that we are not perfect, and trust in God. The writing in this story is excellent. The charact [...]

    24. Nobody's perfectis can be seen in Stacy Hawkins Adams' novel The Someday List. The main character Rachelle seems to have grown into a thirty-something year old spoiled brat, longing for her husband's attention. Her husband Gabe, a successful doctor is occupied with work and upcoming travels. When we meet them Rachelle is in the middle of an internal upheaval brought on by the impending death of her childhood best friend Jillian. A series of events leads to a confrontation with her college sweeth [...]

    25. Rachelle Covington has it all. A fabulous home, a handsome and prestigious husband, two beautiful children, and a place in the upper crust that's quite comfortable. But her life is not all it's cracked up to be. When her husband goes away on business trip and the kids are sent off to the grandparents for a month, Rachelle takes up the challenge of a dying friend to start a list of things to do before she dies. She heads back to Jubilant, Texas, to reconnect with her past, her purpose, and hersel [...]

    26. I love it when an author makes you hate the male character, when the husband is a sleazy jerk! Well this book does it, and within the first 2 chapters too! Unfortunately he does redeem himself in the end, LOL. But not before he gets even more sleazy.This is a very well written Christian Love story! It is full of marital problems, family support, and God's love! When Rachelle temporarily leaves her husband to "find herself" I don't think she ever expected to actually find God.There is some very g [...]

    27. This book was free when I downloaded it from Barnes and Noble to my Nook library. I appreciate the opportunity to read new-to-me authors in a favorite genre. This book belongs to the genre of Christian fiction. Its characters are African-American, and that puts this book in a sub-genre where I don't normally read. The storyline and characters held my interest all the way to the end of the book. I don't think any non-Christians would be disappointed by this book because it does not proselytize di [...]

    28. As a few other reviewers have said, this isn't the type of book I typically read. It's kind of a romance, plus it's Christian fiction. I'm a believer, but I don't have much exposure to this genre. But an online friend of mine works for the author and recommended the book, so I tracked it down via interlibrary loan. There were a few things about it that kind of annoyed me. A lot of the dialogue seems very cliche - like something you would hear in a movie or in a song. There's a lot of name and br [...]

    29. In THE SOMEDAY LIST, Rachelle Covington finds herself questioning her life choices, including her seemingly perfect yet troubled marriage to her husband Gabe.A trip back home to Jubilant, TX, brings her face-to-face with her past life which she thought had been long put to rest. She starts to contemplate how her life might have turned out had she not made a desperate decision based on a threat from her parents.As Rachelle and Gabe each try to come to terms with their feelings for one another, th [...]

    30. So this went differently than I thought. I'm glad Drew had a change of heart and I'm really glad of that Adams had Rachelle and Troy sit down and talk about their past. I think that was realistic and important to show how necessary closure is. I can't imagine how emotionally painful and wrenching a situation like that can be. Aunt Irene's story threw me for a loop as did Aunt Melba's. I really liked the characters. I liked the story arc of her finding her purpose and getting her priorities toget [...]

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