The Cruisers School is hard enough but when you re misfits on a mission you re really put to the test The re launch of a popular middle grade series by Walter Dean Myers Zander and his crew are underdogs at DaVi

  • Title: The Cruisers
  • Author: Walter Dean Myers
  • ISBN: 9781441863287
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Audio CD
  • School is hard enough, but when you re misfits on a mission, you re really put to the test The re launch of a popular middle grade series by Walter Dean Myers.Zander and his crew are underdogs at DaVinci Academy, one of the best Gifted and Talented schools in Harlem But even these kids who are known as losers can win by speaking up When they start their own school newspSchool is hard enough, but when you re misfits on a mission, you re really put to the test The re launch of a popular middle grade series by Walter Dean Myers.Zander and his crew are underdogs at DaVinci Academy, one of the best Gifted and Talented schools in Harlem But even these kids who are known as losers can win by speaking up When they start their own school newspaper, stuff happens Big stuff Loud stuff Stuff nobody expects Mr Culpepper, the Assistant Principal and Chief Executioner, is ready to be rid of Zander, Kambui, LaShonda, and Bobbi until they prove that their writing packs enough power to keep the peace and show what it means to stand up for a cause.

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    One thought on “The Cruisers”

    1. Great premise. Perhaps because of the editing job (?), the story is very choppy, which undermined power of plot and my ability to relate to and know characters.

    2. While it is nice to see Walter Dean Myers writing for young readers about significant issues, this particular book (the first in a new series) was forgettable. Eighth-graders at a gifted school in Harlem are learning about the American civil war. In a mock re-enactment the students are divided into Union and Confederate sympathizers, with “The Cruisers” assigned to keep the peace. Unfortunately the characters lacked any development. While the peacekeepers bonded over their failing grades and [...]

    3. I adore Walter Dean Myers. This is the only book I've ever come across that explains race relations to teenagers. (I think people of all ages should read it, especially television "journalists" and public servants.)I read this book with a freshman I'm tutoring. It was definitely easy reading for the student, and we both enjoyed it. Also, I think the subject matter really put into context the history and legacy of the civil rights movement. That era seems so far away to the younger set, but this [...]

    4. This book is really good so far! There are two groups called The Sons Of Confederacy, and The Cruisers. The Cruisers are peacemakers, and the Sons Of Confederacy are just trouble makers. There are two sides taking place in this book. You're either a Southerner, or a Northerner.

    5. This is my playlist of all the songs referenced in the following Review. open.spotify/user/serenalThe song “Does It Really Matter?” can’t be found on Spotify. (Not on my Playlist) However, you can find it here: youtube/watch?v=Hgdkc Songs can represent many themes, events, issues and many other things. In the book I read called “The Cruisers,” by Walter Dean Myer, two of the main theme is racism and Civil War. I have found ten songs with connections to the book I read. This book is abo [...]

    6. Link to thepinterest The first picture is meant to represent Kambui. He is a very bipolar person, because he often switches on a dime from being Zander’s best friend to becoming a brutal, bloodthirsty fighter. Since the book is told from Zander’s point of view, Kambui is described as a good, reliable friend who is always there for Zander. However, if you judge him completely based on his actions, and ignore Zander’s subjectivity, Kambui is actually quite a terrible person. He is not only v [...]

    7. The book 'The Cruisers' is a good example of friendship, discrimination, and issues in the real world and how we help solve those issues. The theme of The Cruisers is that you should not judge people no matter what their skin color is. My favorite character in the book is LaShonda because she has that careless attitude. LaShonda knows how to stand her ground. Her articles for the school are powerful too.I connected to the main characters in this book. Since it is about discrimination, I understo [...]

    8. I love how the book covered real issues, one social and one personal to Zander, the protagonist. The social issue was freedom of speech versus racial sensitivity. Through the characters, Myers showed different attitudes towards the issue and various ways that people often handle or talk about handling it. I really admired the non-violent way that Zander addressed what was occurring in his school. Zander's personal problem was his father threatening to take his mother to court for custody of him. [...]

    9. This book follows four teenage students as rhey investigate why one of their classmates was buying drugs. This is a story about what it's like to be a misfit in school and is a good book about friendship. This book would be good for middle school students and for students that feel like they don't belong.

    10. Very inspirational and educational in various ways! I really enjoyed this book! I recommend this book to the young ones with a vivid imagination and the lesson I pulled from this book is: It's never to late to make a change.

    11. This review of the entire Cruisers series was originally written in the summer of 2013. Recently, my library received a brand-new copy of the fourth Cruisers book, Oh Snap! Though I have always noticed the books as I shelve them, I had never taken the time to read one. I also noticed - and confirmed in the catalog - that none of the titles in the series were really circulating that much. (And not just at my branch - system-wide!) I decided right then to take all four books home for the weekend a [...]

    12. "If I'm going to have a fight I got to see the win in it so I'll know what I'm fighting for." —Zander, The Cruisers, P. 32 With this book, Walter Dean Myers has launched a new series that I think holds a lot of promise. Zander Scott and his three friends Kambui, LaShonda and Bobbi are students in eighth grade at the Da Vinci Academy for the Gifted and Talented, in Harlem, New York. When the school's principal calls Zander and his three friends (collectively known as "The Cruisers" in reference [...]

    13. The CruisersBy Walter Dean MyersThe cruisers genre is realistic friction base on friend and friendship, school life. The book was took place in Harlem, New York. Walter Dean Myers was born on August 12 1937, in Martinsburg, West Virginia. For some reason his mother died when he was three and his dad was very poor so his father give him away to Harbert Dean. He was real good writer in high school. However he about to drop out but on of his teacher advised him to keep on writing no matter what hap [...]

    14. The Cruisers is by prolific author and poet Walter Dean Myers. It is more accessible to a younger audience–upper elementary and middle school as opposed to high school/young adult–than his usual work. It is appropriate for grades 4-8, depending on the dynamics of each particular group/individual reader(s). The main character is in 8th Grade.This book looks at race and slavery as kids in the middle school divide into North & South for a Civil War project. This particular plot is not uniqu [...]

    15. Genre: Realistic FictionAuthor: Walter Dean MyersSummary: It's modern day, and the Cruisers are given the task to settle a war between the North and South in a school event taking place in the historical period of late-colonial times. The Cruisers (a newspaper team)have to succeed in keeping the peace or they face being expelled. Most of the members in the Cruisers are African American, making this more then just the grade. The Cruisers must make their moves cleverly, but at the same time restra [...]

    16. Zander Scott and his friends, Kambui, LaShonda and Bobbi are students at the DaVinci Academy for the Gifted and Talented in Harlem. Unfortunately, their grades are slipping and Mr. Culpepper, the assistant principal, is just waiting for the opportunity to kick them out of the school. Part of the problem is their alternative newspaper, The Cruiser, which allows them to present their own unique point of view to the rest of the students. They are given one last chance to stay. The school has begun [...]

    17. This is a book about a school assignment. Sounds boring, right? Well, I think it managed to be as interesting as a book about a school assignment can be. See, there are these 8th graders: Zander, Kambui, Bobbi and LaShonda, collectively known as "The Cruisers" after an alternative school newspaper they produce. The Cruisers, all of them smart but unmotivated when it comes to school, are assigned to play the role of peacekeepers in a kind of mock Civil War going on at their school. The kids playi [...]

    18. "When you don't name something you can't deal with it unless everybody is agreeing to it." Walter Dean Myers is known for addressing social issues through an adolescent lens in many of his books, which is why I like him as an author and why I picked up The Cruisers. This book is the first in a series by Myers, and I think it addresses the issue of race in a healthy way. The students in the story are part of a simulation that is meant to help them understand the Civil War. However, the reenactmen [...]

    19. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooDaVinci Academy in Harlem is focused on gifted and talented learners. Unfortunately, Zander Scott and a few of his friends are not making the grade. They haven't been performing up to their potential lately, and the principal is about to make an example of their lax study habits by kicking them out. The four friends must find a way to prove themselves.They are given the opportunity when the school begins a unit about the Civil War. Stud [...]

    20. The book, The Cruisers is about a handful of African-American students who attend the Da Vinci Academy for the Gifted and Talented in Harlem. In the beginning of the story, we are introduced to the main character named Zander. Throughout the book, Zander expresses how he loves the subject English, and how he would like to write screenplays one day. Zander faces lots of adversity, like losing motivation with school, and dealing with the fact he might have to move to Oregon because his mother can [...]

    21. The Cruisersby Walter Dean MyersI hate to say it, but I wish I had “cruised” right on past this slim little novel. The DaVinci school for gifted and talented students is in the midst of a Civil War assignment where a group of African-American students (The Cruisers) are charged with using the school newspaper to illustrate the types of things that were said and that some people believed during the Civil War. By doing this, the principals of the school hope to get the kids more in touch with [...]

    22. A book about contemporary, academically gifted African-American kids that doesn’t back down from talking about being contemporary, academically gifted African-American kids in a mostly white school environment. And it’s for tweens. And it’s funny. Rara avis indeed. This is actually the first of a series about four friends, the Cruisers, who are a mix of genders, ethnicities, interests, and ambitions. This little book is a breeze to get through but it clocks in at just over 100 pages, so li [...]

    23. **Used as a booktalk book**I really enjoyed this book. While it was short, it gave a look into a group of outcast students who go to a gifted and talented school in Harlem who embark on a school-wide project immersing themselves (and taking sides!) into the Civil War. They find out along the way that some of the race issues from the Civil War are still prevalent today and work together to discuss their impact. I was surprised how it ended. This book is appropriate for today because despite the p [...]

    24. I wish I had a category for "books based on historical events that make you think about current events and would be good simply for teaching the thoughts that come up" but I don't. I really don't think a typical kid would be very interested in this book, but from a teacher's perspective, I am really excited about it. The events of the Civil War and all the reasons behind it are mirrored in the actions of the teenagers in the book. The power of words and the fact that you can't "just throw spit, [...]

    25. At the Da Vinci Academy for the Gifted and Talented in Harlem, the 8th grade is going to study the Civil War in a very unusual way. The whole class has been divided into Union and Confederate sides, and they are itching to go to war. Zander, Bobbi, Kambui and LaShonda are the Cruisers, who believe that grades aren't everything and life ought to be enjoyed more which gets them into trouble with the assistant principal after they publish an article in their alternative school paper. Their conseque [...]

    26. I really did not enjoy this book very much. I wouldn't say it was terrible but I wouldn't say it was good either. I found that I had to force myself to read it just to get through the book. I didn't feel like I could relate to any of the characters but that could be because I'm white and the book deals with racism. I also felt like a modern day school wouldn't have allowed what happened in the book. This book is written for the younger side of young adult literature. I just felt like it wasn't e [...]

    27. Zander and his friends Kambui, LaShonda and Bobbie have a problem. Even though they are students at the school for gifted and talented kids, they are not living up to their potential. The assistant principal is ready to throw them out unless they can come up with a plan–and fast. Their last chance is to broker a peace between the students who have been assigned the role of Union sympathizers and Confederate sympathizers in a school-wide Civil War project. Zander hopes they can pull it off with [...]

    28. 3 and a half stars to be more precise but I rounded up. Too many middle school students do not know anything about the Civil War. Myers takes a novel approach (literally) to this problem by crafting what amounts to a new civil war with fresh, interesting, if occasionally flat (I'm looking at you mom and AP) charactersThree issues:1. Perfect list type book except there was one biological term for male anatomy, and we all know how that goes2. Despite the Cruisers being enlisted to mediate between [...]

    29. The Cruisers are four friends at the Da Vinci School, a school for gifted students in Harlem. None of them are living up to their potential and their principal gives them one last chance to prove themselves. The school is participating in a Civil War reenactment, dividing up the students between the Union and Confederate factions. The Cruisers are charged with negotiating peace between the two groups. But when words start to fly, things get way more complicated than any of them could have imagin [...]

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