The Kitchen Diaries A Year in the Kitchen with Nigel Slater Right food right place right time It is my belief and the point of this book that this is the best recipe of all A crab sandwich by the sea on a June afternoon a slice of roast goose with apple sauc

  • Title: The Kitchen Diaries: A Year in the Kitchen with Nigel Slater
  • Author: Nigel Slater Jonathan Lovekin
  • ISBN: 9781592402342
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Right food, right place, right time It is my belief and the point of this book that this is the best recipe of all A crab sandwich by the sea on a June afternoon a slice of roast goose with apple sauce and roast potatoes on Christmas Day hot sausages and a chunk of roast pumpkin on a frost sparkling night in November These are meals whose success relies not on the ex Right food, right place, right time It is my belief and the point of this book that this is the best recipe of all A crab sandwich by the sea on a June afternoon a slice of roast goose with apple sauce and roast potatoes on Christmas Day hot sausages and a chunk of roast pumpkin on a frost sparkling night in November These are meals whose success relies not on the expertise of the cook but on the basic premise that this is the food of the moment something eaten at a time when it is most appropriate, when the ingredients are at their peak of perfection, when the food, the cook and the time of year are at one with each other Nigel Slater, The Kitchen Diaries Nigel Slater writes about food in a way that stimulates the imagination, the heart, and the palate all at once The Kitchen Diaries brings an especially personal ingredient to the mix, letting us glimpse his pantry, tour local farmers markets with him, and savor even the simplest meals at his table Recording twelve months in his culinary life, Slater shares seasonal dishes and the intriguing elements behind them As someone who celebrates each visit to the cheese shop or butcher, he enthusiastically conveys the brilliant array of choices and encourages his view of food shopping as an adventure rather than a chore A rainy day in February calls for a hearty stew summertime finds him feasting on a lunch as simple as baked tomatoes with grated Parmesan If an exotic mood strikes him, slow roasted duck with star anise and ginger is in order In The Kitchen Diaries, Nigel interweaves his meditations on how food should be enjoyed and prepared with his delicious recipes No matter the season, The Kitchen Diaries offers a year round invitation to cook and dine with the world s most irresistible lover of food.

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    One thought on “The Kitchen Diaries: A Year in the Kitchen with Nigel Slater”

    1. The title does not lie: this really is a culinary diary and not a cookbook. There is an entry for every day of the year: always food-related but sometimes merely about shopping for food, or what's growing in his garden, or what he bought and ate. Only occasionally are actual recipes spelled out in a way that can be reproduced. More often, a dish is described sufficiently that a reasonably experienced cook could figure out how to make something similar -- if she could find the ingredients. Fresh, [...]

    2. Beware: this is possibly the longest review I've ever written of a book I have only skimmed. Three things I disliked about this book: 1. I had a very hard time convincing myself to “read” a cookbook. I usually skim. But when I skimmed I missed things! 2.I hate it when authors live in much more advanced, metropolitan areas and think that it’s easy to find 10 farmer’s markets “on the way home.” This just makes me jealous. 3. I find it suspect that someone would keep an ingredient such [...]

    3. I read this slowly and surely over 2007 and it has been such a life-altering experience. We live without television, so I couldn't tell you the first thing about Slater being a TV chef. We received Appetite as a gift a few years ago and fell in love with the simplicity of his recipes. Our favourite dish is from that book and it requires three ingredients, yet I guarantee it wouldn't be out of place with a high price tag at a good restaurant. So last year I picked up The Kitchen Diaries as a Chri [...]

    4. Seriously one of the best books about food I have ever read. This was a birthday gift - and it was written by someone I'd never heard of. But he eats like I want to eat, and thinks about food the way I think about food.There are recipes. Some that I will be trying. However, there is a lot of ideas in here. Attitudes towards food, eating, and cooking. A happy relationship. There are some well planed meals in her but it is a food diary for a year so somedays there is nothing in the fridge, and som [...]

    5. Another great book by Nigel Slater. This time he cooks his way through the calendar year. As with APPETITE (his other book I own) this book reads as well as any novel, and introduces its recipes like anecdotes. I love being able to refer to the date (or month anyway) I am myself cooking in to see what might be a suitable recipe/shopping list for the day's dinner.My one gripe with the format of the book, is that Nigel comes across as a little annoying insofar as all he seems to spend his day doin [...]

    6. So many of my foodie friends talked about this book and now I know why. It is quite possibly the best cookbook I've ever read. Inviting, sumptuous, but never prentious, Nigel Slater talks us through a year of meals he cooks and eats, tantalising with delicious details. He eats seasonally, so each month reflects the best of what is naturally available at that time of year, which is the ideal way to cook and enjoy food. As well as recipes, there are just loads of great ideas - things to pull toget [...]

    7. A lively read. Nigel Simpson writes "recipes" in the style of Elizabeth David. He does not number every little step and he is not always super precise in his measurements - "a good handful," "a glass of," and the like appearing more often than, say, "one and a half teaspoons" -- and employing lively, evocative descriptors like "enthusiastic boil" over traditional cookbookspeak. What is most interesting are the days when he confronts leftovers or seeks inspiration from what is on hand in his hous [...]

    8. Very interesting read.Didn't find any recipes that inspired me, but I very much enjoyed what was, essentially, Nigel's food diary.Lusciously illustrated and a superb way to while away a few hours.

    9. I've got a confession to make. I'm in love with Nigel Slater's cooking and his recipes and he could come to my home and be my kitchen slave forever. Needless to say, despite ogling his dishes on the television, I bought his books. Well, I bought two: The Kitchen Diaries: A Year in the Kitchen (2005) and The Kitchen Diaries 2 (2012). Not only are they filled with great recipes but, importantly to me, the text in between the recipes is engagingly descriptive and effortlessly witty. Nigel Slater is [...]

    10. Nigel proves (not for the first time) that he is as great a storyteller as he is a cook. I could hear his voice and accent in my head, when reading it, as it was probably designed - each day of the diary on it's corresponding day during the year, my year. It allowed me to experience this book in it's fullest potential, and provided some great recipes throughout the year!I truly enjoyed this sneak peak into Nigel's everyday life. His (almost) everyday account and thoughts about changing seasons, [...]

    11. Warning: this book will fill you with longing for Nigel or his boyfriend's life. Every single day is documented. After a day spent making homemade flatbread and taramasalata, he writes "In my smug haze of good house-keeping from yesterday's baking session, not to mention my arch disdain for factory produced foods, I fail to notice there is bugger all to eat in the house. At seven-thirty I dash to the corner shop, returning with a can of baked beans, a bag of frozen fries, and some beers." See, n [...]

    12. Zeer fijn boek dat me zin gaf om te koken en boerenmarkten te bezoeken zoals Nigel doet. En de seizoenen wat beter te volgen zodat ik eet wat ik op dit moment hoor te eten. Ik ga zeker wat van zijn recepten proberen de komende weken. Inspirerend!

    13. This month-by-month cookbook/memoir is the star British chef's diary of a year and what he really eats at home. If guests come over, it might be a roast with all the trimmings and a fabulous dessert. But if it's just him-and maybe his partner, whose presence is strongly felt but never named explicitly-it's a number of the kitchen meals we might do, described in an evocative way: a cold sausage from the fridge, perfect strawberries and cream. He writes about frustrations he finds in his weekly "o [...]

    14. This is such a lovely, atmospheric read- makes you want to run into the kitchen and start cooking ;)Edit Aug '12- The wonderful news that a second Kitchen Diaries is coming out made me revisit this one, and how I love it. It is such a practical cookbook; there are recipes that you can plan for and impress with, but it is also very useful when you have something 'lying around' (like Nigel often does). an on the spot decision to make plum crisp, p288, turned out beautifully just last week.

    15. OK, so this is essentially a cookery book, but it's so beautifully written as a series of diaries it is much more than this! Fabulous seasonal recipes with delightful notes and commentaries. I know not everyone is a Nigel fan, but I just love his passion for good simple seasonal food, and his evocative style of writing.

    16. It's quite self indulgent to record your eating habits over a year and to then publish it all, but if you're Nigel Slater such an exercise just seems genuine. The man knows how to balance a passion for food with the need for practicality. It's not diner party stuff, it's cooking for the everyday, without compromising variety, taste or nourishment.

    17. A good book for those who like more to their cookbooks than just pictures and recipes. This does was it says on the tin. It is a kitchen diary. A good kitchen diary at that, a Nigel Slater kitchen diary, with about 300 recipes and pictures to go along with it.

    18. I adore Nigel Slater - simple as. I loved the conversational, humourous way this was written: example, describing rice cakes as "polystyrene ceiling tiles!" I have the second volume, but will take a break and read a few other things first. Hugely enjoyable.

    19. This book is absolutely delicious. I got my copy at the library but it is one that I would like to own since the recipes are broken up into months and can be referred back to depending on what is in season and in abundance. I love books that help to put us back in touch with our food source.

    20. I love Nigel Slater and the way he writes - like all good cookbooks, this is one that can be read whilst sitting in bed thinking about what you would like to cook.

    21. I picked this up because I thought it might have a favorite quick curry recipe, posted by Luisa Weiss on The Wednesday Chef a while ago. It has that recipe and 1000 others that are quite intriguing. Slater's cooking is generally easy, although going around to the butcher for some lamb is a little bit more difficult in the US. But it's also a little bit unfamiliar, in part due to his creativity perhaps, or pairings and traditions that are British/European. The flavors and use of vegetables from h [...]

    22. I loved this volume of the Kitchen Diaries just as much as the first one I read. Slater's perspective on food is one I aspire to, though I doubt I'll ever quite get there since I don't live in one of the largest cities in the world with all the markets, butchers, and cheese shops I could need, along with a productive home garden right out back. But, that's part of the charm of reading his kitchen diaries. They transport you to an idyllic food life, a calm, British, delicious food life that is an [...]

    23. It's become more popular recently to write memoirs and recipes woven into a year of a cook-chef, so you are getting seasonal foods (and often local to the author,) along with stories tied into the recipes. I have a friend who always uses Nigel Slater for his evenings at home or celebrations and swears by his recipes. I haven't tested any of them yet. Many are what you would consider "European" in sensibilities (quail, kumquats). The book is beautifully published. It's worth a read if for no othe [...]

    24. I love watching Nigel Slater on TV. Like my other two favourite TV cooks he is not a professional chef. I have Kitchen Diaries 2 and 3 and am part way through the second one. I have received The Christmas Chronicles as a present and have made a start on that too. I have loved this book. The reading is what makes it, the recipes are the icing on the cake. These are books I will go back to many times.

    25. This is definitely a step up from "What I Eat in a Day" videos! If I could never read anything besides Nigel Slater describing his food and the weather, I'd be totally content. He's so poetic about cooking, it's inspiring (almost annoying if you're an idiot who struggles with the basics). But yeah, this is amazing. I never thought I'd love reading a cookbook.

    26. life saving equipment to help the harassed by reminding of seasonal foods. Recipes wrapped in delicious prose.

    27. Nigel Slater is a great writer as well as a great cook. I always hear HIS voice reading it (in my head). Good.

    28. This might be the finest culinary book ever written. Nigel melds a cookbook with a loving meander through the seasons and their produce. You don't want the year to ever end!

    29. earlier this week, i finally finished my much-anticipated read of nigel slater's "kitchen diaries," a year-long account of what happened in his kitchen and garden in london. i had hoped it would provide me with some inspiration, especially for writing about my food, and as an added bonus might have a few pictures or a pleasant recipe.

oh, how it was everything i hoped for and more. the writing was like food poetry. or porn, if one must be more graphic about it. every word conveyed this comp [...]

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