Serengeti Heat The fur s about to fly A Sexy Shifter story Ava Minor is done being the good girl As the smallest and weakest in a pride of shape shifting lions where size and strength rule she s never had any choic

  • Title: Serengeti Heat
  • Author: Vivi Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781605046136
  • Page: 337
  • Format: ebook
  • The fur s about to fly A Sexy Shifter story Ava Minor is done being the good girl As the smallest and weakest in a pride of shape shifting lions where size and strength rule, she s never had any choice but to toe the line Now, with sexy, nomadic alpha Landon King winning control of the pride, she grabs her one chance to let her inner feline out to play Landon wouldThe fur s about to fly A Sexy Shifter story Ava Minor is done being the good girl As the smallest and weakest in a pride of shape shifting lions where size and strength rule, she s never had any choice but to toe the line Now, with sexy, nomadic alpha Landon King winning control of the pride, she grabs her one chance to let her inner feline out to play Landon would rather focus on reforming the antiquated traditions of his new pride than taking a mateuntil the rebellious Ava crosses his path All his noble intentions go up in flames, incinerated by the heat she exudes especially when he realizes she s in heat Ava, knowing she isn t mate material, is determined to revel in one wild night before she s sent back to her place in the pride pecking order Except Landon has no intention of letting his daring, seductive lioness go Warning This book contains sizzling heat, adult language, no holds barred cat fights, and hot shifter lovin with an alpha male who takes inspired leadership all the way to the bedroom.

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    One thought on “Serengeti Heat”

    1. Ava is the smallest lion.Ava is out for the night lookin to have a good time. when The big bad Leo caught her, Landon is just yummy as an alpha. I mean down right unf get me some of that. He tries to jump Ava in the truck and he can't really understand why. He brings her home back to the pride compound and lets say it's going to be a night they both remember what happens next? well it is a short so I am not going to say much else without giving too much away so I say pick this up and give it a r [...]

    2. Serengeti Heat is the first book in the Serengeti Shifters series. It introduces us to Three Rocks Pride's Ava Minor, who thinks of herself as "the cowardly lioness". She hot for human, so she heads to Bar Nothing. There her how d'ya do's with a hunky cowboy are abruptly interrupted by Alpha, Landon King, who Ava's had the hots for since his arrival in the pride. He won the challenge to take over the Alpha position in the pride three months ago. Ava's tried to make sure that she keeps her distan [...]

    3. Ava Minor, the runt and weakest shifter lioness in her pride is on a mission in a near by pick up bar. Little does she know that the former alpha nomad and current male alpha of her pride (Landon) is witnessing her attempted pickup of a human man. What becomes a heated exchange of words then an attempted seduction gets spoiled from Ava's four neanderthal but well meaning brothers. Always protecting her like she is breakable and helpless, they perpetuate her low sense of self worth. Ava needs to [...]

    4. I really liked this little story. The paranormal aspect with the lion pride was really well done, and Vivi Andrews accomplished a lot with not many pages. Landon King has fought for and achieved rank as alpha in the pride he's just joined; Ava Minor has always been a bullied runt, a tiny white lionness who believes she doesn't have much to offer the pack. But one night that all changes as Landon sees Ava for the first time, and she gives in to the attraction she's had for him since he first arri [...]

    5. 3.75 starsThis short story was interesting and kept me reading throughout the book. But the heroine’s lack of confidence really got on my nerves. I can understand it was kinda the point in the book, but it was just too much for me. I would of liked to seen her overcome that horrible habit.

    6. Goid book loved it. Its a fun and fast read. Gets to the point. Love it. I liked that it was about the runt of the pried.

    7. "Fabulously well-done lion shifter story, full of heat and romance!"Ava Minor is secretly in love with Landon King, the alpha of her pride, for months. However, buoyed by her own insecurities, she avoids him, thinking he'd never notice a small lioness like her. Landon doesn't know Ava existed, until the night her heat draws him, and all he could think of is to make her his. She may be good for a tumble, but when it comes time for him to pick a lioness as mate, who would he choose?Serengeti Heat [...]

    8. The fur’s about to fly…A Sexy Shifter story.Ava Minor is done being the good girl. As the smallest and weakest in a pride of shape-shifting lions where size and strength rule, she’s never had any choice but to toe the line. Now, with sexy, nomadic alpha Landon King winning control of the pride, she grabs her one chance to let her inner feline out to play.Landon would rather focus on reforming the antiquated traditions of his new pride than taking a mate…until the rebellious Ava crosses h [...]

    9. I really liked this book. I have always wanted to read it but just never got to it until now. The h was likable. I did like the theme of the underdog getting a chance to shine and finally win. The story had all kinds of good sexual tension btw the h and H! There are four reasons why I couldn't give this book 5 stars. (view spoiler)[First I enjoyed the h and her vunerability but I wanted to see her stick up for HERSELF(dnt get me wrong she protected her mate) at least once. Shana needed an ass wh [...]

    10. I read Serengeti Heat, Serengeti Storm, Serengeti Lightning and Serengeti Sunrise one after the other over maybe 2 days. I didn't realize that the titles worked so well together (Heat, Storm, Lightning, Sunrise). The series is OK. I liked the shifters and the different conflicts. But I didn't think that these stories were paced particularly well. I sometimes found myself skimming, and other times going back to re-read thinking that I had missed something. Maybe because of this I didn't find that [...]

    11. Too short. Definitely a different take on the shifter world. I was not too impressed with Ava, the female lead in this story. Being the runt in her lion pride should make her want to prove herself more to the rest of them, but instead she just accepts it and how others treat her because of it. I liked that she had 4 very protective brothers, but at the same time I wished she would just be more independent of them. I didn't really like the fact that Landon didn't even know she existed in his own [...]

    12. Three Rocks Pride has got itself a new Alpha who is very, very available and all the shifter females know it. Enter runt of the litter, Ava Minor who has a scorching case of heat, four burly brothers who try to keep her under lock and key, and a hard case for the new alpha, Landon King. Who pretty much doesn’t know who the heck she is since taking over the Pride.But on an evening out to a local honky tonk determined to kick up her heels away from the ranch, and wearing her springiest red tube [...]

    13. I really liked this story. It's short but sweet. I really enjoyed Ava and Landon together.Ava is a lion shifter. She's small for a lion shifter and has been bottom of the pack because of it. She's never really had anything for herself and the one thing she wants is Landon. She doesn't believe she could ever keep him long term but she fell for him the first time she saw him (as a nomad lion entering the pack) so when she gets a chance at a night with him she goes for it.Landon is pretty cool, I l [...]

    14. I picked this title up and breezed through it pretty quickly, not surprising at all of sixty pages. This was a cute little shifter tale, and a good start to the series in-so-far-as it was able to establish both setting and future goals for our shifter society. That said, I still would have liked to have seen more world building, and was quite annoyed with the author when there was a chance expand the readers understanding of the shifter society and where it would be heading in the future and the [...]

    15. (This review may contain spoilers).All right, so I started reading this book over a year ago and then ended up stopping because I got a bit overwhelmed by the well, sex, sex, sex. I like romance well enough and I do like paranormal romance (which has an abundance of sex), but most of them have a bit of plot outside of it.Anyway, I eventually started over from the beginning and I have to say that the book was fairly quick and easy to read. The sex scenes were very graphic and although the book wa [...]

    16. For being a such a short story, this book was exceedingly good! The plot isn't just about sex, it actually had meaning and depth, despite the fact that it was so short. You really grow to care about Ava in such a short time, and the rest of the characters leave you wanting to learn their stories as well! While not actually set in Africa, it does make mention of comparisons between the two places. I was pleasantly surprised by this quick and engaging story, and will be looking for the rest of the [...]

    17. I honestly love Vivi Andrews' style of writing. It's very light and readable and I never felt bogged down by it. She effortlessly brought Ava to life for me and made me feel how hard she's trying to accept her place in the Pride without allowing the crushing realization that she'll always be the runt of the Pride destroy her.From Ava's first run-in with Landon in the bar to their sizzling, door-breaking coming together, the two of them clicked for me. Landon's more focused on what he needs to do [...]

    18. I really liked this introduction to the Serengeti Shifters series. Little Ava Minor is used to being bullied and pushed around because she is smaller than the other lionesses of her pride. Ava's size does not stop her from longing for the prides Alpha Landon King. Ava decides to take a walk on the wilder side and lands in Landon's sights. He can only wonder why he didn't notice her before now. Landon is certain he can strengthen the pride with Ava at his side - if only he can convince her.This w [...]

    19. 4.5 stars :)I absolutely loved this book!!! All the characters were fantastic and I really loved the relationship between Landon and Ava. Though the story was way too short and the end action was very short-lived and not very developed, I still totally loved it all and absolutely cannot wait to read the rest of the series! The heat between them was scorching and I really loved how despite the fact that she was so small and weak, she was still brave and tough enough to stand her ground and stand [...]

    20. First in a trilogy of Pride Lion Shifters somewhere in the midwest.Ava Minor, smallest lioness in the pride is used to being bullied, and picked on by everyone in the pride. Her brothers are the enforcers and whilst they wouldn't let anyone pick on her while they were around they don't seem to realise they are worse than anyone else, treating her like she is 15 when she is a woman.Landon King is the new Alpha and he is looking for a mate but hasn't yet noticed Ava until he meets her in the local [...]

    21. The is a short sweet story that proves attraction doesn't have to follow tradition and the Alpha does not have to mate the strongest female of the Pride. Ava is the runt of the Pride and proves that sometimes dreams come true.There is a new Alpha in town who has plans to turn Three Rock Pride upside down and although some traditions will stay, Landon plans to bring the Pride into the twenty first century starting with his mate. Serengeti Heat is a great start to the series, it is well written an [...]

    22. This is one of those moment when you want to curse for not allowing half stars. This book deserves the extra half star. Serengeti Heat was an enjoyable read,it was quick and did feel like a short story but I think it was longer than a short. Nothing much really happened apart from boy noticed girl who had been crushing on boy for a while. Followed by H.O.T. Sex scenes. A few people don't approve. Can boy persuade girl it will work? I wanted more, maybe a fight between Shana and Ava but I still [...]

    23. **This review can also be found at readinginthewindowseat.blo**I really like this book. It wasn't very long, which was probably the one thing I didn't like about it, but the story was good and I fell for the characters instantly. It would be better if it were longer, because some of the scenes are a little rushed for time. The more intimate moments between the two main characters however are very well written :) I wouldn't suggest reading this if you're not interested in reading sex scenes, othe [...]

    24. Amazing. I first looked at this novel and i thought, yeah might interest and read it because i was board. I was just amazed it wasn't like most romance that seem to not understand what a plot line is or what a history is. This book was a good read, i couldn't put it down. very impressed. I have now read it twice and must give a big thumbs up to Vivi Andrews for gracing us with such a wonderful book.

    25. This would have been a really great story to put into a novel form. The characters were great, I just wish I had more time to get more background. I do however think a very dynamic group of characters is introduced in this novella, and being that I liked Andrews' other series so much I will give the next book a try.

    26. So, because of my new love affair with Kinsey W. Holley I had to check out another Sexy Shifterness and downloaded Serengeti Heat . Andrews, with Serengeti Heat reminded me that not just the Canidae family can be in possession of hot Alphas.Read More

    27. 3.5 starsThis is a really short story but for the length it is surprisingly well written. A lot actually gets covered in a short period of time. There isn't time to develop a good story but if you like a bit a paranormal romance without having to work your way through a lot of typical romance turmoil before the couple "get it together" then this is the book series for you!

    28. re-readAfter thinking about the book last night, I realized I was not as happy with the book as I thought. It has no real story line except sex and more sex. It's very short, more in line with a novella I'd think. The sex is hot and the writing it's self is good but but it left me wanting and expecting more out of it.

    29. This novella was fast-paced and written well. Ms. Andrew’s opens right off with the action pulling the reader in. The characters are relatable. Lots of hot sex, it’s a tad predictable. A fun quick read, which left me wanting to know more about the other characters. I’m looking forward to reading more of this authors work.

    30. A great read! This is an engaging, fast-paced story about a little lioness shifter who gets more than she bargained for when she tries to have a wild night out and suddenly finds herself in a sizzling hot relationship with the pride's leader. The novella is surprisingly layered, with well-drawn characters, multiple conflicts, a very satisfying romance, and plenty of steamy shifter sex.

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