Ellison the Elephant With the help of his imaginary friend Weasel Ellison finds his very own voice a jazzy sound that charms all the other animals Book Details Format Hardcover Publication Date Pages Readi

  • Title: Ellison the Elephant
  • Author: Eric Drachman
  • ISBN: 9780970380913
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With the help of his imaginary friend, Weasel, Ellison finds his very own voice a jazzy sound that charms all the other animals Book Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 11 18 2005 Pages 32 Reading Level Age 3 and Up

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      147 Eric Drachman
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    One thought on “Ellison the Elephant”

    1. This is a fantastic book about finding your voice. It must be listened to on the CD because the accompanying music and sound effects add so much depth to the story. As opposed to a book on CD (which is mainly a read-aloud), this is an example of a sound-book where the soundtrack is essential to the story line, the same way the illustrations are in true picture books.

    2. This book is a great read. It teaches kids that being different is okay and can lead to wonderful discoveries. James Muscarello did a wonderful job illustrating Ellison the Elephant.

    3. Date: March 29th, 2015Author: Erich Drachman; Illustrated by James MuscarelloTitle: Ellison the Elephant Plot: Ellison, a young elephant, is having a hard time blasting his trumpet like the other elephants he knows. After being teased, he wishes to be like the other elephants, but his mother reassures him that he is extraordinary. Will Ellison ever receive the gift of blasting his trumpet or will he continue to blast the same sound that he has been dreading forever?Setting: Natural Habitat; Jung [...]

    4. Ellison the elephant isn't like the other elephants his age. He isn't as big as they are, and can't make nice, loud blasts with his trunk like they can. His mother encourages him that all the most famous elephants were unique, but Ellison is not convinced. He gets so upset he pulls up a bush and meets weasel, who at first makes fun of him but then helps Ellison discover a very special talent.I didn't have access to the audio CD that is supposed to accompany this book. I'm sure actual jazz music [...]

    5. In all honesty, I don't impart five stars to books of any age or genre that often. It truly take a achievement to move me enough to warrant such an accolade. Eric Drachmann’s Ellison the Elephant is so beautiful and so completely magical in a way that so few children's books can master, that not only my toddler, but myself included, simply cannot attain enough of the talent and beauty the tale conveys. And to offer even further delight to this treasure, the book includes a brilliant audio that [...]

    6. From a very young age elephants can trumpet blast with their trunks. However, Ellison, cannot. He doesn't know why but when he tries as hard as he can, all that comes out is a little toot. He gets laughed at and teased.One day he goes off by himself and meets up with his friend Weasel. Weasel teases him but then encourages him to practice. Together they find that Ellison has a fantastic trumpet! In fact it's so awesome that all of the other elephants gather round, begging Ellison to teach them h [...]

    7. I loved this book it was very cute and hard great illustrations. It is about a little elephant that has not yet found his voice. His friends can all make big elephant sounds, but Ellison can only make a little squeak. He gets made fun of and finally by the end of the book he finds his big voice and it is spectacular. This book would be good to read to a classroom about diversity and accepting others.

    8. This story was about an elephant who was different and not like all the other elephants. Ellison loved to tut her horn and had a sound of her own. Throughout the story she learns that she is different and not like everyone else, but towards the end she accepts her special gift and blossoms with it. This is a good story to read to children when teaching them that it is okay to be different, not everyone is the same, each individual has their own special gift that they should embrace.

    9. I love elephants they are so cute so I enjoyed this book! Cute story about an Elephant named Ellison. Everyone in this book thought that Ellison was so weird and by the end of the book all of the Elephants want to be just like her.

    10. Another great book with a good meaning to it. The pics in this book are wonderful to look at with how bright each page is. This book helps not only kids but others learn that being different it okay and that in the end being different can be fun and exciting.

    11. I loved this book. The little elephant is trying to sound like the older elephants and he is getting discouraged with his little toot sound. His friend helps him discover the sound within himself. The new sound makes everyone stop and listen to the little elephant.

    12. Very cute book with warm and fuzzy feeling pictures. Main characters are Ellison, the elephant, and a weasel. Ellison is looking for his own special sound and he finds it with the help of his friend. This would be a great read-aloud to read with different voices.

    13. Great story with a can-do attitude. Addresses finding the music within yourself and the topic of imaginary friends.My copy came with an audio CD.Grades K-2

    14. I love this book! I was drawn to it because the elephant shares my name. I really feel in love with the story though and how it promotes that everybody has something they can be proud of.

    15. Includes a read-along CD read by the author and a cast of actors doing the voices of the animals. Pretty great!

    16. My girls love this book. I love that it talks about individuality. It teaches kids that its ok to be different and at some point everyone is going to want to be just like you.

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