A Comedy of Heirs Genealogist Torie O Shea Finds That Her Own Family Tree Is Rooted In Murder The December annual O Shea family reunion is just kicking off when genealogist and town historian Torie O Shea discovers a b

  • Title: A Comedy of Heirs
  • Author: Rett MacPherson
  • ISBN: 9780312971335
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Genealogist Torie O Shea Finds That Her Own Family Tree Is Rooted In Murder.The December annual O Shea family reunion is just kicking off when genealogist and town historian Torie O Shea discovers a bad apple in her family tree Someone has sent her several newspaper clippings reporting a fifty year old unsolved murder The dead man is her great grandfather shot on hisGenealogist Torie O Shea Finds That Her Own Family Tree Is Rooted In Murder.The December annual O Shea family reunion is just kicking off when genealogist and town historian Torie O Shea discovers a bad apple in her family tree Someone has sent her several newspaper clippings reporting a fifty year old unsolved murder The dead man is her great grandfather shot on his own front porch while his family was trapped inside.Everybody knows great grandpa Keith died in a hunting accident Or did he Between fussing over too many house guests, husband, children and the surprising news she s once again in the family way Torie gets a sneaking suspicion the truth may be as deadly now as it was fifty years ago Soon she s shaking the family tree, never anticipating the shocking truths ready to drop along with a motive for murder that could mean it s history for Torie as well.

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    One thought on “A Comedy of Heirs”

    1. I prefer mysteries that have more well-developed characters than this one did. I like any book to be more believable. I just can't picture a real person (at least anyone I know) acting like Torie does. It seems she hardly talks to anyone except her husband and daughters without questioning them, and that includes her family during the family reunion, since she seems to consider them all suspects. I guess there was just no character in this book I got to know well enough to really care much about [...]

    2. Another light genealogy/murder mystery featuring Torie O'Shea. This time Torie travels to West Virginia with her grandmother. When she's staying at an old boardinghouse, the owner dies under mysterious circumstances, and Torie is the chief suspect. She researches her way out of a jam.

    3. More entertaining than previous books in the series. It's a good, light, read for an afternoon escape.

    4. Another fun mystery in the Torie series. Finding out that her great grandfather was murdered she jumps right in to solve the murder. It turns into a genealogist's horror story when she is given information that her great grandfather isn't really who she thinks but rather the 'lover' of her great grandmother. That is probably the biggest worry of any family historian, because you could actually be 'barking up the wrong tree' so to speak. I know every generation feels like they invented sex but th [...]

    5. Torie (short for Victory) O'Shea and her madcap family are front and center again. This years family reunion on her father's side is scheduled for Torie's house and hometown. As usual, Torie gets deeply involved in genealogy, this time her own father's family. She thought she knew everything but someone sends her some newspaper clippings about her great-grandfather. She had been told he died of a hunting accident, but these articles make it clear that he died on his own front porch - was it murd [...]

    6. I love the idea of combining mysteries (which I love to read) with genealogy (one of my favorite hobbies), so I checked this book out of the library with high hopes. This book was even set during a week-long family reunion! While I enjoyed some aspects of this story, like some of the family interactions, other parts weren't as enjoyable as I remember the other two Torie O'Shea books I've read were. This time around, I found Torie O'Shea, the protagonist and amateur genealogist/sleuth, to be a bi [...]

    7. In the third installment of the Torie O'Shea Genealogical Cozy Mystery series, A Comedy of Heirs, Torie O'Shea returned to find herself in the heart of another mystery. At the December family reunion, she discovered there was a bad apple in her own family tree. Someone sent her news clipping of a 50-year-old murder of a dead man, which was her own great-grandfather. Everyone believed it was a hunting accident, while Torie discovered it might be murder. With a house full of guests and this bombsh [...]

    8. Cleverly concocted little cosy. Central character is a history buff and genealogist who receives an anonymous package showing that the family story about the death of her great-grandfather is untrue. She gets this information just in advance of a major get together of her extended family, most of whom seem to be slightly off kilter. Her prodding of the older members of the family, along with some historical research and connecting of relationship dots eventually leads to a resolution that is a b [...]

    9. Another fun outing in the Tori O'Shea mystery series. It's probably not a **** book, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. In this one, she hosts a week-long family reunion, during which she tries to coerce the family members to tell her how her great-grandfather died. They all say a hunting accident (in August?!), but the newspapers said that he was murdered on the front porch. And why did Great-Grandma sit in the living room with a shotgun and not allow anyone to go out and tend to him? Fun doings!

    10. 3.5 stars. I enjoyed the mystery aspect of the story very much and found the characters interesting. I can't say that I bonded with them, but there was enough of a compelling connection that I was willing to keep reading and finish early rather than saving it for my next train ride. I wouldn't call it a "comedy" per se, this investigation of the protagonist's family story. In fact, it was full of a lot of sordid details and all of the rough and tumble shenanigans that are common in a family.

    11. Torie O'Shea is hosting a large family reunion of her fathers relatives when she discovers her great grandfather was murdered instead of dying in a hunting accident as she has always been told. Torie decides to find the murderer in this unsolved case while dealing with her family and the fact that she is unexpectedly pregnant for the third time. It was a bit difficult to keep track of all of the characters but I found this to be a good cozy mystery.

    12. This time around Tori is hosting the Keith family reunion. As her relatives begin to arrive she is sent a mysterious envelope with old newspaper clippings about the death (Murder) of her great-grandfather. Torie has to discover who knew about this death and why the family lore had ist reported as a hunting accident. A Fifty year old cold case, 50 relatives wandering throughout her house. And guess who is the 5th pregnant woman at this year's reunion?

    13. Definitely a "cozy" mystery. I read this to see how good a genealogical mystery could be. It turns out, even mysteries about genealogy can't escape some of the boredom associated with the actual research. Nice effort though. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't something that sticks in your mind afterward either.

    14. Once again, this series did not disappoint me. This particular mystery had a lot of layers, red herrings, and suspects, which I liked. My only beef is- how do you write a novel set during a family's Christmas reunion but end the book before Christmas Eve or Day? Anyhow, I look forward to reading more of Torie's adventures.

    15. Fast-paced, humorous mystery featuring a large, somewhat wacky family from the point of view of one of the middle "generations" who claims that she is just plain nosy. In seeking more information to fill in the family tree she uncovers a mysterious death among her ancestors.

    16. I jumped into the middle of a series, but it didn't seem to matter. This book added some humor into a cold case mystery. It was a fast and interesting read. I can't wait to read more, and since it was published 12 years ago, I think I will get my wish. :)

    17. This is the first book I've read in the Torie O'Shea series. I'm going to start at the beginning are read them all! Loved all the characters (even if I didn't like them, the page-turning story and theoutcome! Fun read!

    18. I just recently discovered Rett Macpherson's mysteries and I've read the whole series in about a month--I've really enjoyed the combination of light-hearted mysteries with the geneology element. Torie is a particularly enjoyable heroine--spunky, nosy, and generally entertaining.

    19. Another winner by Ms. MacPherson. Interesting characters, a complex mystery and a bit of humor kept me turning the pages. Torie's eclectic family had me smiling and more than once I saw my own family members in the book's characters. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Recommended.

    20. An easy read, but the characters seemed more like caricatures than fully drawn people. Interesting use of genealogy studies.

    21. I'm really starting to like this author's voice, as well as the characters and the little town they come from. A quick, fun read.

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