A Misty Mourning A ten hour car trip with your eighty year old grandmother is never much fun especially if you re seven months pregnant But when Torie O Shea s longtime family friend Clarissa Hart Campbell insists th

  • Title: A Misty Mourning
  • Author: Rett MacPherson
  • ISBN: 9780312977849
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • A ten hour car trip with your eighty year old grandmother is never much fun, especially if you re seven months pregnant But when Torie O Shea s longtime family friend Clarissa Hart Campbell insists that she and Grandma Gert come for a visit at her West Virginia boarding house, they just can t say no to the 101 year old dynamo Upon their arrival, Torie and Gert find ClariA ten hour car trip with your eighty year old grandmother is never much fun, especially if you re seven months pregnant But when Torie O Shea s longtime family friend Clarissa Hart Campbell insists that she and Grandma Gert come for a visit at her West Virginia boarding house, they just can t say no to the 101 year old dynamo Upon their arrival, Torie and Gert find Clarissa has called together her entire family for the reading of her new will But everything s happening too fast, even for Clari the next morning, she s found murdered in bed The new will stands, and her lawyer follows through on the old woman s wishes to settle an eighty year old debt to Torie s great grandmother The Panther Run Boarding House now belongs to Torie Mystified, Torie must put her genealogy skills to work to determine what secrets worth killing for may be hiding in the dilapidated boarding house and the Campbell family story before it s too late A comical blend of history and homicide, A Misty Mourning is another delightfully witty entry in Rett MacPherson s popular cozy series.

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    One thought on “A Misty Mourning”

    1. Let me start off by saying that I don't normally read cozy mysteries. However, the Torie O'Shea Mystery Series is such a good one! Torie O'Shea is a small town snoop. She didn't really start out that way. She's actually a genealogist and historian. She can't help it that the mysteries from the past that she digs up cause people to want to kill her and others. A Misty Mourning is the fourth book in this series, which means zilch. They absolutely stand on their own. In fact, I haven't read books 1 [...]

    2. Torie O’Shay, is a genealogist who loved tracing people’s history – especially her own. She was 7 months pregnant when she and her grandmother, a feisty 82 year old were asked to return to her Grandmother’s old home in West Virginia. It seems that Torie’s great-grandmother’s best friend Clarissa Hart (whom Torie had never met) now 101, wanted to see them. Realizing that this might be a last chance for her grandmother to see her old home area, Torie agreed to go for a short visit. To [...]

    3. This is a crazy group of characters including a seven month pregnant woman an 87 year old grandmother, a West Virginia setting, and a mystery that may surprise the reader. copy right 2000

    4. Fun read, set in the South. I always love a mystery populated with eccentric characters, and the Torie O'Shea mysteries have lots. I am definitely ordering more.

    5. The plot of the book is reasonable and I enjoyed the key character, Torie, but the character of Torie's grandmother is but a shadow of what she could be. The writing is choppy. poor, and story development inconsistent. Just when I thought it was flowing along I was halted with a "What's this?" So many cliches and errors in the story. One example: a woman who is to be interviewed opens the door with a shawl over her shoulders. In the next paragraph she holds an afghan around her. As the protagoni [...]

    6. he 4th installment of the Torie O'Shea Genealogical Mystery series by Rett MacPherson, A Misty Mourning, Torie ended up in another pickle of hers. For eight-month pregnant Torie, a ten-hour trip with her 80-year-old grandmother wasn't fun. When her long-time friend Clarissa Campbell asked them to stay in a 101-year-old West Virginia boardinghouse, she couldn't say no. When they arrived there, Clarissa gathered around for a reading of her will. Before she knew, Clarissa was murdered in her own be [...]

    7. Excellent book to end the reading year on! Torie is in West Virginia because a 101 year-old woman has invited her to listen to the reading of her will, while she is still alive. The town is her Grandmother's home town so Grandma comes along to visit old friends, family and see things once again.Of course, the old woman dies, and Torie is discovered standing over her holding a pillow. Now Torie has to use her genealogy skills to try and unravel an 80 year-old mystery that involves lynching, myste [...]

    8. Torie O'Shea takes a trip away from her hometown to West Virginia, home of her maternal roots, and ends up being drawn into and solving yet another murder mystery. In the process she finds a kindred spirit in her cousin, who helps her with the research along the way. A fun read, and I'm really enjoying this character and Rett MacPherson's plots more with each book in the series. Can't wait to get my hands on the next one.

    9. Reminiscent of the story The Hound of Baskervilles, A Misty Mourning is an intriguing mystery about inheritance and long-kept secrets that is also informative about the historical plight of coal miners in Appalachia. This book was slower paced than the previous three Torie O'Shea mysteries in the series but still worth the read. I look forward to reading the fifth book in the series, which will take place back in Torie's little hometown in Missouri.

    10. A mystery, part of a series from Torie O'Shea, with both humor and suspense. My husband was reading it and suggested that I may like it. I enjoyed it! In this story, Torie, a historian and very pregnant, takes her grandmother to visit a friend back in West Virginia. They end up being held at this location due to an unexpected death. Torie is implicated and has to prove she could not have had a motive to kill the victim. There are a lot of twist in the characters' background.

    11. This series of books is a joy to read. If you like a light mystery where the murder isn't too morbid or the killer isn't too psychotic [as in a Mary Higgens Clark book] these are good books to read. I enjoy them to relax my mind after reading some of these gore thrillers. The only complaint I have is that her books are hard to find!

    12. ill bk- Torie is 7 months pregnant and travel to West Va. to learn of her mother's family in an coal mining town- Her great grandmother died young but her best friend is 101 and wants to share family secrets with Birdie's family- of course the old women is murdered and Torie is in the middle a bit over the top but a good story

    13. This is a excellent booka really good Mystery to read. This is Book #4 in the Torie O'Shea Mystery Series. There are 11 books total in this series. I am planning to have all of these books in this series.

    14. I enjoyed reading this one, mostly because of my interest in genealogy. I liked how Torie and her long lost cousin Elliot (a librarian!) were able to work together to solve the mystery, thanks in part to their genealogy/family history research skills!

    15. I really enjoyed meeting Torie O'Shea. She is smart and has a great sense of humor. I found myself actually laughing out loud a few times. Good mystery, fun characters and enough excitement to keep things interesting. I will be reading the next book in the series soon.

    16. I was hesitant to pick up the next book in the series because I didn't like the language in the last one. So I was very relieved and happy that this one was much improved. It is a great whodunit that kept me interested and entertained throughout.”

    17. I like these books, but I sometimes get impatient with the main character. She's a bit annoying. I think she's supposed to be annoying, but lovable. However, the lovable doesn't always come through.

    18. This time we learn more about Torie's maternal line. She is 7 months pregnant and goes with her maternal grandmother to West Virginia. The old friend is found dead and Torie becomes the prime suspect because the boardinghouse and its contents are left to her.

    19. There are a lot of typos in this book which were annoying. (Like, for some reason, everywhere the word 'die' should appear it has been replaced with 'the'?). But if you are interested in WV, coal mining history, and mystery It's a nice read.

    20. Not bad an entertaining if predictable mystery. The setting was an important and well-done part of the story. I only wish the author had taken a less obvious route to the solution.

    21. Another Tori O'Shea mystery. Tory uses her genealogical research skills to solve an old mystery and a new one.

    22. I especially liked this one because one of the characters has my name. I've never seen my name as a character in a book.

    23. After I had started this episode, I realized I had already read it. It didn't matter, however, it was still entertaining. I already have the next one.

    24. Very enjoyable book. This book has a lot of history which I enjoyed. There were a lit of characters and family histories involved which became a little confusing.

    25. I really enjoy the Torie O'Shea mysteries. They are just fun, and she is a real and enjoyable heroine.

    26. Was the first of her books I've read was a good mystery in an Appalachia local. Provided history of the mining conditions that existed in that area. Good read.

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