Dominic A NIGHT OF BLISS Emma anxiously awaits her husband s return home to Tuscany on Calling night She hopes that the night long copulation will draw them closer together for she questions whether they trul

  • Title: Dominic
  • Author: Elizabeth Amber
  • ISBN: 9780758225818
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • A NIGHT OF BLISS Emma anxiously awaits her husband s return home to Tuscany on Calling night She hopes that the night long copulation will draw them closer together for she questions whether they truly love one another But when Marco arrives, injured in battle and unable to perform, she learns she must mate instead with Dominic, a lusty, royal Satyr It is a night ofA NIGHT OF BLISS Emma anxiously awaits her husband s return home to Tuscany on Calling night She hopes that the night long copulation will draw them closer together for she questions whether they truly love one another But when Marco arrives, injured in battle and unable to perform, she learns she must mate instead with Dominic, a lusty, royal Satyr It is a night of hedonistic passion that leaves her wanting much, much A MOMENT OF RAPTURE Like other Satyr lords, Vincent is driven to mate from dusk to dawn every Calling night But as a bachelor, Vincent must conjure a female from the mist who will satisfy his sexual needs While his brothers summon a different partner with each full moon, Vincent calls upon the same one time after time He wants her to experience the same erotic pleasure he feels and one night she does the magic is real

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    One thought on “Dominic”

    1. I didn't really want to read this book, but I'd already bought it and didn't really feel like wasting $15 so I read it. It contains two Satyr novellase first one was rather blah for me; the second was better but felt rather incomplete. I wasn't impressed with either one.Summary:In the first novella, Dominic, Emma (sister of Jane from Nicholas) is married to a part Satyr named Carlo, but is disillusioned with her marriage. Carlo spends most of his time in the ElseWorld, fighting the war there, an [...]

    2. This book contains two stories, the longer is DOMINIC, and the shorter is VINCENT. Vincent is the first born son of the Fae-Satyr unions, the one whose conception and birth we witnessed in NICHOLAS. Dominic is a new character, but the heroine in Dom's story is Emma, Jane's younger sister from the first book.I could have handled an entire book devoted to Dominic alone. He's an incredible alpha-male anti-hero, and so completely opposite Emma in all the right ways. Had Amber devoted the entire book [...]

    3. Dominic by Elizabeth Amber Paranormal Erotic Romance- February 24, 20094 ½ stars Elizabeth Amber continues her daring Lord of the Satyr series in the latest installment of Dominic, a 2 story anthology that smolders with scenes that will shock and delight your senses! In the first story, Dominic is a Satyr hardened by duty. He is a special hunter and killer of demons, called upon to perform tasks no other Satyr can. Dominic is spurned by his fellow Satyrs even as his skills protect their way of [...]

    4. My Rating is actually 3 1/2 stars! However I did enjoy the story. It was set 15 years in the future from the previous installments. This features Emma, Jane's human half sister. I felt as if Emma's character wasn't written as she was in the other books. Before she was courageous, she had ran away to her sisters house when she was 12. That took a lot of guts, also putting up with all the supernatural things going around her home while she was only human. So I was taken aback by the fact that as a [...]

    5. My ThoughtsVincent Oh my gosh his dad is Nicholas. ***fanning myself here the hussy is already purring.***~~~ Side note, I am having problems posting this it won't let me save So bear with me~~~Vincent lives with a friend of his, Landon, on the Satyr estate. They are very close friends so close they share almost everything. Even their women, or shall I say they Shimmerskins. A Shimmerskin is a mystical woman the Satyr men can conjure up when ever they need to satisfy they most carnal desire. The [...]

    6. Continued series of The Lords of Satyr: Dominic a full blood Satyr is sent to EarthWorld to pass on his gift of the demonhand only to find a woman he can't live without. Loved the romance that blooms. Lots of erotica, nice pace, and good plot. Novel is split between two books, Dominic then Vincent. The second book finds to be equally as interesting with a Shimmerskin coming to life in an unexpected way. Both books within this single novel make for an interesting read, however it did feel like th [...]

    7. Dominic is actually two novellas - one about Dominic and the other about Vincent (eldest son of Nicholas).I really liked Dominic but I felt there were portions that were cut short in order to keep the story as a novella. I think it would have been really good as a novel on its own. 4 stars.Vincent's story seemed like an afterthought and I didn't care for it. It was a little farther fetched in the plot and it also left me wondering why Vincent's brother, Marco, didn't get his own story on how he [...]

    8. This was a bit of weird book for me. It contains two stories. One on Dominic which I really liked and the other Vincent, though the end was good I thought the story was pretty poor.Dominics tale was a much better construsted tale. There was a better build up to the conclusion and if Amber had left it there, I would have been happy. Instead there was a substandard, rather rushed second tale and that diluted the first tale.For this alone it knocked a star off, otherwise it would have been a five s [...]

    9. AWESOME!!!! Can't believe that's the last one. I want more of the Lords! Little hit, you get 2 stories in this book!

    10. ***Contains spoilers****and***trigger warnings***So this is basically two novellas for the price of one. In the first novella you have Dominic who is the demonhand, and his job is to, and you guessed it, kill demons. However, his introduction nearly had me bail on the book as his first uttered sentence boils down to whether he was being ordered to rape a human woman in order to pass down his demonhand legacy. I am not here for rape, coerced, dub-con sex, but I trudged through hoping he wouldn't [...]

    11. This was two books - Dominic and Vincent. DominicThis story is kind of like Buffy with a chosen who kills demons. They way a demonhand is chosen is a bit messed up. I have my theories on why a male or female one comes into existence. Regardless, this story line was odd. It seemed to come out of nowhere with this new demon faction in Elseworld. They tale wasn't too enjoyable for me until Carlo's infidelity is uncovered. Up until this point, the story was a 2 star - just okay. But when Carlo's par [...]

    12. This is the continuation of the Lords of Satyr novels. If you have read any of the first three of this series, this is more of the same. If you have not, be warned that these are not for everyone.This book is split between two novellas: Dominic and then Vincent. There is a tie between the two being the coin of Bacchus that is lost in the first and found in the second. In Dominic, he is a full Satyr that comes to Earth world to pass on his gift of the demonhand to Jane's sister. Her husband is in [...]

    13. Meh, the plot of both stories were basically the same as all the other books in this series: woman with some sort of confidence/appearance issues is semi-forced into relationship with extremely virile Satyr lord with a magical phallus, then some magical catastrophe occurs, and the Satyr lord must save the woman and the day. The sex scenes weren't anything special, especially in comparison to those in [Book : Raine]. I did have some serious issues with the menage relationship in "Vincent." It was [...]

    14. Not a bad read It’s kind of strange in that it is two different Satyr stories. Dominic's story is the first two-thirds of the book Then grownup Victor (Jane and Nickolas' oldest son) is the last thirdTaking place twenty years later. I wish Ms. Amber would have saved Victor for his own book, him and his ELEVEN inches so deserve itWhew.hless for a moment. Is it wrong to totally lust after a character in a book? But I did enjoy installment number 4 of the Satyr series. I was worried that once the [...]

    15. I have been reading all of Elizabeth Amber's "The Lords of Satyr" series and this is about the 4th in the series. This book has two short stories (novellas). I enjoyed them but you really need to read the first ones in the series but it can be a stand-a-lone but it would be better reading the first ones Be forwared this one and all the others are HOT and I mean really HOT books (Sexually Explicit) so if you are shocked by this kind of book don't read it. I do have to say that they do have a stor [...]

    16. I wasn't crazy about it. Amber started off strong in this series with oldest brother, Nicholas. I thought the books went downhill after that, but I was hoping she would go in a different direction after she'd written about the three brothers. She didn't. Part of the problem with this book, for me, is that it is much the same as the other books in the series. She adds a little bit of difference with the going between the two worlds, but that isn't enough. The plot reads the same as the others. If [...]

    17. #4 Lords of Satyr series - Erotic ParanormalTwo Separate Stories: Dominic / VincentDominic:Emma, Jane's sister, has wed Carlo, a warrior (so he says) who spends most of his time fighting in Else World. Hoping time together with Carlo will improve their bond, Emma is surprised when Carlo returns home with his friend, Dominic -- and some surprising news.Vincent:I liked this story very much! Vincent is one of Nicholas and Jane's sons, who gets a surprise from a favorite Shimmerkin. I enjoyed the li [...]

    18. I was a little confused at first who all the people were. It had been a while since I'd read the previous book and 15 years had passed since then. All these new characters I wasn't aware how they had come to be. I eventually gave up tryingt o understnad them and quite enjoyed the story, but not as much as the three previous ones before. This book also turned out to be two shorter stories in one. Each having nothing to do with the other. They are both set in the same place and again new character [...]

    19. Double your pleasureVincent, Landon and Cara - a story of a shimmerskin turned human and her two lovers/ husbands. Very imaginative Dominic-Emma's husband Carlo was injured and his penis rendered useless. his wife was pregnant and he as a Satyr had to bring the baby in the world this full moon. The Satyr tradition demands having strenuous sexual relations first to induce labor, the baby would be born by morning. Since he could not do it he brought a Satyr friend to do the honors. Very fascinatin [...]

    20. 2.5 stars, I'll say. It was kinda weird, despite the emergence of my faves, the demon, these two novellas were equal parts intriguing and mortifying to read through. I also may have skimmed a little. I do so enjoy the dynamic between the men and women in this family, though. The banter between the men and the solidarity between the women, and the commitment between both. I am so very tired of all the queer characters being the evil ones, however, even if some of these Satyrs are pretty homoeroti [...]

    21. This was really 2 books in one, first was the story of Dominic, sweet and heartfelt tale of the discovery of true love. Then there is the tale of Vincent, still good although a little confusing since set several years later with all the children grown (some introduced previously but others new), perhaps somewhere some sort of family tree would have been useful.I admit I was actually a little disappointed with this book, mostly since I found the second part (Vincent's Story) confusing, no really [...]

    22. I usually give a '3-book' trial to hook me. This is the 4th. As sex-oriented as these books are, I never seem to really connect to the characters all that well. The writing seems distant to me. More of a 3rd party narration than an involved-party. I don't know if I will continue the series but my OCD tendencies may convince to finish the 2 books left in the seriesghI don't think they are worth the money or time.

    23. This book was decent. Both stories, Dominic and Vincent, are set 10+ years in the future from the first 3 books. I did like Dominic a lot, and I think it could have done well as a full length novel. Vincent, however, was only so-so for me. Though I still enjoyed the story overall, I felt like she was just grasping at straws for this story, which in turn makes me weary of eventually reading the rest in this series. But, all in all, I still did enjoy both stories.

    24. I really enjoy Elizabeth Amber's writing. She has fresh ideas and writes very well. Erotic historicals. This is the 4th. It contains two novellas. I liked the first one better than the second, but both are good. I wish both had been full-length novels though. Can't wait for this author's next book!

    25. This was a new,umwell it was something new to me. My first thought when I saw this book, was "damn he's hot."It was an interesting story, but the whole two cocks thing was so weird and creepy to me. I just couldn't like it as much as I wanted. It was definatly something different and I'm glad I tried it. But I won't read anymore of these Satyr stories. One cock is enough! HEHE

    26. Uh. wow. If you're into kink and extremely graphic sex, run don't walk over to this series. Dominic is the 4th in the series and yes I've read them all with jaw dropped and hubby glancing sideways at the covers. Hey, it's good for him! This one took a little while to get into because of the time span from the first three, but it didn't take long. Obviously. Enjoy!

    27. I liked this entire series. Dominic actually contains two novellasDominic (involves Jane's sister) and Vincent (takes place 27 years after the first 3 novels and involves Nicholas' and Jane's son). Both could have had their own novels but I enjoy novellas that are tied to original characters in a series. All of Amber's work are a little off the beaten path for erotic romance. Good reads.

    28. This was a good book, I liked them more for the follow-up on the people we met in the first 3. There were two short stories rather than one full length and they left me with a lot unanswered. I wish there was more for each of the stories.

    29. This was a good historical fiction. This part of a series. I wouldn't start with this book. I would start with one of the others from Elizabeth Amber's The Lords of Satyr series. I like Elizabeth Amber and the way she writes. It can be heavy at times.

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