Plausible Denial Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK The explosive facts surrounding the CIA s involvement in President Kennedy s murder presented for the first time in paperback In Lane was therst to expose the flaws in the Warren Commission s o

  • Title: Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK?
  • Author: Mark Lane
  • ISBN: 9781560250487
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • The explosive facts surrounding the CIA s involvement in President Kennedy s murder, presented for the first time in paperback In 1966, Lane was therst to expose the flaws in the Warren Commission s official report, and his bestselling book Rush to Judgment revealed that Oswald could not have acted alone Now he continues his ground breaking investigation 15 photographs.

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    One thought on “Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK?”

    1. Ultimately, Mark Lane's book comes off as more self-serving than it does truthful or provable. Much of the text is self-praise for a court victory against E. Howard Hunt in a civil case. Hunt, for those who don't know, was a former CIA operative who, after bungling operation after operation and earning a reputation as one of the most ineffective agents in the history of the CIA, an arguably ineffective organization, went on to bungle a third-rate robbery of a then little-known hotel called The W [...]

    2. While I thoroughly enjoyed this book it was NOT an easy read. Mark Lane is well versed in the Law. He is obviously an experienced Attorney with many years of study in the science. He spoke just above his audience to often lose me. I found myself stopping to look up words outside of my non-legal vocabulary. On a positive note he lays out distinctively what are known to be FACTS and they have clearly convinced me on what I had suspected all along prior to reading this and that is that the CIA did [...]

    3. This work argues that Lee Harvey Oswalt was a patsy of the CIA in the Kennedy assassination. He uses his role as a lawyer in the Hunt v. Liberty Lobby libel trail to explore the case. Lane also emphasizes his own history with the Kennedy family and his research for other works on the conspiracy theory. New testimony is presented.

    4. Absolute classic. Lawyers will be thrilled to read this, since it is essentially the chronicle of a trial, but even non-lawyers will be captivated. Lane did a true service to history and justice in writing this gem.

    5. Mark Lane’s brash and brusque demeanor can be off putting, even to his fellow JFK conspiracy theorists, but no other researcher’s criticisms of the Warren Report run as deep or as far back in time as his. Mark Lane was criticizing the Warren Report’s conclusions even before the official report was released. As a defense attorney, he was appalled by the lack of due process in Oswald’s arrest and interrogation (with no lawyer present), the rush to judgment that declared his guilt, and the [...]

    6. I was thoroughly entertained and thought this book well done. As a lawyer Mark Lane is obviously a talented communicator and can put forward a compelling argument. He had me hook, line, and sinker. And had I been reading this 20+ years ago when it came out I'm thinking I would have been a true-believer as I want to believe there was a conspiracy.Mr Lane will think less of me as I'll admit here for the first time that from the many books I've read and the documentaries I've seen, I'm now convince [...]

    7. In 1978 began a legal process involving a suit and counter-suit concerning ex-CIA operative and Cuban invasion leader E. Howard Hunt's presence in Dallas on the day of the Kennedy assassination. Hunt had sued a small, right-wing journal for defamation of character upon their claim to this effect. Lane, on behalf of the journal, Spotlight, convinced a Miami jury that he was apparently present on that day along with Frank Sturgis, another CIA figure, and that the journal had reported the evidence [...]

    8. This book is a real ball buster to be quite forward about it. Mark Lane holds nothing back. This book was written during the first Bush administration in the early nineties. He makes some startling comparisons and and has some overwhelming evidence surrounding E. Howard Hunt's involvement (and the mysterious coincidence that Richard Nixon was in Dallas the same day Kennedy was murdered). Mark Lane is one of the originators of demanding the truth from the American government in regards to its lie [...]

    9. The most interesting part of this book to me was the first section in which Lane told how the House Select Committee on Assassinations was steered away from blaming the CIA and FBI, and how difficult it was for him to get even a mild criticism of the Warren Report published in the media. The details behind the little-publicized trial in which E. Howard Hunt and others disclose more tidbits about the CIA's role in the JFK killing are fairly chilling.I think when all is said and done, Mark Lane, a [...]

    10. While tedious in spots, this book explains how Mark Lane managed to get a jury in the US to find that that E Howard Hunt, as an agent of the CIA, was involved in the Kennedy assassination. It should not be the first book someone who wants to know more about the assassination should read, it was more readable than some others. I found some chapters fascinating and others hard to get through. Mark Lane likes to give many, many details and spends quite a bit of time explaining the law. But, it was [...]

    11. Loved the book. This victory over Hunt was one thing, but the spotlight shone on the JFK murder was greater. The Marita Lorenz testimony by proxy was something else. According to Marita Lorenz, the two-car caravan (from Miami to Dallas) which transported weapons included herself, Frank Sturgis, Jerry Patrick Hemming, two Cuban brothers named Novis and a pilot named Pedro Diaz Lanz. She stated that "they killed Kennedy". Why wasn't this brought to a criminal trial? Garrison couldn't corner Clay S [...]

    12. well, i read dis book to complete my assignment. it is about the assassination of John F Kennedy, the late US president. many people believed that it was not Lee Harvey Oswald alone who killed JFK on November 1963 this book, it is revealed that there was actualy a plan to kill him by CIA. there were also many evidences to prove this claim. the story was more and less like Prison Break where the CIA find somebody to take the blame for the murder.

    13. Mark Lane is one of the best-known and most knowledgeable of the investigators of the Kennedy Assassination. At almost 50 years after this horrific crime, it's hard to keep the details straight even for people like myself who have kept up with most developments. For the novice, this is a great starting point. I highly recommend it.

    14. A definitive book on the case for conspiracy in the assassination. Mr. Lane is one of the foremost experts in this field. He is highly respected and is not paranoid, but evaluates the evidence like the respected lawyer that he is. If you never read another book about who might have wanted JFK dead then this is the one.

    15. Lots of very interesting unanswered questions posed by Mark Lane. Also interesting to learn of the more recent tape recording (2003)made by E.Howard Hunt, and his confession of involvement/knowledge of 'the big event'. Initiated by L.B.J.

    16. Mark Lane was one of the earliest critics of the Warren Commission report. His research is impeccable and his writing is clear and strong. Highly recommend this book to those interested in the JFK assassination.

    17. One of these books that makes you think, but it also makes you think that the author might be making half of it up. Took some skimming to keep the juicy parts coming. In the end, it didn't convince me of anything regarding the JFK assassination, so I guess it didn't work.

    18. Very informative and I definitely believe that the CIA had something to do with the assassination. It was definitely a good read for me, and my dad. :)

    19. I really liked this book. Oswald did not act alone and maybe never even fired a shot. E. Howard Hunt is more likely to have been one of the gunmen than Oswald.

    20. I really enjoyed this book,I was never convinced that Oswald was the killer of JFK and this book gives a plausible alternative.

    21. The subject matter of Plausible Denial was very interesting. I did feel that this book read more like a legal brief than a book.

    22. I can't stand JFK conspiracism, but thesis here is that E. Howard Hunt, later famous in Watergate, was involved on the hit on the president.

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