The Hunter s Moon Canadian Gwen and her Irish cousin Findabhair have long planned a summer of backpacking around Ireland visiting sites out of the old legends of fairy folk Little do they know that it is the summer

  • Title: The Hunter's Moon
  • Author: O.R. Melling
  • ISBN: 9780810992146
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Canadian Gwen and her Irish cousin, Findabhair, have long planned a summer of backpacking around Ireland, visiting sites out of the old legends of fairy folk Little do they know that it is the summer of the Hunter s Moon, a dangerous time for mortals who meddle with the kingdom of Faerie One night, camping out on old ruins, Finn is kidnapped by the Faerie king, who wantsCanadian Gwen and her Irish cousin, Findabhair, have long planned a summer of backpacking around Ireland, visiting sites out of the old legends of fairy folk Little do they know that it is the summer of the Hunter s Moon, a dangerous time for mortals who meddle with the kingdom of Faerie One night, camping out on old ruins, Finn is kidnapped by the Faerie king, who wants her for a bride and possible sacrifice It is up to Gwen, the indecisive of the two, to rescue her cousin Beautifully written, romantic, exciting, and evocative of both modern day and mystical Ireland, this is a treat for girl fantasy readers.

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      192 O.R. Melling
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    One thought on “The Hunter's Moon”

    1. WARNING: Very strong opinions and a little bit of ranting.I finished it as fast as I could because, honestly, it was kind of terrible. There were no transitions between plot points, no explanations behind any of the events that occurred, and it was just really choppy. Also, the characters fell in love with each other or became loyal, lifelong friends after knowing each other for two pages, maybe. And those pages have big type and large margins. In addition, it was very cheesy and not at all real [...]

    2. Gwen and Findabhair are cousins, but most of all, they're best friends. Gwen is from Canada, but she visits Findabhair every summer in Ireland. One particular summer, Gwen comes and they plan a backpacking trip all across Ireland, hitting all the major fantastical sites along the way. They go to the Mound of Hostages (aka supposed entrance to the faerie world) at the Hill of Tara (the ancient capitol of Ireland) and that is where the adventure begins.I read this book while on a study abroad prog [...]

    3. My thoughts and impressions of this book weren’t that great. The writing was extremely choppy, disjointed, and the pacing of the story was extremely rushed. Everything happens so bam bam bam right after each other that you just couldn’t get into the characters or get a decent grasp for the whole build-up of suspense. So in the end you have a shallow portrait of the characters and what they’re really like. Another thing that I found really strange was that Findabhair is the name of the auth [...]

    4. Okay, very mixed feelings here! On one hand, I really really enjoyed the descriptive passages about Ireland and its rich history and mythology. On the other hand, I felt that the characters and the general plot were extremely underdeveloped, and in addition, just downright bizarre.- The worst thing an author can do is neglect characterization. Her two protagonists - cousins Findabhair and Gwen - are just weird. First of all: adult supervision, anyone?!?!?! Of course not. It's never definitively [...]

    5. This is one of those books that probably is good to read when you're a young teenager. It blows your mind because it's a story about faeries and it's about a chubby girl gaining confidence etc. However, as an adult reading this, I was bored. There wasn't enough 'happening' and I say this in terms of hands on development. Yes, there was a lot of running around, but nothing REALLY happened. Two girls went traveling, one gets stolen by the faeries, wants to stay but her fat friend tries to drag her [...]

    6. Hunter's Moon went by pretty fast for me, mostly because there wasn't much going on. The cousins decide to stay inside a faerie mound, one chooses to go away with the faerie and the other chases after her thinking she was kidnapped. Along the way she meets some nice helpful people that surprisingly believe in faeries (what a coincidence). Of course there is to be a sacrifice on Hunter's Moon, as anyone who is familiar with faerie lore knows, but somehow the characters are surprised by it. I'm su [...]

    7. This book was a 5 cups of tea read. I read it in one day it was such a fast paced and fun book.Set in Ireland ( of course thats a plus for me) we follow two cousins Gwen and Findabhair, both loverss of anything fantasy related, they plan a trip around ireland but after deciding to travel the road less travelled they run into some unexpected problems. I really enjoyed this book and have marked some places i would like to travel to in ireland such as tara.

    8. As Khanh so gracefully put it in her review of, “Where the Stars Still Shine”, by Trish Doller, which can be read here: Click Here , Ms. Khanh states the following in the opening paragraph of her review:I had a little bit of an personal identity crisis while reading a novel. I had to set the book aside at one point to ask myself: Am I a horrible person? Am I completely lacking in emotions, in empathy? Do I even have a heart?In all honesty, the last few years I can honestly say I had an ident [...]

    9. 2,5 SterneIch muss sagen leider hat es mir leider nicht so sehr gefallen - ich fand die Story etwas flach und auch die Charaktere etwas stereotypisch. Allerdings drehte es sich um Elfen und so fand ich die Geschichte doch irgendwie gut ;) Aber leider konnte ich doch nicht mehr als 2* vergeben - mal sehen ob ich den zweiten Band noch lesen werde oder nicht. Allerdings keine schlechte Grundidee - ich denke mir könnte das zweite doch gefallen allein deshalb :)

    10. The second in our Flashback Friday series is more than just a good book I remember reading when I was a teenager. It is the first real novel (besides ones written by Christopher Pike and R. L. Stine) that I can remember reading. My sister gave it to me when I lamented about how all the books I read were exactly the same.When I opened the cover of the Hunter’s Moon by O. R. Melling for a re-read, it had a stamp on the first page that said October, 18, 1994. Which makes me think she bought it at [...]

    11. I had great expectations of this book. I've always loved books based on mythology that correspond to the setting. One of my favorites are the Celtic myths of Ireland. So when I picked up this book, I was delighted to sit down and allow myself to be taken on adventure around Ireland. I was greatly disappointed. The writing itself was too unrealistic. People don't act they way they do in this book whether they are in love or not. Another thing about the "romance". How can anyone fall in love in a [...]

    12. In this wonderful 'coming of age' book targeted for teens, O.R. Melling introduces readers to a fantasy world rich with factual elements and descriptions of Ireland. The characters are interesting and refreshing to say the least. Gwen, the heroine, is described as being "short and plump with a head of cropped curls" not the typical teen heroine that frequents other popular YA books on shelves today. Gwen is relateable to many a young girl. She is a fantasy geek, who loves movies, books, music, a [...]

    13. I usually don't read young adult books because I require a bit more depth and intricacy to my novels than most teen series can provide. I picked up this particular book because it deals with Celtic mythology, something I dearly love. I was pleasantly surprised.The novel is paced well, with plenty of suspense and action to keep even the adult reader interested in the goings-on. The characters are well though out and three dimensional. I, for one, identified with both heroines within the first twe [...]

    14. Positives: This story is set in Ireland, so there’s lots of new words. There’s a dictionary in the back of the book, though, so that definitely helps. This book was written beautifully!! It had a very magical quality to it and the author is very descriptive! It was a sweet, romantic "fairy" tale.Negatives: Although I really liked the story, it wasn’t until the last 3rd of the book that I really got into it and couldn’t wait to finish it. I like those books that I’m drawn in from the be [...]

    15. 16-year-old Gwen travels from America to Ireland to visit her cousin Findabhair. The two girls share a love of fantasy and myth and plan to travel around Ireland visiting all the ancient sites associated with the fairy folk. On their first night out they sleep on the mound at Tara and Findabhair is carried away by the king of the fairies. Gwen, who is usually the follower, must travel the island alone, searching for her cousin and challenging the fairies. Her travels provide a good introduction [...]

    16. Two cousins start looking for the world of faerie and they get more than they bargained for. This book is from the children's section of my library system but it is definitely for preteens and teens. What I liked about the writing was that the vocabulary was not simplified for the ages of the intended readers. It would certainly enhance the youngsters reading abilities and the story keeps the reader interested to find out just what will happen next. There is also a glossary in the back for all t [...]

    17. I found the writing style of this book to be, for a lack of better word, juvenile. It wasn't very descriptive at all and did nothing to draw me into the story. It didn't help that the focus was constantly shifting between the two girls and never stayed on one long enough for me to really learn much about them. They were both very shallow in terms of character development. (Then again, I only read 50 pages before I had to stop) The plot itselfwell, I just couldn't bring myself to care about it. I [...]

    18. I really really like this book. I wish I could say I love it, partly because I love the way Melling inverts some of the most problematic aspects of Susan Cooper (like, SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't read the whole "Dark Is Rising" series, the way the mortal kids are forced to forget everything). But somehow the characters didn't have enough depth--and therefore the plot didn't have enough propulsion, subjectively speaking, for me to give it a fifth star. Overall, though, I'd recommend this [...]

    19. Reading the 3rd and 4th books made me want to reread the 1st 2. I thought I remembered them having a different feel. This book is pure magic, and is more about a lone person's quest than about a joint mission, like book 4 has. I like Gwen, even if I think the book never explores her character enough, and I love the red hair thing.

    20. A fun story with strong characters and easily readable prose. It lacks the story depth that could have made it an amazing book.

    21. Okay okay! Finvarra War am Anfang ein Kotzbrocken aber DAS?!Es hat mich zerrissen! Das Buch flog nur so hin und nja Band 2 und 3? Mal sehen :3

    22. Very well-described and eye-opening tale. Takes back a whole Irish setting created of the Faerie, Witches, and elves alike in Ireland. And it's all hid right before mortals' eyes! :) I loved it.

    23. Cute book and a fast read. At the moment I'm not sure if I'm interested enough to go look up the next book in the series, but this book on its own was worth the read.

    24. Have I read this book???I can't remember and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY. Saw it at the library, picked it up, and was hit with major de-ja-vu. But maybe it was one of those books I picked up and read for a few chapters at the library and then never gave it a second thought?Might be.I dunno if I'll ever read it. ***********************************************************************Now that I've read it or more appropriately, re-read.Wellat was weird. Very weird indeed. Imaginative, creative, annoyin [...]

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