Playing With Fire Fire It violently destroys futures and pasts in a terrified heartbeat devouring damning secrets while leaving even greater mysteries in its foul wake of ash and debris The night sky is ablaze as fire

  • Title: Playing With Fire
  • Author: Peter Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780060198770
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fire It violently destroys futures and pasts in a terrified heartbeat, devouring damning secrets while leaving even greater mysteries in its foul wake of ash and debris The night sky is ablaze as fire engulfs two barges moored end to end on a Yorkshire canal On board are the blackened remains of two human beings One was a reclusive and eccentric local artist, the otheFire It violently destroys futures and pasts in a terrified heartbeat, devouring damning secrets while leaving even greater mysteries in its foul wake of ash and debris.The night sky is ablaze as fire engulfs two barges moored end to end on a Yorkshire canal On board are the blackened remains of two human beings One was a reclusive and eccentric local artist, the other a junkie, a sad and damaged young girl.To the seasoned eye of Inspector Alan Banks, this horror was no accident, its method so cruel and calculated that only the worst sort of fiend could have committed the dark act And it isn t long before the fears of Banks and D.I Annie Cabbot are brutally confirmed, when another suspicious blaze incinerates a remote trailer in the countryside and another solitary life is gruesomely consumed.But is it the work of a serial arsonist, or an ingeniously conceived plot to obliterate the trail to other heinous crimes There are shocking secrets to be uncovered in the charred wreckage, grim evidence of lethal greed and twisted hunger, and of nightmare occurrences within the private confines of family A terrible suspicion that a killer s work is not yet done drives Alan Banks as the hunt intensifies for an elusive, cold blooded chameleon who could be anyone and anywhere.In Playing with Fire, award winning, internationally bestselling author Peter Robinson delivers a modern masterwork of suspense that confirms his standing as one of the brightest literary lights in crime fiction a blistering tale of murder and betrayal that is as frightening, devastating, and hypnotic as flame itself.

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    One thought on “Playing With Fire”

    1. What more can you say about a Peter Robinson novel than that the maestro is at the top of his game yet again? He and Ian Rankin have a very similar ability to immerse the reader entirely in the lives of their protagonists to the extent that it can be a struggle for readers to pull themselves back into the real world. Yes, these are crime novels, and, yes, there's a strong element of mystery too, but to say only that would really be to mislead.This latest installment of the Yorkshire DCI Alan Ban [...]

    2. Some books are like coming home like a "comfort" read. This book is one of thoseother great Alan Banks book by Peter Robinson. Robinson is able to weave a plot around murders and crime that keep me completely entertained. The recurring characters in each of the books in the series grows more complex and real to me with each book in the series that I read. This is one of the series that I'm reading slowly so that I don't run out!Jacket notes: "When the bodies of two squatters are found in the bur [...]

    3. Banks takes the biscuit and is reminded of his youthful dunkingI'm not sure if I've read Peter Robinson before. Probably I have, he's prolific and my wife likes Inspector Banks. I bought Playing with Fire together with Strange Affair and Not Safe After Dark from the Book People for 5 the lot. That should have been warning enough, that they were unsold clearout stock. Inspector Banks is unable to cross the room without receiving a character building flashback from every biscuit crumb, cup of tea, [...]

    4. A fire starts late at night on two almost derelict narrow boats on a short stretch of canal which leads nowhere. A body is found on each boat. DCI Alan Banks and DI Annie Cabbot have to find out whether this is murder or an accident and it soon becomes clear that it is murder. There are several suspects but none with a clear forensic connection to the fire. Gradually it becomes clear that there are a web of connections which may or may not lead to the truth. More lives will be lost and even more [...]

    5. A good part into this book, I was convinced that my review would start with something like: "This was one of the lesser Banks". This is not the case. After an unusually uncaptivating and slow first half, "Dirty" Dick Burgess pops up and, even if he's brief and peripheral in this story, he's never dull. The second half is also a pickup of pace. One thing that bothered me is that, by reading the series out of sequence, I had a better than reasonable idea about what the climax would be and I though [...]

    6. Fourteenth in this wonderful series following DCI Banks and his police partner DI Annie Cabbot as they piece together clues to solve the mystery of arson fires (and deaths) on two derelict longboats in Eastvale, Yorkshire. It's amazing how hard it is to put these books down once they've pulled you into their narratives. Secondary to the policing (but no less interesting) is the current hot-and-cold relationship between the two main characters, who used to be romantically involved. After a discov [...]

    7. This book got really dark and really really good very fast. One of the reasons why I particularly like Robinson as a writer is because he doesn't waste words. Every word counts in the books. His character, Inspector Alan Banks, is one of my favorites. This is one of the earlier ones I had missed. Banks is divorced although it's only been about a year. However, his ex has not only remarried but has had a baby in her mid forties. He's living in a cottage that he has made all his with his music and [...]

    8. This is top drawer crime fiction, written by a master. I absolutely love the Inspector Banks series, and have been reading my way through the series. This book was good with the characters fully fleshed out and enough suspense to keep me turning pages, but it didn't have the "slam in the gut" plot twists that I've come to expect from Peter Robinson. I had figured out who the perpetrator was about halfway through, and that never usually happens with an Inspector Banks book. That is why I gave the [...]

    9. Alan Banks and Annie Cabbot investigate a fire which burns two canal boats on the outskirts of Eastvale, killing two people, one a teenage girl and one a 40ish artist. Investigators learn that the fire was set with the artist's turpentine, but the girl's boyfriend suspects that her stepfather had something to do with it, as he had sexually abused her before she ran away from home. The next day, another fire is started just north of town, in a caravan in a field where an unemployed man lived. Ala [...]

    10. Several people have recommended this series to me lately. I tried the first book in the series a week or two back and found it very underwhelming. Guessing, however, that Robinson has probably improved hugely as a writer over the 30 years since that was written, I decided to try a later book in the series and I'm glad I did, as this was a pretty high quality example of the genre. Tautly plotted, very compelling (although the suspense is less in whodunnit, which becomes obvious fairly early on, b [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book. Finished it yesterday. I'm normally not a huge of longer mysteries but Peter Robinson seems to be the exception for me. have enjoyed several of his other books.His style is almost literary mystery-his characters are that well developed. Banks is again fantastic in this book. From the beginning it grabs you with the fires- who set them and why. There are so many angles and twistst and turns in this book that I can't mention them all.Mark, Gardiner, Aspern and Tina etc [...]

    12. This is the third in the the DCI Banks series I've read, and it didn't disappoint. A fire on a narrow boat on a cold winters night sets the opening scene, and Peter Robinson had certainly done his homework SOC investigations and what to expect. "Playing with Fire" skillfully creates a complex puzzle which takes the reader in several directions, but it all becomes clear in the end.

    13. Robinson rarely disappoints me, and his books seem to be getting darker, which I like. Unlike many detective fiction writers, Robinson deftly balances character development and tensions with twisty plots that keep one guessing.

    14. Firstly, let me say that I have overall enjoyed reading the series in order, but these books are starting to annoy me and the annoyance is growing with each book. 1. Mr Robinson's obsession with making a point of mentioning a CD or piece of music that Banks is listening to by naming the track and singer or compsoer or referencing CD's on shelves of people he visits. 2. Constant reference to Banks's drink being Laphroaig - has to be product placement.3. Dialogue that is pointless, slowing the sto [...]

    15. Again another super enjoyable thriller from Robinson.I loved the book.It was making my heart race till the end, particularly the adrenaline fueled ending.How I wished Annie could speed up. I was mentally shouting her to save him. Unfortunate of me to read about the arsonsist in the future Banks series in which it is explicably stated. But it didn't dampen the experience much. I loved the prologue, the way it was written and I thought it should end with the same excerpt from the narrator.It did. [...]

    16. I have only read one other Inspector Banks' novel ( A Dedicated Man ) 3 years ago, which I enjoyed with qualifications. I enjoyed this book much more. The plot moved along nicely with interesting sub plots, nicely complemented with snippets of Alan Banks' relationships past and present. I don't always guess the murderer correctly in novels, but, in this case, it was so obvious that I thought there must be a twist at the end. It was not to be; which left me slightly disappointed. Notwithstanding, [...]

    17. Alan and Annie have cooled it and are seeing other people when a arson fire kills two squatters on old barges abandoned in a canal. Then another person dies in a caravan set on fire. One is an artist who appears to have been forging paintings by well known masters, so the task is to identify his co-conspirators. This involved both Annie and Alan, and the arsonist almost adds Alan to his list of victims. I wish that Winsome had been given a more important part in the TV series; she is an interest [...]

    18. Gripping plot, a bit predictable. And the relationship between the two main characters is so unbelievable and trite.

    19. A fiery conclusionA fast moving novel of arson,murder, incest, and a very well coordinated trio of detectives working the case to conclusion.

    20. I really like how this story came together and what an ending, I am looking forward to reading the next in the series.

    21. An other very good book by Peter Robinson An other good book by Peter RobinsonThanks. I am reading the whole Inspector Banks series next will book 15 five stars on all so far.

    22. 3.5 star book that just didn't quite hook me the way other books in this series have. Still, a must read for series fans.

    23. Arson destroys two narrow boats in a canal near Eastvale, and two bodies are found in the wreckage. Both squatters - a young woman heroin addict and a down at heels artist, no connection between them but proximity. A couple of days later, another arson, another fatality, this time in a caravan in the country, an ex-accountant who has a record of fraud. Investigators find hidden away a stash of cash and something that looks very much like a Turner watercolor.Finding a connection between the victi [...]

    24. This book is a continuation of a long series of books about Inspector Alan Banks, a 40 something English homicide detective. I enjoyed this book well enough, but it did not live up to the high expectations I have for this series. I understand that everyone must have some tragedy and unfortunate events occur in their lives. Indeed, stories that have no angst in the characters personal or professional life can be rather boring. But lately it just seems that poor Alan Banks can't catch break the ma [...]

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