Sole Support Kellen has a good life friends to hang out with casual sex online book chats and his first novel poised for release Then he coaxes Mike the shy socially inept pathologist he talks books with onli

  • Title: Sole Support
  • Author: Kaje Harper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kellen has a good life friends to hang out with, casual sex, online book chats, and his first novel poised for release Then he coaxes Mike, the shy, socially inept pathologist he talks books with online, into a real time meeting He hadn t planned for them to become than perhaps casual lovers, but as he and Mike grow closer, Kellen realizes he might be edging towardKellen has a good life friends to hang out with, casual sex, online book chats, and his first novel poised for release Then he coaxes Mike, the shy, socially inept pathologist he talks books with online, into a real time meeting He hadn t planned for them to become than perhaps casual lovers, but as he and Mike grow closer, Kellen realizes he might be edging toward his first real relationship Except that his finances are getting shaky, and his elderly mother is rapidly becoming confused, unpredictable, and needy He s faced with difficult choices, and not sure how much he can handle.Mike considers himself a nerd of the highest order short, bespectacled, prone to blurting out the wrong thing at the worst possible time Meeting Kellen face to face is the biggest risk he s taken, and he doesn t expect it to be a success But first meeting leads to first date, first everything for Mike So it s confusing when Kellen begins pulling away, just as Mike gets up the nerve to move closer.Kellen s most important goal has always been self sufficiency His mother taught him to stand on his own two feet If he lets himself lean on anyone now, even Mike, is he heading for a fall, just when his mother needs him most This book has been edited and polished, but is not substantially changed from the 2013 original.

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    One thought on “Sole Support”

    1. 3.5 starsTerribly hard review to write, I really did want to love it more than I did and I felt bad that I didn't. Don't get me wrong the story wasn't bad, it was ME feeling BAD while reading it. I wanted a better outlook, more happiness to make up for feeling shitty. Like I mentioned to a friend, a heavy heart and no escaping the feeling of gloom. I think the story was too long and got bogged down in the middle with too much sadness. Maybe if it had moved more quickly, I would have appreciated [...]

    2. 3.5 starsEven if I didn’t follow Kaje Harper on and didn’t know some of the things she faced this past year, it would have been obvious that Sole Support was a very personal journey for her. It’s impossible to read this and not feel that the person writing it KNOWS intimately about the subject matter. Mike is smart, socially-awkward, and lonely. He lives with his sister & her husband and spends his time reading books and going online to talk about them. Kellen is a writer, self-pub’ [...]

    3. Fair warning this is going to be rambling and spoilerishd personal. Kaje Harper is an excellent writer, no doubt about it and when I read the blurb for this book, it was a no brainer that I was going to pre-order and be on it right away. *waves to the buddy read gang* Before I start in on the heavier issues, Kaje Harper's shout out to buddy-reads and online friendships, the nervous frantic stress of an author, ratings and reviews, the not hot and everybody drools over them MC, gaining weight, ge [...]

    4. Review posted at The Armchair Reader.Oh Kaje… you did it again! I was thrilled (to say the least) when I saw that Kaje had a new novel (a very LONG novel) coming at the Samhain site and even more excited when I was able to procure a review copy early. It's been a couple months since I first read this, but I didn't really fall into the trap of reading a book and not writing the review right away. Well, I did, but it didn't matter because I really liked this book so much that I had no trouble re [...]

    5. Now that I finished -- I could understand the "dilemma" that some of my friends were experiencing. Let me start by saying this: Kaje Harper is one of my top favorite authors in MM genre. I knew, even from dedication, that this story would be very personal for her. For those reasons alone, I wanted to like it. So yes, I also felt bad that I thought it was just okay, and in fact, this was one of my least liked story from her. Which truly, as a reader, who just couple of days before 5-starred a sto [...]

    6. 'Sole Support' by Kaje Harper is a book that I've actually wanted to read for quite a while now but in a way I've also not wanted to read it because of the subject matter. So before I go any further I just want to send my friend Helle here on GR, a hug and big thank you for gifting me this book for Christmas and giving me the impetus that I needed to actually read it.You see 'Sole Support' is not just a story about 2 men meeting and falling in love this is also a story about how you manage that [...]

    7. The end result? I really enjoyed this book. But when I first started I thought I would be rating this book on the lower end of the scale. The first 25% or so just didn't grab me. Thank goodness I persevered because the ending made it all worthwhile.The reason for my lack of engagement at the beginning of the book was purely based on my feelings towards the characters. The plot had potential and the writing was excellent. I just struggled to warm to both Mike and Kellan.Mike is the geeky virgin, [...]

    8. My very long and detailed review has just disappeared into the ether! I start again (Grrr!)I rate this book highly as I totally empathise with the main theme that this novel explores. My partner and I are currently experiencing the on-set of dementia with my partner's 85 year old mother. Kaje explores this theme so well, so eloquently and so realistically in "Sole Support". (I hadn't realised that keeping the curtains drawn closed and only cooking eggs and toast were such common traits in dement [...]

    9. Finally, finally, finally!Over a year this book has set on my TBR. And while that's not as bad as some of my TBR books could could attest to, it is pretty bad when Kaje Harper is one of my favorite authors of all time.#shameKaje Harper has this special talent when it comes to telling stories that just aren't about the two MC's falling in love, but also about the MC's families, making them just as important to the whole of the story. Sole Support is the perfect example of just how amazing she is [...]

    10. Kaje Harper is an auto-buy for me. The characters in her contemporary books are always so real, I never have trouble relating to or believing, them and their circumstances. Kellen and Mike are no exception.Mike is a socially awkward nerd. In his thirties, with a good job, he finds himself living with his sister and her husband. He doesn't date, and his only outside relationships are those he creates online discussing books. After having chatted for a while with Kellen, he reluctantly agrees to m [...]

    11. I'm a bit conflicted about that book. Kaje Harper is autobuy for me, she still has to write something that I don't like. But I had a few moments in this one that made me uneasy. Mike is a very sweet and loveable character, the one you want to coax out of his shell. You as the reader can see his true character, his great personality that is hampered by his akwardness. So every step that brings him out, makes him happy, is good.Kellen on the other hand - it took me a while to like him. Wait, that' [...]

    12. I ordered a simple book from an author I have liked in the past. Have you ever ordered A and got B but when you finished you felt better than if you had gotten A. Kaje Harper gave me what I needed instead of what I wanted and that always makes the experience better. I loved reading this story and even though I was feeling my chest hurt and my eyes tear up during most of the story cause let me tell you Harper's writing has you feeling all of the anxiety and stress wanting to fix everything for Ke [...]

    13. Редкий случай, когда герои на обложке идеально подходят под впечатления! История ми-ми-мишная, хотя местами казалась затянутой, но тут уж кто как любит, знаете ли)))

    14. This was a very well written book. That said, the story didn’t do it for me. At a point, the romantic aspect of the story was pushed to the background because of Kellen’s mom depending on him for everything due to her advancing dementia. This lasted a good 40% of the book and everything that Kellen goes through is described in painful detail. Then, the end and love declarations came rushed towards the very last pages of the book leaving me wanting for more.Don’t get me wrong, this is proba [...]

    15. First of all, this is a quiet book. It’s a slow-paced, silent tale about two men’s journey toward each other and to themselves. But this is exactly what makes this story so powerful–it doesn’t need to rely on action, noise or speed to capture the reader’s interest. It’s moving, depressing in parts yet optimistic in others, it’s honest, sweet, funny and heartbreakingly sad just like life itself.Particularly when it comes to the struggles Kellen has to cope with in his day to day lif [...]

    16. I wanted to like this book a ton because of The Rebuilding Year, but I was so disappointed in the entire book. First off thanks to Kaje Harper for having realistic men in her books, everyone isn't a ten or so beautiful and masculine. Real life people, some people are small and have receding hairlines, that's life.Now to Kellan, god I HATED him. WTF, first off the way he seem to go back and forth with his feelings for Mike, really??? You knew he was so inexperienced yet by your own selfish accoun [...]

    17. 3 - 3.5 starsOverall a compelling read, only Kellan's stand-offish behavior was a bit too much. Yes, mom's worsening health was a big part of this story, but it also was a big part of Kellan's life. I got why he was so adamant in keeping his autonomy, and it was nice to see how finally he was able to acknowledge practical help. Only his relationship with Mike was like going round in circles. The I-Love-You-scene and the epilogue were nice.

    18. Deeply sensitive, intensely personal, with a romance that begins as friendship, 'Sole Support' covers all the emotions: sadness, guilt, anxiety, loyalty and love.Mike is a geeky pathologist, Kellan is a self published author. It is their mutual love of mystery novels that brings these boys together. I love the realistic way they act on their attraction.Kellan's mum is a wonderful character, and Oz. how cute is he?Thoroughly enjoyed this story.

    19. This is a compelling romance. Kellen isn't likable most of the time. He is not an awful person but he isn't very self reflective in terms of why he is the way he is. He is very human and as the book moves on Kellen becomes someone you wish life were easier for. His mother get sick and who she is alters and Kellen isn't set up emotionally to cope. I was in this book for Mike, nerdy, scientist, and virgin in his late 30's. I love Mike, I love his emotionial bravery and how clear he is with himself [...]

    20. When you open a book that is almost twice the ordinary length and nevertheless start it, knowing you will see the little hour of the night, because you are sure it will be good? That was Sole Support for me. I don’t know what gave me the feeling that this was one of those books you don’t forget, maybe the blurb, a 37 years old virgin falling in love for the first time, yes, maybe that was it, or maybe the stray cat… in any case Sole Support fulfilled my expectations and maybe something mor [...]

    21. Hmmm, having recently read and become slightly enamoured with the Life Lessons series by Kaje Harper I was slightly nervous about reading about new characters. And at the start I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not - Mike seemed a bit dorky, Kellan a bit selfish.but as the story progressed I found I couldn't put it down. I mean I literally had to force myself to stop reading in the middle of the night and then picked it up again as soon as I woke this morning. It is a book that [...]

    22. Mike is 37 and a virgin. He has never even kissed anyone (you all know this excites me, yes?). He is gay, a pathologist and lives with his older sister. He wears glasses, used to have acne – kind of an all around nerdy guy. The main reason he is still a virgin is that he is really shy and never has the courage to approach a man. However, he joins an online reading group and starts to have chemistry with a man named Kellen.Kellen is an aspiring author who is 40 years old. He enjoys talking to M [...]

    23. Yet another wonderful story from Kaje Harper. She is the absolute best at writing real, flawed characters. Her knack for authentic dialogue - whether between characters or internal is completely amazing. This is no exception.Kellan and Mike are just two guys dealing with life's ups and downs. They are each struggling with various issues but somehow they manage to be getting it together a little bit as a couple. Then Kellan pulls away and Mike doesn't understand why. Luckily Kellan has some pushy [...]

    24. 3.5 StarsARGH!!!!Kellen really frustrated me throughout this book. I can't say much other than stupidity will get you nowhere. I also really didn't like the way Kellen treated Mike throughout this. It really rubbed me the wrong way. Saying one thing, but meaning another. Not cool. My heart ached for Mike. I absolutely ADORED him and his "geekiness". Although, I see nothing geeky about him. Maybe I have a thing for smart guys in glasses? I have no idea, but I loved Mike. He could really be himsel [...]

    25. Kaje Harper has wrote a beautiful love story with Sole Support. The characters a real and flawed. It was such a pleasant change to read about a couple falling in love that were not cover model gorgeous or overly successful. Mike was a regular looking guy who had real shyness and a lack of social skills, and I liked him tremendously. Kellan took me a little more time to connect with, but he was facing the hardest time in his life, and his reasonings, while not necessarily right, were believable. [...]

    26. I dont know what to say, she does it again. I had pre-ordered this one and forgot when it was due out. So when I woke up at 5 that morning to use the potty and saw it on my kindle, it was like Christmas morning. Did I go back to sleep, nope started it right then. Finished it that evening. I loved this two though at times I wanted to smack Kellan sometimes for being a jerk and shake Mike for not standing up for himself. But that is what makes this one work!!! Thank you Kaje for writting an awesom [...]

    27. 3.5 stars. This is a solid read with everything that makes a classic Kaje Harper book. The characters had lives and struggles outside their sex drives, the relationship was allowed to developed naturally and wasn't cookie cutter like so many other M/Ms tend to be. I did feel like Mike was a tad too stereotypical, and I was constantly frustrated with Kellen throughout the first half of the book, but they felt like a real couple. I didn't connect with them on the same level as I did with Mac and T [...]

    28. Romance between a geeky, insecure scientist and a writer whose mother is suffering from dementia. Strikes close to home for those of us who have an elderly family member suffering from dementia. It was OK but I don't feel like I connected to these characters as well as I did to characters from Harper's other books, so 3 stars.

    29. This does an excellent job of portraying the strain and heartbreak of caring for a parent who's failing. I just didn't love the couple as much as I usually do in a Harper book. Mike is a sweetie, but I never warmed completely to Kellen.

    30. On page 258 I was hoping the next 150 pages or so was Mike finding someone who was emotionally available and would actually treat him the way he deserved. He needed someone who appreciates the kind and caring man he is. Kellan was not that person, and it was not that kind of book.

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