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  • Title: First Time Lovers
  • Author: Kylie Knight
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  • Page: 135
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    One thought on “First Time Lovers”

    1. This book made me smile more than once. Brooks constantly is found suffering from foot-in-mouth disease when it comes to Max. He's not a bad guy but he sure didn't learn his learn the first time when it came to taking his bad temper out on Max. Oh, she forgave him and then she pretty much shut him out EACH TIME. Brooks spent an awful lot of time trying to get back in her life. I like the way Max refereed to Brooks as The Suit. It's not all his fault thought that he is snobbish in some ways. I be [...]

    2. Early review advanced readers copy. book will be out this month.Billionaire Brooks Carona is disgusted. He is driving an ugly car with the drunk owner, Max Dornan to his house, because the damn limo driver was drinking at the open bar wedding. Max was being a smart ass, pinching his cheek and teasing him on the ride home to Serendipity.Brooks pulls up to the front of his house and a man is waiting, Max asking if it's a jilted lover.The man is there to give him the biggest surprise of his life, h [...]

    3. A Bad Boy🐺🍌🌋, A Tatted⚓ Up 👧Girl, and a 🚼 Baby!ARC received for an honest review.What a winning combination! Max💋⚓ is the tatted⚓ up tattoo artist. Brooks🐺🌋🍌 is the naaasssty bad boy in a good suit, AND Rosie, the 🚼baby, is his. Brooks🐺🌋🍌 is a CEO single dad with the impossible task of raising his daughter on his own. There aren't enough hours in the day.When he meets maid of honor Max💋⚓, again at his brother's wedding, he starts digging on her s [...]

    4. Max and brooks do not seem to be a typical couple at first. Max, yes Max is a young woman just in case you weren't sure, is a tattoo artist who is a bit of a bad a$$ and takes no rubbish from anyone. She is covered in tattoos and actually owns her own parlour, she is independent, strong willed and very loyal especially to her best friend Nola who is Brook's sister-in-law. Brooks was brought up by wealthy and snobbish foster parents and he often gets a case of "foot in mouth" when he is around Ma [...]

    5. Awesome book about how people treat someone different than themselves. Brooks is a self made billionaire with a tech company built with his twin brother. He is a stiff corporate man who judges people different than himself. Max is a tattoo artist with plenty of tattoos. She is an artist and a free spirit. They meet when his brother marries her best friend. The chemistry is there but all Brooks sees is someone to have a fling with. This story is filled with demons from the past, lust, twist, hurt [...]

    6. After seeing Brooks as the serious, sometimes uptight twin, it was fun to see his lighter side. Max brought out all the biggest emotions in him. I got the impression that he'd never had to deal with emotions like these before. They're so passionate together; this is a mixed blessing. When these two were "on", I loved them. When things were off between them, I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to hug them or throttle them. At times it felt like both of them went out of their way to make l [...]

    7. Max meets Brooks at his twin brother's wedding. Brooks starts hitting on her but they both agree they should be friends. Brooks is a single dad and when he needs help with his daughter Rosie Max steps up to help even though she has her own tattoo parlor to run in the evenings. She thought they were starting to be friends until Brooks says something to make her think otherwise. Brooks understands he messed up and tries to fix things with Max and what starts out as maybe friendship quickly turns i [...]

    8. I read this book as part of an arc program. I really enjoyed this romance between two very unlikely people. Brooks was a billionaire who was a snob, only he didn't want to admit it. When he finds a lawyer waiting at his house one day with the daughter he never knew he had, he doesn't know what to do. He asks his friend Max to babysit for him while he goes to work. Max is a young woman who is a free spirit, she is an artist and a tattooist. Both Max and Brooks were brought up in the foster system [...]

    9. A great second half to the "Bad Boy's Good Girl" where we see Brooks' attraction to the 'wrong type' in his plan for his life causing him all sorts of problems compounded by a surprise baby left form him to raise.We enjoy this strong street smart artistic free sport Max who gives as good as she gets get has a heart of pours gold as she helps Brooks even against her better judgement Chemistry sure makes you do things you didn't think you would hmmm! We meet Rosie, Brooks' little surprise who cre [...]

    10. I loved Max's character. She is a tattoo artist with a big heart but tries to hide it when it comes to Brooks. Sometimes I felt she guarded her heart a little to much but under the circumstances I understand why.Brooks is the bad boy who finds Max hot but not his type till after he drives her home after a wedding. This become interesting when he arrives home and is presented with Rosie. It's funny that these two are opposites in so many ways yet, they both have a past that has shaped the people [...]

    11. There is Max, a tattoo artist, who is very independent since she grew up in the foster system. Then there is Brooks the more uptight twin who has a big heart but can be a bit of a snob. When Brooks learns that he is a single father, he asks Max for help. She loves children and see Brooks' need and agrees to help out until he can find a nanny. Brooks is very attracted to Max as is Max but she knows they are from different worlds and will go nowhere. Can they make it work? Will there social hang u [...]

    12. She has a major chip on her shoulder Max's past experience is totally affecting her ability to truly trust Brooks feelings/emotions for her. It doesn't help that the words that come out of his mouth confirm her every belief! Ugh! Talk about complete oppositeson the outside, that is Inside, they are both alike two insecure individuals who need to overcome their own issues and find a way to one another. You see why Brooks is the way he is when you meet his foster parents and why he chose to hide h [...]

    13. Opposites meet at the wedding of his brother. The 'suit' Brooks is only looking for a hookup when he meets Max, a tattoo parlor owner and good friend of his soon to be sister in law, Nola. Brooks is a billionaire and is stiff around the collar and not so sure what to do when he is presented with an infant daughter, Rosie that he didn't know about. He calls on Max to help him. Then the fun begins, she a virgin and he 's a player. She loves children and he's Lots of drama and . This was a fun book [...]

    14. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.WOW, This is a page turner! Max is a “bad girl” tattoo artist that always pushes love away from her. Brooks is a billionaire that could have any woman that he wants. The two are just friends and Brooks needs a favor, he needs help with his daughter he just found out he has. Max offers to help until Brooks can find a full time Nanny. It turns out there might be something more between the two than either one of them realizes. The [...]

    15. This is the first book by Kylie that I have read and I must say it was rather interesting.  The book has a great plot but the characters were lacking development in some areas.  I found the main character Max very stubborn and overly sensitive.  There are hints to why she is this way but the story is missing the gap that really develops her and lets you know why.  Brooks is a strong and sexy character.  He often lets his mouth run faster than his brain.  But I truly loved his character.   [...]

    16. Max learned early on that she wasn't what others wanted. Brooks struggles to meet his foster parents wants. Both have similar backgrounds, but went about life different. Will Max let her walls down? Will Brooks finally admit what his heart wants?Loved getting Brooks and Max's story! After reading Bronx and Nola's this was perfect. Loved how these two had similar backgrounds, but yet were completely different when it came to how they handled what life gave them. They were both similar in their ne [...]

    17. This is my honest review of an ARC I received. Kylie knight does it again I love her books. Brooks Corona and Max a tatto artist are perfect for one another time love left him a gift a beautiful adorable little girl called Rosie. A very touching letter from Cassandra, Rosie's mother made me sob it was so heart rending. max is a tattoo artist who is so funny and so natural covered in tattoos. This author certainly knows how to write erotic sex scenes. This is a must, must read for all readers.

    18. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book for my honest opinions.This was the second book I've had the opportunity to read by Kylie Knight and she did not disappoint. A well written, intriguing and steamy romance story with some twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages to see how the story unfolds. Fans of well-written romance will love First Time Lovers.

    19. First Time Lovers by Kylie Knight is an excellent book. I truly loved this "opposites attract" romance. This is a sweet and sexy book. It is well written and has an emotionally moving storyline. I loved the characters of Max and Brooks and how they just made each another better. Both great on their own but together amazing. Steamy and heartwarming it is a highly enjoyable and entertaining read. I am posting an honest review after reading an ARC copy of this book.

    20. First time lovers is my second book by Kylie Knight and she is an awesome writer. It´s funny and hot. Both Brooks and Max grew up in fosterhome and have issues. Brook has a little girl and no babysitter, so Max helps him out. Its a lovely story with lovable characters, especially Max, is strong and doesn't´t take any crap. It´s a sweet romance that warms your hart. A recommended readI received this ARC as a gift and I am voluntarily submitting this review.

    21. Kylie has a way of writing amazing heartwarming stories that are romantic , sexy, and fun love stories that will leave you feeling hot and satisfied. Brooks and Max are a great couple full of ups and downs who are both trying to find where they belong. Sometimes it takes finding someone who may be our opposite to discover what we really need. This book is sure to become one of you favorite. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.

    22. This book is well written and tells a lovely story. The plot is interesting and the characters are well portrayed. There are plenty of lust in this story, plenty of sex scenes. While the chemistry between Max and Brooks is undeniable as well as their love for Rosie, I wasn't convinced that their lust for each other transformed into love. This is a pretty good and easy read.

    23. This one is a sweet and cute story. We see Max and Brooks fall in love and form a family together with his child he didnt know he had. The part I didn't enjoy too much was the hot and cold attitude Brooks had most of the time. Max was a tough girl on the outside but soft in the inside so he hurts her at times, but at the end we get a HEA.

    24. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.I really enjoyed this book. The characters, Brooks and Max, were great and so is their story. Brooks keeps messing things up, then asking for forgiveness and Max forgives him time and time again. In the end this worked out great.

    25. A quick enjoyable sexy steamy read. I kinda thought Brooks was an a**hole, but he did redeem himself. Max was quite mellow but had her past demons. It was nice to see them work through everything. Oh, and there was no shortage of the hot, sexy, steamy bits!!

    26. Quite the entertaining and enjoyable read that hooked me in from the very start and kept me totally engaged until the turn of the very last page!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    27. A really great story! Has strong characters who don't always express themselves well. The snarky comments are fabulous. This one has a boatload of ups and downs on the way to the HEA. This is a good one for your library! (I voluntarily reviews an advance reader copy of this book and loved it!)

    28. Another amazing book. I was blown away with the story, I could not put it down. Wonderfully written with strong characters. I want moreI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    29. "Opposites attract"An intriguing steamy read with a few twists and turns to keep the pages rolling.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

    30. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. I loved this book. It pulled me right in & I didn't want it to end. It was quite emotional for me

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