That Scandalous Evening New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd spins the captivating tale of a nobleman whose path crosses again with the one woman he absolutely cannot resist A Disastrous Season A simple statue be

  • Title: That Scandalous Evening
  • Author: Christina Dodd
  • ISBN: 9780380790913
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd spins the captivating tale of a nobleman whose path crosses again with the one woman he absolutely cannot resist A Disastrous Season A simple statue began the scandal.A Lady Concealed An innocent English miss conceived of it, her hands gliding across the clay, delineating each smoothly defined muscle and sinew, creatiNew York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd spins the captivating tale of a nobleman whose path crosses again with the one woman he absolutely cannot resist A Disastrous Season A simple statue began the scandal.A Lady Concealed An innocent English miss conceived of it, her hands gliding across the clay, delineating each smoothly defined muscle and sinew, creating a sculpture of the man she worshipped When the likeness was exposed, along with Miss Jane Higgenbothem s secret tendre for Lord Blackburn, the ton s gleeful contempt sent the lady back to the country in disgrace.A Gentleman Revealed Now, a decade later, she s back in London, as a chaperone to her beautiful niece But to Blackburn, Jane s unwitting model, the cool, reticent spinster is still a challenge She once made the arrogant rake a laughingstock so why is he tempted to revive an affair that almost began so long ago, on that scandalous evening .

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    One thought on “That Scandalous Evening”

    1. In 1809 unmarried ladies weren't supposed to think about, much less sculpt, the male figure. Why, the attention to detail a sculptor gives to the male physique even makes ME blush:As "That Scandalous Evening" opens, our heroine has done just that. Deep in the throes of unrequited, virginal love for Ransom Quincy, Marquess of Blackburn (who is completely undeserving, I might add) she has poured her heart and soul into a sculpture of her beloved.This sculpture, of course, is never meant to be seen [...]

    2. This was my first book by Christina Dodd, and I was pleased by how much I enjoyed it. She's got such a large backlist that I'll have a lot of reading material to catch up on, yeah!The beginning of this book was almost painful to read. Not in a bad way, more in an embarrassed for the character way. Poor Jane. I found it amusing that she assumed that people didn't like her statue because it wasn't good enough. Jane lived in society, but at times it seemed as though she marched to a different drumm [...]

    3. This started off really strong, even despite some mild rapey vibes. Angst, hatred, scandal, passion!And then halfway through it just really, really lost the momentum and fizzled into endless passionate kissing and passionate sulking that wasn't following a clear logical, emotional structure. The sex scenes were really cringe-worthy. But hey, I made it all the way to the end and must say the spy intrigue was more believable than the romance.

    4. I was looking forward to this, but the story lagged and the hero, hah the hero, needed a two by four upside the head. Oooh, new category!Plot: Backstory is the heroine was having a mediocre season in part due to her desire to be an artist and in part she's in love with the high-flying hero. She knows she is not in his league, but is happy to adore from afar. She is humiliated, as is he, when another sneaky deb unveils a statue, a nude statue, the heroine sculpted of the hero. She is laughed out [...]

    5. I thought Ransom was a real jerk, and my opinion never wavered from that. Jane should have moved to Paris to live her dream as an artist, but of course she got duped by a man with way more experience than her, and fell in love. My favorite reads are historical romances and this same scenario is in every book so I don't really know why it bothered me so much. I'm normally not so "I am women hear me roar" but this book really p'd me off ;)

    6. 2.5 Dodd often has great concepts/hooks, but I find her plotting to be rather silly and her character development all tell and no show. Though this book got positive reviews elsewhere, I didn't think it much better than any of the others of hers I've read. Guess I'm just not a fan of the "excuse any plot/character confusion, as long as it's funny" type of romance

    7. 4.5 stars"That Scandalous Evening" was surprisinly good (after I didn't like "One Kiss From You"), although I doubt that I will read more books by Christina Dodd. The next novels in this series don't sound interesting enough. I always love "secretly (or in this case not so secretly) in love for years" stories and Jane was an amazing heroine. I liked her so much, more than Ransom! And that doesn't happen very often. ;-) She wasn't behaving like a 28-year-old woman (more like "new adult") but I li [...]

    8. I did enjoy the book but it was just okay.Some of my complaints are:- the current day language was a little out of place. - I really didn't feel the ending. It was just lacking in emotion and was just like a quick wrap-it-up. - some of the other characters seemed more interesting than the main characters. - the main male character was not very likable.- for someone who suffered great public humiliation before, the main character certainly doesn't mind putting herself in danger again.A few things [...]

    9. I prefer my historicals to be somewhat knowledgeable about the times written about. I couldn't get much idea of what time in history in which this book was supposed to occur. The sudden inclusion of 21st century dialogue was jarring, to say the least, and the plot was so fictional that I had to finally decide to read it as a fairy tale so that I could enjoy it. After that I did, in fact, enjoy the book. Ms.Dodd can write well enough to keep one's interest. Evidently she has no desire to create t [...]

    10. This was just an ok read for me. Ransom never redeemed himself to me. He was a priggish idiot 10 years ago and he never lost that status for me. I thought Jane was a bit too doormattish is some ways. The last 10 pages of the book just didn't make up for the rest.

    11. I finished a book called Strange Capers that claimed to be a romance but was more of a mystery with spies, traitors and the dreaded French. All that reminded of this long time favorite. So I have reread it. It is still such a good way to pass an evening. It has spies, traitors and the dreaded French. It has so much humor. It has two powerful personalities butting heads. It has some very sexy scenes. It has a hero that doesn't realize he is up to his eyeballs in love with the amazing Jane and tha [...]

    12. Three and a HALF stars.If you mention Christina Dodd to me, I tend to light up. I love most anything she writes but not so much this one.When Jane Higgenbothem (LOVE the name, *giggle*!) was 16 and had her first season, she was instantly smitten with Lord Blackburn. It was painful - she stared, she put herself in his way, she couldn't concentrate. And being an artist, she sculpted a likeness of him. When another gent showed an interest in her (instead of the girl he was close to proposing to), t [...]

    13. Surprisingly good. All the reviews I saw spoil for something that the book manages to hide and tease about until rather late in the story, which is a shame. They also indicate the hero is being unloveable and the heroine unfairly treated, which made me wary - and was luckily untrue! I have read way too many current romance novels that all delight in the subjogation of the heroine in various ways, and this is actually completely the opposite.Bearing in mind that Dodd writes a lot and is a mainstr [...]

    14. 3rd review:So I re-read this book after five years and my opinion has changed completely. Third time's the charm? Or is it that I'm now the same age as Jane and I find myself interested in different things than I used to care about? I don't know what it is really. But damn I liked this book a lot better than I remembered. Maybe the plot feels less disjointed because I already knew how it would go - even though I forgot enough of the details to be intrigued and surprised at the various moments of [...]

    15. I wanted to love this book, and I did finish it. (It was fine, really.) The characters were lively and engaging and everything I look for. But but 1. The dialogue just isn't as tight as I expect. It felt like pieces of it had been edited out or perhaps there had been placeholders put in. It just didn't feel natural or quite "fit" the characters as I would have liked. 2. Lady, if a super-hot, rich Duke that happens to be sleeping with you believes you're a spy, and you let your principals take yo [...]

    16. This one threw me for a loop. I was so intrigued by the premise. Jane, this artist who modeled a hot man she secretly admired. And Ransom , the brooding soldier working to find a spy. But so many thing bugged me. Dodd actually referred to her purse? What? There were other weird words, that did not fit the time period. Through in the predictable ending. And that Jane knew more about Espionage than the Foreign Affairs Office. I may just be picky. I did enjoy it.

    17. I enjoyed this book I love the reveal of what the actual torment of the hero was and why he was so upset at her for her sculpture. I would love to reread this one sometime!

    18. 2.5 stars Despite this low rating, I don't think I was ever bored reading this book. The premise was so intriguing and the real reason why Ransom was so angry and embarrassed is actually hilarious. I always looked forward to every Ransom x Jane scene. The spy plot wasn't too bad either. The romance was a slow burn and it kept my interest.I think my main problem with this book is the execution. I had a hard time understanding Ransom as a character. I can't pinpoint how and when he fell in love wi [...]

    19. I wish the romance story had been Adorna and Daniel's. Instead, it's Adorna's aunt, Jane, a heroine likeable for her downtrodden life, but mostly a boring and annoyingly talented artist, and a dashingly but dickish, prideful Lord, who does do a fine grovel and believable change.Adorna, on the other hand, was fascinating. Presented as a "bimbo," I suspected hidden depths from the insights and kindnesses she gently wove in with no one noticing. And old man Daniel. Now there's an interesting story [...]

    20. I loved this book. I love the way this author writes and how you can visualize the people the land the event. This book has romance adventure and mystery.This is the story of Jane and Ransom it started 10 years before with a scandal. Now Jane returns to the London for her Nieces season. At the first ball she sees the man she was in love with hoping that no one knows who she is.Ransom attends the ball at his sisters house and is looking for a spy when he see's her. His emotions are mixed but he h [...]

    21. The part that I like the most about this novel is the fact that it doesn't follow the historical romance plot. When the main characters meet it is actually over a scandalous piece of artwork that gets revealed to all of the ton. I like how the author then kept the scandalous art throughout the book to tie everything together from beginning to end and also add a bit of humor. The characters are believable and can be related to in a more broad sense. Worth a read for sure.

    22. There is always a bit of stiffness in Christina Dodd's writing style that doesn't appeal to me. But this novel made up for it with witty dialogue and quick repartee. Mix in French spies and a too small fig leaf and all the pieces of a light-hearted Regency farce are in place.

    23. Adequate. I didn’t buy a lot of the purported feelings, but the spy stuff was fun. Some of the word choices seemed off, which was distracting.

    24. There was a definite need for a suspension of disbelief with this book, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

    25. I don't know what to think of this book.On the one hand, I LOVED the heroine Jane. She was so intelligent and passionate and artistically brilliant. In her youth she'd been so eager just to gaze upon Blackburn, the "hero", and after ruin forced her to mature early she was so resilient and determined that her niece would fare better. I LOVED her for throwing Blackburn's idiocy in his face after the true extent of his mistrust in her and betrayal of her became apparent. Poor dear, all she ever wan [...]

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