The Seduction of Viscount Vice Proud Scot and Fallen co owner Lord Iain Vice Vissen is dedicated to performing in and producing the pleasure club s hedonistic shows Until the night he apprehends a rogue footman in their midst and

  • Title: The Seduction of Viscount Vice
  • Author: Nicola Davidson
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  • Page: 169
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  • Proud Scot and Fallen co owner, Lord Iain Vice Vissen is dedicated to performing in and producing the pleasure club s hedonistic shows Until the night he apprehends a rogue footman in their midst and discovers the spy is Lady Mairi MacNair the woman who long ago broke his heart.Born an earl s daughter but now a seamstress, Mairi has returned to London to help open a supProud Scot and Fallen co owner, Lord Iain Vice Vissen is dedicated to performing in and producing the pleasure club s hedonistic shows Until the night he apprehends a rogue footman in their midst and discovers the spy is Lady Mairi MacNair the woman who long ago broke his heart.Born an earl s daughter but now a seamstress, Mairi has returned to London to help open a superior pleasure club to Fallen, and finally realize her dream of being the seductive leading lady But when she discovers her main rival is Iain, the man she loved beyond reason and was forced to abandon, she is soon caught in a web of lies, secrets, and raw, scorching passion that time hasn t dimmed

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    1. Book Review For: The Seduction of Viscount Vice by Nicola Davidson 'The Seduction of Viscount Vice' by Nicola Davidson is book Three in the "Fallen" series. This is the story of Lord Iain 'Vice' Vissen and Lady Mairi MacNair. I have read the other books but feel this can easily be a standalone book. Mairi and Vice have met about 10 years ago when they were both young and innocent. Mairi was trying to get out of a marriage and ended up using Vice. Vice and Mairi did 'enjoy' each other but then Ma [...]

    2. Nicola Davidson The Seduction of Viscount Vice THE FALLEN SERIES. Book 3The other two books in the series are:Surrender To SinThe Devil's SubmissionI have read the first two books in this series, if you like your historical romances very spicy, then these are books for you.Fallen is a pleasure club run by Sin, Devil and Vice. Fallen caters for everybody pleasure and needs. I can't go into great detail because that would spoil the book.Vice or Iain as Mairi likes to call him. They knew each other [...]

    3. The Seduction of Viscount Vice book 3Wow!!!! What a sensual sexy read, you got everything in a short one hundred something pages. Deceit, betrayal and redemption for a second chance at love, let's not forget all the hot steamy I need a tall glass of ice water to cool all the raging emotions down! I loved it!!! Nicola Davidson really has one great sexy read, if you like the spicer type than this the author for you. You get a well written story with just the perfect hotness!I received a compliment [...]

    4. 4 Quick and Sinful Stars!!The Seduction of Viscount Vice was a quick, yet sexy and sinful read. I was honestly surprised by just how naughty this book was for a historical romance. I thought the characters were interesting and their history had me intrigued. I enjoyed the push and pull between our two main characters and couldn’t wait to discover what had happened in the past to lead Mairi away from Vice.For a novella, I think this story packed a lot of punch. I loved the secrets and lies. I l [...]

    5. The Seduction of Viscount Vice (Fallen Book 3) by Nicola Davidson• Vice And now all the Fallen have fallen into the happily ever after. Another amazing epic story set in 1800's London era. The Fallen club is an unusual setting for the times, but people of London's high society still want their entertainment (and release) through this coveted exotic club as they please.Vice is fed up with all the matchmaking going around since both of his partners have married. He loved once and lost her, now h [...]

    6. The Midsummer Night Ball is under way at Fallen, the naughty pleasure club, and one of its owners, Lord Iain Vissen, better known as Vice, has had it of everyone asking when he will get married. His friends and associates have found their better half, but Vice hasn’t. Or rather, he had found her ten years ago, and lost her. Vice is too unsuitable for the ton’s marriage-minded mamas, and also “too Scottish”. Vice is in charge of the staff and the sex performances at Fallen, in which he al [...]

    7. Lia's Bookish Obsession liasbookishobsession liasbookishobsession/not-s Seductive of Viscount Vice by Nicola Davidson, is the last installment of he Fallen Series. The Fallen is a pleasure club that has three owners Sin, Devil and Vice, of course each owner have already had their own installment in the Fallen series expect for Vice.Vice sometimes called Iain, which is just the Gaelic name for John, by his love interest Mairi likes to call him. Vice was 17 years old when Mairi was 19 years old, t [...]

    8. Book 3 in the Fallen series see Vice in the company of the one woman he loved but thought dead and whose treachery just may bring the club down.Mairi is back in England with her employer who is starting a new business, to help with the success she has to spy on Fallen and learn its secrets so they can gain the advantage, she doesn't realise that Vice is one of the owners and that even now after 10 years her feelings are still the same, but she has a debt to pay with her employer and dreams to fu [...]

    9. The Seduction Of Viscount Vice by Nicola Davidson is a fabulous read. This is a well-written, short historical romance, a great choice for those with limited time for reading. Ms Davidson has once again had me glued to my kindle. Vice and Mairi's story is loaded with humor, drama and sizzle. The characters in this book are perfect for this story and simply amazing. I don't usually give a book of this length a five star rating but I loved this one so much I must. I enjoyed The Seduction Of Viscou [...]

    10. Nicola Davidson has done it again. I seriously can't get enough of the Fallen series. I have a feeling this may be the last one but maybe she'll give us a story about Vice's sister Helena?? Anyway, I loved this novella. Davidson is a master at developing lovable characters and an engrossing plot in such a short story. The heat level in this book and all the others in the Fallen series is scorching hot and the chemisry between the characters is instantaneous. If you're looking for a quick, highly [...]

    11. I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review. This is a well written and highly erotic love story. Iain and Mairi's love endured a 10 year separation when she leave England to escape an arranged marriage. There were obstacles they had to overcome but finally came together. I would recommend this book along with the previous Fallen books. They will not disappoint. Loved the cover.

    12. I didn't think there was any way I could love the third installment of Nicola Davidson's Fallen series more than I enjoyed the first two books, but The Seduction of Viscount Vice is by far my favorite. I have no idea how Davidson is able to instill such rich characterization into her novellas, but I absolutely loved Vice and Mairi. Beyond the hot sex (and I'll get to that in a moment), I'm so amazed at the way Davidson artfully uses kink to explore deeper nuances of characters' personalities. Bo [...]

    13. The last, and best book, in a series of erotic romances about three friends who own a pleasure club in Regency England.Ten years ago, Mairi and Iain had an affair. Iain thought that it meant something for both of them, but on the night when they were supposed to meet, Mairi doesn't appear, and he later learns that she ran away to France with a footman and then dies. So, when he finds her intruding in Fallen, his beloved club, he is furious and confused. Mairi, of course, didn't die; her father w [...]

    14. “Could she do it? Could she swallow her pride, the only thing she still possessed, and lay all her mistakes and regrets and secrets at Iain’s feet? Offer her whole heart, raw and unsure and yearning, and humbly ask him to love her again?It would take every bit of courage she had. But there was only one answer. Yes.”The Seduction of Viscount Vice was like a gift from the romance gods. Why? SCOT ON SCOT ACTION, THAT’S WHY! Maybe I’ve been reading the wrong books, but rarely have I encoun [...]

    15. Wickedly delicious, fun and sexyThis is my first time reading from this author and so glad I took a chance because I was pleasantly surprised. I love erotic historical romance and Nicola Davidson does not disappoint in The Seduction of Viscount Vice. This novella-length story is a second chance at love, a fun plot rich in characterization, wit, and dialogue. And I also found it to be titillating and deliciously wicked. Lady Mairi MacNair was rumored to have died in Paris ten years ago when she e [...]

    16. The Seduction of Viscount Vice is the third novella in the Fallen series. Late June 1814. This short story is an erotic historical romance that focuses on the enjoyment of public displays of intimacy. Unfortunately, after two previous stories in this series, this book feels tired. Fallen is the most scandalous pleasure club in London co-owned by three close friends - Sin (manages the staff), Devil (manages the financials), and Vice (manages the floor). It’s an enormous three-storey, red brick [...]

    17. The third book in this erotica series focuses on the enjoyment of sex in public. Vice is in charge of all of the shows and loves participating in them Mairi knew Vice years ago but left suddenly and without explanation to France. Where she found work as a seamstress and costume designer for another pleasure club in France. When Mairi returns to London she agrees to spy on Vice's club (not knowing Vice works there) to get information for her own boss. When they meet they realize just how much the [...]

    18. For Lord Iain ‘Vice’ Vissen, Lady Mairi MacNair was the women who got away. Iain had been in love with Mairi since they were very young, and after one afternoon together, she ran away to the continent and supposedly died. But one night Vice runs into Mairi in his pleasure club disguised as a footman.This short romance was well written, and the author has you emotionally engaged with the characters very quickly. Most people can relate to the idea of having regrets, or thoughts of what could h [...]

    19. Why do authors insist on writing historical fiction if they don't want to be, I dunno, historical? The reader is left to suspend belief and everything she might know about the Regency period in England whilst reading this novel. Which is really hard to do! If this book were reimagined as a modern book in which separated lovers were involved in competing sex clubs this book would have been more enjoyable. Unfortunately the complete disconnect from reality was not my cup of tea at all.

    20. Another steamy episodeMore fun heat from the Fallen series. This one may be my favorite. It looks like perhaps Charlotte and Diaz and maybe even Helena are being set up for their own stories and I very much hope so.

    21. Pirates and naughty bits!This story was fun I hadn't thought about what the premise of us was too hard to explain or take all the fun out of it very steamy but a fun read!

    22. Second-favorite in the series; the shorter format is helped again by having Mairi and Iain know each other before the start of the book.

    23. The Seduction of Viscount Vice by Nicola Davidson is the third steamy historical romance novella in the Fallen series, set in a London pleasure club. It is a lusty second chance story, with themes of exhibitionism and playacting taking center stage. Iain ‘Vice’ Vissen has seen his two club co-owners ‘Sin’ and ‘Devil’ find true love, but the woman whom he gave his heart (and body) to as a young man fled an arranged marriage (not theirs) and broke Iain’s heart in the process. Thinkin [...]

    24. If you like your historical romances on the hot and steamy side, then the Seduction of Viscount Vice is for you. Although this is the third in a series of books, I don't think it really mattered if you hadn't read any of the earlier ones. I hadn't and I enjoyed the book just the same.Compared to a lot of other books in the genre, this is definitely on the sexier side, with the main characters not only being really turned on by each other, and wanting lots of sex. But they both also want to perfo [...]

    25. I found this series originally while poking around on netgalley while in the mood for a new historical romance series. The cover for each of the books has been stunning and eye-catching – with rich colors and sensual positions. I received a copy of this book, third book in the series, in exchange for an honest review and I can, once again, say Nicola Davidson does NOT disappointThe books in this series each takes what could otherwise be a boring plot line and turns it on its ear. In this book, [...]

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