Touched Does your sister let you touch her Gemini Barely but yes than anyone else I remember even in preschool when the teacher would grab her hand she d stare at the spot where their skin connected as i

  • Title: Touched
  • Author: Mara White
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: None
  • Does your sister let you touch her, Gemini Barely, but, yes, than anyone else I remember even in preschool when the teacher would grab her hand, she d stare at the spot where their skin connected as if it were an affront to her existence Just stand there and glare like she wanted to hurt someone Junipera suffers from a rare phobia Please, what does June not suf Does your sister let you touch her, Gemini Barely, but, yes, than anyone else I remember even in preschool when the teacher would grab her hand, she d stare at the spot where their skin connected as if it were an affront to her existence Just stand there and glare like she wanted to hurt someone Junipera suffers from a rare phobia Please, what does June not suffer from When did she start chasing storms In third grade she started obsessing about the rain Full blown I d say after hurricane Katrina she never looked back And she didn t just chase them, June became those wild storms.Junipera and Gemini Jones, Irish twins born during the month of June, survive a childhood of neglect and poverty by looking out for one another Destined for a group home, the girls are rescued by a rich aunt and uncle who move them from Northern Minnesota to Fairfield, Connecticut One sister thrives while the other spins out of control A violent assault leaves Gemini searching for clues, but what she finds might be questions that are better left unanswered.

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    One thought on “Touched”

    1. This is a truly beautiful book. It's raw, real, and possessing of a quiet poetry. The prose is so understated and yet contains so much. I know that sounds vague but this is the kind of book you read and savor, as a reader, in your own way. It's not your typical romance by any stretch. And that's not a bad thing. The cover, while beautiful, can lead one down that road but the reality is that it's so much more and yet hard to categorize. Women's lit, romance, and, in part, a coming of age story be [...]

    2. 5 "Wild" StarsMasterful storytelling. Different yet completely captivating. A story I won't forget.Touched is the story of Junipera and Gemini. Irish twins born to a absent mother, they survive on sheer will and determination. Junipera was born wild while Gemini, a year older, was born more down to Earth. Yet as their struggle continues, they both survive their extreme poverty as best they can. Because at least they have each other. Then one day they get a new neighbor. Alaric. He's the "normal" [...]

    3. I have procrastinated and am still mulling over how to review and rate this story, I’m still not sure of my thoughts except that perhaps my expectation was that the plot would take a different direction. Perhaps this is because there is, what I considered, an important line in the narrative that I felt was contradicted when the complex story arc came full circle. Touched has many layers in its makeup, many puzzle pieces and I felt like I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where everythin [...]

    4. **ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**"Her sister was made exactly how she was supposed to be. Untouchable."The blurb summarizes the story well however it doesn't prepare you for the impact it'll have on you. Touched was unpredictable, I had no idea what to expect and the direction the author would take with this story. I was blown away with how much I was sucked into Junipera and Gemini Jones' story. I was intrigued by these unique and beautiful characters, I especially loved how fre [...]

    5. 3 StarsThis was a somewhat hard review to write. I would like to start out by saying that the writing of Mara White was wonderful. The characters in the story were extremely complex and flawed. Juniper and Gemini had a very rough upbringing. Their grownup years would be forever marked. But what I had was a somewhat difficult time with the transitional jumps in this story, the three different timelines, and the many different POVs. For me, it kept me from truly feeling for the characters. There a [...]

    6. Touched by Author Mara White quickly became one of my favorite reads of this year. “God makes us each how we are, June. Unique, special, different from others. You touch people with your actions, with your heart. I can see that and I just met you.”I am not quite sure how to wrap up my feelings on this novel in a review that is worthy of the words that Author Mara White gifted to us in the pages of this novel. It was deep, soul-searching, making us question humans, their actions, and the subs [...]

    7. This is a book about appetite. Poor appetites and appetites that can't be satiated. The appetite of the belly and the appetite of the flesh. Those who hunger and will never be filled. Those who oh Christ, I'm never going to get this right. The writing was voracious and hungry and insatiable. It's a story that will devour you as you stuff your face with it. I'm not only touched, I'm digested.Just read it.

    8. I can confidently say, without a shred of doubt, that this story and these people will stay with me for the rest of my life. They exist on a different plane, a level of importance and sophistication and beauty that most writers will never ascend to. I bow down, Mara White. You wrote a category 5 masterpiece.

    9. Touched By: Mara White4.5 StarsWell my goodness, where to start with this fantastic story!! Mara White has become an author that I expect a great story from. One that is so unlike any other books out there. This one is no exception!It is a story that from the very beginning till the very last page will have you so enthralled in it, your real life will suffer. This book is broken down into 2 parts. Part 1 is June and Gem growing up and the life these two girls were brought up in. Part 2 is the ad [...]

    10. 4.5 StarsARC provided in exchange for an honest review.It is difficult to review a book that impacts you in an almost uncomfortable way, Touched was impossible to put down and is now impossible to not think about. Mara White tells an unpredictable story of three individuals during the peak moments of their lives. We see snippets of elementary school, of their rough living situations, coming of age moments that aren't quite the norm, of adulthood and the learning that comes with growing older. Ge [...]

    11. The book reminds me of the movie Insidious. The more you step into the chapters, the deeper it gets. There's so much depth into the characters and their environment is so dismal that their personalities develop phobias to protect themselves.Junipera Jones and Gemini are Irish Twin sisters to a junkie , depressed Mother -Anne. She's on a deliberate suicide mission, withering away into oblivion, leaving the girls to fend for themselves , barely surviving on scraps . Junipera and Gemini find a surp [...]

    12. 4.5 Stars Touched is a story that I will soon not forget. This is my first Mara White book and most definitely will not be my last. While I had some difficulty reading this book due to how it was written, I was still able to feel every bit of Mara's writing.This story is completely different from what I've read in the past. In all honesty, I think this may be my first women's fiction book. I had no idea what to expected when I jumped into this book. The blurb doesn't even come close to giving yo [...]

    13. 4.5 Memorable Stars!!! I am not sure how to categorize this beautiful and unforgettable story but Mara White really shows her writing skills with 'Touched'. This is not so much a romance as a coming of age story, BUT there is romance and love in this beautiful story. The cover is a perfect rendition of the story inside: ethereal, tempestuous and achingly beautiful."Her sister was made exactly how she was supposed to be. Untouchable."This is the story of two sisters who grew up in abject poverty. [...]

    14. Mara White never could have expected the climate she'd be releasing "Touched" into. The back-to-back hurricanes are unprecedented, feel apocalyptic. I read her descriptions of New Orleans levees breaking at the same time controversy reignited around the insufficient response to the crisis in Puerto Rico.Junipera Jones can't stand touch, but needs to feel. This all-consuming desire drives her to chase storms like an addict chasing highs. I wondered how White would possibly pull it off--how could [...]

    15. ”Mother Earth lets us live here but we are insignificant, specks of muffin crumbs on her galaxy-sized bakery floor, and she sweeps us aside when it conveniences her, no matter how much significance we bestow on ourselves.” I am quite certain that I don’t have the ability to express how deeply this book touched my soul. It was a deep, thoughtful, and soul searching read that demanded I pay attention, ask questions and change myself accordingly. Any story that demands this much is not easy b [...]

    16. It's interesting the things we can take from books. It also turns the whole subject of literary analysis on it's very large head.I've been with my husband for over 20 years. From the outside, it looks like a good, strong marriage with love, respect, ease, and children. I think it is. He thinks it is.But I'm likely clinically codependent. I likely can't walk a straight line without him. I can't fill out forms, book hotels or plan anything. I feel real violence to strange women who talk to him. My [...]

    17. Sorry, this review is long and chunkySo, I'm a little unsure about my feelings regarding this book. First off, I thought it was a romance, it's not really, there's certainly some romantic entanglements but that's far from the main focus. Secondly this story does not have a linear plot line, time in this book is more of a sliding scale; one minute it's 1992, then it's 2005 or 1990 or 'present' and we'll bounce around between these different times. In addition to the bouncing timeline, there are q [...]

    18. This story is absolutely captivating. I couldn't put it down. I recently discovered this author, and this was the third book that I've read from her. Every story is amazing, and every story I different and almost better than the rest. I am addicted to her stories, but back to this specific book. This story is raw. It's addictive. It's beautifully written, and it will stick with you for a very long time. I would recommend this book to anyone that needs to be fully entranced by a book.Reviewed by [...]

    19. Touched was like nothing I've ever read before. It was a beautiful story about inner chaos and hunger, and how love and devotion can transcend physical touch. I finished several days ago and I'm still thinking about June and how she touched so many without laying a finger on them. I loved all the different stories woven in and how perfectly they came together at the end. It's a wonderfully written tale that stays with you.

    20. This book. This effing book. Mara White you are something else. You’ve mastered “show don’t tell” in a way I’ve rarely seen. This piece of art is otherworldly. How is this the first book of yours I’ve read?!?!? I own three others! What!I was completely fascinated, like everyone else, with June. I imagine being in her presence would be like being in the eye of the storm. The childhood relationship between Gem, June, and Alaric was so vivid, warm, shocking. I felt like I was there.Ever [...]

    21. Ten enthusiastic stars!Original.Thought-provoking.Heart-breaking.Awe-inspiring.Honest.Raw.Stunning.And simply one of the best stories I have ever read.

    22. A remarkable story of belonging, soul searching and love. How deep can you touch someone’s soul despite all your flaws?One of my favorite reads of 2017.

    23. This book captures the strength of the human spirit. Beautifully written, the author delivers a captivating and unique story of two girls, born into poverty with no true parental figure to guide them, and the friendship they form with a boy that brings them the feelings of hope and love for the first time.Gemini and Junipera "June" spend their days just surviving. Food is a luxury. Comfort is temporary. Friendships are non-existent. Until Alaric moves into their neighborhood. He offers a place t [...]

    24. This is my first book by Mara White and even though it took me a few chapters to get into it and to start understanding the backwards and forwards timescales, I found it excelled in originality and it had me mesmerised in some parts.This isn't a love story as you would imagine a love story to be. In fact by the end you will see we don't always get what we expect to find inside or the way we expect it to end. Expectations can end up being pipe dreams in our minds and so often can result in things [...]

    25. 6 Stars!June was in the presence of her God and she was devoted; this was worship. Her salvation was for her to decide, he had no business trying to change it. I am not good at writing reviews. I do not know how to put into words the great epicness of this book. Its vicious claws dug into my chest and ripped my heart out. It made me feel things I didn’t want to feel. It made me shed tears I resented. When love was put into action, it was enough to save us all. Love wasn’t just a band-aid, it [...]

    26. First, I just want to say how much I love Mara's writing. It's the kind of writing that you just want to savor every word. I found myself pausing and rereading a sentence twice. It's stunningly poetic and expressive.I completely fell in love with the characters in this book, especially June, a woman who doesn't like to be touched, but manages to touch people's lives in immeasurable ways, irrevocably changing their lives for the better. This quote sums her up: "June was a free bird; no cages coul [...]

    27. Every now and again you come across a book that’s simply stunning and so beautiful that it hurts your heart but also makes it soar with happiness.The story is told from multiple points of view, I’m always happy when we hear from all the characters in a story as it gives a real insight into how they connect. June does not like physical touch so it’s quite ironic the impact she has on the lives of those around her, she is what I would call a beautiful soul. This is not what you would call a [...]

    28. I cant say this book was for me. Whilst it was written well and the characters were great. I felt it was kind of all over the place and the back and forth was distracting. I didn't feel the characters were developed enough nor the relationship between the 3. It felt like so many things were thrown at you and you had to catch them and juggle them . Then the author hits you with a few punches towards the end but there was a lot of unanswered questions

    29. This is the first book I have had to seriously think about my review, it’s not a love story in the way we expect, but it is about love between two sisters and an equally lonely neighbor. I wasn’t a fan of all the time hopping and yet it was an important part of the story. I still feel like I am in a daze from this book, I totally need more answers and yet I am not sure what is left to tell. Amazing storyline that leaves you questioning everything you think you know and even things you don’ [...]

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