Shadow Harvest Alternate Edition The Sydney Rye series of mysteries feature a strong female protagonist and her dog Blue It is recommended for the who enjoy some violence don t mind dirty language

  • Title: Shadow Harvest
  • Author: Emily Kimelman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 164
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  • Alternate Edition 978 1515342069The Sydney Rye series of mysteries feature a strong female protagonist and her dog, Blue It is recommended for the 18 who enjoy some violence, don t mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex Sydney Rye is finally becoming comfortable with the vigilante network, Joyful Justice, that she inspired On a private island in the midst oAlternate Edition 978 1515342069The Sydney Rye series of mysteries feature a strong female protagonist and her dog, Blue It is recommended for the 18 who enjoy some violence, don t mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex Sydney Rye is finally becoming comfortable with the vigilante network, Joyful Justice, that she inspired On a private island in the midst of the Pacific she is studying hard, learning about the structure of the organization and their active missions, preparing to take on a leadership role However, when Sydney Rye s good friend and fellow Joyful Justice council member, Merl, goes missing in Shanghai, she and her dog, Blue, rush to the People s Republic to track him down Following Merl s trail leads Sydney into the darkest corners of China s corruption where she witnesses atrocities that make her already cold blood freeze With time running out and powerful forces closing in on her, Sydney has to risk everything to save her friend The question is, will everything be enough

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      164 Emily Kimelman
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    One thought on “Shadow Harvest”

    1. Sydney is a woman of power surrounded by men giving their respect in awesome ways. She can hunt, kill and have compassion in the same chapter. Joy is definitely gone, four years ago she couldn't hold a job or a boyfriend. Now, as Sydney, she has men desiring her on every continent and leading revolutionaries in battle. This series is truly the best action/adventure story with a female lead. Even with a man in the lead they cannot go near the intensity of the Sydney series. You could just dive in [...]

    2. Best of the Sydney Rye series! Sydney shows much more depth of character and emotional growth - and continues to display an amazing relationship with her faithful dog, Blue. Definitely still written for adults with vigilante style justice and content, this edition seems to be rich with intrigue and details. Well-written with a riveting plot - be prepared to stay up late wanting to finish!Shadow Harvest is a great read as a stand alone, and even more enjoyable if you read the entire series ( is c [...]

    3. I absolutely love this series! Sydney changes with each book, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. I found the book to be fast-paced, and since Merl is my favorite character (not counting Blue), I was really invested in the outcome of this story. Also, I love a good cliffhanger, but now I am desperately waiting for book #8.

    4. Shadow Harvest (Sydney Rye Mystery #7) — Emily Kimelman (21 [named] chapters) July 30-August 1, 2017)Note: This book and series contains mature, adult themes, including violence, and sexual themes. Recommended reading audience is 18+.I’m going to begin this review, as a long time reader of this series, with a rant.I’m at the point in this series where I just want to finish the books I have and re-evaluate what I feel about this series. The thing that really bothers me the most in the last [...]

    5. Shadow Harvest, Sydney Rye Mystery #7by Emily KimelmanKimelman's Sydney Rye marches on. This novel is transitional, moving Sydney into being a board member on Joyful Justice, and detailing events that will lead into the next novel. Still, it managed to deliver on the action all it's own, character development and series plot development, with smooth pacing and excellent editing and proofing. An exciting and enjoyable read. I'm not a fan of cliffhanger endings, but I'm not sure that's what this w [...]

    6. I hated the way the author was turning this series into a trashy romance rather than an edgy thriller. I can only assume the author is trying to attract a different audience for this series. I much prefer my heroines to be independent and not to have their lives revolve around various men.However, I liked most of the rest of the series so I thought I would give it another chance. After the first couple of chapters I began to wish I hadn’t.Fortunately, Sidney heads for Shanghai to look for her [...]

    7. Sydney is back at it. Kicking ass and taking names with her best partner Blue. Sydney will do just about anything to help someone in need and more so when it’s a friend. So when she finds herself in China searching out an old friend who has dropped of the radar, she has a hard time just standing by waiting for proper tactics so to speak. China has a certain set of rules to follow and well, Sydney has never been one for rules. I can’t get enough of these books! Action packed and gripping! I [...]

    8. A Great International Mystery!Kimelman has a great creativeness to call upon that makes her novels riveting from the beginning to end. Adding to that her vivid descriptions of characters , places and scenes, plus her lovable dog Blue and you have a most entertaining story. In fact, any author who includes a dog as one of the characters is ahead of the game.

    9. Good read!Sydney seems awfully full of herself in this book, n I found myself getting annoyed at this development. I pushed past it and finished it because of the others in the story! I find myself wishing she would just turn herself in, and let the others finish. Then again it wouldn't be the Sydney Rye series then would it. Hopefully book 8 finds a more mature Sydney!!!

    10. Another exciting visit with Sydney Rye and her faithful dog, Blue. I enjoyed this book a lot. There's a lot of action and fights and a foray into the People's Republic of China in a search for a missing friend. Sydney is trying to find her place in the Joyful Justice organization and she's not sure where she belongs. Another good entry in the saga of Sydney Rye.

    11. Love these books! Sydney is an inspiration! She makes me wish i could run! Love these books! Sydney is an inspiration! She makes me wish i could ruinShe is currently my favorite author

    12. WowBecause this book grabbed my ass cheeks and had me straight through until i finished at 5:30 am today! Keep writing and making great books for us fans & readers of the world! Absolutely loved it like a great drink! Hugs!

    13. A great addition to the series. This book is on point with the perfect mix of action, background story, mystery and a little love thrown in for good measure. A great way to spend my long commute to work!

    14. Another excellent book in this series. I am so glad a friend recommended them to me. This one was one of my favorites in the series so far. I’m really glad there is still more of a Sydney to read.

    15. Good story.Really enjoyed this story. The action was fast paced and entertaining. Great job Ms. Kimelman! Well done as usual. Thank you.

    16. Another winner for Emily Kimelman, this time to China, and to see if Dan has betrayed her. The newest to join this group is Bobby? She has learn to trust him now. And we still have blue by Sydney side, hopefully for a lot longer. Sydney.once again has risked life and limb for promise of something better for people. Her books are not for everyone, a little graphic, but great stories.

    17. Great story, drama, and romanceSidney Rye does not disappoint. Shadow Harvest brings her to Shanghai where she meets up with Loki to try and rescue Merl who has gone missing. Lots of frightening action and mystery kept me up late turning pages. And now on to #8 to find out what happens when she meets up with Declan Doyle. Highly recommended

    18. Shadow Harvest begins with Sydney Rye arriving with her dog Blue, in Shanghai looking for her friend Merle. Merle and his three dogs have disappeared without a trace. As Sydney goes deeper into China with a guide hired by Joyful Justice, Sydney is discovering the dark side of China and what they do with political prisoners. As Sydney gets comfortable with being part of Joyful Justice, she is also faced with another dilemma of someone who wishes to destroy Joyful Justice by using her past against [...]

    19. Sydney has more crazy adventures with her beloved dog, Blue. Traveling to Shanghai, we get to learn more about the local food, culture, and general way of life in a country quite different to our own, and about international issues we may not have been aware of.This book is fast-paced and does not lose interest. I thoroughly enjoyed it, smashed it out in one sitting, and it helped distract my mind from the physical pain I live with. Although I kind of wish it had helped me fall asleep as I have [...]

    20. Another great read from Emily Kimelman!As an avid reader I happened on Sydney Rye in a crossover with author Renee Pawlish. I became immediately intrigued, and one month and eight books later I am craving more. Totally different yet complementary to the Noir of Pawlish, Kimelman has created a dynamic lead character with engaging and intriguing supporting cast members. Sydney Rye's character is strong of body and spirit, and strong willed of mind. Having lived through great personal and useless v [...]

    21. SHADOW HARVEST is the seventh book in the Sydney Rye series and now Sydney is preparing to take a more active role in Joyful Justice when her good friend, Merl, disappears in Shanghai. Sydney is quite unprepared for the violent nature in the darkest recesses of China, but she’s determined to find Merl no matter what. Yet, it just may cost Sydney more than will ever know. SHADOW HARVEST is well written and explores issues of oppression, abuse, and corruption. While Sydney has grown through the [...]

    22. Yet another 5-star read from Emily Kimelman. I've really enjoyed the adventures of Sydney Rye through this wild series. Shadow Harvest is #7 of a very strong female, still trying to 'find' herself. She has a lot of self-doubt, but who doesn't in some way? She doesn't find trouble, it finds her, and therein lies the story. Fighter for justice, fighter of personal demons, fighter for those close to her. This story takes us to China and some of the dark places and ways of that country. Secretive go [...]

    23. Okay book.Have to read the next book in this series to find the ending for this book. Sydney always sees every men as sex objects and description of their body and clothing if they're dressed written. Even talking on the phone, how they sound sexy or feeling of their arms around her. These took away so much from the good she was doing. Also at the beginning she was taking care of her most valuable friend and protector, but Blue went without water or any food long day, but she was talking about b [...]

    24. I have read all the books in this series and this one was just as fast paced and suspenseful as the previous books. I really enjoyed the interaction and relationships in this book, especially how Blue interacts with Sydney as he knows she is struggling. It was great to see Joyful Justice in action and to revisit old friends and enemies.The ending had me a bit concerned, but there is still hope.

    25. I've read all of the Sydney Rye books. I enjoy her character and her dog Blue. This book is up there along side of the previous books. There is adventure, murder, suspense, and intrigue. You feel for her well being and for Blue too. Characters from other books are in this book too. She's in China for this book. You wonder where her next book will take her. The ending in this book makes you wonder/fear for Sydney's life

    26. What?? I understand wanting to leave the reader in a little suspense.But, the ending to this story leaves me unsatisfied. Yes, Sydney is contemplating turning herself, but not enough material to the story for the climax to end so abruptly. I kept looking for another chapter to take it into her meeting with Declan and surprise. And not a word for letting it known when the next installment of the continuing series to be available.

    27. Overall an interesting story, but the writing felt disjointed, and toward the end it felt like an entirely different book. I haven't read any of the previous books in the series, so some of my confusion may stem from jumping right in at book 7, but I didn't enjoy it enough to feel the need to go back and read the other 6.

    28. Book one in this series left me curious. Joy was definitely a compelling heroine. I found her to be flawed in ways that both put me off and intrigued me. I like this more mature and focused woman Sydney Rye. She's still Joy sexy, roving eye, comfortable in her own skin. I'm quite taken in by her Joyful Justice vigilante world. This is five star fun at it's very best. Well done Ms. Kimelman.

    29. Great seriesThe Sydney Rye mystery series are wonderful to read. Very entertaining page turners. I would highly recommend any one of these books. There is some graphic violence and a little sex so if you're easily offended or a child maybe you should pick something else. I love this series and lead female character is outstanding.

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