The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City Spectacle and Assassination at the Worlds Fair The Pan American Exposition in Buffalo New York opened amid a fanfare of stunning colors and electric lights its wonders both strange and magnificent dazzled the public Then tragedy struck An

  • Title: The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City: Spectacle and Assassination at the 1901 Worlds Fair
  • Author: Margaret Creighton
  • ISBN: 9780393354799
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • The 1901 Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, opened amid a fanfare of stunning colors and electric lights its wonders, both strange and magnificent, dazzled the public.Then tragedy struck An assassin stalked the fairgrounds, waiting for President William McKinley A female daredevil captivated crowds by trying to ride a barrel over Niagara Falls Apache leaderThe 1901 Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, opened amid a fanfare of stunning colors and electric lights its wonders, both strange and magnificent, dazzled the public.Then tragedy struck An assassin stalked the fairgrounds, waiting for President William McKinley A female daredevil captivated crowds by trying to ride a barrel over Niagara Falls Apache leader Geronimo startled visitors with a controversial performance And a showman called the Animal King, the self proclaimed star of the Midway, announced that one of his acts, the smallest woman in the world and the fair s mascot, had been kidnapped.In this extraordinary account, Margaret S Creighton lifts the curtain on the assassination of McKinley as well as on the fair s lesser known battles In a story that is by turns suspenseful, heartrending, and triumphant, she reveals the myriad power struggles that not only marked the Exposition but shaped the new century.

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      131 Margaret Creighton
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    One thought on “The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City: Spectacle and Assassination at the 1901 Worlds Fair”

    1. One of those wonderful new "history" books that takes a look at a moment of time and brings us face to face with the reality of the situation, based upon a long term perspective of the event. Enjoy these types of books and Margaret Creighton really has expanded her reach with this novel - her past were mostly all books dealing with whaling and other nautical topics. As she casts the spotlight on the 1901 Buffalo Pan-American Exposition, it is easy for us today to see that this event never really [...]

    2. The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City by Margaret Creighton peels back the tinted postcard memories of the Pan-American Expoisition to reveal the seamy side of American society a hundred years ago.Buffalo, New York was the eighth largest city in the United States, a bustling port city just down river from Niagara Falls and the electric power plant that attracted manufacturing plants to Western NY.Mansions lined Delaware Avenue, and the men who lived in them conceived the idea of hosting a Pan-Am [...]

    3. I received this book for free through the Giveaway program. I generally enjoyed Creighton's work on the 1901 Pan-American Exposition quite a lot. It covers topics that, presumably, few people know about, with the possible exception of the assassination of William McKinley. The book is by no means focused mostly on the president's death, however, as this story is interweaved with many others at the fair. Though some of these are of minimal historical import, they are almost always engaging and a [...]

    4. I received an advanced reader's copy of this book from the publisher, W.W. Norton, by way of .It is an enjoyable, well written account of the organization, presentation and the demise of the 1901 Buffalo, NY World's Fair, and the assassination of President McKinley, therein. Margaret Creighton has presented a well-researched account of the events and, unlike many other history writers, she never wandered away from what she promises in the title. That's exactly why I gave "Electrifying Fall of Ra [...]

    5. This is a splendid read if you enjoy history. I particularly like that the subject was quite limited, and the author was able to give lots of great details. The book covered the 1901 Pan American Fair in Buffalo, NY. Included was the assassination of Pres McKinley. There was a lot of shocking details on how animals and non White humans were mistreated at the exposition, which was standard for the time. However it was not easy to read about these abuses.

    6. This is an absolutely fascinating account of the 1901's World's Fair in Buffalo, NY. This is the Fair where Tesla and Edison competed to establish their particular contribution's to electric current; where "civilization" was promoted over the "natural" world; where President McKinley was stalked and assassinated by an anarchist, where 3 women went over Niagara Falls in a barrel, and a variety of other varieties of graft and pageantry were daily happenings. Meticulous research by way of local and [...]

    7. A wonderful history of the Pan-American Exposition, held in 1901 in Buffalo, NY, and sadly remembered mostly as the place where President McKinley was assassinated. But the Exhibition was there to "demonstrate all the beautiful things electricity could doe Rainbow City dazzled the public with art and sculpture that celebrated the hydroelectric power of Niagara Falls." Most disturbing to the modern reader, perhaps, is the description of the treatment of not only animals on exhibit, but also peopl [...]

    8. My thanks to the publishers for a free copy of this history of the 1901 Pan -American Exposition in Buffalo NY. This book lived up to my hopes of a broad history of this event. While of obvious interest to someone living in Buffalo with an interest in local history, the writer very effectively painted a picture of American culture just after the turn of the century, as well as describing the assassination of President McKinley. I found the descriptions of issues such as treatment of animals, min [...]

    9. When Buffalo hosted the Exposition in 1901 it hoped to exceed Chicago's effort nearly a decade before. It would not achieve that but it certainly wasn't lacking for attractions, many which emphasized non-European cultures, which included a significant presence of Latin American states. Although the festivities would be marred by the assassination of President McKinley, the sponsors plugged away to the conclusion. Women launching themselves over Niagara Falls in barrels made for a popular drawing [...]

    10. I won this in a giveaway.Very well written history of the Buffalo World's Fair. The author did a great job in her research and presentation.

    11. This book had its highs and lows. At certain points, Creighton had me fixated and kept me awake longer than I should have been. At other parts, she'd lose me and I'd find myself mentally checking out of the content. But overall, she did a good job with the material she had. She painted a moderately interesting picture of something I had no knowledge about- I'm familiar with the famous Chicago world fair but hadn't even known one had been held in Buffalo, or that some of the most famous Niagara F [...]

    12. This was a really great history book. Obviously comparisons will be made to Erik Larson's "Devil In the White City". I do feel that Creighton does try to capture that style, but the big distinction between the two books is that Creighton broadened her scope on who she wanted to focus on which allowed her to tell the stories of a more diverse set of characters. You learn about the people who thought of and directed the fair, fairgoers, the people who ran the acts, the people in the acts, and the [...]

    13. The book is a colorful look at one of the key moments in American history. The Pan American Exposition, as part of a number of "world's fairs" of the 19th and 20th centuries, would not likely require an exposé over 100 years later (except for local historians) except for the assassination of William McKinley. The visit of the President McKinley to the Exposition and his assassination takes up a sizeable portion of the book and reminds readers that he lived over a week after the attack, and that [...]

    14. Rainbow City compares itself (for obvious reasons) to Devil in the White City. However, other than the general time period and the World Fairs, I found them to be quite different, but not in a bad way by any means. Rainbow City is more of a true historical examination of the event. It is well researched and paces along nicely. The Buffalo Fair had its share of interesting characters and, obviously, the McKinley assassination. Creighton provides plenty of details on the players without wandering [...]

    15. The residents and politicians of Buffalo, New York, are elated when they are granted the privilege of hosting the 1901 World’s Fair. They plan a Fair that will highlight one of the era’s most profound innovations: electricity. From the glittering Electric Tower to the exotic Midway, they envision hordes of delighted fair goers pouring money into the city’s coffers. Below the sparkling lights, however, lurks darker forces including an assassin who waits in the shadows for the President to a [...]

    16. This book is a great read. It is a fascinating account of unplanned events, both disastrous and triumphant, during the 1901 world's fair in Buffalo, NY. Creighton skillfully weaves several parallel and very different narratives that intersect compellingly throughout the book. She creates a cohesiveness and immediacy that make you feel as though you are part of the times and the events being recorded. It is an historical account at its best - well paced, well researched, with true characters that [...]

    17. I enjoyed the book. For me, it was hard to read about the animal abuse in the book and it was the reality of the time. The Pan-American Exposition also spurred bringing more attention to animal abuse so in that way it was good. I enjoyed the balance in the book where the auther highlighted the negative impact and aspects of the Pan-American Exposition while also noting positive things about as well. It appeared to be a generally unbiased account.

    18. Lots of detail and fascinating background on an exposition I knew nothing about until reading this. A good reflection of the times through the mirror of the fair and the reactions of the public. Though this was a well-researched and annotated text, the author does not quite have Erik Larson's ability to weave suspense and emotion into the narrative. Still, a good read.

    19. I won the book on and I'm glad I did. I had read "The Devil in White City" a few years ago, and in many ways reading that book made this one more interesting. There are many comparisons made by the author between the Chicago Exposition (White City) and the Buffalo Exposition (Rainbow City). The story of Rainbow City is well worth reading even without having read "White City".

    20. I'm not sure how much interest this book will garner with people unfamiliar with the Buffalo Exposition of 1901, but I found it a fascinating and informative read. I especially liked how the author tied the abusive treatment of humans as well as animals to where we are today on the decency spectrum. I learned so much about my city.

    21. 1850 to 1950 is my favorite time period and this book's subject falls right in the middle. A very interesting time with some great thinkers (and writers). I did not know much about this particular World's Fair, nor the assassination of McKinley, so I learned a lot. Written in a similar style to Erik Larson, whose writing I enjoy.

    22. An interesting history of the 1901 Buffalo World's Fair and the assassination of President Mckinley. I learned a lot about the history of the United States during this time, as well as about the city of Buffalo.

    23. A fascinating book! If you are looking for a great local history read or a gift idea for someone, try this book. Several ties to our fair Auburn.

    24. I enjoyed reading this book following my reading of the Devil in the White City. Buffalo is the city of my birth and I loved the history of it.

    25. Obviously owes a debt to Erik Larsen's Devil & the White City but is served well by intertwining the threads of multiple stories throughout the fair.

    26. I have a fascination for this period of history. Its either the Rise of the Republic or its Fall. In addition, I can see in films and imagine what it was like to be there. The people were not greatly different than they are today, and in many cases the venues still survive. This book is technically well written. Its very factual, with interesting little 'human interest' snippets included. For example, the menu of President McKinley's, unknown to everyone at the time, last meal or that to enter t [...]

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