When Forever Ended At ten years old Kelly and I were two rambunctious boys who carved our initials into a tree in the forest We promised to be best friends forever and bumped our fists to seal the deal I never should v

  • Title: When Forever Ended
  • Author: Cara Dee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At ten years old, Kelly and I were two rambunctious boys who carved our initials into a tree in the forest We promised to be best friends forever and bumped our fists to seal the deal I never should ve kissed him that summer before college It was a day that buried me in shame, a day I spent the next twenty four years regretting, a day I never told anyone about At fortyAt ten years old, Kelly and I were two rambunctious boys who carved our initials into a tree in the forest We promised to be best friends forever and bumped our fists to seal the deal I never should ve kissed him that summer before college It was a day that buried me in shame, a day I spent the next twenty four years regretting, a day I never told anyone about At forty three, depression was suffocating me Not even my wife and two children could lift the heavy fog I was riddled with guilt and self hatred, and I was starting to realize that I would slowly fade away until nothing remained Then one day, Kelly was back in town 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Hope For Depression All novels taking place in Camassia Cove are standalone.

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    1. Love these guys :)----------Original Review: 25 Nov 2016---------------4.5 StarsCara Dee sure knows how to make a story feel relevant and real. The issue of severe depression is handled with great care and is heartbreaking to watch. Cara Dee has become one of my favorite authors in a very short period of time and she's an auto-buy for me. William Calvert and Kelly Oakley are both 43. They were born on the same day and they grew up together and were inseparable until William acted on his feelings [...]

    2. Cara Dee has yet to disappoint with her work. The second book in the Camassia Cove series was different than the first, but not in a bad way. I expect some readers to have issues with it, and I admit I felt a little uncomfortable too. But in the end of the day, this was a very genuine story with a deep truth in it.The main protagonists, William and Kelly, reunite after twenty four years of radio silence. The last time they saw each other was the most shameful moment of their lives. William is ma [...]

    3. Much like book 1, "Home," I thoroughly enjoyed this story, which for me was about both recovering lost possibilities and making yourself happy and whole again. However, this story wasn't always easy to read, as both MC's were no strangers to depression. Kelly, who ran away at 18 to escape his burgeoning feelings for Will, fought and eventually overcame his feelings of hopelessness, while Will never allowed himself to come to terms with his sexuality and was still buried about 5 1/2 feet under hi [...]

    4. I've struggled with this review. It's Cara Dee, who is an autobuy and I love, love, love her writing style. (I mean I've even read some of her m/f - I love her that much). And this one was written so unbelievably well. When an author can take a storyline that isn't your usual cuppa and make you FEEL it? Yeah, that's a sign that she's doing something that works for me in all the right ways. She took depression, and I mean William was going through a truly harsh episode of Major Depression during [...]

    5. 4,5 starsI've bought this one right after finishing Home because I couldn't seem to get enough of this author's writing style. It's addictive! I have a new crush! Great writing, broken men and hot scenes. I loved the dual POV, I loved both main characters. I can't wait to read more by Cara Dee!!

    6. I was more into the characters in the last book, but this was a good one too. I like that this author writes stories with depth, that have a realistic feel. Looking forward to the rest of the series!(Also, this book completed my reading challenge with only a few days to spare!)

    7. **3.5 Stars**For years, Will has been just going through the motions of life. His depression dragging him down further and further. Married with two kids he struggles to put one foot in front of the other while living the lie that everything is "fine". When his past comes back to slam into him and won't leave, he has no choice but to come clean with those he loves. Meanwhile, Kelly has returned to set things straight revealing his own struggles since he left 24 years ago and left the only man he [...]

    8. 4.5 StarsWhat a fabulous and refreshing MM romance. I love Adult romance and here the two main characters Will and Kelly are in their forties struggling with real and relatable topics such as depression, sexuality and coming out. Not only to oneself but to the people closest to them.I loved the honesty and authenticity of the story. The story took its time to let the characters unfold and I really appreciate that. It made me feel invested in the story and with Will and Kelly. There’s no denyin [...]

    9. Another beautiful Cara Dee story. Will & Kelly we’re the best of friends growing up. They had a zest for life and a love of all things camping and outdoors. Everything was wonderful until one day Will kissed Kelly. Kelly not knowing what to do reacted badly and moved away. Twenty plus years later, with Will in a terrible depression and stuck in a life he hated, Kelly came back. This story is about their reuniting and second chances. It was really more than hooking up, this was love- sweet [...]

    10. 4 strong stars for this 2nd book of the Camassia Cove Series (it’s a standalone) and from Cara Dee who is an author I really like.No spectacular plot nor dire circumstances nor super heroes here. It’s not a complain, not at all. And I’m quoting Jewel’s words : “Cara Dee sure knows how to make a story feel relevant and real.”The 2 MCs, William and Kelly, are in their forties and were best friends during their childhood until Kelly left unexpectedly. Two decades after, Kelly is back in [...]

    11. I can't find a single reason to not give this book a full five stars. It's extremely well written. Perfectly paced with well developed main and side characters.Its set up as a second chance love story. But I can't, in good conscience, call this a romance book. If anything, it's an 'end of romance' story.Lucky for us HEA fanatics, it also has a new beginning romance.The story focuses on a character afflicted with severe depression. I thought it was well done showing both sides of the disease. We [...]

    12. 4.5 shiny stars rounded up to 5 here on GR because still no 1/2 stars and because I can.Often times the best books are the hardest to readd review. That's what happened here. I finished this book for 2 days ago and I'm not really sure my brain is any more ready to write a review now than it was 2 days ago, but I need to get this done, however, before I do, I just need to say there are already some pretty damned good reviews out there for this book and I'm going to try really hard not to be redun [...]

    13. He tenido un problema tremendo con este libro y es uno muy sencillo, la depresión clínica no es algo que 'explique' o justifique que una persona sea un imbecil con todas las letras (es una enfermedad y cómo tal no define al individuo) y durante la mayor parte de la novela, he sentido que el autor ha forzado mucho la mano en esto. Lo siento, pero no me ha convencido para nada: dos hombres cuarentones con un comportamiento absurdo y bastante egoista, justificados porque uno tenía una homofobia [...]

    14. Shoo! That was hard and heavy going. William broke my heart, I can't even begin to imagine the horror his life was, to see a person brought so low and not have the ability to pull himself out of it, so hard.I don't feel as if this was a romance, for me it was more of a journey of discovery and acceptance - without this William was never going to heal. And I think this is my biggest issue with this book, for the majority of it we see William drowing in depression and anxiety, yet because this is [...]

    15. The fact that I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars despite it having an act of cheating[which I absolutely detest] should tell you how great this was. Usually, from the point the act of cheating occurs, I get ready to start scoring the book over 2.5 Stars. However, the way it was handled in this was classy. There was no trying to justify it or make light of it. There was a complete stop to it, a confession, dialogue and then healing started to happen. I loved it.Also,this was not a hearts and flowe [...]

    16. I literally need to tip my hat off to Cara Dee. I really am a fan of her writing style. I don't want to use the word plain, but maybe it's more homey and realistic. I am always able to connect with her characters. I don't necessarily have to be in their shoes, but she makes it to easy to relate to their struggles. I do like the way Cara tackled depression. I think we all know someone living with depression, and this book was such an eye opener for me. Its so easy for me to tell someone to get ov [...]

    17. This one was tough, in that it dealt with depression, and holy shit, that was Rough. But in a 'good' way.Cara Dee certainly has a way with gritty/real stories, and so far, all of them has worked for me.I don't really know what to say. There IS cheating, which sort of ruined my 'picture' of William, and I did feel that it was awfully 'fast' after years and years of depression, that he got better, but all in all, I think that Miss Dee did a really good job of portraying his struggles and his thoug [...]

    18. More of a man's mission to set his life in its right path, than romance IMHO. As a self journey it was interesting (though sometimes hard) to see Will fight to overcome his depression, but the romantic element was scarce, and basically Will and Kelly just picked up where they left 24 years ago. I'd like to see more of Kelly's life during the time they spent apart, because in the end I felt I didn't know him that well, but he was more of a cameo appearance in Will's life story than a protagonist [...]

    19. INTENSE! Depression is nothing to make light of. effects so many people of all ages these days. The author did an amazeballs job of getting us to feel every emotion that Will lived and felt. I became so attached to this story I didn't want to put it down until I knew for sure where things ended. I noticed that the rest of this series will have a mix of everythinghad I known that before hand, I doubt I would have even started the series. But since I didn't & havey time & releases will tel [...]

    20. 4 stars! "e best part about people was the flaws that made us imperfect." When Forever Endedis a story not made for everyone because it does deals heavily with depression and that's something both Will and Kelly were no strangers to. I did have a hard time connecting to them at points and that might because I haven't been in their shoes.This story was about believing in and finding yourself again, reconnecting, love and most importantly family. Will and Kelly used to be best friends until one ev [...]

    21. Mulling over rating *****Can't wait, have to crack this open now :-D Important note: If you know me you'll know I absolutely (view spoiler)[ABHOR cheating of any kind and will react aggressively to any sign of it!! I despise it with a fiery passion for no other reason than wholeheartedly supporting and believing in exclusive commitment. Well, THAT and the fact that I loathe anything that even remotely smacks of infidelity/adultery (hide spoiler)]!! Having said that, the blurb doesn't deter me A [...]

    22. 3.5 stars because of cheating. It felt particularly painful because of how good and undeserving of it Lissa was.It was a very well written book and I recommend it if cheating and depression are not pet peeves of yours. You can feel Will's depression in your bones. It has a happy ending that seems to leave room for the next book on the series. Although the next book seems to be mf.Overall a good read.

    23. I think this is the first friends-to-lovers where I was a bit more apprehensive of them meeting after so long. This novel is like an emotive angsty bomb shell. You gotta be prepared for this small package. But the only reason Imma not giving this 5 stars is cos it should have had more and more. The writing Ms. Dee is amazing and fast and just ____.

    24. Will and Kelly were childhood best friends who developed unrequited romantic feelings for each other (unbeknownst to each other). They were inseparable as children having been born on the same day and were physically, mentally and emotionally entangled. When one steps over the invisible, unspoken line, it doesn't end well as the other is not emotionally ready for the transition and their friendship shatters in the aftermath. Fast forward 24 years. They are 43 and Will is married with children bu [...]

    25. Tough subjectThis was a difficult read but easy to relate to since I've fought depression all my life. William and Kelly parted on bad terms at 18, after growing up together for years. They also grew up in a time and era when being gay or bi, like William, was far less understood or accepted than even now. Kelly moved away and suppressed his sexuality for a long time, also fathering a son. He never forgot William, who also never forgot him. William married and had two children. Lissa, his wife, [...]

    26. I love Cara Dee's writing. Honest and thought provoking, it makes me rethink the ways I view the world and certain situations. Lots of reviews have bought up the aspect of (view spoiler)[ cheating. It happened and it honestly didn't bother me because at the time it was such an emotional need for both characters to be together that it was almost painful for them.(hide spoiler)] But the way it resolved itself was very organic and for the best of everyone involved. This wasn't a warm and fluffy, ro [...]

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