Beauty and the Space Beast Beauty Mara Duport has always dreamed of home a place where she belongs She knows that she has one but ever since she was a kid her dad s been keeping the secret of her origin locked away refusing

  • Title: Beauty and the Space Beast
  • Author: J.M.Page
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Beauty Mara Duport has always dreamed of home, a place where she belongs She knows that she has one, but ever since she was a kid, her dad s been keeping the secret of her origin locked away, refusing to give her any information Dad s been keeping than one secret He s in debt a lot of debt and the ruthless pirates he borrowed the money from are coming to collecBeauty Mara Duport has always dreamed of home, a place where she belongs She knows that she has one, but ever since she was a kid, her dad s been keeping the secret of her origin locked away, refusing to give her any information Dad s been keeping than one secret He s in debt a lot of debt and the ruthless pirates he borrowed the money from are coming to collect The pirate captain is renowned the galaxy over for his brutishness and cruelty but when Mara sees his stoic face, her heart races, her mouth goes dry and she offers herself as payment Space Beast Torak of Basniel has a fierce, uncaring, ruthless reputation to live up to So when a beautiful, innocent woman offers herself up to him on a platter, Torak doesn t think twice What does he care about stealing away this man s precious daughter But Torak gets a than he s bargained for Mara s than just innocent she s also intelligent, skilled, beautiful and she can see right through him, past the thorny exterior, down to the heart he thought died long ago Being vulnerable was never part of the plan Love was never part of the plan Torak knows he s an irredeemable monster, but with Mara he feels different He sees the opportunity to be than what s always been expected Mara knows that there s something beautiful and redeemable inside Torak, and she won t leave him until he finds it Not until she can tame the beast Beauty and the Space Beast is 50,000 words of exciting, page turning, romance with strong themes of self discovery and adventure This book contains NO harsh language, explicit violence, or graphic romance scenes It is an adult romance, but is suitable for older YAs as well I hope you enjoy

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    One thought on “Beauty and the Space Beast”

    1. 1.5 ✭I really liked Alien Frog Prince it was sweet. But this onet so much.Mara was such a brat! It had me wishing that this was one of those DD romances. I wanted Torak to put Mara over his lap and spank the shit out of her. She deserved it. I never felt the love on her side of the romance. Torak was bending over backwards for her and she didn't appreciate it at all. She stomped around, said hateful things, declared that she was a grown woman but acted like a toddler. Couldn't stand her. She r [...]

    2. I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed itBeauty and the Space Beast was a fun read and I would definitely recommend it to people looking for a fun sci-fi fairytale retelling. I did a have a lot of small issues with things that happened, I won't go into too much details, but it reduced my enjoyment of the book a bit. I think that some topics could've used a bit more depth, some things happened a bit fast and some topics could've used a bit more expanding. Like the topic a [...]

    3. This was a disaster I just can'tShort and tasteless1.5 StarsMaybe I'm being too harsh? Well, I guess its just the way it is. I feel frustrated and angry.Characters are one-dimensional and the secondary characters are more interesting. The pace is rushed yet the romance isn't.The story itself doesn't outshine the original one and it's a poor re-telling if you ask me.Beauty & the Beast gone sci-fiMara offers herself to a pirate in exchange for her father's debt and learns that her captor isn't [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book; which had good interesting main characters. It also had a "crew" of secondary people who added to the story. It also had a twist that I didn't see coming and I always like that. Torak's struggle of rejection was easy to tap into to and understand and feel. He was hated all his life for something outside his control. The planet he came from; his race was known to be harsh and hard to deal with. So Torak spent most of his life living down to that image. He inspired terror to a [...]

    5. This is a completely different approach to the story. Focus is shifted from the physical appearance of the "Beast" to his transformation as a person. Captain Torak is a descendant of the infamous people of Basniel and has given up trying to be different, in other words a good person. Regardless of how his innate goodness prevails at times, he is oblivious to it until he meets Mara, a daughter of a man who owes him a debt, and who agrees to work on the ship to pay it off.I have had some mixed fee [...]

    6. Beauty and the Space Beast is a sci-fi romance re-telling of the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast that was enjoyable from start to finish. Torak of Basniel is the space pirate captain of the ship the Queen's Affliction, with a reputation to be feared. However, when his trustworthiness of being against the Queen is being question, he realizes he has to remind everyone why he is to be feared.Mara Duport has always dreamed of a home. Living with her father on their broken down ship, doing run [...]

    7. I believe this would be a Y/A read. I was excited to start reading this, since I love beauty & the beast retellings & it has a fairly high star rating, but I am a bit underwhelmed after reading it. This was an ok space alien -beauty & the beast retelling. The story felt a bit condensed, with a little more background & world building, may have helped to pull in this reader a bit more. I was left with a lot of unanswered questions to things that didn't make sense in the story. The [...]

    8. It was ok. It took me less than 2 hours to read. I got my copy through Kindle Unlimited and it had another story after it. Something like The Cyborg and the Prince? I didn’t read that story. It was enjoyable enough as brain candy, a mindless read. I felt the ending was rather abrupt. All this build up and then suddenly we are at the epilogue. Perhaps this was partly because of the second story throwing off the percentage read indicator, but it still felt very sudden. I do kinda agree with the [...]

    9. This book I didn't like I considered abandoning it a number of times but I liked the idea of it. A beauty and the beast inspired story but set in space. Torak is the "Beast" in nature alone not in looks. He's suppose to be this bad arse who strikes fear in tgebpeople who cross him because of his race and where he comes from. He didn't seem very bad arse to me but we were told how brutal and fearsome he was we weren't shown. The romance within this book happened very quickly by about 25 to 30% of [...]

    10. So Mara offers herself as part of Torak's crew in place of her father. Mostly, because she has been wanting to travel and thinks the captain is hotd a teeny part of her wants her father to be spared. Even though she hasn't been anywhere and only knows her father she acts very smug and insists that she can be an asset. But instead of sitting with the captain and finding out where she could be useful, she assumes he means to use her as a concubine or something and storms off. Even though he gave n [...]

    11. What a waste of good idea.I was interested in the story till chapter 7 then it turn to a big disappointment. Torak is a fierce, uncaring, ruthless beast and everybody fears him. I was fascinated by him and I wanted to know more but suddenly he fell in love with Mara. I think here the story became a huge failure. Torak turn to a weak and lost person. He didn't know how to woo a girl, he asked some of his crew what to do, what to say and this made him look stupid and silly. This fierce and self co [...]

    12. Surprisingly goodI picked up this book because I'm enamored with anything Beauty and the Beast, but I'll admit to not expecting much from such a silly premise. Think Joss Whedon's Firefly combined with Beauty and the Beast and you'll have a pretty good idea of what this book is like. The adventure and danger of space pirates and the romance and happy endings of fairy tales. It's a surprisingly good combination.

    13. This book was the first book I read form this author; and the truth is, I have to say I was expecting something different, do not get me wrong, it is a nice story, sweet and romantic. This is the type of book you can read to your 10 year old and I like my books with more adult content, if you know what I mean.

    14. I really wanted to love this book but i just couldn't. Torak i liked up until the end. Mara as so annoying. GOD pirates took your from your dad and your thinking about how they can help you find where you came from. SHE HAS NO COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!! And that is just one of many things she did wrong. Don't read this book your would be wasting your time.

    15. Good clean fun!This is my first book by this author and it definitely won't be the last. I enjoyed the world she built and the way she let you learn about the characters! She had me rooting for them to get the happy endings they so deserved! I will definitely look for more books by this author to read and enjoy.

    16. Absolutely adored this book. Fantasy was always a far fetched thought, until I read this book. It was so real and imaginative that I could be in the story with the characters. Love always conquers without negativity drowning the spark

    17. For what I figured would be a bad, cheesy romance novel I could pass time with on the plane, it was really good. I liked the plot and actually found myself wanting more. Character arcs could be better. But it's a cheesy romance novel So it's good

    18. Wrong book under titleThe story I read under this title was the Prince and the cyborg and not beauty and the space beast.

    19. I really enjoyed this story. The characters and the story plot were really fascinating. I like the twist the author put on a timeless classic. I am looking forward to reading more of the series.

    20. Torak is lacks confidence and experience with interacting with the opposite gender. it's slightly amusing how clueless he is. the first few pages were all I'm tough fierce pirate with an almost warlord like demeanor. then enter beauty and it all he's a nice teddy bear, a good guy who deserves people's loyalty. who also happens to be u sure of himself and a few hairs away from making puppy eyes at Mara.DNF could keep my interest after several chapters. Reading this and the Alien Frog Prince, the [...]

    21. Meh. These are stand alone, which is great because I unintentionally read them out of order. The first I read (Cinderstellar) was sweet though simple. This one didn't hold my interest. I did finish it, but there were too many miscommunications with rash action following for me. I kept going to see if it got better. In some ways she did wrap the story up nicely, but in others it was a quick and super sweet ending.

    22. A sweet and enjoyable read. Mara has never known life outside of the small ice rock that she inhabits with her father. The most excitement she encounters is trying to keep Bertha, the Frankenstein of a ship that she travels in with her father, in one piece. That is until a debt is made known and Mara decides that she will take her father's place in repaying it. She finds herself aboard the Queen's Affliction with an infuriating but intriguing captain. These two seem to find ways to sabotage thei [...]

    23. GoodReally enjoyed this well written romance storyThe characters are awesome and make this story enjoyable. A space pirate turns honorable.

    24. This book was a free read I picked up from , mainly because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale and I was curious about this sci-fi spin on the story. Torak is descended from an alien race known for the excessive use of its brute force, rampaging and callous and heatless views on weakness and humanity. And as a captain of “pirates” he’s developed a reputation close to his parentage. But that’s not him at all, or at least that’s now how he wants to be. When the worlds look at [...]

    25. This was a really nice rendition of beauty and the beast! It was sweet and endearing. Definitely worth the read!

    26. This the first book that I have read by J. M. Page. She grabbed my attention from the beginning of the book and kept it till the end of the book. The story line was one that the characters worked into it fantastically. She really rocked this book. I loved it all. Torack of Basniel is known for being fierce and uncaring and so he has a reputation to live up to and he can’t back down when the daughter of a man that owed him creds offered herself up as payment to save her father who is not in goo [...]

    27. It was Ok I guess, I didn't pull out my hair or anything. But that may be because I'm already paranoid about losing my hair Both main characters feel like whiney people to me. (view spoiler)[Main man: ohhh my "people/race" is considered to be bad people, people are already predisposed to see me as bad people, I might as well be bad people But actually apart from the 2 examples in the beginning, we don't get the feeling that he actually is "bad people"Main woman: whaaaaaaahhhh, people don't like [...]

    28. I absolutely love this. I have read another in this series and i admit thats what interested me in this, though beauty and the beast was always my favorite fairy tale so maybe not the only reason lol. anyway this was great. i love how J.M. Page seems to be able to make sweet and innocent relationships still seems hot. theres no sex but the emotional connection makes you melt all the same. that is something very hard to do in a romance these days. The characters are great. Mara is a wonderful int [...]

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