Judgement This is an alternate cover edition for B HK X Y The mighty Craniopolis falls But a darker shadow takes its place A shocking revelation rocks the survivors to the core With everything at stake the f

  • Title: Judgement
  • Author: Norma Hinkens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B01HK58X7Y The mighty Craniopolis falls But a darker shadow takes its place.A shocking revelation rocks the survivors to the core With everything at stake, the factions unite, but motives are suspect and mistrust runs deep among former foes Rumors surface of a murderer at large within the city and Derry s leadership as head of theThis is an alternate cover edition for B01HK58X7Y The mighty Craniopolis falls But a darker shadow takes its place.A shocking revelation rocks the survivors to the core With everything at stake, the factions unite, but motives are suspect and mistrust runs deep among former foes Rumors surface of a murderer at large within the city and Derry s leadership as head of the new Council is further plagued when the sweeps resume and the Undergrounders are forced to restart the toxic Superconductor Aided by the mysterious archer, Lou, Derry devises a last ditch plan to pull off the unthinkable and strike at the heart of the sweepers regime But, there s at stake than Derry realizes, and the forces she encounters are even deadly than she could have imagined, forcing love to make the ultimate sacrifice.Locked in a gripping race against time, The Undergrounders final stand unleashes a chaos that can only end in death or victory.Judgement is the third book in The Undergrounders Series, a sci fi dystopian thriller trilogy with a gritty complex heroine and twists you won t see coming

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    • ↠ Judgement || Ê PDF Read by ☆ Norma Hinkens
      314 Norma Hinkens
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    One thought on “Judgement”

    1. This was a mess. The pacing was so rushed and I eventually stopped caring about half way through. Again no surprises and everything pretty much goes down the way characters say it will.

    2. Final Showdown!Demystifying, revealing, somewhat poetic, epic 3rd part. Well done, with vivid narrative and dialogue, excellent painting in words.

    3. Wow !!! How am I going to do this review without any spoilers !! I'm exhausted. If this was a film it would be up for an award,And I'm sure it's a book you could read again and again and still find bits you missed as it was so full on. How the main characters had the energy and commitment to keep going was a miracle in itself. The story was start to finish exhilarating, I couldn't put it down. It has an edge-to-edge quality that pulls the reader in. The dialogue is told from the main characters [...]

    4. Norma Hinkens ramps up the action in this final book of the Undergrounders series, Judgement. A war to end all wars as Derry and the rest of the cast go against the sovereign leader. This time there will be more uncertainty, bravery and bloodshed as the survivors fight to end his diabolical reign and forge forward into a new world.Unlike many final books in a series, this one truly delivers in a very believable way. From the characters, to the fast paced action, to the many twists and turns, thi [...]

    5. Not on ku, goes with a trilogy of books, listed below. Decent enough post apocalyptic but felt some things missing explanation or lead up and just in general a bit off. The Undergrounders Series Books 1-3: Boxed Set Immurement, Embattlement, JudgementBook One: ImmurementBook Two: EmbattlementBook Three: JudgementGot on mailing list probably when got That Moment When: An Anthology of Young Adult Fiction which she is in. Somehow manage to get all 3 books so basically the trilogy just not in one se [...]

    6. Good trilogy The trilogy has a good solid storyline with good world building and all the characters are likeable in there own way. The only thing this fell down on was it lacked emotion and chemistry between the characters. It also wasnt really an ending. Perhaps there will be a spin off of the uprising of the other outpost in the future. Its a good read there is no sexual or bad language so is good for younger readers.

    7. In Judgement Derry and her friends are back and have finally saved everyone from the Sweepers. They have put Craniopolis out of operation and have stopped the Sweepers from extracting people. They are now all living happily and safe in Shoshane City with the riders, the Undergrounders, the clones and everyone else. Well they believe they are safe until they intercept a message that was meant for Craniopolis. They find out that Craniopolis is not the only place that is creating clones. They learn [...]

    8. True to the end, this book is just as exciting and action packed as ever. I get so caught up reading I forget what time it is and never want to put it down. It really would make a great movie series like The Hunger Games because it has all of the excitement, thrill and the characters are greatI did want a clothes pin for my nose the writing was so vivid that I could even smell the dirt and sweat of people who went without showers or clean clothes and I could feel the hunger of not eating and the [...]

    9. This is the third book and is as exciting as the first two. Derry is maturing and growing in her question for freedom. Sometimes when you have a series of books, you are left with questions. This final chapter wraps everything up in an exciting ending to the series. You really know these people as friends and partners in their quest through these books. They've become real throughout this series. This whole series was wonderfully done with exceptional story telling and writing.

    10. This is one off those series where you can't wait to read the last book, but at the same time you don't want the series to finish.Through al 3 books I couldn’t stop reading, book 3 was action packed. I loved the main character Derry she’s is young, but strong. This is not your typical teen, she’s like Katniss ( not the movie Katniss), if she gets down she will come up. Derry will not give up, even if everything stands against her. I was happy with the ending. I’m hoping that there will b [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this final installment of the Undergrounders series.The book had a satisfying conclusion,yet left me wishing the author would write a prequel.Derry is such a brave and intelligent young woman who continues to fight to protect her loved ones.I found this series to be unique and interesting,with characters I really cared for.I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    12. Great bookThis third book really was well written and I would highly recommend this book as well as the first two books in this trilogy.

    13. Awesome series. The final book in the series is full of excitement cover to cover. You will love the characters and be as sad as I to see it end.

    14. The final installment of this series is as wonderful as the rest. A world torn by a natural disaster and a greedy world leader give way to the natural fight or flight instinct as well as a little bit of forbidden love. This series was fabulous and I finished the whole series in a week. Definitely a must read!

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