Embattlement This is an alternate cover edition for The Undergrounders prevail But war has just begun Against all odds Derry and a handful of survivors escape the malevolent Doctor Lyong s clutches

  • Title: Embattlement
  • Author: Norma Hinkens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is an alternate cover edition for 9780996624831 The Undergrounders prevail But war has just begun Against all odds, Derry and a handful of survivors escape the malevolent Doctor Lyong s clutches, but victory proves bittersweet No one knows if Owen is dead or alive The shaky plan to rescue him falls apart when the Council splits over rumors of Owen s ties to the CThis is an alternate cover edition for 9780996624831 The Undergrounders prevail But war has just begun Against all odds, Derry and a handful of survivors escape the malevolent Doctor Lyong s clutches, but victory proves bittersweet No one knows if Owen is dead or alive The shaky plan to rescue him falls apart when the Council splits over rumors of Owen s ties to the Craniopolis Forced to find new recruits Derry makes the treacherous journey to Shoshane City, home of the mysterious riders Mutiny and sabotage are afoot and Derry finds herself caught up in a desperate struggle to save the city from being destroyed by The Ghost, a dangerous rogue who swears allegiance to no one Time is running out to save Owen, and tensions are rising between Jakob and Sven, the devastatingly handsome clone who may turn out to be a deadly distraction.Will Derry emerge victorious from the showdown at the Craniopolis, or will the price of freedom mean sacrificing the one she loves Embattlement is the second book in The Undergrounders Series, a sci fi dystopian thriller trilogy with a gritty complex heroine and twists you won t see coming

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    One thought on “Embattlement”

    1. I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.In the second installment of the Undergrounders series, Embattlement, Ms. Hinkens has done it again! She has pulled so elements that make up a true Dystopian novel to create a world that the reader can easily be immersed into. Derry has now become the leader of her fellow surviving Undergrounders. This young woman has no idea if her brother, Owen, is still alive after leaving his body behind. However, she will not take any chances. Forming all [...]

    2. Owen was left behind to suffer at the hands of a twisted scientist. Derry and those who managed to escape the brutality of Dr. Lyong are now alone, outnumbered and in need of a new leader. Derry must step up, but the question of what has happened to her brother becomes an obsession that Derry MUST answer. To re-enter Craniopolis is a death mission, uneasy alliances must be made, and no one is sure who can be trusted. Will Derry find the strength she needs to conjure deals for support, warriors a [...]

    3. I think it was better than the first book, mainly because the main character Derry stopped being wishy-washy. I appreciate also that Derry makes up her mind early on about which of the two love interests she wants to be with. Everything was pretty straight forward with no mystery or unforeseen plot twists because Derry would literally think to herself that something would either pan out like A or B, and then things would play out like she thought they would. The writing was decent and had some o [...]

    4. At the beginning of this second book in the Undergrounders series, I thought, uh oh, it's going to be same meat different gravy as the saying goes ( in the UK) but m glad to say it wasn't. Just enough description about the plot and places was given so I could imagine it in my minds eye, and the story did advance and take on newer senario's, which kept me enthralled and page turning to find out what happened. The story gave emotions of frustration, respect, jealousy, hatred and love and many more [...]

    5. WOW, Hold onto your seats! I only wish I had read book 1! I was spell bound with Derry Connelly taking over for her brother that she had to leave behind. I liked that this teenager and her rag tag bunch of survivors escaped Doctor Lyong's evil clutches, but no one knows if her brother is dead or alive. The plan to rescue the people still there falls apart when the Council is split over rumors that Owen is tied to Craniopolis and she's forced to find new recruits. I read so fast that I wasn't rea [...]

    6. GoodThis is a second good book. It has a solid storyline and action all the way through. The character are likeable however it does lacks chemistry between the main characters. There isnt really any relationships going on, the off stare or hand hold but thats it. They are at war so obviously the characters dont have the time to build up romatic relationships. I felt the writing lacked emotion. Recommended read if you like action packed and strong female lead.

    7. Not on ku, goes with a trilogy of books, listed below. Decent enough post apocalyptic but felt some things missing explanation or lead up and just in general a bit off. The Undergrounders Series Books 1-3: Boxed Set Immurement, Embattlement, JudgementBook One: ImmurementBook Two: EmbattlementBook Three: JudgementGot on mailing list probably when got That Moment When: An Anthology of Young Adult Fiction which she is in. Somehow manage to get all 3 books so basically the trilogy just not in one se [...]

    8. "Embattlement" the second novel in the gripping and mesmerizing "Undergrounders" series heats up when Derry, Trout, Sven take a humanitarian detour to Shoshane City, a community where a protective current impedes Hovermedes from snatching more victims. With the support of Jerome, the city's enigmatic leader they begin gathering recruits for their assault on Craniopolis only to be thwarted by an internal coup while making an unwelcome alliance with the Ghost and his band of Rogues. Norma Hinkens [...]

    9. As we delve back into the lives of Derry, Sven, Trout and Jakob in Embattlement we pick up where Immurement left off. When we left them last time Derry had to leave her brother Owen behind at Craniopolis she thought he was not going to make it and so did he. He sacrificed himself to save Derry and everyone else. But now they are rumors going around that Owen may still be alive and as long as there is a chance that he is alive; Derry will do whatever it takes to save him and bring him home. Besid [...]

    10. Over the topMiss Hinkens is a wonderful story teller. I loved book 1 and couldn't wait to read book 2. I love the characters of the book. The story is fast paced and I hated to put it down.I would recommend this book to anyone from teenager to old people like me, so if you're looking for a great set of books to read get the Undergrounders Series.

    11. The energy of the book is over the top and I got so caught up in the fight to unite the different factions that I just couldn't put it down. I love Derry's character and the hope she represents for the future. And I can see where it would be the younger generation who would take up the fight to rebuild the world. Can't wait to start next book.

    12. This is a strong sequel with action that moves the story forward. My rating 4.25.Derry and a handful of undergrounders have escaped from the evil Dr. Lyong and the city of Craniopolis. Derry saw her brother, Owen, struck down and fall even as he facilitated the escape of their Hovermede. She believed he sacrificed himself for the mission but she is told that as the craft flew away, Owen was seen alive and captured by the Security Cyborgs.Derry is intent on rescuing Owen from Craniopolis, hopeful [...]

    13. Derren is torn she doesn’t know if her brother is dead or alive and leaving him in the hands of the Sweepers is no option. The Undergrounders are divided. The only chance they have in getting rid of the Sweepers is attacking them. But they need more numbers and make alliances with unlike groups like the Rogues could be their only chance.Derren is just a teen has no experience being a leader. She is trying to do right by everyone.This sequel did not disappoint. The writing pulled me in like the [...]

    14. This second book, Embattlement begins where Immurement left off. Derry and her team have fled Dr. Lyong and the Craniopolis, leaving her brother Owen behind with his fatal injuries. Then rumors abound that Owen may still be alive, being held against his will for experimentation. Derry knows that is she is to step into battle once again, she will need more help. Going into Shoshane City she finds a possible allegiance with the city's leader Jerome, but he too is keeping secrets. And when it comes [...]

    15. Our story picks up immediately where Hinkens‘ first book in The Underground Series, Immurement, ended. Sixteen year old Derry Connelly is determined to return to the Craniopolis and end the evil human experimentation and cloning being forced upon captured Undergrounders. Her goal also includes finding out if her brother, Owen, is truly dead. But, she cannot go it alone. Will she persuade the Rogues to join forces with what is left of the Council? And, what will she find when she travels to Sho [...]

    16. This amazing series continues in this second book of the series! I absolutely loved the first book and I must say, my expectations were absolutely fulfilled in this sequel! Picking up right where the first book left off, I was once again immediately drawn into this awesome book. Keeping it fast-paced with even more plot twists and tons of adventure and action- I was absolutely enthralled and just could not put this book down! The storyline was fresh and unique, the characters complex and well ro [...]

    17. Derry's brother sacrificed himself to save her in Immurement. But Owen may still be alive. Derry knows she needs help to rescue him, so she goes to Shoshane City, but on the way, meets up with more trouble for her and her friends. Once more, Norma Hinkens paints a picture with her words. This is the perfect addition to a marvelous series. Good reading from beginning to end. Derry has some serious choices to make if she wants to save Owen, but she also get some unexpected help along the way. This [...]

    18. Derry and a handful of survivors make it out of the city. They need to find Owen, but not sure if he's even alive. Lots of action going on in finding him and everyone wonders if they are even good people. Fast paced until the very end. Great writing. Received as a free book. Thanks

    19. I loved this book. It was all I hoped and expected. This is a fast paced and easy flowing book you won't want to put down. Anxiously awaiting #3. If you haven't started the series, I highly recommend it.

    20. Post apocalyptic sci-fi!It seemed to be a bit repetitive. I liked the first book better but this one was entertaining as well. Just a bit too much running, chasing, and hostage situations over and over. Plenty of creativity in the location descriptions and character development!

    21. Love this series!Book 2 does not disappoint! We pick up the story right where it ended in book 1. The Ghost, Tucker, Derry, Jakob, Sven and Trout really have a harrowing journey ahead. Can they take on this seemingly insurmountable task and survive?

    22. Great bookLoved the second book and can't wait to read the third. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes this type of fiction.

    23. Action-packed Dystopian Story!Immersive, gripping and full of adventures. Well written, with a strong female protagonist. Beefy plot that deserves delving into.

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