Getting Off A recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving disaster Add cup of contagious disease cups of secrets Stir in too much family togetherness Sprinkle on some awkward porn viewing Heat at degreesA year afte

  • Title: Getting Off
  • Author: KatherineStevens
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  • Page: 121
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  • A recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving disaster Add 1 cup of contagious disease 2 cups of secrets Stir in too much family togetherness Sprinkle on some awkward porn viewing Heat at 350 degreesA year after Going Down, Cole and Cici are still crazy about each other Despite their relationship no longer being a secret, they can t seem to catch a break All Cici wanted was oneA recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving disaster Add 1 cup of contagious disease 2 cups of secrets Stir in too much family togetherness Sprinkle on some awkward porn viewing Heat at 350 degreesA year after Going Down, Cole and Cici are still crazy about each other Despite their relationship no longer being a secret, they can t seem to catch a break All Cici wanted was one perfect holiday, and all Cole wanted was dibs on some cranberry sauce As usual, Cici has a carefully laid out plan And as usual, the universe has a different hilarious plan Will Cici be able to give up her idea of perfection and go with the flow Sometimes letting go is the secret to getting off.

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    1. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer says:

      *****FIVE STARS*****ARC Generously Provided by AuthorHis tongue did wonderful, magical things. Like unicorns-dancing-in-cotton-candy-clouds magical. Before meeting Cole, I was convinced no man could find a G-spot without two maps, GPS navigation, and a set of road flaresG!! I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!Cole & Cici are back and they are sexier and funnier than ever!!! I think I may have fallen madly in love with Katherine Stevens!! I thought that GOING DOWN was unbelievably funny but then she [...]

    2. 4 Right Book @ Right Time StarsWe first met Cole & Cici inbook #1 of the elevator series. I fell in love with their sweet, LMAO funny relationship so when I saw this was out I just had to have it!!!In this short novella we are taken along to Coles parents house for their annual Thanksgiving weekend. Cici has huge plans for this weekend but of course this crazy couple have just as crazy family members and that means chaos.Coles brother John is a little on the simple side and he manages to inf [...]

    3. Getting Off is such a great follow up to Going Down. The reunion of Cici and Cole is funny as heck. Getting Off is a short novella and has the same great mixture of humor and romance. I would recommend anyone to read the first book just to get a connection with Cici and Cole.Their relationship is so much fun and they fit together seamlessly. Cici has her quirks but that's what's makes her Cici and why Cole loves and adores her so much. This time they're celebrating Thanksgiving at his parents ho [...]

    4.  My fav couple of Cole and Cici are back!!It is Thanksgiving time with Cole's family so you know that means there is bound to be antics when Cici is involvedG, this book had my cherries bursting in laughter from all the family craziness in Cole's family household! Thanksgiving will never be the same again.  And oh yeah, certain board games & terms yep totally ruined in a hilariously good way of course.Such a quick and fun read. And of course we get some sexy times with Cole & Cici bec [...]

    5. I love when we get these little added bonuses in the form of a novella especially when it's from a book that had me laughing so hard my kids thought i had lost the plot while reading. Katherine Steven's writing is faultless her humour is on the ball. So get to one clicking sit back and enjoy.We met Cici and Cole in Going Down after they had an eventful night in a broken elevator, Lift if your english ;-). This book takes us a little over a year on in their lives, it's Thanksgiving and there off [...]

    6. Readers of Going Down, the first in Katherine Stevens elevator series featuring Leroy the one eyed cat and his people Cici & Cole, will recall that life is a never ending series of comedic incidents. In Getting Off it's Thanksgiving with the Danvers family. Like any, there's a huge turkey dinner and a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit. Sadly, the entire family comes down with a raging case of pink eye which leaves dinner on the line and a board game played with rules the likes have never been [...]

    7. LOOOVED it!!!!I was cracking up the whole time!!!Love Cici and Cole <3Full review to come!

    8. Cole and Cici are back and this time they've added the insanity of a crazy family and a holiday to the mix.It's Thanksgiving, a holiday that the Danvers clan takes seriously. Cole's family is.unique. They're loud, competitive, awkward to be around, and way too 'in the know' with everyone else's business. And when one incident disrupts the whole weekend, a comedy of errors ensues.This book was so hilarious! For once in her life, I don't think Cici is the craziest person in the room. She fits righ [...]

    9. 4.5 stars.This is a follow-up/epilogue to Going Down, which I adored. Cici and Cole and their families are so freaking funny. This book lets us see a little more about where Cici and Cole's relationship has gone and where it's heading. The Danvers family plays a large role in it, which I love. There's a pink-eye incident, some unexpected guests, a nice little family cooking lesson, and possibly some huge life changing moments. It's funny, and sweet, with a few hot times and it's a fun little fol [...]

    10. Oh how I enjoyed this one! I think it was even funnier than Going Down :) Cici was her funny, slighty awkward self while Cole was still swoony. Add in Cole's family and later Cici's family and there were several points where my daughter had to tell me to be quiet because I was laughing so hard :)

    11. Hysterical! More laughs from Cici and Cole, add Cole's crazy family into the mix, and the laughs are double!

    12. As much as I loved the hilarious incidents and craziness in previous book, this time it was truly annoying. I felt like they all took an immature pill or got high on fumes or something

    13. Hilarious! The perfect follow up for a laugh out loud comedy. Luckily, there is another book into the series to jump into and hopefully get a little more of this couple and all their shenanigans.

    14. FunnyI laughed out loud. I missed this crazy couple. I remember why I fell in love with Cole and Cici. Great mini book. Must read.

    15. I'm just going to say this: IT´S SO HILARIOUSThe danver family has no comparison hahaha !! I love history

    16. Great read. This was a mixture of humor and romance and I have fun with this novel and made me laugh. Well written with a great ending.

    17. How can it be any funnier?Just when you think a series can't be any funnier or get better, it's does. The whole book is set at Cole's parents house and it is just too much. This family is something else and we finally meet CiCi's parents too!

    18. kfforeverReviewed by Sharon ThérèseShort, saucy and salaciously naughty, this offering was just what the doctor ordered. Or better said, the gal who took it on herself to make sure everyone sat down to a Thanksgiving meal was the perfect distraction. And whether or not it was the perfect disaster, you'll have to read it to find out for yourselves! Overflowing with innuendos and a banter that gave me a belly full of laughs, it’ll give you a pretty good insight into Cole’s crazy family. He [...]

    19. The "I Love Lucy" of Thanksgiving Romances! Katherine Stevens had me belly-aching laughing non-stop while reading "Getting Off", her follow up novella to "Going Down". This novella MUST be read after reading "Going Down" - it won't make any sense unless you do. We met Cole and Cici in "Going Down" in the penultimate Meet/Sexy/Cute in which they find themselves stuck overnight in an elevator and enjoy dinner of whatever Cici has at the bottom of her purse, a movie on her cell-phone, and adorably [...]

    20. First, you need to read Going Down. For a couple reasons:1 - Getting Off (the book) won't make ANY sense without reading it first!2 - Cici and Cole are HI-larious and you need to fully enjoy everything that is their story!If you haven't read Going Down, go back and do that NOW! Here's a handy buy link: hyperurl/GoingDownOn with the review. Cici and Cole are heading to his parents' house for Thanksgiving Dinner. If Cici will ever get her act together, Cole is DYING for cranberry sauce that he kno [...]

    21. These are my Happily Ever After Novel ThoughtsCole & CiCi are made for each other!! This book is hilarious and will definitely get you in trouble if you're reading at work or in bed with your partner trying to sleep!The right side of my brain was still trying to make sense of the plot before me. “Is this in… Spanish?”“I wanted to learn another language,” Elizabeth whispered. The Thanksgiving fiasco is brilliantly written. It felt as if I were there watching the shenanigans. I want [...]

    22. This book is choke on air because you are laughing so hard funny. Between the piñata porn, penis jokes, and crazy family antics I don't think I ever really stopped laughing. Cici is in true form with her outfits for every possible occasion, her strive to make this holiday absolutely being dashed merely seconds after they arrive, and her full protective suit to play "touch football".Cole's family is perfection with the bickering, sibling rivalry, loads of embarrassment, and a lot of love. This s [...]

    23. Ahhh Cole and CiCi how I have missed you!!First, this is a novella meant to be read after you read Going Down (Book 1 in this series). That is where you are introduced to the hilarity that is CiCi and Cole. In this novella, we are getting a glimpse into their world a year after they have met. And it's Thanksgiving. And what could go wrong in the world of CiCi? Only everything! But it's perfect. These two are still going strong, having a super hot sex life to boot! And, not to spoil anything, but [...]

    24. **Read for Sweet&Spicy Reads**Last time we saw Cici and Coke, they taking big leaps together while Going Down. True to form, their hot and spicy romance never fails to deliver with toe curling fun! This time we get to follow them to Thanksgiving at Coles parents house with all the family. Cici has no idea what this weekend will unfold. Cole couldn't imagine what would happen this weekend even if he tried. This sweet novella let's us into Cici and Cole's world again to follow a family weekend [...]

    25. This is the next book in the Elevator Series. If you haven't read Going Down, then you need to read this first. In this book, Cole and Cici are spending Thanksgiving with his hilarious family. If you thought his family was wacky before, just wait until you read this hilarious sequel. And to make things even more awkward, Cici has a plan of her own for the holiday that she hasn't told Cole about. Just wait until her family and best friend show up and surprise them all. Cole's family with Cici's p [...]

    26. It’s a good thing Cole has some common sense. Cici’s definitely going to get them wrapped around a tree if he loses focus. And not in a good way. But she makes me laugh so that’s all right. I’m sure if she does get them into a car accident, it will be funny. Just watch your teeth, please Cici.Katherine Stevens is my favorite new author of 2016. I’m very tempted to deduct half a point for the board game shenanigans, but I love her so I will refrain. This time. Heed my warning, Katherine [...]

    27. This book had me dying. The hilarity that this author manages to put on page after page is a delight. It was nice to see how CiCi and Cole's relationship had progressed since the last book. Cole's family is too much. Without giving much away, the antics that went on during Thanksgiving took humor to another level. I'm sure that some of us have had similar experiences with our family. I absolutely loved the ending and cannot wait for the next installment in their story.Five starsBooks2Blog Kirha

    28. Katherine made me laugh so hard I nearly peed myself with this book! I was laughing so hard I cried!!! This series is a MUST READ!!! Cici and Cole had me cracking up in this book so hard!!! Their business is going well, so is their relationship. What could go wrong? Thanksgiving, that's what. find out what happens when John infects everyone with pinkeye and turns Cici's plans to hell. This book is a MUST READ!!!

    29. Great wrap up to book one.Well it was pretty funny. A great wrap up to book one. Really enjoyed being back with this crew and their wild antics. This is like a series of unfortunate events but a love story.

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