Leave No Stone Unturned Lexie Starr discovers an article about the unsolved murder of Eliza Pitt former wife of Clayton Pitt Most likely this is the same Clayton Pitt as her new son in law Lexie wanting to protect her daug

  • Title: Leave No Stone Unturned
  • Author: Jeanne Glidewell
  • ISBN: 9781594146497
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lexie Starr discovers an article about the unsolved murder of Eliza Pitt, former wife of Clayton Pitt Most likely this is the same Clayton Pitt as her new son in law Lexie, wanting to protect her daughter, begins to investigate.

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    One thought on “Leave No Stone Unturned”

    1. Recommended by my Cozy Mystery Group friend Gary. I found that I'd gotten a free Kindle copy in May of 2015! So far it's a pleasant, easy story.* * * * *This is a great story with interesting characters. I will order the next one asap. The only thing that bothered me is that Lexie Starr had no compunctions whatsoever about lying in her investigations, pretending to be a writer, exterminator, even a cop. That's illegal!Favorite lines: A parrot named Sinbad responded when she said good morning to [...]

    2. The initial interest in Leave No Stone Unturned was that Lexie worked in a library as a volunteer. I could relate to her work and the fact that she was from the Midwest - Kansas. The story shows a female character willing and capable of taking action to research her son-in-law's involvement in his first wife's death. Lexie travels from her home to Schenectady, NY to investigate. All of Ms. Glidewell's characters are unique, even including the pet parrot with the foul mouth. Her antics were often [...]

    3. In Jeanne Glidewell's Leave No Stone Unturned, the first installment in the Lexie Starr cozy mystery series, this debut is compelling and intriguing to give you a great story. Lexie Starr is a widow with an only child. When her daughter Wendy had gotten married to Clay Pitt, she became suspicious of him and his behavior. She had believed he had killed his first wife, a few years ago. That left Lexie to do some snooping of her own in Schenectady, New York, where the first murder took place. She h [...]

    4. Quite a good little mystery with a side of budding romance. Not at all what I expected when I picked this ebook up for free.

    5. It had been a long time since I'd read a mystery novel, so I was excited to see a free Nook book of this genre. The story was engaging and easy to follow, and the eclectic mix of characters added to the journey.So, why did I give a three-star rating? First, and more importantly, I found that I had to suspend belief more times than necessary. Second, I was very disappointed that Lexie needed to rely on a man, one with no ties to the incident, to progress in the case. It would have been more power [...]

    6. This was really good. I really enjoyed the mystery of trying to find the killer of the first wife of Lexie's son-in-law. The characters and plot were excellent and well written. I enjoyed the scenes that the author gave, and the interconnections between the characters. The ending was a bit of a surprise, but not totally, so I was quite pleased with the overall result.

    7. Cheeky and far fetchedBook had some good moments, but they were too seldom. It had good potential, but the author just dropped the ball. It was not believable and sort of fell all over itself. It was CLEAN and I appreciated that, but too many, by far, far-fetched ideas, plots, situations and just not well written.

    8. Fun, interesting with no gratuitous anything. Made me laugh out loud. Like this series, all are stand-alone & TTS-enabled. Author's other novels have 'opinion-differences' for Christian tastes. But this one aligns as well as any not labeled Christian.

    9. A quick, fun ( although unbelievable ) read. However, the author's horrible depiction of a gay character ( a drug-using, stripper whose boyfriend may have AIDS ) and the attitude of the other characters toward him was offensive. Thus, the two star rating.

    10. A mystery, the first in the series and a new author for me. I found the plot intriguing and the book was will edit and write. The characters were not well developed and protagonist, Lexie was disturbed by reported violence. The comments on the various sexual predators filled the pages. Many of her actions were illegal and bother me. She wondering about her daughter marrying a man she didn't know very well but she felt nothing wrong about meeting a man she had never meet and starting a relationsh [...]

    11. This is the first book I have read by this author. I enjoyed it very much. I liked the characters and the story moved along smoothly and swiftly. I enjoy the short chapters so I can fit reading in between my busy times during the day, and still end at the beginning of a new chapter. Highly recommend.

    12. What a delightful quick read. Loved the characters. I will no doubt read more in the series, but some less than perfect mechanics threatened to pull me out of the story. I didn't let it, but I really wanted to get out my editing hat and help out and that's not why I read it. All-in-all, an enjoyable cozy mystery.

    13. Oh, dear. Stilted dialogue, improbable plot points, police breaking the law (in other districts). Also very dated. On the plus side, the grammar was better than most these days.I'll not be trying another of these.

    14. An easy read with interesting characters and a well thought-out plot. The heroine is a middle-aged lady whose grown daughter has recently married, leaving mom as an empty-nester. Still, not as predictable as it could be and the characters keep it moving. I recommend it for some downtime reading.

    15. I didn't think the part where the two sheriffs allowed Lexie and her entourage to go with them to the mountain cabin was very plausible. A few mistakes I was able to gloss over, but one glaring use of you're instead of your. Enjoyed it enough to go on to book 2.

    16. After a spate of skimming through bad cosy murder mysteries, Leave No Stone Unturned was a delight to read. It's well written, typo free, and not dumbed down like most cosy murder mysteries are (whoever coined a genre cosy murder mystery (CMM) is an oxymoron—we're talking murder here. The CMM sleuth is a bumbling female who, despite her flaws, solves her case).Protagonist pre-geriatric widower, and volunteer librarian, Lexi Starr becomes a sleuth when she begins to notice that her daughter Wen [...]

    17. Should I warn my daughter that her husband could be a murderer, or go home and file my nails while I sip on a cup of strong coffee?Lexie Starr is a retired librarian and has discovered that her new son in law is the main suspect in his first wife's murder. She decides to go to the scene of the crime to learn more about it. Lexie concocts a story about going to SC to meet a man she has found online. Stone, the gentleman in question, is a jeweler she located to replace a charm bracelet she started [...]

    18. Lexie had unwittingly discovered an unsettling secret about her not-so-adorable new son-in-law; his first wife, pregnant with their first child, was murdered and he was a prime suspect. Unsure of how to approach her daughter with this startling news, Lexie decides to uncover as much about the old case as possible, in hopes that her gut feeling is wrong. In New York she partners with an internet friend (Stone) who happens to be an officer in South Carolina, and together they sleuth to bring clues [...]

    19. Good gracious, what an array of characters! Lexie Starr: her name sounds like it belongs to a teenager, but it belongs to a widower who volunteers as a library assistant. Her daughter, who is recently married to Clayton Pitt, finds out she's pregnant, and Lexie's son-in-law doesn't seem thrilled. Lexie stumbles upon an article about her new son-in-law while helping a library patron research the Boston Marathon. Turns out, Pitt was not only married before (didn't mention that!), but he was a susp [...]

    20. Good reading for a blizzardLoved the story, the characters, and the settings. Author did a great job. Was a wonderful story to snuggle down with while storming outside. Book was really enjoyable would recommend

    21. I found the first few sentences of this book almost unreadable, but the author quickly finds her voice and settles into a more fluid writing style. I developed a real affinity for the main character but a few minor inconsistencies in the plot made it hard for me to relax and enjoy the book fully. It is obvious that the author is unfamiliar with the East Coast. Having lived in both Boston and NYC ( both of which are visited in the book) I found the descriptions of driving and parking in and aroun [...]

    22. It was exactly what I expected. A fluffy cozy mystery. Things I liked, there was a little twist at the end with who the real bad guys were. That it is all written from Lexie's point of view, so if she is mislead so are the readers (for the most part.) And I liked Stone, can't help it. Any guy that will jump into that kind of craziness is worth it. And I want one.Things I didn't like, that it was written from Lexie's point of view. She is very scattered and completely how I think. Yes I realize t [...]

    23. [**Warning: this text may contain spoilers.**]Link to [amazon]Link to Steve Jobs [amazon/Steve-Jobs-Walt ]Link to J.K.Rowling [/author/show ]This is bold text. [This is bold text ]This is italic text. [This is italic text ]This text is underlined. [This is underlined text ]This text is striked out. [This is striked out text ]This is block quote [ This is block quote text]This would be a new paragraph on GR but not a new paragraph on the device. [This would be a new paragraph on GR but not a ne [...]

    24. I downloaded a free copy of this book. It wasn't horrible but two observations: I don't know where the author is from, but she can't be from Schenectady NY, where part of the book took place. Harriet spoke like some redneck hillbilly. I assure you, they don't talk like that in Schenectady. Second, hard to believe that the police would allow the characters to do what they did at the end. They don't just let anyone go along to apprehend a criminal. Not very realistic. But the story did move along [...]

    25. This is the first in a series, and does a good job of introducing the main character and her (soon-to-be) love interest. Lexie´s motivation to investigate her new son-in-law´s background when she found out his first wife was murdered with him as the main suspect makes sense since she is a protective mother. However, she doesn´t show much commonsense, and the characterizations of some of the other characters seem a bit odd. The mystery was OK. I got this for free in a three book set, so I´ll [...]

    26. At the time of writing this review, I'm 39, and this book - with the main character in her later forties, made me think I'm not ready to leave YA books at this point, because in books where characters have responsibilities and children and are thinking about retirement, it's sort of boring to read about. Also I want to escape all that when I'm reading. Though I suppose it might be a comfortable world for others. This was a amiable meandering story of a woman who tries to discover if her son-in-l [...]

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