To Trust a Rogue A rogue Marcus the Viscount Wessex has carefully crafted the image of rogue and charmer for polite Society Under that fa ade however dwells a man whose dreams were shattered almost eight years earl

  • Title: To Trust a Rogue
  • Author: Christi Caldwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A rogue Marcus, the Viscount Wessex has carefully crafted the image of rogue and charmer for polite Society Under that fa ade, however, dwells a man whose dreams were shattered almost eight years earlier by a young lady who captured his heart, pledged her love, and then left him, with nothing than a curt note A widow Eight years earlier, faced with no other choice,A rogue Marcus, the Viscount Wessex has carefully crafted the image of rogue and charmer for polite Society Under that fa ade, however, dwells a man whose dreams were shattered almost eight years earlier by a young lady who captured his heart, pledged her love, and then left him, with nothing than a curt note A widow Eight years earlier, faced with no other choice, Mrs Eleanor Collins, fled London and the only man she ever loved, Marcus, Viscount Wessex She has now returned to serve as a companion for her elderly aunt with a daughter in tow Even though they re next door neighbors, there is little reason for her to move in the same circles as Marcus, just in case, she vows to avoid him, for he reminds her of all she lost when she left Reunited As their paths continue to cross, Marcus finds his desire for Eleanor just as strong, but he learned long ago she s not to be trusted He will offer her a place in his bed, but not anything Only, Eleanor has no interest in this new, roguish man The time they spend together, the protective wall they ve constructed to keep the other out, begin to break With all the betrayals and secrets between them, Marcus has to open his heart again And Eleanor must decide if it s ever safe to trust a rogue.

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    One thought on “To Trust a Rogue”

    1. #8 in the exciting "The Heart of a Duke"series, but can be read as a stand alone. What an emotional tale, that is well written with engaging characters, emotional upheaval, a eight year old little girl, who will capture your very essence and second chances at a love so precious it bears all and remains forever. Once again, Ms. Caldwell will have fans breathless, excited, emotional, and turning pages well into the night. I read it in one setting! These characters are special in more ways than rom [...]

    2. 3.5The angst and longing in this book killed me. And it was just what I needed tbh. It's so vile and sick what Eleanor went through, and when we finally find out what happened it is heart wrenching to read.

    3. Heartbroken by love lost, Marcus Gray, the Viscount Wessex becomes the consummate rogue. Even eight years after his loss, the betrayal of losing the woman he thought loved him evades his thoughts and determines his actions. His mother and sister would have him wed, and his sibling, Lizzie, has just the woman in mind for her handsome brother. Trying to escape the machinations of his well-meaning family, Marcus tries to find solace with friends, but watching them all fall in love and wed, leaves M [...]

    4. WARNING THIS IS A BOOK ABOUT RAPE!! Once I realized I had bought a book about a rape victim I re turned it to . Rape has no business in Romance novels. There is nothing romantic about rape!!

    5. Spoiler alert. I hate that she was raped. That's not romantic. I read romance novels for romance. Christi Caldwell's heroines are always dumb and nieve. The only reason I read her books are because they are free. I guess you get what you pay for.

    6. Review by Karen of To Trust a Rogue  To Trust a Rogue by Christi Caldwell, is simply a superb historical romance.  There are some authors that when they put words to paper, those words, unlike no others sing to my heart; Christi Caldwell is one of those few authors.  In To Trust a Rogue, Caldwell weaves a romance that is full of heart, passion, love, romance and gut wrenching heart break. From the first pages of the novel I was pulled into the world of Marcus Gray, the Viscount of Wessex, an [...]

    7. To Trust A RogueBy Christi CaldwellLATEST ON DIT… Marcus Gray, Viscount of Wessex is on the market for a wife. He is wealthy, powerful, and very handsome. Rumor has it that LOVE will NOT be PART of the equation. Prospective bride should be beautiful and have ability to carry out role of Viscountess, to include heir and spare. Do not look for any emotional entanglement from her husband. While there was no actual ad placed in The Times, a bit of gossip from his mother did alert the ton to her so [...]

    8. True Love and Trust Win OutThis is a very touching story of heartache, loss of self respect and redemption. Marcus is the ROGUE who was fighting love because he had been deeply hurt.Eleanor did not know how to really love because of a traumatic event. Marcia, Eleanor's daughter, is the glue that brought them back together. These three characters, along with Aunt Dorothea have put this book very high on my list of Christi's books. Every emotion I have was brought to the surface as I read this sto [...]

    9. As always, Christi Caldwell crafts a book full of emotion. Marcus and Eleanor are characters whose pain and heartache you can feel. You can also see the strength in Eleanor. She's bent, but not broken. And through Marcus, she takes back the control that she hasn't felt in 8 long years. A thoroughly woven storyline with characters you can't help but love. I've yet to read a Christi Caldwell book that I wouldn't highly recommend if you love historical romances that are so character driven that you [...]

    10. I don’t know where these authors get the names of their books but sometimes they just don’t make sense. Marcus and Eleanor fell in love eight years before then suddenly she disappeared, leaving him with only a note of goodbye. Then she returns with her 7 year old daughter, from when she had been raped eight years ago. Marcus, with his inner thoughts, tells himself how much he hates her, how he wanted revenge, one minute he’s being a jerk to her and the next he’s telling her how much he w [...]

    11. AwesomeI think Marcus may be my new favorite hero of the series! He was so jaded and this book brought me to actual tears with her confession. I loved it!

    12. Truth Heals AllWARNING*** Before you open the pages to this book and start this story, make sure you have your drink, your snack, a cozy comfy spot you wont want to move from and plenty of uninterrupted time because you will NOT want to put this book down.There are no words that can truly describe this story. Christi Caldwell has written many truly amazing and beautiful stories, each one better than the last. This one though, this one is the definition of brillance. The best one yet to come. The [...]

    13. This is the 8th book in the Heart of a Duke Series but Christi Caldwell. In this book 2 young people in love separated when Eleanor simply disappears, leaving only a note with no explanation. Marcus is heartbroken and vows to not risk his heart again. Instead he becomes a rogue, enjoying women but never risking his heart.Eight years later, Eleanor returns to London as a war widow with a 7 year old daughter. She is now the poor relative of her aunt the Duchess of Devonshire and has come to play t [...]

    14. Marcus, Viscount Wessex, has determined that when he marries it will be a typical ton marriage – business transaction only. Love, an emotion he buried long ago, only breaks the heart. A lesson he learned long ago at the hands of a lying miss. Which makes his sister’s friend, who is the antithesis of the girl who broke his heart, an excellent choice WHEN he decides to marry. Mrs. Eleanor Collins swore she would never return to London – the place of her great love & her greatest fear. Wh [...]

    15. So we are back with another amazing Christi Caldwell book! And I am so excited to get stuck in with another story.Eleanor Collins is back in London to fulfil the requirements of her Uncle’s will, with the hope never to be seen by two men! One whom she loved more than life, but had to give up and another who took something from her and made her flee in the first place. But this time she is not alone, this time she has her daughter to protect.Marcus Grey, The Viscount of Wessex; realizes that he [...]

    16. I had been disapointed in my reading lately so when I picked up this book out of my TBR by an author I have read and loved everything by, I was nervous. Would miss Caldwell again be able to hit that mark that makes a romance a true romance for me? The rating says it all: yes!!!It is somehow a sweet story although the problem that faces the heroine is a real and terrible one, which includes both a villain, her inner demons and an innocent child. The hero is sweet and thoughtfull and I loved how h [...]

    17. A beautiful and heart wrenching story about lost love, overcoming the past and second chances. To Trust a Rogue is the next installment in a truly magical Heat of the Duke series. The book tells the story of Marcus Gray, Viscount Wessex. Who we first meet in To Love a Duke. He has earned the reputation amongst the ton as a notorious rogue, but has behavior these past 8 years is to mask the pain of losing his true love, Eleanor. Eleanor returns to London, after leaving mysterious 8 years earlier. [...]

    18. “It is me and you, as it always meant to be and as it has always truly been.”Christi Caldwell never disappoints. From her renowned wallflowers to her scandalous rogues, I can definitely say now that I will read anything this woman writes. She carries every word with ease and an escalating excitement in every page. To Trust a Lord shows another side of Christi Caldwell that I reeeaaallly love. With the succeeding books she’s been releasing, I’ve been continuously supplied with a new “Ch [...]

    19. Not a favorite!I bought this book because I liked the premise, but I didn't like the way the story unfolded. The heroine was too skittish and nervous for my taste. I hated the way she kept fiddling with the "spectacles" she had no need of or the way she would wrinkle her skirts. (Spoilers ahead). I know she's a rape victim but as much as I wanted to sympathize, it was hard to connect with such a flustered, skittish, nervous heroine. I loved the hero and for him I give this story 3 stars. I ended [...]

    20. TRUST IS THE BOTTOM LINEEvery time I read another Christi Caldwell book, I have to debate which type of review to write. Shall I go on about the story, make the review a strip tease? Shall I be technical, talk about characters, plot development, intertwining of individuals and the problems of pace? Or shall I throw caution to the wind, and talk about how the story intersects life?The story has a very nasty villain. Only a writer as sweet as Christi Caldwell would let him live. His sister is no b [...]

    21. To Trust a Rogue by Christi CaldwellHeart of a Duke Series Book EightMarcus Gray, the Viscount of Wessex is a rogue. A rogue who wanted nothing to do with love. He had given his heart once and that didn't turn out so well. Eight years later and he still hates the woman who broke his heartd now she's returned to London.Eleanor Collins has one joy in her life. Her daughter. She will do anything for her little girl. Even return to London and take a chance of running into her past. But she has nowhe [...]

    22. 3.5/5. The characters were well portrayed and the protagonists quite appealing, but there were annoyingly a lot of repetition - either due to poor editing or due to the need for the author to spell things out for us. As I have read and enjoyed many of her other books, I am inclined to think that it is more an editing problem and perhaps due to churning out books too quickly as a result of publishing pressures, almost like filling up the requisite number of pages. What ever the cause, there were [...]

    23. Christi Caldwell never disappoints! I have loved so many of her novels and To Trust a Rogue is wonderfully well written and totally engrossing. Her characters are so complex and well developed. You go on their journey with them and feel everything they are feeling. My heart just broke for Marcus and Eleanor. What they went through was just gut wrenching. But I was thankful that they didn't keep secrets from each other too longme novels just draw out the misunderstandings to frustration. I couldn [...]

    24. 's. Caldwell cannot write a bad book. Just when I think she can't possibly get any better. Out of all the books I have read, I don't think , any book has tugged at my emotions, or made me cry along with the heroine and hero, than To Trust a Rogue. Hero, Marcus Gray, Viscount Wessex will always have a special place in my heart. I just this Rogue. Sigh. I loved how sweet, loving and tender he was with little Marcia. some of my favorite scenes in the book, were between Marcus and Marcia. I absolute [...]

    25. Eleanor ran away from London 8 years ago. She left behind Marcus, Viscount Wessex and her Aunt Dorothea, Duchess of Devonshire. Eleanor left because of a heinous act and from fear that Marcus would reject her. With her leaving, she broke Marcus' heart and her transformed his life. Eleanor has now returned, as the poor relation and companion to her aunt. Eleanor does not return alone, she returns with her daughter. Marcus eventually confronts Eleanor about what caused her to walk out of his life. [...]

    26. Thanks Ms Caldwell for writing about Marcus and Eleanorperb story-line and beautifully written.d when Eleanor confessed to Marcus what had happened to her eight years ago and glad Marcus able to forgive as well as trying his best to convince Eleanor to love him again Love Marcia and Eleanor's Aunt too quite interesting secondary charactersnnot wait for more stories and all the best Ms Caldwell ;) ^_^

    27. Never Have I Enjoyed Crying So Much Never have I enjoyed crying so much as when I read this tragic, beautiful story of love, betrayal and redemption! Christi Caldwell can bring our hearts to the breaking point and return us to the dream of happy ever after with the stroke of her pen! She is a fabulous story teller who makes the Fairytales come to life. The story of Marcus and Eleanor is one I won't forget!

    28. I've been waiting for Marcus' story, my favourite Rogue, and he didn't disappoint. This was a glorious read. I went through all the emotions whilst reading this, as I usually do with Christi Caldwell novels. I'm always sitting on the edge of my seat when reading this author - she is so brilliant! I love Marcus and Eleanor, and absolutely adored Marcia, what a lovely child. Do you think the Heart will end up on Lizzie's neck?

    29. Disappointed I did not click with the heroine who was tongue tied and scared ninny. The pace was very slow and I struggled to finish it. I did like how Marcus bonded with the child and beat up Atherbourne. Not a good ending to the series if this is the last book. I did like the part about the Duke of Rutledge.

    30. Had to make myself finish the bookThe problem is that a great majority of this book occurs within the minds of the H and h. And it's is never-ending. I finally started skipping to only parts where dialogue was written. That left a very flat, monotonous story. By the time the story became slightly more interesting, it was over.

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