Booked Like lightning you strike fast and free legs zoom down field eyes fixed on the checkered ball on the goal ten yards to go can t nobody stop you can t nobody cop you In this follow up to the Newbery wi

  • Title: Booked
  • Author: Kwame Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Like lightning you strike fast and free legs zoom down field eyes fixed on the checkered ball on the goal ten yards to go can t nobody stop you can t nobody cop you In this follow up to the Newbery winning novel THE CROSSOVER, soccer, family, love, and friendship, take center stage as twelve year old Nick learns the power of words as he wrestles with problems at home, sLike lightning you strike fast and free legs zoom down field eyes fixed on the checkered ball on the goal ten yards to go can t nobody stop you can t nobody cop you In this follow up to the Newbery winning novel THE CROSSOVER, soccer, family, love, and friendship, take center stage as twelve year old Nick learns the power of words as he wrestles with problems at home, stands up to a bully, and tries to impress the girl of his dreams Helping him along are his best friend and sometimes teammate Coby, and The Mac, a rapping librarian who gives Nick inspiring books to read This electric and heartfelt novel in verse by poet Kwame Alexander bends and breaks as it captures all the thrills and setbacks, action and emotion of a World Cup match

    • Unlimited [Romance Book] ✓ Booked - by Kwame Alexander ✓
      384 Kwame Alexander
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    1. Kwame Alexander, on the heels of his award winning Crossover, has wowed his readers again with Booked, an equally poetic tale about sports as the backdrop for teenaged angst. In Booked, Alexander presents the reader with Nick Hall, a gifted student and soccer player who is coping with his parents' recent divorce. Through his poetry in motion Alexander brings us a quality middle grade kids book that will leave students stupefied and asking their teachers for more books. Nicholas Hall is a thirtee [...]

    2. Kwame Alexander writes poetry, as in “BOOKED” and children’s fiction. He won a Newbery Medal in 2015 for his book “The Crossover.” Reading “BOOKED” it’s easy to see why. You’d likely think this is written by a teenager. The emotions, concerns, viewpoints all seem to point to that conclusion.Poems about parents and what a pain they can be, homework (ugh!), awful teachers, not-so-awful teachers, girls, other boys, soccer, lots of soccer, and divorce… and a mom moving to another [...]

    3. I really loved Alexander’s award-winning novel The Crossover, a story about twins that excel at basketball but have to navigate high school and homelife. Like The Crossover, Booked is written in verse and is about a young teen named Nick that is a star on the soccer pitch. He’s got a crush on a girl named April but doesn’t have the confidence to approach her. At home, his dad’s an overbearing wordsmith that makes him learn new words from the dictionary every night. Nick finds solace in t [...]

    4. What a fun ride! I liked that this book was totally middle grade but still tackled real issues like divorce, bullying etc in a funny yet insightful way :)

    5. Warning: This review is really just going to be me gushing profusely at the awesomeness that is this book.LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.I loved Crossover, and have since pushed it into the hands of nearly every student who enters my libraryd I will now be doing the same with Booked. It has the same overall feel of Crossover: some poems feel like rap, some like water, some like a punch in the gut. Various rhyme schemes, poetry types, and even narrative perspectives help make this book [...]

    6. I'm really torn about this one. It starts off so strong. So very, very strong. The poetry is amazing. Alexander seamlessly blends style and meter and rhythm and the result is infectious. I was 100% in love with the book, but then it sort of crashed for me. It started with some weird dings that didn't work :Ding #1: The school librarian who was teacher of the year, even though he's not a "teacher". I know there are some non-teaching school librarians out there - curse them! They're doing the prof [...]

    7. "Booked" was poetry. A lot of poetry. This book was talking about Nicholas Hall, a boy in eighth grade who has a life that's quite similar like everyone else's. He explains the ups and downs through a period of time.For me, I really don't believe that I have anything much in common with Nicholas, his personalities or his hobbies. However, in my opinion, what I have in common with him is the dreadful feeling of not being able to do something we are hope to do. For Nicholas, it was not being able [...]

    8. Once again, I am reminded of the dazzling power of a verse novel. What Kwame Alexander accomplishes and creates in so few words is astonishing. Every word and character moves with energy and color in real life tones and voices. Relationships, individuals, talk, silence, fear and fun hit the pages and me with force. So…let’s just jump in and get Booked!Twelve year old, Nick Hall is a daydreaming word genius just itching to get out of class and back on the soccer field. You will laugh, hurt, a [...]

    9. Just like The Crossover does with basketball, soccer circumvents what Booked is really about: family relationships, this time the main character Nick is dealing with his parent's impending divorce and a strained relationship with his parents, particularly his father. While it doesn't have the same bounce and groove of The Crossover, Booked is a fantastic stand-alone follow-up to Alexander's Newbery-winning novel in verse. I especially loved the character of Mr. MacDonald, AKA "The Mac," the rapp [...]

    10. Amazing and unputdownable! Kwame writes another book that will be so relatable to kids everywhere! Nick loves soccer, doesn't enjoy to readt, has the best librarian in the world aka The Mac, has a crush on April, deals with his parents divorce, and has a best friend and soccer buddy named Coby. It won't disappoint. Read it!

    11. the main character is nick hall. A bright 8th grader. I like this book personally because it has the same written style as the crossover, he also is my favorite author. I dont like the part when there is the twin bullies at school.

    12. This book is a lyrical masterpiece! It will make any book lover swoon with its allusions to other novels & pop culture! This book filled my nerdy book club loving heart! This book will appeal to so many readers for so many different reasons - a must read of 2016! It tackles tough issues while offering up some laugh out loud moments! It's an "unputdownable" read! Preorder your copies - now! You will not be disappointed!

    13. Continuing in the style of his first book this is such a great story. There is a genuine lack of books for young teenage boys who enjoy sport but don't love to read. Kwame Alexander is here to help solve the problem. His characters are charming and fun. There is a richness in the stories and I love how he made vocabulary a real feature of this one.

    14. This book-in-verse (or is it verse-in-book? novel-in-verse? or a novel inverse? or inverse novel? I shouldn't be writing a book review last crazy week of school) about a boy who loves soccer and is dealing with the divorce of his parents. Kwame Alexander can pound out images and rhythms that will make you beat through the pages like a drummer. While "Crossover," the 2015 Newbery Winner was on basketball this one is on soccer. Except the sport takes back seat to the power of words as Nick Hall le [...]

    15. This book was wonderful. It's not a sports book, like I originally dreaded, but a narrative told in verse in such a clever a beautiful way that I'm still thinking about it several hours after finishing. Nick is a boy in middle school who plays soccer, and likes a girl, and gets bullied, and deals with parents who are ruining his life (divorce is actually the worst when you're a teenager in my personal opinion/experience). I haven't read The Crossover, but I surely will now. I want to make everyo [...]

    16. Wow, Kwame, you did it again! Booked was un-be-liev-a-ble!Nick Hall LOVES soccer! His world revolves around it. He and best friend, Coby, play travel soccer, FIFA online, and watch the pros play on ESPN. Unfortunately, the opposite can be said for reading. Nick despises it! He is forced to read books in English like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and doesn't want any part of it. Plus, he is forced to read a dictionary of weird words which was written by his father, a linguistic professor. T [...]

    17. A really relatable story that hits on a lot of issues - family problems, first crushes, friendly? competition, bullying - without overwhelming the reader. I can see some of the influence Alexander's own father had on him in Nick's father who insists that he develop his vocabulary and read (even though Nick doesn't think he likes to read). I want all the literary t-shirts and hoodies that the librarian Mr. Mac has in the book. ;) Some of these poems here are just brilliant and I can't wait to sha [...]

    18. My students, my son, my husband and pretty much every person I know is going to love this.With a blend of unique verse styles, Alexander paints a picture of the complexity of teenage life. What he does so well is communicate the confusing reality that often the world we think is paramount as teenagers is actually minute compared to what really matters. This story is perfect for every teenager and speaks of love and forgiveness and adapting to the unexpected challenges of life.

    19. Kwame Alexander hits the sweet spot again, this time scoring a goal with his mix of soccer, family, first crushes, friendship and poetry. As Nick struggles with his parents' impending divorce, bullying at school and figuring out how to talk to the girl of his dreams, he discovers that words and poetry can actually be cool. A great follow up to The Crossover!

    20. To be released in April of 2016, "Booked" by Kwame Alexander delivers on all levels. Starting with the cover, which will draw potential readers in with its simplicity and the promise of soccer and action, the book is spot on. Once that potential reader cracks the cover, he or she will be reeled in by language that positively dances on the page, and find much more than soccer! Alexander employs a variety of poetic forms to tell the story of twelve year old Nick Hall and his family. Because of the [...]

    21. An enjoyable read! I loved how divorce and bullying were tackled in a way that wasn't too heavy but were topics that needed to be discussed and still seen as important. I really liked how the verse was styled in some of the poems. Some words were in bold, others smaller for whispers, some large for yelling, some fading from dark to light, etc. I also really enjoyed the few blackout poetry pages that were included. I think they are super fun and creative. One thing I had a major issue with was th [...]

    22. Another great mix of family, friends, budding romance, sports, and the honoring of learning. I love the message to young readers to not be afraid to show your intelligence. My niggling complaint? Too much of the soccer action is off-stage. Perhaps I'll just have to write a rap book talk in the style of the book's librarian, The Mac! Even so, I've ordered multiple copies for my middle school libraries and will still have a waiting list. Alexander scores another goal, this time with his foot inste [...]

    23. I love this novel-in-verse. The rhythm and flow makes readers want to turn page after page.I love the hip school librarian. He wears all the funny reading shirts like "Put your FACE in a BOOK."I love the relatability for students. Characters struggle with bullying and relationship issues.I love the humor. There were text messages and jokes that made me laugh out loud.A must read! Especially for those who like soccer.

    24. Loved it. Didn't expect Kwame Alexander's new novel to be as good as Crossover (5 star review) yet it was better! Unbelievable. Word play was such a treat. Students who aren't big on reading have been devouring our copies of Crossover, can't wait to share Booked with them too.

    25. You have to hand it to Kwame Alexander. He can make a book about dictionary definitions sound cooler than soccer! A great new free verse novel that will stupefy* kids!Grades 6 and up.

    26. a light easy go book with beautiful verses, funny most of the time with catchy casualness. totally a fun read with a cute story. Kwame impressed me with his coolness throughout the book :)

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