Aurelia Late s Roma Nova the last Roman colony that has survived into the th century Aurelia Mitela is alone her partner gone her child sickly and her mother dead and forced to give up her beloved car

  • Title: Aurelia
  • Author: Alison Morton
  • ISBN: 9781781323830
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Late 1960s Roma Nova, the last Roman colony that has survived into the 20th century Aurelia Mitela is alone her partner gone, her child sickly and her mother dead and forced to give up her beloved career as a Praetorian officer But her country needs her unique skills Somebody is smuggling silver Roma Nova s lifeblood on an industrial scale Sent to Berlin to invLate 1960s Roma Nova, the last Roman colony that has survived into the 20th century Aurelia Mitela is alone her partner gone, her child sickly and her mother dead and forced to give up her beloved career as a Praetorian officer But her country needs her unique skills Somebody is smuggling silver Roma Nova s lifeblood on an industrial scale Sent to Berlin to investigate, she encounters the mysterious and attractive Miklos who knows too much and Caius Tellus, a Roma Novan she has despised and feared since childhood.Barely escaping a trap set by a gang boss intent on terminating her, she discovers that her old enemy is at the heart of all her troubles and pursues him back home to Roma Nova

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    1. This is (I think) the fourth book in the author's Roma Nova exciting alternate history series. I've read her first book, Inceptio, but not the other two - even so, I had no trouble picking this one up since it tells some of the backstory to the earlier books. This book tells the story of Aurelia, the grandmother of Carina from the earlier novels, and we begin to get a clue about how Carina's mother might have ended up in the E.U.S. The book grabbed me from the very first page - I started reading [...]

    2. I have read all the books in the Roma Nova series focused on Carina. With Aurelia , I begin a prequel trilogy taking place in the 20th century and centering on Carina's grandmother, Aurelia Mitela. I liked what I saw of Aurelia in Carina's books. So I was happy to receive the first book focusing on her as a gift from the author via Book Funnel, and this is my honest review.When I compare the two protagonists in the Roma Nova series, I have to say that I prefer Aurelia. I feel that Aurelia is mor [...]

    3. Having read the first three books in this series, I was absolutely eager to move on to the next book! The first three books in this series focused on Carina Mitela, Aurelia's granddaughter, but there were plenty of tasty hints to a rich past, and now we finally get to explore the history of both Aurelia and Nova Roma.While the first three books (which could be considered a trilogy) was set in current times to what I figure to be the 2030's, this is set in the 1960's, in Aurelia's own youth. Some [...]

    4. I am constantly amazed by Alison Morton's ability to produce a new spell-binding tale after what I thought was a pretty extensive exploration of the alternate reality world of Roma Nova. If you have not yet read the previous books, do yourself a favour and start with Book 1, INCEPTIO. Despite the fact that this is a prequel to the other three books, it will be so much more rewarding to follow the events from the beginning because there are many characters and much background information to assim [...]

    5. I can pinpoint when my fascination with ancient Rome began to the viewing of two movies, Ben Hur and Spartacus (yes dear readers, I am that old.) Nowadays I get my Roman fix through the medium of historical fiction, and there is a lot of that to choose from. However, the idea that there could still be a remnant of that ancient favorite still extant and thriving is the basis for this wonderful series by Alison Morton, Roma Nova. A modern nation still bound by many of the old traditions and thrivi [...]

    6. Aurelia is the fourth book in Alison Morton’s Roma Nova series. Set in an alternative historical context, the Roman Empire survives as a matriarchal society in a semi-mountainous area north of Italy. This is the only book I have read in this series so far, but it features a different character to those used in earlier volumes and works well as a stand-alone novel.Written in the first person, Aurelia’s bold personality and brave, active life as a Major in the Praetorian Guard Special Forces e [...]

    7. We are proud to announce that AURELIA by Alison Morton is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

    8. In her Roma Nova series, Alison Morton engages the query of What if, and world-building on the possible answers or results. Combining this with her own military experience and consideration of Roman women playing a more significant role than actual history shows, an installment such as Aurelia is born.Growing Aurelia, of course, requires the possession of its own history, and Morton deftly provides this. Following Theodosius’s 395 (AD) ban on all pagan religious observation, some four hundred [...]

    9. This is the fourth book in the series, but worry-not, this does well as a stand alone.This book would not relent! I could hardly put it down, because I needed to know what was next. I would have finished this book within a day, but I could not keep my eyes open, so I was forced to go to sleep and resume in the morning. When it endedI was not happy.1) It ended and I wanted more.2) The ending was a cliff-hanger and I do not approve of those (even though I am the queen of those when I writehahahaha [...]

    10. Aurelia is book 4 in the Roma Nova series by Alison Morton. The good thing is if like me you’ve come to this series late you don’t need to have read the first 3 books to enjoy this one as the book is a prequel.I loved the pace of this book, it’s so fast paced and easy flowing that you can’t help but sucked in.The character Aurelia was well-developed. She has a military background and is very motivated and driven by her need to show just how much a woman can do without the need of a man. [...]

    11. ( Format : audiobook )"Eyes and ears open, and mouth shut.""A small part of the Roman Empire survived and prospered into present day, retaining much of the mores of the old society. Roma Nova, however, is far more matriarchal and when her mother dies, Aurelia becomes head of the Metelli, first of the twelve original leading families. Previously a major in the Praetorian guard, she is sent to Germany on a diplomatic mission - to spy. And it does not go smoothly This, the fourth in the Roma Nova s [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book with its unusual premise of a version of Ancient Rome existing in the present day. I like the concept of "what if ?"; in this case, what if the Romans didn't get crushed by the Visigoths and Germanic tribes but remained as a band of exiles keeping the faith with their ancestors' values and customs. Alison Morton has created a world that is a believable alternative history with enough of Ancient Rome and enough of present day (somewhat altered of course) to give credence to th [...]

    13. A Winner in the True Sense of the Word Starting a series with Book 4 may not always be a good thing – except when the content is laid out by a writer like Alison Morton. No wonder, Aurelia, Book 4 of the Roma Nova Series, is a Finalist for the 2016 Historical Novel Society Indie Award. Furthermore, Aurelia is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree for excellence in writing. (“Honoree” having nothing to do with “honorable mention.” This is the real deal.) While there was plenty of action, the lan [...]

    14. Given the title, it will come as no surprise to devotees of the Roma Nova series that Alison Morton now takes us back forty odd years to the 1960s, to meet Carina Mitela’s grandmother Aurelia at a much earlier stage in the life. Widowed, with one daughter, she is trying to reconcile motherhood, duty to family, and her role in the public life of the state. We see the beginnings of the history referred to in books I to III and meet both Aurelia’s nemesis and her one great love.In earlier books [...]

    15. Wow, what a series. If you haven't started this series yet, you are really missing out. Here, author Alison Morton presents a thrilling prequel in the alternative history of the Roma Nova series, the fourth book to be precise, and keeps up all the great momentum and thrill from the first three books. If you've read any of the first three books then you know what to expect, and what you get is exactly what you'd hoped for.

    16. First, a disclaimer: I wrote a blog entry comparing Roma Nova with Luxembourg, and the author reposted it on her blog (with my happy consent).Anyway, onto Aurelia. This is Morton’s fourth Roma Nova novel. The first three are a sequence set in the modern day. In the first book, the heroine, Karina Mitela, meets her maternal grandmother, Aurelia Mitela. This book, and the two that follow it (which I have not yet, but will, read) tell Aurelia’s story. Yup, the following books precede the preced [...]

    17. I wish I could remember how this book came to my attention. It's in the middle of a series, but I never felt like I didn't know what was going on. It was very self-contained. Aurelia is a very enjoyable read for a couple of reasons. One: the author did a great job creating a 20th century iteration of ancient Roman culture and tradition. It was subtle (substituting several of the Roman gods as mild expletives rather than using God/god is one of many examples) but effective. Two: the book is very [...]

    18. Found it slightly confusing that the fourth book in this series is technically the first book in a prequel series - it takes the reader back to the era of Auerlia, the grandmother of Carina, who's the protagonist of the first 3 books.

    19. Aurelia Mitela is the protagonist in this book, who lives in Roma Nova. Roma Nova is a fictitious land - the descendant of ancient Rome – that never encountered the “fall of ancient Rome”; thus, survived into the 1960s. This is the fourth in a series of novels by Alison Morton, about Roma Nova and its progeny. I haven’t read the other books leading up to this one, but I found Aurelia to be very interesting and enjoyable as a stand-alone book. Ms. Morton does a masterful job of describing [...]

    20. Well what is there not to like about an Alison Morton Roma Nova novel? I guess only one thing - the wait for the next novel to be written and published!Helen HollickAurelia is a Discovered DiamondDiscovering Diamonds Review Blog

    21. Aurelia is the first of the prequel series to the Roma Nova series that is set in the late 1960s. It is about the grandmother to the protagonist Carina. In this series, Aurelia is a high-ranking noblewoman and a Praetorian officer. When she finds out that someone is smuggling silver, she is sent to Berlin to investigate. There she finds that her nemesis, Caius Tellus, is involved in this plot. Aurelia then goes on her quest to pursue him and to capture him. I felt sorry for Aurelia. This woman d [...]

    22. If women were in control, the world would be a whole different place, and in the Roma Nova series of alternate history books, Alison Morton sets out to prove this theory.In this latest instalment we go back in time to the Roma Nova of the 1960s and follow the story of Aurelia Mitela, a young woman who has suffered devastating loss. Thinking that her career in the Praetorian Guard is over, Aurelia is sent to Berlin, ostensibly to track down those responsible for syphoning away Roma Nova’s life [...]

    23. Aurelia is book #4 in the Roma Nova series of books about an alternative Europe, one where the Roman empire lives on under the rules of the maternal family lines. What if Rome didn't fall in AD395 and loyal Romans formed a new colony in a mountainous region north of Italy.This book is set in the 1960's and is the story of Aurelia, a Praetorian soldier, after her mother has a bad car accident she finds herself head of one of the 12 families, but she finds there are those who wish to undermine eve [...]

    24. 2.5 starsI quick and easy read. Having read the fist four in the series however, I was disappointed. The character of Aurelia in the previous books was so formidable that I expected more. Also this being the author's fourth book, I wanted further depth and breath to the story and characters. The portrayal of Aurelia felt exceedingly similar to Carina. Heck, even the plot read exactly the same. Sigh Not a terrible book really, just not up to my expectations I guess. *** Copy gifted in exchange fo [...]

    25. Go back a couple of generations, and experience the adventures of Aurelia, Carina's grandmother. This was an action packed thriller set in a 1960's Prussia (Germany never unified). While the plot was a little bit predictable, Aurelia's strong relationship with her sickly daughter Marina, and determination made up for it.

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