Beethoven His Life and Music Course Lecture Titles The Immortal Beloved What Comes down Must Go up What Goes up Must Come down Beethoven and His Nephew Beethoven the Pianist Beethoven the Comp

  • Title: Beethoven - His Life and Music
  • Author: Robert Greenberg
  • ISBN: 9781565852228
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Course Lecture Titles1 The Immortal Beloved 2 What Comes down Must Go up, 18131815 3 What Goes up Must Come down, 1815 4 Beethoven and His Nephew, 18151819 5 Beethoven the Pianist 6 Beethoven the Composer, 17921802 7 The Heroic Ideal 8 Two Concerts, 1808 and 1824

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      283 Robert Greenberg
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    One thought on “Beethoven - His Life and Music”

    1. 1 starI started listening to this. I have listened to two chapters and am not going to continue. Why is it SO horrible? I rarely quit books. 1. The narration is by a chummy guy (Robert Greenberg) who thinks he is a great actor. The narration is over-dramatized. 2. Beethoven's music is explained, i.e. we are told how the tempo increases or decreases. We are given small portions of the music so we don't need to be told this; you hear it!3. I want biographical details, not an explanation of why I s [...]

    2. To almost quote Sam Cooke in Wonderful World, "don't know much about music" My education is woefully lacking when it comes to classical music and its creators. So when this audio book, from The Great Classics series, was an Audible Daily Deal, I quickly picked it up.Writer/narrator Robert Greenwood alternates information about Beethoven's life with samples and commentaries of his work. At first I was surprised that Beethoven's life story was not fully described at the beginning, but in spurts th [...]

    3. I very much enjoyed this audio lecture series on Beethoven. The professor was engaging and the lectures were always interesting (eight 45 minute segments on various aspects of his life). There are musical clips and interesting historical and personal stories. I learned a great deal as I never really knew anything about Beethoven's life or music other than the very obvious (5th and 9th symphonies). The guy was kind of nuts - he had a traumatic childhood, which translated into incredibly unstable [...]

    4. Wow! Prof. Greenberg is astonishingly clear, engaging, and enthusiastic. I was thoroughly engrossed in this lecture series and cannot wait to get another of his courses. Also, the depth of Beethoven's life and work that Greenberg explores is truly fascinating. Highest recommendation!

    5. very informative. a more dynamic (if unsympathetic ) character than I imagined. the narration kept it fresh and exciting. musical interludes were outstanding. I enjoyed some of his other bios too. only thing missing is a discography of recommended recordings.

    6. Wow. What an experience this has been! Robert is a tour-de-force and his passion and infectious enthusiasm make the topic very interesting and extremely accessible. I am going to scour through his other lectures. Fantastic. I really enjoyed this.

    7. This is the first Great Course that I listened to in the music category. Audible had a sale, and I purchased this 6 hour lecture by Robert Greenburg for only $7.49. I am glad that I did, Greenburg is the most enthusiastic professor for the Great Courses since my very first course with Egyptologist, Bob Brier. Greenburg clearly loves the subject of music, and I noticed that he teaches almost all of the music courses offered by the Great Courses.This one delves into the life of my favorite classic [...]

    8. I had never heard of Prof. Greenberg before coming across this book from the Great Courses series. Since I finished reading it, I've looked up many other things he has written. His reputation as a musician and scholar is very highly regarded, and there is not doubt that he is knowledgeable and intelligent. But what made this such an entertaining book to listen to was his engaging, dynamic style. If you have ever seen Robert Wuhl in Assume the Position on HBO, Greenberg's style is very similar. T [...]

    9. Robert Greenberg is WILD about Beethoven, and sometimes goes a little overboard in an overly colloquial manner, but his intentions are absolutely golden. The lectures are quite engaging and just plain fun. So why only three stars? Well, it's like the old Woody Allen joke about the people who complained about the food in a restaurant -- "the food is terrible, and the portions are so small!" In this case the lectures are actually terrific, but there is simply not enough of them. Greenberg apologiz [...]

    10. What a great find! A Great Courses lecture series on Audible. I got to listen to a passionate expert tell me the story of Beethoven's life and music. NOT in chronological order, to be sure. Listening, I found myself jumping all over his life and his craftbut it ended as I needed, with the 9thoh, and a sad, sad memoir from Rossini upon meeting the man and trying to reconcile the sublime music and the driven, lonely, unkempt man. This was a treasure

    11. what a tragic life. I had no idea. Beethoven was a complete asshole, admittedly, by the time he got really sick and started going deaf, I could understand his totally unacceptable behavior, but before that. well, I'm not sure I disagree with his contemporaries who said Beethoven was impossible. He sure was, but he was also a pioneer who changed the music of the times forever.

    12. An absolutely fascinating introduction to Beethoven the man and Beethoven the composer. Professor Greenberg is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about this composer, which made the course all the more enjoyable. If you enjoy the works of this master composer and are eager to learn more about him and his works, don't pass this course up!

    13. One of the best lecturers Ive ever heard. He makes it funny and compelling, if Beethoven's life wasn't compelling enough.

    14. This has probably been my least favorite of Greenberg's lectures, unfortunately. The non-linear presentation of Beethoven's life didn't really work—it just muddled the narrative and made certain things harder to follow and retain.I thought things got better in the second half of course. Still recommended, but I hope Greenberg didn't follow this format for his biographical courses on any other composers.

    15. The author/teacher of this course is extremely knowledgeable and is a great speaker. The compositions of Beethoven intertwining with the life of Beethoven are an interesting subject but the non-chronological presentation of the same makes the course quite confusing.

    16. Similar to other lectures by Prof. Greenberg, this is a well-researched and eloquently-written course, delivered by a great entertainer.

    17. Overall, I thought this was an okay lecture series. It did not really catch my interest as much as other books of non-fiction I have read recently. I came away with a few new tidbits of knowledge about Beethoven, and I liked the way that Beethoven's music was sampled throughout the course to show what the author was talking about. However, he continued to make statements and conclusions about why certain of Beethoven's music was great, and why other music was not so great that, after listening t [...]

    18. Robert Greenberg is a great teacher and he does a good job of giving an overview of Beethoven's life and music. Beethoven was obviously one of the greatest musical genuises of history. However he had many struggles in his life and was often an unpleasant person. (I’m stingy with stars. For me 2 stars means a good book.3 = Very good; 4 = Outstanding; 5 = All time favorites.)

    19. Didn't read the book, but listened to the CDs in the Great Courses series. Lecturer kept my attention and I learned way more about Beethoven than I remember from my college Music Appreciation class.

    20. Ludwig Van Beethoven was an artist since he was a child. He didn't want to play music at the time, but his father forced him. So he decided to give it a chance and then he grew fond of it.

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