Smoke Rising A sensational new series from the bestselling creator of The Darkslayer and The Chronicles of Dragon The unexpected begins Agent Sidney Shaw is one of the FBI s finest Tough as nails with a calculatin

  • Title: Smoke Rising
  • Author: Craig Halloran
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A sensational new series from the bestselling creator of The Darkslayer and The Chronicles of Dragon The unexpected begins Agent Sidney Shaw is one of the FBI s finest Tough as nails with a calculating mind, she thought she was ready for anything Enter John Smoke His spirited arrest methods landed him hard time in prison The decorated veteran, now branded an ex coA sensational new series from the bestselling creator of The Darkslayer and The Chronicles of Dragon The unexpected begins Agent Sidney Shaw is one of the FBI s finest Tough as nails with a calculating mind, she thought she was ready for anything Enter John Smoke His spirited arrest methods landed him hard time in prison The decorated veteran, now branded an ex con, just wants to serve his time in peace The powers that be have other plans When Sidney is assigned to be Smoke s handler, both of their lives are turned upside down She plays by the rules He trusts his instincts Fighting to control him, she finds herself chasing him down a secret, dark, supernatural path where a vast criminal network rears its head in the heart of Washington, D.C.

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    One thought on “Smoke Rising”

    1. I didn't like this. I don't like stumbling upon a book I dislike. I am trying to improve my average rating. I don't enjoy writing reviews like this one either. Whatever I write in such a review is more of an explanation to my future self than anything else. I might forget (I hope I will) what exactly was it that I disliked so much.So, on to the book. What starts as a great idea soon spirals down into embarrassing ridiculousness. Agent Sidney Shaw is one of the most incompetent agents I've come a [...]

    2. Interesting ConceptThis was an interesting read. Zombies, werewolves and who knows what else. The concept of the story was good and most of the characters were likeable. I'm curious as to what Smoke is though there's lots of mystery behind him. I wasn't too big on the whole comic wham and boom phrases as it made me feel as if I'm reading a kids comic rather than a novel. If you like action, mystery, and suspense novels with a touch of comic style behind it then you would enjoy this book.

    3. This was a very noisy book.Ka-Blam! Whack, Wham, Oof. Crack. Buzz-Buzz, Takka-Takka. Blam, Blam, Blam!

    4. My Disclaimer:I was provided a complimentary copy of this book. I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own. I am not being compensated in any way.~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat ReviewWhat it’s about…Agent Sidney Shaw is the best the FBI has and she’s been assigned to handle a prisoner on her new assignment.John Smoke is a Bounty Hunter whose practices get him in trouble. And he’s no ordinary prisoner.Together they go after the criminals off the gove [...]

    5. Sadly disappointed here, as I so loved the premise and indeed the first half of the book was really good, however it all felt apart for me rather quickly. Special Agent Sid Shaw started out my sort of woman, strong, intelligent and with a military background. What we actually got was someone who made silly decisions, had a really annoying inner voice (with so many sound effects I started to wonder if I had suddenly switched to a Batman comic) and broke all her own rules. Smoke was probably the s [...]

    6. I'm glad I got this for freeIn the first third of the book you have serious blatant misogyny of a guy asking a woman personal questions despite her saying no. You have child neglect, substance abuse, abuse of authority by your protagonist, child endangerment, and it all seems only to give you a background for the female protagonist. We know little of the male protagonist even by the end of the first book.Also, magic attraction to a werewolf cause of, well magic, and then saliva? Oh please. Can w [...]

    7. I got the first 3 books in this series for free so was sceptical that they'd be any good. So far, I'm loving them! Smoke is a stronger lead than Sid but she still holds her own when needed. The random inner dialogue wasn't needed and once the story finally got going it became good fast. It was a typical genre, but written differently with the main being oblivious to what's out there in the world. Hopefully stays a good series to add to my list

    8. Fast and good readEnjoyed the quick story line, humor and Smoke. Sure hope you don't send him back to prison. Looking forward to next book.

    9. Smoke, a former Navy Seal and very successful bounty hunter, is in jail because his sense of bringing the bad guy down no matter what, went a little too outside the law for one judge. One of Agent Sidney Shaw’s jobs is to negotiate freedom in exchange for help from a prisoner when they are deemed the best person for a job. All she knows when approaching Smoke is that a man on a rumored, very high level list of dangerous people needs to be brought in and Smoke appears to be the best. Others hav [...]

    10. Wish it had been a bit longerThe Black Slate apparently precedes the FBI meanwhile there's no real clear picture of what the black slate entails when it comes to the individuals that are part of that group or even the assignments given out to the main character Sydney and Smoke. I was hoping that Sydney would be able to find out more clues about the black slate but apparently that's not the case in this first book maybe being that it's just an installment in one of 10 books. The author probably [...]

    11. Sidney works for the FBI. Her next assignment is to convince a convict to work with her on a little known "Black List". Smoke is a scary loner. She's convinced he'll turn her down after she meets with him in prison. But one day they are both being briefed. Sidney is a by-the-book person. Smoke is not. Sidney is also dealing with family issues while Smoke has 2 people he goes to for various kinds of help. The helpers track down the elusive prey at the top of their list. Surprise! He's a werewolf. [...]

    12. I stumbled across this book and as it was free thought I'd give this a go.It was a solid enough read with likeable characters and it was packed with action and a strong enough plot to keep it moving forward. I finished this book feeling a bit confused by how I felt about the plot and thinking 'Huh? What the?' but I also enjoyed it in a sense as I did feel drawn in by the plot and characters. I guess I expected something a little different from this book and there were things that weren't explain [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book and the characters of FBI Agent Sidney Shaw and mysterious man John Smoke. In this first volume, John Smoke is released from prison into the custody of Agent Shaw; the two are tasked with tracking down a man from the whispered of "Black Slate," a list of fugitives that predates the bureau. The adventure was too quick in my opinion, but fun and provided a great intro to these two characters. Also for fans of Fletch, you get a bit of a wink that I hope will be further developed [...]

    14. A good solid supernatural thrillerA fresh take on the undead and werewolves. A solid story with well thought out out and developed characters.It worried me that all the way to the almost the end the action was full and the story intense, I thought it would be one of those teaser books that do not end. To my very nice surprise, it ended well, a solid stand alone but that stimulates you to want to read the next one. A brilliant execution by the author.Will love to read more from this author. Kudos [...]

    15. Good quick read 2.5Considering I found this in paranormal romance section, I was disappointed to find there is not romance and some over used and badly blunt drool is sexy. Excusing the fact this is not a romance, although it has the potential, and that it is a short read, the book is good. I could have gone SO much further. Some holes in the plot, obvious turns, and enough open ends for more creativity to be used. I got the next book to see how it goes.

    16. My, my, my!Craig Halloran is becoming one of my favorite writers. Each of his series have been entertaining, humorous, surprising and smart. Smoke is the kind of guy you just can't help but like him; Syd shows both sides of being a woman and still let's loose with such guts. Awesome find.

    17. Not normally a fan of shape shifting but I like the interplay of the main characters. It is a little different because it seems like the genders are reversed she's a hard ass and he's very accommodating which doesn't line up with his initial description. I can only imagine this is the lead up to their love affair.

    18. I pushed through to the final chapter but didn't finish it. I like the characters, and am curious about how the overall series will develop, but the style of writing feels like a handheld camera, jerkily shot action movie. For me, there are too many little connections missing, and there are some big leaps in the story that happen suddenly with no lead-up.

    19. This is not my usual genre, but I read it thinking I'd read something different. It was different. Not in a bad way, though and I enjoyed it. I'm going to try the next in the series before I decide whether to try them all. The characters are interesting and mostly likeable, so I rated this one 4.4 stars.

    20. I love this book - There is a strong woman, and she gets a partner but she does not go swooning over him. She starts out with abiding the law to the letter, but learns something that makes her questioning the law. She does not have a perfect family or a perfect relationship with at guy. I am in love :)

    21. Excellent readI was b blown away and caught up from the beginning. The FBI agent Sid faced the unnatural and lived to tell the story. Smoke was a very interesting character that hooked up with Sid. The things the agency did to cover-up things made this story very believable!! I would have rated this book higher if I could. Well done author Craig Halloran !!!

    22. Okay for a light readThe story was a touch dialogue heavy for my personal tastes, and I did feel that Smoke tried get chummy with Shaw a little too quickly. Other than that, it's not too bad and is good fora little something to read on a lazy day off.

    23. Smoke Rising ReviewThis book is as good as his other series. It is not often that I find an author who writes multiple series that are all so good, but Craig Halloran is one of them. This is a must read for anyone who likes a story with a supernatural twist.

    24. Great actionYou will love the action-packed mystery of this paranormal good guys going after the bad guys series. This first book set the pace pretty high. I love the characters and their evolving partnership.

    25. GoodThis is a good book. It's full of action, mystery,zombies and some werewolves. It's a tad short but still good. The story line is good and the main characters are good as well. So get it and happy reading.

    26. A promising start to a new urban fantasy seriesa bit on the short side but it may be geared more toward YA. Still, a lot of fun. I'm off to #2 of 10.

    27. Evyc123Good story, fun characters with lots of chemistry. Fast paced plot with lots of action to keep it interesting. I will be reading more!

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