The Red Dahlia THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER FOR THOSE WHO LOVE MYSTERIES BUT WISH THAT PATRICIA CORNWELL HAD A DIRTIER MIND the author of Above Suspicion and the acclaimed Prime Suspect series returns with a new my

  • Title: The Red Dahlia
  • Author: Lynda La Plante
  • ISBN: 9781416532194
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER FOR THOSE WHO LOVE MYSTERIES BUT WISH THAT PATRICIA CORNWELL HAD A DIRTIER MIND, the author of Above Suspicion and the acclaimed Prime Suspect series returns with a new mystery When the body of a young girl is found dumped on the banks of the Thames, even the police are shocked by the brutality of her murder horrifically mutilated, seveTHE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER FOR THOSE WHO LOVE MYSTERIES BUT WISH THAT PATRICIA CORNWELL HAD A DIRTIER MIND, the author of Above Suspicion and the acclaimed Prime Suspect series returns with a new mystery When the body of a young girl is found dumped on the banks of the Thames, even the police are shocked by the brutality of her murder horrifically mutilated, severed in half, and drained of blood, her corpse is an obvious mirror image of the famous Black Dahlia murder in 1940s Los Angeles Now Detective Inspector Anna Travis must race against time to catch this copycat killer She turns to her mentor, the brilliant and volatile Detective Chief Inspector James Langton, but the frictions of their romantic relationship are complicating the case And then a second girl is found

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    One thought on “The Red Dahlia”

    1. This is the 2nd book in the Anna Travis series by author Lynda La Plante.Detective Anna Travis is working on a murder case that has created a media frenzy. The victim, Louise Pennel, a 24-year-old girl, was last seen in a London night club. Her body was found dumped by the River Thames. Anna must summon all her strength and guile to hunt down this sadistic killer.I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the 1st one in the series but liked the fact that the characters are becoming more well known [...]

    2. Danny Fowler, a paperboy, was winding up his route and heading home from breakfast when he spotted what appeared to be a blow-up doll on the bank of the river. What Danny found wasn’t a blow-up doll and he no longer had an appetite for breakfast. His discovery began the investigation into a death that became known as The Red Dahlia murder.Detective Inspector Anna Travis is a part of the investigation team and soon Detective Chief Inspector James Langton is called in to head up the investigatio [...]

    3. This book had the potential to be interesting, at least in the first 150 pages or so. I was attracted to the grim descriptions of the autopsy reports and at first, the cops' diligence in tracking the killer as well as the copy-cat description of the crime scene with that of the Black Dahlia murder in the 1940s. After the name of the killer gets revealed, the book goes downhill, and the only thing I looked forward to were the one or two lines dedicated to describing what Anna Travis ate for dinne [...]

    4. The Red Dahlia is a great read. Lynda La Plante has a unique style in crime fiction, where she is quite mechanical in the descriptions of what's going on. This means that you get to know Anna Travis quite well. You know when she's got ladders in her stockings, what she eats for breakfast, and how long she's had her car for. It's a bit of an adjustment but once you get into the swing of things, this descriptive process really gives you great insight into what's going on in the book. The Red Dahli [...]

    5. The Red Dahlia is second in a series to feature DI Anna Travis, behind Above Suspicion, which I own but haven't yet read, although I don't think I missed anything. This was an outstanding mystery novelrfect pace, building suspense throughout, characters that seemed real, and a story that kept me reading until I finished the book.While out delivering the last of his newspapers, a young boy makes a gruesome discovery. The police arrive and discover the body of a young woman, severed in half, blood [...]

    6. The second book in Lynda La Plante's Anna Travis series is another well-written book. Prior to reading this, I had already watched the BBC episodes. As with "Above Suspicion," the BBC version was faithful to the book. There were extra bits that added to the experience of reading the book, but I was pleased at the way the author's intent was preserved when bringing the story to television.The books do focus more attention on the relationship, or whatever it might be, that exists between Travis an [...]

    7. My first book by this author and I enjoyed it.The Red Dahlia killer copycat's the murders committed in the 1940's in LA. The novel deals not with only finding the killer but in the actual difficulties in finding enough evidence to arrest him.I did not feel the lover story in the background added anything to the story but did not overly distract from it either.Although this is the 2nd of the Anna Travis novels, it did not matter overly that I did not read the first one as this novel stood on it's [...]

    8. A young girl's body is found dismembered close by the Thames at Richmond and the killing mirrored an unsolved 1940s Los Angeles murder that came to be known as The Black Dahlia.The similarities in the killing and the fact that the young lady by the Thames had a red flower in her hair earned this new case the sobriquet of 'The Red Dahlia'.Newly promoted Detective Inspector Anna Travis is on the case but she meets with little success and eventually is joined by a former paramour, Detective Chief I [...]

    9. For years I was a big fan of the British police procedural TV series PRIME SUSPECT (starring Helen Mirren) created by author Lynda LaPlante. This was the first novel I'd read by LaPlante, and I was not disappointed. The plot involves the murder and grisly dismemberment of two British working girls, in a manner that immediately suggests a copycat killing of the infamous Red Dahlia murders in 1947 California. The focal detective Anna Travis and her boss Peter Langton, overcoming some awkwardness d [...]

    10. This book was ok, but I felt it was written with an eye to a TV adaptation.The confession came all of a sudden, in one paragraph the person was refusing to talk, and a couple of paragraphs later the detective was explaining what the person had confessed to him and it seemed like there was a big chunk missing. There were quite a lot of typos throughout the book too, which I find quite irritating.If you like TV police dramas you will probably like this book, but I don't think I'll read any more La [...]

    11. My first attempt at a book by Lynda La Plante. The story had all the makings of being an excellent thriller and suspenseful, but to my mind because it is so very detailed became a little long in the tooth, and I came away disappointed. Excellent descriptions of all relevant characters although the "love story" in the 'background' added nothing to the overall story, and I found much of it contrived.

    12. Lynda La Plante is the author of the Prime Suspect series, & this is just as gritty as those books. Someone is copycatting the Black Dahlia murder in LA back in the 1940s. Only this is London in the present day. You need a strong stomach to read THE RED DAHLIA.

    13. I couldn't put this book down - Anna Travis together with James Langton & the Murder Team keep you engaged throughout - a 10

    14. Lynda la Plante has a good formula for mysteries. As in her Prime Suspect series, her protagonist, Anna Travis, is a new detective in a mostly male world who must prove herself by being more diligent, more thorough and more like a male detective. Although she had a steamy night with her boss in the first novel, she has seen the error of her ways and called it off. Imagine her surprise when he walks in to take over the Red Dahlia case. Not only is the murder a gruesome one, it is a copycat of the [...]

    15. Tiene todo lo que una buena Novela negra debe tener, un asesinato espantoso, un asesino frío, inteligente y muy enfermo, una extraordinaria investigación policíaca, unas muy buenas escenas de medicina forense, unos policías que se enfrentan a sus propios demonios y conflictos en medio de una dura investigación policial.Me encanta como escriben los ingleses, realmente tienen un estilo narrativo muy de ellos, de esos que fluyen y que a pesar de lo negro del caso en ningún momento toca lo esc [...]

    16. Anna Travis is now a DI and still determined to keep her relationship with DCI Langton platonic even though they slept with each other on their previous case. This story involves some pretty graphic details of a horrific murder committed by a sadistic, terribly damaged individual. This books doesn't contain sex scenes but the perpetrator is involved in some pretty seedy stuff that is explained, though not graphically described, but is still pretty nasty so beware. Some profanity as well. Anna an [...]

    17. I'm always slightly suspicious of any work that insists on detailing the appearance of all characters as if the colour of trousers actually matters. Neither do I really care what characters decide to cook for each other. Having said that, the plot here is what matters in that a copycat psychopath is reproducing (in gruesome and gratuitous detail) the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947 who became known as the Black Dahlia.This is the second in the Anna Travis series and the first I have r [...]

    18. I'm on the fence about this book. It was an interesting mystery, influenced by the Black Dahlia case. I've always found historical mysteries to be very interesting, which is what drew me to read "The Red Dahlia."Overall, I didn't feel connected to any of the characters. It is the second book in the Anna Travis series, so maybe that's why I feel disconnected and like I don't know the characters. It also felt like this book kept going on, and on, and on. Could have used less pointless investigatio [...]

    19. I enjoyed reading Above Suspicion and decided to pick up the second book in the series. I completely disliked it. Although just slightly longer than the first one, it seemed to go on forever. The first half of the book NOTHING happened. Really, literally, nothing. I don't know what was the point of the first 200 pages. Also quite annoying, maybe 20 % of the book was "him" snapping. He snapped, and then he snapped again, and again, he never barked or snarled or any of a hundred other possibilitie [...]

    20. The second novel in the Anna Travis series just picks up where the first (Above Suspicion) left off in its intensity even though it is set a little time after the first novel and yet can be read as a stand alone story. And what a story. A copycat murder based on an actual murder (you can do the research and it will only enhance the experience). Again the events flow and the characters are realistic and our heroine responds as only she can. A few little twists and turns. Cleverly crafted and told [...]

    21. Pretty good as cop thrillers go - the whole process of trying to find evidence even when you know you have got your man carries it a bit further than a lot of crime novels. The end was a bit frustrating though as it was obvious what had happened but took the cops days to realise which did not quite ring true. Good holiday read

    22. Good pace and page turnerThis was easy to pick up from the beginning and you quickly got into the characters. Only criticism is that I am not sure if all the procedures and discipline issues of officers was quite correct with real officers. Nevertheless a good easy read from start to finish.

    23. 1.5 starsThe only reason I didn't put this down as a "will not finish" is because I wanted to know who the murderer was. So the plot was ok. The writing, however, was painful. Slow paced and wooden. Don't bother.

    24. Parts of it were quite good, but other parts especially the middle part of the book were tedious. I ended up skim reading in the hope of reaching the point where something happens before I give up. I did actually finish it.

    25. More of a 3.5 really. for some reason it seemed more pedestrian tha the previous book, despite covering such extreme acts.

    26. A decent detective mystery although I began to remember elements of the story from watching the TV adaption a number of years ago. Definitely best to read this series in order.

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