The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire It s the summer of in a small town in Western Massachusetts Physics professor David Asken has just lost his young family in a plane crash he somehow survived Sixteen year old neighbor Molly Carmi

  • Title: The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire
  • Author: Sandra Hutchison
  • ISBN: 9780991186938
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the summer of 1977 in a small town in Western Massachusetts Physics professor David Asken has just lost his young family in a plane crash he somehow survived Sixteen year old neighbor Molly Carmichael used to be the babysitter, but now will be keeping house for him while he recuperates He s quietly planning to end his life just as soon as he can drive again, but maIt s the summer of 1977 in a small town in Western Massachusetts Physics professor David Asken has just lost his young family in a plane crash he somehow survived Sixteen year old neighbor Molly Carmichael used to be the babysitter, but now will be keeping house for him while he recuperates He s quietly planning to end his life just as soon as he can drive again, but may not be willing to wait that long after he comes across his dead wife s journal and encounters hostility than he had ever imagined Molly is trying to cope with being known as Tampon Girl, thanks to a sculpture by her notorious artist mother, but she will have to deal with much worse than that after a drunken teenage party.Both man and girl are going to have to grow up the hard way, and it s their unexpected connection fraught with potential scandal that may just help them do it This provocative coming of age novel asks Is there ever a time when doing the wrong thing might be exactly right This is the second book from Sandra Hutchison s, whose debut novel THE AWFUL MESS A LOVE STORY, an Breakthrough Novel Award semifinalist, has been downloaded by over 55,000 readers.

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    One thought on “The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire”

    1. Funny, dark, and utterly brilliant: this UNromance is a most original coming-of-age storyIt's the 1970s in suburban America and the stage is set for the sort of story that, in a lesser writer's hands, would usually make me fling my e-reader across the room. David is a 30-something physics professor traumatized by the recent loss of his wife and daughter in a plane crash. Molly is his 16-yr-old babysitter set on a collision course with a world far less innocent than she imagines.But this is no se [...]

    2. Love is a slow burn for Molly & David in this enthralling, realistic portrait of choices in a time of change. It explores complex issues such as grief, sexual abuse, and the turmoil of wanting someone you're not supposed to have. Also, it presents the reader with a profound look at the parent/child relationship in (albeit) extreme situations, ones which the average reader can readily sympathize (if not identify) with.There's a lot to love about this novel but, without inundating you with spo [...]

    3. I read the The Awful Mess by Sandra Hutchinson some time ago and enjoyed is so much I asked her when she would be writing another book. She wasn't too sure at that time. Months went by and I contacted her again. So I was surprised when she contacted me to say "Sue, would you like to read my new book". I was delighted.I've had quite a few things happen in my personal life which has meant many authors awaiting a review from me and Sandra Hutchinson has been waiting several weeks. I have finally fo [...]

    4. I have to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to the title of this book when I entered the Shelf Awareness newsletter contest; I was more captivated with the story and the cover. I kinda cringed when it arrived in the mail; seemed a little too much erotica for me. But, luckily, the story lived up to, and exceeded my expectations.The story opens with David Asken and his family returning from their family vacation at Walt Disney World. David hates to fly, that obvious with the first sentence: [...]

    5. I'm a little OK with missing most of the 70's I knew nothing of this book or the author when I decided to read it. I gravitated toward the title like one usually does to an amazing cover, the title was familiar, edgy, and as I read the book I realised why. David loses his family in a plane crash! Wow, just like that right in the beginning - huge tragedy. This author isn't done toying with our emotions. The shock factor stays on an orangey alert throughout the whole story. There are some pretty r [...]

    6. I received a copy from the author via Shelf Awareness in order to review. As I glanced through other reviews, someone mentioned "funny". I don't think I found much in this book that I consider funny. All the characters are tortured in some way. Molly, the sixteen year old with an artist mother whose art embarrasses her, is tasked with the job of caring for her neighbor after his family is killed in a plane crash. The description of this book is a bit heavy on a sexual relationship between the Mo [...]

    7. Trigger warning: contains (view spoiler)[taboo love, incest and rape.(hide spoiler)]So, well I'm kinda speechless at the moment. I wasn´t honestly expecting all these taboo themes in one single book. I really liked David, and I really liked Molly. But it broke me to see these two traumatized people and their unfortunate lives. You can´t help but want to see them together but at the same time you wish they don´t because they are so much broken already. And everything feels right, but feels wro [...]

    8. A truly great surprise! I know its a good book when I can't put it down. The perfect mix of tragedy, personality, and all the other elements of a good story. This author has talent. Ilk be looking for more of her work.

    9. A coming-of-age novel set in America in the late 70s, Sandra Hutchison's The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire centers on the relationship between David, a physics professor in his 30s, and Molly, the teenage girl who used to babysit his daughter. Molly doesn't babysit for David anymore because his wife and daughter recently perished in a plane crash. He is too overwhelmed by grief to take care of himself, so his estranged sister hires Molly to keep house for him.Molly has problems of her own. Her [...]

    10. 3.5/4*Io con questo libro ho finalmente scoperto cosa "Indie" volesse dire.No, non 'roba alternativa di autori che vivono probabilmente in una comune' ma pubblicato in modo indipendente. Ci siamo, dai!La prima parte mi è piaciuta moltissimo ed ero pronta a dargli cinque stelline Poi però la cosa un po' si perde e il romanzo diventa goffo, mostrando spesso le sue debolezze da opera prima.Io credo che Sandra Hutchinson abbia pensato a tanto bel materiale e lo abbia portato avanti fino ad un ce [...]

    11. The reasons people read fiction and what they expect or hope to get from the experience varies, not only from reader to reader, but sometimes from book to book. For some, it is purely entertainment or vicarious experience of some kind. Others want something deeper whether it be a message, a thought-provoking story, or a trigger to consider the world and their place in it. A good story will work on both levels, entertaining all readers while providing grist for the mill to those who are looking f [...]

    12. Recovering both physically and mentally from a plane crash that took the lives of his wife and daughter, college professor David Asken is a mess. His sister hires 16-year-old Molly from across the street to help out with cooking, cleaning and making sure David takes his meds, eats, pays bills, etc. Due to David’s depressed state of mind and Molly’s somewhat neglectful parents, the two form an unconventional and rather controversial relationship. But the development of their relationship is o [...]

    13. You have to read this book it's fantastic. A coming of age story for a high schooler wise and mature beyond her years and finally, by the end, able to find her own voice, take a stand for herself, and look ahead to her future shining bright before her. Molly is a plain and unobtrusive teen, overshadowed by her talented mother's artwork. Molly babysits for their neighbors, David and Elaine's little girl Emily, but when Elaine and Emily are killed in an accident, Molly is hired to be David's house [...]

    14. This is one of the realest books I have ever read. The pain, the characters, the story itself are so real it hurts. And it does hurt, because this isn't a tale about simply finding love. It's a tragic story about making a choice out of bad options.At first, I thought the character of Cassandra was a little unrealistic. But I concede that there are some people --- some parents --- in the world like her.The worst thing about this book was the language. Whereas it, too, was mostly --- and painfully [...]

    15. This book ended up totally not being what I expected, but that being said, I did really enjoy. The story goes back and forth between 17 year Molly who has a humiliating mother and 33 year old David Asken who is a professor who just lost his wife and young daughter in a car accident. Molly was David's child's babysitter, and when his family perishes, she essentially becomes his babysitter. I completely forgot throughout the book (until the mention of a cassette player) that this took place in 197 [...]

    16. This was a fantastic read from start to finish. The characters were completely real and compelling, their circumstances so tragic, so real, so heart-wrenching. Ms. Hutchison tackles complex characters and stories with a beautiful simplicity. It's rare that a story captivates me so deeply, but David and especially Molly will live with me forever.Why no voting buttons? We don't let customers vote on their own reviews, so the voting buttons appear only when you look at reviews submitted by others.

    17. Wow. This is not the second book I expected from this author. Her first book was a romance and THIS was not THAT. Her first book had much levity, and an irreverent air to it. This book did not indulge in anything as mundane as irreverence. Her first book wrapped up tidily. This book ended in full-throttle ambiguity.But by all means, do not let my proceeding paragraph dissuade you from reading this book! Just make sure you have a minimum of two days to devote to nothing but reading because like e [...]

    18. Interesting treatment of a delicate subjectWarning:subject matters maybe too much for some readers.spoiler warning:after a traumatic event separate s David from his pregnant wife and young daughter,he has to try to navigate Hus way back with the help of his next door neighbor molly,who used to babysit his daughter.

    19. Well written if not a “comfortable” read at Christmas time because of the edgy language and behavior of the teenagers, the peers - not really the friends- of one of the protagonists. Her mother, whose sculptures exploit her daughter’s biological coming of age, is not immediately sympathetic, either, nor is she in her daughter's view. The other protagonist is a broken man, having lost his wife and young daughter in a plane crash, fears he may have failed to save them, and reads in his wife [...]

    20. Again, another book I wasn't sure I wanted to read because of my concerns about prurient interests, but I was drawn in by the premisea college professor whose wife and young daughter die in an airplane crash, and a teenaged neighbor who is growing into her sexuality, and the tension of both seeking resolution. The book creates challenging questionsabout rebirth after crises, about appropriateness of May/December relationships, about kindness, acceptance, tragedy, and resistance of temptation. Th [...]

    21. I really didn't know what to expect when I cracked this book open. Obviously the title gives a small hint that this book won't be a light chick read.David the local physics professor survives a plane crash but loses his wife and daughter, he can't remember anything of the actual crash which is really disturbing to him. He just wants to end his life and soon.His sister hires Molly (who used to baby sit his daughter Emily) to make sure the casseroles left at the door are heated and that David eats [...]

    22. David survives a plane crash that killed his wife and daughter. Molly, his next door neighbor and his daughter’s babysitter, is hired by his sister to be his housekeeper. Like most survivors, David is struggling with guilt and is even contemplating suicide. Molly, aside from dealing with the grief over the death of David’s daughter Emily, is dealing with issues of her own – one of them being the daughter of a sexually uninhibited artist. The title of this book would probably make you think [...]

    23. Do you remember when you were growing up and you lived in constant blithering terror that your Mom or your Dad - or worse yet both of them tag-teaming up together - were going to catch hold of your ear and have that long old talk with you.You know the talk that I am talking aboutE talk.Face it.You would rather stuff your ears full of flaming worm boogers than to hear your Mom and Dad talk to you about all of that stuff that you had already figured out - but what you did not figure out is that so [...]

    24. This second novel by my friend Sandra is a very good one (which is what I mean when I give four stars). It's a serious story about serious people with serious problems: a relatively young professor, David, who loses his wife, his child, and his will to live in a horrendous plane crash; a 16 year old girl. Molly, who had babysat for the lost child and becomes a househelper to David, damaged in spirit and body from the crash. Molly has her own problems, such as few friends, an artistic mother whos [...]

    25. No soap suds, just heard-earned life lessonsGiven this novel’s central premise, a relationship that springs up between a professor who’s lost his family in an airplane crash and a 16-year-old girl at odds with her divorced mother and her neighbors, there are opportunities for narrative missteps aplenty here. I’m happy to report, however, that author Sandra Hutchison deftly and gracefully evades them all in telling their unusual stories. Hutchison is content to let the main characters’ ob [...]

    26. This book touched upon several big issues within it's pages. It touched upon the rape of a young teenage girl, and how mentally and physically it had impacted her. It touched upon the deaths of a wife and daughter and how it impacted both physically and mentally the husband/father. It discussed the sexual relationship of a young and impressionable teenage girl and an older man. These two people, impacted by separate events of their own and yet, drawn into a taboo event in itself, the emotional a [...]

    27. I was surprised at how much I liked this sometimes humorous and always emotional coming-of-age tale about a teenager and the older man/widower with whom she falls in love.Beginning from a tragedy, her youthful appeal and outlook on love and life were a draw for this broken man but in the end they help each other heal and grow from life's cruelest offerings.I was not disgusted or disturbed by the age difference or the eventual relationship between these two damaged individualsey each gave and got [...]

    28. A well written romance story.I felt with this story that it was a coming of age between both of the main characters, David and MollyIt is well written, but I thought it could have had a better edit, just a few small typos,and that is the only reason that I gave it four stars rather than five that it should have received.I would certainly recommend the reading of this novel as an excellent page turning book.You will laugh and cry during your reading. As stated earlier a well written novel, which [...]

    29. This is not a book I can say I "like" - it was quite a difficult one to read because of the unpleasant themes: the death of a young mother and her small daughter in a plane crash, the surviving husband's despair, a young woman's brutal rape, references to incest, an unconventional sexual situation - - and more. But it was a book that met these situations head-on, and dealt with them in an honest manner and with a minimum amount of drama. The main characters are not always very likable, but they [...]

    30. Full disclosure: I received this novel as a Shelf Awareness Book Buzz giveaway, but it in no way affected this review.This is a unique coming-of-age novel set in 1977. Dr. David Asken has lost his wife and child in an airplane crash; his daughter's babysitter Molly becomes his housekeeper while he recuperates. Their unexpected connection and friendship during this difficult year helps both of them grieve and deal with the aftermath of suicide attempts and teenage angst.But will anyone else like [...]

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