Dark Empire II In Star Wars Dark Empire the Rebel Alliance once again fought and defeated the forces of the Empire Or did they Now as Luke Skywalker searches the galaxy for clues to the history of the Jedi Han an

  • Title: Dark Empire II
  • Author: Tom Veitch Cam Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781593075262
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Star Wars Dark Empire, the Rebel Alliance once again fought and defeated the forces of the Empire Or did they Now, as Luke Skywalker searches the galaxy for clues to the history of the Jedi, Han and Leia lead the Rebel Alliance against a terrible new threat as a group of Dark Jedi fulfill the Emperor s final mission Operation Shadow Hand, a devastating plan carrieIn Star Wars Dark Empire, the Rebel Alliance once again fought and defeated the forces of the Empire Or did they Now, as Luke Skywalker searches the galaxy for clues to the history of the Jedi, Han and Leia lead the Rebel Alliance against a terrible new threat as a group of Dark Jedi fulfill the Emperor s final mission Operation Shadow Hand, a devastating plan carried out by the deadliest dark side mind of all Dramatized 2 hours on 2 cassettes or 2 CDs

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    One thought on “Dark Empire II”

    1. I have an idea for the sequel. The Emperor uses the galaxy gun to shoot at New Alderaan, but Luke goes out in a ship to stop the attack by the power of the Force. The Emperor sends a ship with 45 Darkside Warriors to stop Luke, but Han Solo manages to get them to accidentally crash into a nearby moon. The Emperor reveals his real ultimate weapon, a spaceship the size of a planet, that goes to kill Luke, but the Rebel Alliance reveals that they have a space ship the size of a planet too, which is [...]

    2. Utterly pointless sequel to the original Dark Empire. What little story there is takes everything that was weak about the original and maximises to the Nth degree. The Emperor returns again (nullifying the Skywalker confrontation at the end of the first book!) doing nothing but bark orders, Boba Fett returns again and rehashes the same shit he pulled in the first book, and more superweapons return…. again…. There is very little this comic offers. It has the same crap colours as the first, Lu [...]

    3. This series had started out with such promise for me, but I can now safely say that this one of the DUMBEST things I have ever read in Star Wars.Dark Empire II sucks, plain and simple.The story is unmemorable as are the villains: The Emperor has jumped the shark into Saturday morning cartoon villain territory: the Jem/Luke relationship comes out of nowhere with little payoff: The original characters of this sequel are criminally underdeveloped: worst of all, the whole thing feels like a bad set [...]

    4. It has all my least favourite things about the the EU from the 90's Weird attempts to make Luke FallStrange one off romances with Luke that will clearly dieCrazy super weaponsEmperors refusal to die despite being dead several times Zany one liners

    5. Suffers from a poorly thought out story and not-very-good artwork. Alas, if only they'd let me loose to revise the whole SW universe :-)Ah, well, I have my private version of the saga to comfort me.

    6. As much as I love STAR WARS, and even enjoyed Tom Veitch's first Dark Empire, this graphic novel was horrible. I'm not sure if it's canon or not (I suspect it is), but any STAR WARS fan should skip this one.Dark Empire II, by Tom Veitch, may possibly be the worst STAR WARS comic I have ever read. The characters are dull and flat, with little development put into any. The Emperor's revived clone (again) is utterly ridiculous. Luke is dumb. Han and Leia's relationship is as good as Hayden Christen [...]

    7. I can understand why some people don't like the Dark Empire stories, and while they weren't my favorites, it is fine. Admittedly, Veitch's writing borders more on narrator summary, as if it is one long flashback or "previously on Star Wars," and that got annoying by the end, but the story itself is all right. Just because it contradicts things that came later shouldn't mean much (if anything). It has a fast pace, leaves gaps without spoon-feeding us mounds of details, and does some fairly bold t [...]

    8. Not a bad little Star Wars story, but I feel like it left me hanging a little too much. I'm going to have to find out where this story continues!

    9. Erm it’s a bit difficult to figure what to make of Dark Horse’s DARK EMPIRE II. Rarely does a title seem so entirely unnecessary much less a crass attempt to cash in on a middling first entry (namely DARK EMPIRE) but that’s honestly about the best I can figure come the “big finish” which isn’t so much a “big finish” as it is a set of circumstances leaving our heroes dangling for, yet, another inevitable installment.Look, I get that the first business of any company is to obviousl [...]

    10. The Emperor reborn, meaner weapons and new Jedi. Despite the unearthing of ancient Jedi lore and history, the tale has lost its lustre and drags on.

    11. The story had some fun elements like a steampunk Jedi with a steampunk spaceship. But overall, it was a flat sequel that undid a lot of what mattered in the previous story without doing much the advance that main story. That's probably because the source material, unless I'm misremembering, was a couple graphic novels. There isn't a lot of room there to change a lot about the Star Wars extended universe. The only thing that made me groan was the catch-phrase-ification of a lot of the main charac [...]

    12. Este tomo incluye dos series: Dark Empire II y Empire's End. La primera tiene seis números, la segunda dos adivinen qué significa eso. No tengo ganas de escribir mucho sobre estas series. Sólo decir que todo queda al final como al final de El Regreso del Jedi. Ningún personaje introducido vale para nada, salvo Kam Solusar, un jedi que aparece al principio sin mucha explicación pero que según la wookiepedia llegó a tener su relevancia en el EU. No hay ni un ápice de epicidad. Fin.

    13. This was a fun continuation of dark empire. It was interesting to read about part of the history referred to in the later books. Luke's journey to explore the jedi history is quite interesting I'm hoping to find more on his exploration of the force that culminates in the later novels.

    14. Wow! The emperor was dead, but now he's not, and he's got new unbelievable weapons up his sleeve: droids infused with the dark side's energies, dark troopers, also with dark side energies, dark henchmen, also with filled with dark energies, dark rancors bread in the dark side and just waiting for the correct moment to attack, and last but certainly not least, a huge space cannon. Having read all of the Dark Empire Trilogy back to back, the only thing I can say is that it went from, so so, to bad [...]

    15. Here we have Veitch's second effort, sequel to the first Dark Empire, that picks up shortly after the first. The Emperor is finally dead whoop, spoke too soon. A lazy plot point gets even lazier. One thing I really enjoyed about the Thrawn trilogy was seeing someone OTHER than the Emperor threaten the burgeoning New Republic, and Veitch seems to have taken a huge step backwards. In fact, the further into the Dark Empire story, the less of Zahn's work seems to be recognized. General Bel Iblis? No [...]

    16. I bought Dark Empire 1 and 2 to find out what happened to Luke between the Zahn series and the Jedi Academy series. What I discovered, was a Death Star sized hole in the wonderful Star Wars story. Tom Veitch and Cam Kennedy should be dragged to the streets and shot for the sin against Star Wars that Dark Empire is. First and foremost, the story is horrible. The only thing they got right is that Leia is pregnant, everything else is utter nonsense. Second, they were completely off portraying the c [...]

    17. I listened to the audiobook. This sounds more like a comic than the first Dark Empire. There are some strange characters, and not only because they're reclusive Jedi. The Emperor's recent clone is a bit kooky, which makes sense given the number of times he was cloned with less than stellar technology.Boba Fett's voice is horrendous. Wedge's is distracting, but Fett was a horrible choice.Luke brings back Kam Solusar from the Dark Side, whose name I always pronounced wrong in my head. He learns th [...]

    18. This was really really bad. There were so many continuity errors. Some of the subplots were of interest, but the major story line as a whole needed to be majorly reworked. With bowl of the Dark Empire novels, they should have dropped the whole cloned Emperor bit in favor of a dark Jedi who had been secretly trained by The Emperor who rose up and took control over the failing Empire. This was a cringe worthy graphic novel. The only way I made it through it, is by thinking of what could have been [...]

    19. Après les aventures du premier tome, l'Empereur envoie des gens pour aller chercher Leia et ses enfants et en même temps, ils doivent tuer Luke Skywalker. Luke est à la recherche d'anciens Jedi qui auraient survécu à la purge après la Guerre des Clones.J'ai détesté le premier tome à cause de sa mauvaise histoire et des mauvais dessins. Pour celui-ci, l'histoire est encore pire. Au niveau de l'art, c'est toujours aussi laid. C'est un style très minimaliste mais ça ne va pas très bien [...]

    20. I think I should have left the Star Wars books in my childhood. The book was okay. There are definitely cheesy parts and the full cast audio book version was bit too much for me. The other day a friend commented on how every new star wars book/comic added their own new Jedi's and ships and suprises. This series takes it to a new level with horrible weapons of destruction and all new threats from the darkside. While entertaining I feel like it warps and shifts the original story more than I would [...]

    21. Ugh. One of the few books I raced through just to get it over with. Although I have long wanted to read the Timothy Zahn sequels to the Star Wars trilogy (the "first" trilogy, for those who include the prequels as actual Star Wars movies) but reading this crap gives me pause. Maybe I should just avoid all these supplemental materials and enjoy the first three films in their Han-shot-first glory.

    22. Slightly more coherent than Dark Empire, Dark Empire II still has unflattering coloration, uses characters from the past to ill-effect (why bring Boba Fett back just to have him suck?), and has an odd fascination with who is designing all the cool new toys for the Imperial Forces.The larger problem is that there is really no reason for the story to proceed at the pace it does (or for it to revisit as many of the locations from Dark Empire).

    23. In my quest to read pretty much every source Anakin Solo is mentioned in, I went back to try to read Dark Empire II. The art in this graphic novel is not my favorite (to say the least), the writing simply didn't pull me in, and it was difficult to get invested in the characters as a result of this. I mostly skimmed the novel and returned it to the library. Probably will not try looking at it again.

    24. "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." James T. Kirk, Captain of the Battlestar GalacticaThat sums up my feelings for this book. It's a jumbled mess that incorrectly references places and people I like. My greatest fear is that Episode VII will be something like this. My second greatest fear is that Episode VII is that Jaxxon won't be in Episode VII.

    25. Pretty lame. Nothing notable, except for the birth of Anakin Solo. Art sucked. Lightsabers sucked. Writing sucked. Luke’s foray with the Ysanna chick was lame. Unnecessary and unresolved. There’s something called Empire’s End, but I’ll read in Barnes and Noble some afternoon, if I deign to do so at all.

    26. This one was a fun continuation of the first Dark Empire, although it got a little too out there at times. One of the problems with writing about a diverse group of alien races is the names of individuals can get a little weird and they just end up looking like nonsense words.That said, still a fun read, even if the end wraps up a little too well and too quickly for me.

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