Dark Empire I The epic length story that re energized the Star Wars franchise is now available in a new edition with a new cover by Magic the Gathering artist Mark Zug Join Luke Leia Han and Chewie as they batt

  • Title: Dark Empire I
  • Author: Tom Veitch Cam Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781593070397
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • The epic length story that re energized the Star Wars franchise is now available in a new edition, with a new cover by Magic the Gathering artist Mark Zug Join Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie as they battle the Empire s latest super weapons the gigantic, planet destroying World Devastators Six years after the Battle of Endor, the Empire has been reborn, guided by a mystThe epic length story that re energized the Star Wars franchise is now available in a new edition, with a new cover by Magic the Gathering artist Mark Zug Join Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie as they battle the Empire s latest super weapons the gigantic, planet destroying World Devastators Six years after the Battle of Endor, the Empire has been reborn, guided by a mysterious new leader With a price on their heads, our heroes are on the run Han and Leia struggle to protect their unborn child from the bounty hunters and Imperial troops that dog their steps But their greatest danger may lie in the troubled heart of a hero as Luke succumbs to the lure of the dark side

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    One thought on “Dark Empire I”

    1. 1st question: George Lucas gave this his approval?2nd question: *coming from the opening commentary in the trade paperback* Ok Kevin J. Anderson, how much money did they give you to praise this mess?3rd question: Can somebody thank Disney for purging this bogus piece of crap of a story from the Star Wars Timeline?As you can tell, I think this is a bad comic. But before we move on, let me give you some background.If you read my review of Timothy Zahn's classic Star Wars Novel Heir to the Empire, [...]

    2. I can see how long time fans would think this was great if there was nothing following the Return of the Jedi film, but this wasn't really that good. It was an okay read. The art was kinda wonky and psychedelic looking at times with the strange color use.

    3. This was awesome. The art and story are somewhat debatable in terms of quality; for me however, the visuals are stunning, the story is dark and mysterious, and the ambition on display here is absolutely brilliant.This objectively should have been three stars but the post script following the story itself turns this into a four for me.I recommend this as only a hardcore Star Wars nerd can.

    4. A fun way I found to read this story is to listen to various John William's Star Wars movie soundtrack songs as you read. I also imagined/heard Mark Hammill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher's voices as I read their characters dialogue in an attempt to connect the story in that way to the original trilogy of movies. Especially since this story takes place after Return of the Jedi. It was nice to think of this story as a MOVIE that could have come after Return of the Jedi, the movie as a fan I wou [...]

    5. This book gets talked up a lot, but it's actually pretty bad. I love just about everything Star Wars related, but this graphic novel is kind of a mess. The dialogue is awful, minor characters are shoehorned in for no reason, the coloring is terrible, and the art is pretty bad as well. There are a few fairly cool moments in it, but the basic idea of the Emperor coming back as a clone is just weird, and the solution to the problem is idiotic. Definitely the most disappointing part of the Star Wars [...]

    6. I can't say this is my favorite Star Wars book, but it is quite good. I particularly like the explanation of how the dark side was actually defeated in this instance!

    7. Now that Dark Horse Comic’s tenure with the Star Wars license is starting to wind down, I wanted to take some time to go back and reread some of the bigger, bolder titles that have seen release throughout the years. Like many longtime readers, I’m immeasurably bummed about the move of the comics from the Horse to the Mouse House of Marvel (I’m really not looking forward to the Vader/Wolvie crossover); and – in order to keep it real – I’m revisiting some of the yarns that made waves.O [...]

    8. As I said in one of my status updates, this is no longer canon as Disney erased the Extended Universe canon when they took over the franchise. I'm not bothered - we comic book fans are used to canon being changed and alternate universes. I can still enjoy the story.What's interesting is that this is a radio play based on a comic book. If I remember correctly, it's by the same people who did the NPR radio play of the original trilogy. The voice acting is a little wooden, but Billy Dee Williams st [...]

    9. The Good: Other than adaptations of the movies themselves, I'm unfamiliar with the world of Star Wars comics. I've read countless Expanded Universe novels, but, I'm fairly new to the world of comics--other than daily newspaper strips, i.e Garfield--in general. This is different than the style of comics I'm used to, but it was definitely enjoyable nonetheless. Fans of the films will definitely enjoy this. The artwork is so bright and colorful, it reminded me of the video games I used to play as a [...]

    10. I found my copy of this from when I was a kid and just read it again. It moves way too fast and the dialogue gets not that great at some points. But I dig the story enough. The best thing about it is the surreal water color inking and art. Just awesome looking psychedelic fever dream art. Whole scenes in neon blocks of color. Cam Kennedy also did some Rogue Trooper stuff that I dug. Other people seem to not dig the art. But it's mainly the folks that like garbage boring comics. This is full of b [...]

    11. I began reading the Jedi Academy trilogy recently and ran across several references to the resurrected Emperor and to Luke Skywalker being turned to the Dark Side of the Force. A quick on-line search revealed that I had not missed any books in the EU sequence, but that the references were to a series of comics entitled Dark Empire. So I picked up this, the first volume of the collected series, to get caught up on the missing plot points.I don't read comics on a regular basis now, but I did as a [...]

    12. Interesting from an anthropological point-of-view. The combination of speculation for Episode VII and the new Marvel comics led me to start looking back at old Dark Horse titles. When I was running a KOTOR RPG for my buddies in Ames, I devoured all of the Old Republic and Sith titles. I never really read more than a few post-ROTJ books. I suppose after reading the Zahn trilogy, most of the other titles were a disappointment. It was long after that until Episode I was announced. I will say that t [...]

    13. (3.5) The low rating isn't because of the story-line. That part was pretty good.It was for the artwork. WHAT. THE. HECK. HAPPENED??Like it was okay for the first half, then it slowly began to devolve into unrecognizable characters. I literally only recognized Mon Mothma. Like, what happened, Dark Horse? I don't read SW for Mothma.The only reason I'm going to keep reading is because it's Star Wars. But the artwork is horrible and almost makes it not work it.

    14. This was so awesome. I have been meaning to read this for quite some time now. Glad I finally took the time to do so. I have an inkling that the new Star Wars film may be pulling from some of these concepts.

    15. I read and loved this series years ago in the classic Dark Horse comics. Have them all bagged and sealed. But I get to re-read them again on my Kindle Fire. Still very good. All of the old Star Wars characters we love and hate. Jedi action, storm troopers, Han, Leia and the whole gang.

    16. This story takes place after Episode 6.We learn that the Emperor is still alive and has gotten Luke to join the dark side. Leia has significant Jedi powers, is married to Han and has to kids. She feels Luke going dark and goes to help him. The Emperor wants Luke to bring his sister to the dark side to because she's pregnant and the Emperor wants her baby. Luke tries to kill the Emperor but he sheds his old man body and transfers his consciousness to a clone of himself. When Leia comes to help Lu [...]

    17. Dark Empire is often listed as one of the more important stories in the Star Wars Legends canon. It's no secret that it features a formerly deceased Star Wars villain in a controversial resurrection and Luke's seduction by the Dark Side. However the story is not exactly well written featuring some janky characterization of your favorite Original Trilogy characters. Worse is the funky monochrome art that often quite painful to look at. I honestly can't recommend this except maybe to hardcore Star [...]

    18. Now non-canon, but an interesting look graphic novel style if the Emperor had come back as a clone several years after ROTJ. I wish this would have been a book series so the plot could have been developed more, especially Luke dabbling in the Dark Side, but still very exciting read. I still remember fighting the World Devastators on Rogue Squadron on N64, so it's nice to see where they come from.

    19. A fun read exploring the dark side, and whether a Jedi could go down that path and return. This story follows the events in the Thrawn trilogy in the now defunct EU. Overall this is probably a 3.5. The concept was interesting. I gave it boost because the write up at the end helps flush out some of the story told in the graphic novel. And this was more interesting than the latest trilogy. It is worth reading if you are a Star Wars fan.

    20. A ver, en principio la serie introduce un concepto interesante: el Emperador sobrevive transfiriendo su alma a nuevos cuerpos clonados. Pues bien, lo acepto. A partir de ahí nada es gran cosa. El argunento es casi inexistente. Los personajes están muy desdibujados: Luke de repente decide que para vencer al Emperador debe convertirse en su discípulo, Leia es un útero cuya función es producir discípulos para que Luke inicie una nueva Orden Jedi, Han está ¿celoso? de Luke. Y plot holes: el [...]

    21. I've never yet seen a Han/Leia characterization I enjoyed outside of the movies, but I liked Leia as a Jedi. I also liked the trippy color palette, even if it's not very Star Wars-y, and the basic idea of the plot. The execution is very dated though and it gets tedious once you get used to it.

    22. I Enjoyed the darker/ edgier tone of the story. Palpatine's desire for immortality is revealed in Revenge of the Sith (he also tells Anakin that the dark side has secrets to bring people back to life) that's why I'm not as critical of him being brought back and of the cloning story line being used. I think its a fun read & if you ever get a shot to listen to the audiobook (Lando does some work in it), do it!.

    23. The problem with Star Wars is a sad lack of character development. Even the skywalkers are, at best, set pieces, doomed as pawns of the Force and the Sith as their opposites. It is hard to endear oneself to these characters.

    24. Nice adventure. Some things are hard to believe at the beginning, probably because of the knowledge on how the franchise has evolved but it takes forms and becomes addictive.

    25. I enjoyed some plot developments here, not so much the others. I think what I liked best was the psychedelic art. The characters seemed a little too dramatic and the overall style reminded me more of David Lynch's adaptation of Dune than of Star Wars.

    26. Ever since the release of Rogue One and Steam's timely winter sale - I've been threading nostalgia with the LucasArts games. Namely the Jedi Knight and Knights of the Old Republic series that was popular among the fans. These two game titles represent the 'Legends' expanded universe timeline that has been Disney declared as non-canon in 2014.The appeal of 'Legends' was how it branched out the six Star Wars films to new adventures, characters and explored the breadth of its mythology. For many fa [...]

    27. I’ve often heard that DARK EMPIRE is the gold standard by which all other Star Wars comics are to be judged. After reading this collection, I can only assume I was misinformed. Don't get me wrong; I've been a huge fan of Star Wars since childhood. And that nostalgic love for Star Wars is the only reason I graciously rated this book 2 stars instead of 1. As far as I'm concerned, DARK EMPIRE gets it all wrong. STORY: Like all Star Wars stories, the plot is pretty epic. Sneaking around Imperial c [...]

    28. I understand George Lucas approved of the storyline, but there's also a good chance George Lucas approved of Jar-Jar Binks, Boss Nass, a petulant Anakin Skywalker, and, well, everything else about Episodes 1-3, so saying "George Lucas approved" doesn't quite have the same currency as it may have in 1991. I take it Cam Kennedy loves the color green, since almost everything in the trade feels like it is green-coated (most of it is, in fact, green). Perhaps he was a Nickelodeon fan as a child, but [...]

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