Priya s Shakti A mortal woman and the Goddess Parvati fight against sexual violence in India and around the world in this vivid epic augmented reality comic book involving the Lord Shiva and the gods Received the Tr

  • Title: Priya's Shakti
  • Author: Ram Devineni Vikas K. Menon Dan Goldman
  • ISBN: 9781892494399
  • Page: 343
  • Format: ebook
  • A mortal woman and the Goddess Parvati fight against sexual violence in India and around the world in this vivid epic augmented reality comic book involving the Lord Shiva and the gods Received the Tribeca Film Institute New Media Fund from Ford Foundation for innovation and social impact.

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      343 Ram Devineni Vikas K. Menon Dan Goldman
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      Posted by:Ram Devineni Vikas K. Menon Dan Goldman
      Published :2019-03-07T10:51:21+00:00

    One thought on “Priya's Shakti”

    1. I loved the message and the art. You don't see a comic on rape often. The way Priya urges people to "speak without shame" is a much needed mindset.What I didn't like was the diversion from the topic at hand. I really didn't want to read about the Gods and their reactions as much as I wanted to read about what the victim goes through.It is a 32 page comic, so it does feel rushed. I would still give this one 4 stars for the attempt and the topic. Highly recommended!

    2. 2,5The art and the idea behind the story is awesome. But why ignore that some rapists are women and that there are men who survived rape? I'm not sure about religious part, seemed a bit odd that the gods didn't notice/care about injustice & violence before. Available for FREEpriyashakti/portfolio/

    3. The topic is extremely important, that goes without saying, and the concept of the comic is very much appreciated. I just felt that the execution could have been better. The art is wonderfully vibrant and colourful, but the story itself is much too rushed and feels superficial and crushed underneath the heavy message.

    4. It's an interesting concept. I'm not sure how I feel about the war in the heavens idea, but the whole use of gender violence was very well done.

    5. The artwork is excellent -- it combines photo (or photorealistic) backgrounds/settings with illustrated characters, to a wonderful effect. The illustrations themselves are beautiful (and appropriately scary at times). I particularly liked that the panels were not traditional rectangular or sharp-edged panels, but instead had curved edges and more of a smooth flow to them.The subject may be a bit triggering, or at least upsetting, for some people, but it's an important topic that I'm glad to see [...]

    6. My favorite literature is the kind that does something more than entertain. It moves me, or makes me think, or, as in the case of Priya's Shakti, it seeks to effect change. This short comic addresses rape specifically and the denigration of women generally. Set in India, we meet Priya, a young woman denied education by her father, gang raped by a group of men, and shunned by her family. With the help of goddess Parvati, Priya regains power over her life and helps change people's perceptions of w [...]

    7. I love that this is something being written about and distributed freely to the public. I'm still a literary nut and wasn't crazy about the way it was written and some other trivial aspects (trivial compared to the larger overall theme and message to the story)

    8. It's a great project and I hope that it gives a lot of hope and courage to women all over the world!There really should be room for change instead of shame!

    9. 2 stars for the story. I don’t know who thought using real pictures as a backdrop for comic book drawn characters was a good idea, but it looks terrible, like some B-grade BS you would see on late night MTV in the 90s.

    10. Expecting moreIt is a fact that violence against minorities is increasing in India. Sad part is victims are blamed and abandoned while criminals walk freely. This book speak against the violence faced by women. Well written and illustrated. But need more detailing and more depth.

    11. Ram was in India when the 23 year old girl known as Nirbhaya was gang raped by 4 men and killed. Priya’s Shakti is a reaction to what he saw in the aftermath of this terrible rape. Many men blamed women for being raped because of how they dressed and acted. This led to a deeper problem with how women are seen and treated in India.The comic focuses on Priya, she is told she can’t go to school to become a teacher and her responsibility is to care for the house. She is harassed and raped by men [...]

    12. This comic deals with the heavy issue of rape and sexual violence in India, and more specifically, how victims are shamed instead of supported when they do come forward. A rape victim named Priya prays to the goddess Parvati, who helps her take up this cause and spread the word so that victims will not be shamed anymore. The vibrant colors and excellent composition make this even more of a joy to read. It includes "Augmented Reality" content that is available through an app, and encourages shari [...]

    13. Being raised in a hippie-ish commune in the early 80's, I grew up reading Amar Chitra Katha comic books often about the lives and adventures of Hindu gods. I was obsessed with these brightly colored, highly detailed tales of power, revenge and spirituality. When I put a name to the divine, which doesn't happen often, it is still god and goddess like I learned from all those books. This book brings back all of those wonderful memories in a blazing, glorious color. It also makes equality a divine [...]

    14. As far as origin stories go, I'm not the best judge since I don't read many superhero comics. HOWEVER, I like a bit of righteous anger and vengeful gods in my literature. The depiction of Kali was fantastically intimidating, very effective. The tone of the story shifted kind of strangely between rage and forgiveness. I don't know if that was meant to mimic a process of healing that some women experience, or if the authors just changed their minds halfway, or maybe the gods are supposed to be in [...]

    15. No se aun que pensar de este cómic, me gusta la idea de este proyecto y lo que promueve, pero no estoy segura sobre como me siento por la manera en que se desarrollo. Creo que mi mayor problema es que no me esperaba para nada la aparición de deidades y eso me saco un poco de "onda" , aunque entiendo que en el contexto del país nativo de la autora pudo ser hasta necesario.En conclusión, el cómic es entretenido, las ilustraciones son nuevas para mi, y tiene un mensaje que vale la pena seguir [...]

    16. Despite looking like a very simple and child-appealing look, this is not just your ordinary book of adventures of a weak protagonist who becomes strong through divine intervention. Addressing a very sensitive issue requires an equally subtle approach when catering to the younger generations. Devineni has done a good job in this aspect. I hope that he comes out with more similar works in the genre and topic. Hopefully this will bring about a change in the younger generation.

    17. Priya’s Shakti Issue #1: an amazingly illustrated comic that promotes gender equality, equal rights activism, and has a female survivor of assault as the activist hero. Indian authors beautifully evoke the Hindu pantheon and provide a hopeful and inspiring, interactive experience… And it’s FREE on comixology.So proud of and grateful for this comic. “If it’s not accessible to the poor it’s not truly radical.”

    18. I feel like this was a noble premise poorly executed. Had the gods been limited to Shiva and Parvati it might have worked but I feel that using all the gods took away from the major issue in what is a very short story.

    19. Beautiful and SympatheticConsider reading this graphic novel from a center of gender-based violence in our world. Great works are being done in service to feminist and sexual equality. I would classify this as a fine edition to that library of work.

    20. It's very interesting and educational. Could be a bit better, but still would recommened it 100% to everyone.

    21. Such a crucial message, and conveyed with intensity and beauty in this format. Available for free at priyashakti/

    22. I so looked forward to reading this, and it does not disappoint! Such an inspiration, and such a beautifully told story Read this now!!!

    23. The Indian pantheon takes on the plight of rape survivors in India. The goddess Parvati gives Priya a voice. Beautiful and important.

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