The Narrow Path Inspired by true eventsAngela is celebrating a successful heist when the last person in the world she wanted to see waltzed back into her life Years ago Jamal ripped her heart out and tossed it on t

  • Title: The Narrow Path
  • Author: Alexis Abbott
  • ISBN: 9781507619018
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Inspired by true eventsAngela is celebrating a successful heist, when the last person in the world she wanted to see waltzed back into her life.Years ago, Jamal ripped her heart out and tossed it on the ground But he s back, beefed up from prison and wanting to make amends for dumping her.He s still the same dominant man she d fallen in love with, but with a calmer head oInspired by true eventsAngela is celebrating a successful heist, when the last person in the world she wanted to see waltzed back into her life.Years ago, Jamal ripped her heart out and tossed it on the ground But he s back, beefed up from prison and wanting to make amends for dumping her.He s still the same dominant man she d fallen in love with, but with a calmer head on his shoulders He promises to protect her from her bad decisions and wild past, and with the mob indebted to him over his time, she believes him.When he offers her the chance to manage his strip club and answer to nobody but him, the temptation is than she can ignore But can they get over all of the secrets and lies they ve told one another while avoiding being sucked back into a life of crime

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    One thought on “The Narrow Path”

    1. Warning: Cliffhager Def a 4.5 stars read!! The characters have a hard knocked life and surprised to see that they are actually doing time. Love it. Definitely a thriller that you don't want to miss. Finished the book and needed to know what's going to happen next. Love story??.t at all. Characters did time for crimes they committed/took the fall for and are street smart. The two main characters are trying to live a different life while others like living this life. Jamal destroyed Angela's heart [...]

    2. *3.5 Stars*A copy received in exchange for an honest review"He's been the one that had built her up and made her whole, and then shattered her into a million pieces. After he'd left her, it was as though all the life was drained from her, her soul sucked out and body in a wreck"The Narrow Path follows the story of Angela and Jamal.We meet Jamal fresh out of a 4 year prison stint in a club where his ex-girlfriend, Angela, just so happens to be. Angela was a mess when Jamal broke up with her four [...]

    3. I thought I was going to love this but unfortunately it just didn't work for me.The spelling and grammar mistakes annoyed me and were quite distracting. There was also quite a few instances of poor sentence structure which didn't always make sense so again this caused me to deduct stars.The sex scenes (and accompanied dialogue) were a little cheesy rather than sexy. I read quite a bit of romance and i'm used to reading well written bedroom scenes so it's more noticeable to me when they aren't qu [...]

    4. I was given a free copy by the author for my honest review.So here it is when reading the description I had thought " oh shit this won't have romance in it and it will just be about mob or bikers". I know if you look at the cover of the book you would instantly know it is a romance but that's where I have been mistaken before. Anyhow back to the book I enjoyed reading this book . I liked how the theme of mob/bikers was there but it wasn't so over-powered that it undermined the romance.We meet An [...]

    5. First of all I would like to thank Alex for asking me if l'd like to read & review this bookWow, for a first book, this story was incredible. I honestly did not want this book to end. Of course it ends in a cliffhanger. I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end. Angela was such an intriguing lead character. I really loved her tuff, take no crap from anyone attitude. It starts with Angela trying to start over after a two year stint in jail. She also just participated in a hei [...]

    6. What's a ride!! I just finished this book and didn't want it to end!! BEWARE THIS ENDS IN A CLIFFHANGER!!!!! I was asked by this author to read and review this book and I was blown away!!! This is not your typical love story where the characters come from good or bad homes and get together. These characters al come from the streets and have spent time in prison for various crimes. The two main characters are trying to change their lives while others like living this life. Jamal broke Angela's he [...]

    7. Very intriguing! As soon as I read the blurb for this book I knew it was going to be one that I loved! I was extra lucky to receive an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Angela's life has been spiraling out of control since the love of her life left her high and dry. Just as she is about to sink even deeper he comes back telling her he wants to make it up to her and help them both stay free of the dangerous life. There is quite a bit going on in this story and you get pulled into it very easil [...]

    8. "Angela is celebrating a successful heist, when the last person in the world she wanted to see waltzed back into her life.Years ago, Jamal ripped her heart out and tossed it on the ground. But he's back, beefed up from prison and wanting to make amends for dumping her."This synopsis pretty much sums up the plot to the first part of this serial by Alex Abbottd in a brooding weak man of an EX BF, a bunch of noisy bikers with one having an eye for Angela, some inquisitive police officer and a whole [...]

    9. First off, I'd like to thank the author for letting me read this for an honest review.And now to read it :)Update:So I finally got a chance to read this after a very long week of reality, and happy to say that it was pretty good. It was indeed very short, about 80 pages long. The story picks up right after Jamal leaves prison and reunites with Angela, so there's not much building up to the romance. It's actually really quite sweet.Overall, I thought the author's writing was great and easy to fol [...]

    10. Alex Abbott is a fabulous author, and I like to thank him for the opportunity to review this book in exchange for my honest opinion, which is exactly what I'm giving you. The story as well for the characters, are all well written. I had a hard time putting it down, but even harder when it was over, because it left me screaming for more, and that was my only problem. Jamal (sigh) sounds like the dream boyfriend we all wish to have at some point in our lives. The way he looks after Angela, shows a [...]

    11. ** I received this ARC for my honest review. **This is my honest review. I loved Angela and Jamal's story, and the idea of getting a second chance at love. These two people seem to have fought / struggled their whole life and now want to turn their life around. They seem to be meant for each other. Their story is not your traditional / typical romance, but I don't have problem with that. Angela is spiraling down after Jamal broke her heart 4 years before. She is using drugs, alcohol, and sex to [...]

    12. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. This is a very good beginning of this series, just a bit confused when Lana spoken English with a Russian accent but I understood that after a few sentences but it was a great story. Angela served 2 years in prison but is out and trying to get her life on the right track even through she just stolen 10 G's with a younger brought of a mob boss. But after her heist she goes to a dance club with her lover Romy but it's a night for surprises, firs [...]

    13. 5 years ago, Angela’s world turned into a self-destructive path when the man (Jamal) she believed loved her as much as she loved him….left her. She drowned herself deeper into the world they had once shared, a life of theft, drugs, sex and mobs. It eventually leads her to 2 years in prison and a little different outlook as to what she should do with her life when she gets out, but life is not quite cooperating. Unable to get a job because of her criminal past she hooks up with Romy and start [...]

    14. My first book by this author. I was given this book as an ARC for an honest review. I truly enjoyed reading about Angela & Jamal's second chance. They are former lovers reunited after Jamal's 4 year stint in prison and his breaking Angela's heart by leaving her & not telling her he was going to jail. After he leaves her , Angela's life falls apart to drugs, cons & she ends up in Jail as well for awhile. When they see each other again it's in a club where Angela is celebrating her &am [...]

    15. I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review so I just want to say thank-you the author for that. I really enjoyed reading the book and can't wait to find out where the rest of the story will take us? The reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because I wished it had been longer. I realize its a series and we will find everything out in the next installments however the story starts with a policeman or a detective asking Angie questions and the end of the story doesn't even at le [...]

    16. I would first like to thank Alex for asking me to do this review. I really enjoyed this book, their are a bunch of different elements flowing through this book. I like how Jamal came out of prison with a renewed sense of self and his only goal has been to be a better man not only for himself but for Angie as well. I could feel for Angie and the delimma she faces having feelings for both Jamal and Romy. I look forward to seeing how this story progresses, with the characters, the author describes [...]

    17. I received this book for my honest review. Rating 3.5-4 starsAt first it was very difficult to figure out what was going on and who was who, but around 40% I got who all the main players were. Romy and Angela fling was just that a short fling and then enters Jamal and you could tell they had a history or a past and I would have like a little more background in that past. Like why was Jamal in jail or why did Angela go to jail as well. Vitaly is an interesting character and I would like to read m [...]

    18. ***ARC received in Exchange for an Honest Review***I found myself really enjoying this one, it does end on a cliff hanger. (So be warned) it was a fast paced, easy read. I found myself wanting to know what was going to happen next with all of the characters (not even just the main characters) I would defiantly recommend this book it is a well written, suspenseful ride that will keep you wondering what will happen next, I can't wait for the second installment to come out to see what happens with [...]

    19. So this book overall is a 3.5 for me. The only reason it is a 3.5 and not higher is because it starts off slow and to me a book needs to start off and catch me fast.Now with that said the book definitely picks up, especially the end. It has the bad boys that I love to find in my books and this first one has led up to an end that has the potential to make the next few books filled with fun, action, lots of sex and even more bad boys. Although cliff-hangers piss me off, I am now sitting here wanti [...]

    20. I received an arc of this book from the author for an honest review. Warning: cliffhanger! I really liked this book. the characters all seem to have been involved with the inner belly of society. whether it be drugs, prostitution, guns, or stripping just to name a few things. The main two characters have also served jail terms. But will Jamal and Angela find love again, will it work out, and will they be able to become legit business owners. These are all thing we will have to learn. Can't wait [...]

    21. Make sure you enjoy reading serials before starting as it does end on a cliffhanger. I loved the book, and was able to get a good feel for each of the characters as the story progressed. It's a story about a girl trying to get her life back on track, and failing miserably. She runs into an old flame who's break up with her started the whole downward spiral. Can she get over her anger and hurt feelings to give him a chance or will she punish him for trying to ensure her happy life?

    22. WAS GIVEN A COPY FROM THE AUTHOR FOR MY HONEST REVIEW!!!FIRST OFF LOVE THE COVERI liked it the 2 MC were interesting the story flowed nicely beware ends on a cliffhanger!!!!A bit slow to begin but that was just character and world building in the end it all came togetherto form a nice rounded story would read some more of this series and from this author.

    23. I received a copy from Alex for a honest review.Well this was an absolutely fantastic book and a brilliant story line I was hooked from the start. I really love Jamal what a brilliant character can't wait to see where his hard edge leads him to.And what a way to finish it cliffhanger or what!!!!! What's going to happen to Angela, Romy, Jamal????

    24. This is a well written story. The characters have shady pasts which leads them into more trouble. Plot is well done. I like the dark elements and the bad boys. Characters are realistic. Intimate scenes are hot and sensual. I look forward to more in this seriesgifted in exchange for honest review

    25. Too Rushed! needs more developmentOkay I have so many issues with this story, first the book is less than 150 pages which is very difficult to give the reader a true book especially one that is suppose to be suspenseful and thrilling. Spoiler alert. it's neither, the only "suspenseful" part of the book is the very end literally the last 5-6 pages that's it and there is a cliffhanger. Second, the book is termed as being a romance but same as with the suspense part, there is not enough storyline t [...]

    26. After Jamal broke up with her, Angela spent two years in prison. Now she was celebrating with Romy about their successful heist when Jamal showed up at the bar. She couldn't hold a decent job because of her record and she'd been fired from her crummy job. When Jamal convinced her to co-own a stirp club, the temptation of it was one she can't ignore. When they meet day after day to get the club in order, they have get over all the lies and secrets of their past or be sucked back into a life of cr [...]

    27. I would give this more of a three and a half. It is not a bad story, it is just book one in a series, and lots of facts need to be established. I liked the story for the most part, I just had a little trouble with some of the word choices. They ran from terms you see in a historical romance, like cunny, to those found in a lot of erotica. It was just their use together that interrupted the flow for me. The characters take a bit to warm up to, but I am curious to where the story is leading, so I [...]

    28. The Narrow Path (The Dangerous Men #1)By: Alex Abbott3/5 stars**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**Jamal is just getting out of prison after a 4 year stint and after breaking up with Angela, without telling her that he was taking a fall so that she wouldn’t feel the need to stay faithful or pine over him for the long amount of time. But now that he is out, he has every intention of inserting himself in Angela’s life. Partially to make up for how he wronged her and partially [...]

    29. I was given a free copy by the author for my honest review. Thanks to Alex for giving me the opportunity!I'm having a hard time rating this one but not because it was bad. I don't typically read serials unless I have all of the books because, just as they get really good, they end and you have to wait for the next book, such as the case with this one. (I've never been known for being a patient person :) ) I'm teetering between 3 and 4 stars but feel it does deserve 4. I think the fact it's a ser [...]

    30. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. When I started this book I had no real clue what is was about, however I did get into fairly easily. The only problem I had with this story is the first chapter does not seem to go with the rest of the book. Due to the fact that this is a series book this chapter might make more sense later. This book ends on a cliffhanger so you will need to wait until the next book to figure out really where this book is going. This book starts out with Ange [...]

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