Just Her Luck Genevieve Ferguson didn t know what she was getting herself into when she agreed to fill in for her ailing aunt at the Harrison s ranch Seeing as to how this is Aunt Ruthie though and you can t ever

  • Title: Just Her Luck
  • Author: Jeanette Lynn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Genevieve Ferguson didn t know what she was getting herself into when she agreed to fill in for her ailing aunt at the Harrison s ranch Seeing as to how this is Aunt Ruthie, though, and you can t ever outguess the spry, quirky old woman, she should have known better The smart mouthed, normally prickly Miss Ferguson gets way than she d ever bargained for when she getGenevieve Ferguson didn t know what she was getting herself into when she agreed to fill in for her ailing aunt at the Harrison s ranch Seeing as to how this is Aunt Ruthie, though, and you can t ever outguess the spry, quirky old woman, she should have known better The smart mouthed, normally prickly Miss Ferguson gets way than she d ever bargained for when she gets sucked into the crazy, kooky family madness that is the Harrison men Reader Advisory This story contains foul language, mild violence, menage sex scenes, a quirky gal with a chip on her shoulder and a house full of sexy cowboys m f m no m m

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    One thought on “Just Her Luck”

    1. 4 stars.Would have been 5 easy if it had been shorter.(Check the page count before you begin)Awesome polyamerous romance between a girl & 5 cowboy brothers.No conflict, no paranormal, no aliens, just drama and panty-melting erotica.I really like this author. If you've never read her,I seriously urge you to check out my favorite of hers: Of Another DimensionAll of her wonderful stories end with babies & happiness.She suffered a life-altering tragedy this fall. A drunk driver caused the de [...]

    2. I've been waiting for another full length book from this author for what feels like toooo long since I was absolutely blown away with her other 2 full lengths- "Of Another Dimension" and "Bridal Hunt"- both of which I gave 5 stars. This one got 4 stars because of some writing quirks that bothered me throughout that I couldn't look past. But still a really good polyamorous relationship erotica book!Quick Rundown: Super quirky, tattoo pierced Chick helps out her Aunt by "temporarily" taking over h [...]

    3. JUST HER LUCK BY JEANETTE LYNNGod was this hilariously funny and naughty!!! I've got to admit the uproariously funny musings she has while she's thinking or deciding the what,where,who or why while IN THE MOMENT of everything that is happening makes for continuous laugh out loud reading. WOW!! Once they get through all the drama,mischievous goings on and misunderstandings everything Heats up to Hot and Heavenly Sizzling between all of them CLIFFHANGERS.but A Lot of Loving!! Absolutely adored the [...]

    4. One of the best Stories built around s menage I've ever read !!!Ok, was gonna give this story 5 stars coz I really,really loved it that much but although it might sound "niggly and or petty" who the Hell uses " Prison Bait" as a " term of endearment " for someone they love? Ok sure Reeve start out in a BAD place with each other and take , what til at least the last 70% of the book for him to finally pull his head out of his ass and make things right between them ? And while " prison bait" starte [...]

    5. Funny? Yes. But the heroine's too annoying. Her reactions are always over the top. Always exaggerating things. Can't really connect with her personality.

    6. I LOVE the RH Genre, so I enjoyed Just Her Luck. However, it doesn't stand up to the new wave of RH which all have phenomenal stories to accompany the incredible men and woman featured in the love story. This is a very traditional RH. Genevieve is filling in for her dearest ailing Aunt Ruthie as housekeeper/cook on the Harrison ranch. She has no idea what she's getting into or how her life will change forever. Suddenly surrounded by five gorgeous cowboy brothers, she finds herself falling for th [...]

    7. loved this book,had me in stitches through most of the book.Was glad to see she wasnt a pushover and was even willing to wrestle with the guys if they gave her any crap.There was a few sad moments but the book was awesome.I was glad that they all stayed together loving each other and having kids and still laugh and joke around all the time.

    8. Great read! Loved all the characters and how distinct each personality was. So hard to pick a favourite but if I had to it would be E. Enjoyed all the banter and sexy times. Fab ending aswell.

    9. I tried with this book. I really did because I have heard lots of great things about it but I just could not like it at all. And I won't lie to you guys I honestly didn't finish it. I was going to force myself so that I could write a full honest review but I hated literally everything about it. I got to 56% and I just can't waste any more of my life on it.Genevieve is different and by different I mean she has tattoos and piercings I also have tattoos and piercings so apparently I'm different as [...]

    10. First read by this author. Standalone bookRecommended by a friend to read and I’m glad that I did, this is a story about Genevieve and her reverse harem of five cowboyseve, Bowen, Ephraim, thatcher and sawyer.Gennys aunt Ruthie is sick and awaiting an operation, leaving genny to step in as temporary house keeper/cook/cowboy wrangler. Genny is tattooed and pieces and curvy and somehow finds herself on the receiving end of all 5 of the cowboys affections. Turns out auntie Ruthie has been keeping [...]

    11. I didn't like it quite as much asOf Another Dimension. This has slightly more angst and slightly more male characters. I could have handled a few less of them as I kept getting confused and often found it hard to distinguish one from the other. But I did love the story overall. We have Genevieve who becomes a live in housekeeper for 5 brothers. Ephraim is first. He is the nice but dim one. I loved him. Soft and romantic. Reese the angry angsty one who has all the push/pull.Bowen the clever guy w [...]

    12. I love this book. My first and one of my absolute favourite reverse harem romance books. Its funny, the characters are quirky and hilarious. Each character is so real and well developed with their very individual personalities even though they are all close brothers. I love Genny she was fun, flirty, stubborn and such an awesome main character to read. She didnt take crap from any of them. The story was well written and I was hooked from start to finish. These crazy cowboys are devious and devil [...]

    13. Not my fav on multiple partners or ménage. Story was ok but the heroine was a little hmm not sure naive or something but it didn't sit right with me. I liked some brothers better than others and didn't really see the need for multiple partners they could have stayed friends imo.

    14. Laugh out loud funnyOmg i laughed so so hard reading this book. I loved it. So funny. start to finish, a great book to read

    15. Great storyThis is a well written story with many great characters. The relationships all develop in different and interesting ways. I really liked it.

    16. The premise of the book wasn't bad but I didn't like the main girl Genevieve. I thought she was rather annoying and the brothers weren't all that much more likable.

    17. Stopped reading around 60%, its too long for my taste right now. The story just dragged and yeah im not gonna read the rest anytime soon.

    18. Good read!This was an interesting book. I really enjoyed watching the relationships develop between the main character and the guys. I highly recommend this book!

    19. Just her luck by Jeanette Lynn was such a light, fun read. Just the perfect mixture of comedy, romance and smutty but well written menage/ erotica to keep me engrossed throughout the whole book.The plot:When quirky Genevieve's aunt Ruthie - the only person in her life she really cares about - falls ill and asks Gen to temporarily sub for her as a housekeeper at the Harrison ranch, she doesn't know what she's getting herself into. Suddenly surrounded by five hunky, gorgeous cowboy brothers, their [...]

    20. I've read almost everything by this author and really enjoyed it, but this was my favorite book so far! I really enjoyed the main character, Vieve's voice--she was realistic and snarky without being unnecessarily nasty, her insecurities were understandable but not crippling. It seems like a favorite trope now to make the BBW heroines nearly incapacitated with insecurities over their size until a handsome man makes them believe they're worthy, but Vieve was a breath of fresh air.I also loved that [...]

    21. I had so many emotions when reading this book! It sure did give me the feels. I was laughing one moment and then crying the next. I really loved Vieve and her Aunt Ruthie's relationship, except for the fact that Ruthie was so secretive and hid super important things from her. I loved all of the boys, and even grew to love Reeve. Ephraim was my favorite, with Thatcher not far behind. They were young and their personalities were fun and playful. All the relationships in this make me happy-the boys [...]

    22. I have a bit of an unreasonable obsession with Jeanette Lynn's books. I am painfully aware they are not the best literature under the stars but I still read every single one and like most of them. Not this one. Maybe her style is more suited to the extreme make-believe, maybe I find Genevieve's personally just that tiny little bit too much. One way or another, this one's a complete no-go. It's lifeless and it feels uninspired. On the other hand, it's definitely not going to make me stop looking [...]

    23. I going to fan girl on this. I LOVED THIS BOOK. Yes, it's a long read but that's ok. I fell in love 5 times. So many times with a menage romance some of the guys are just numbers really. They barely have a name, let along a full personality. Not these guys. There are 5 love stories here and they are all wonderful. And it's funny. OMG I laughed until I cried many times during this. Too many books of this type are just too short. Not enough time for 1 romance, let along more. This is worth your ti [...]

    24. A good reverse harem. Female lead is hilarious and the guys personalities don't get mixed up. Be warned though, halfway through the book the plot plummets and focus on sex an relationship. Plot wise the book is kinda boring, but the monologues and hysterical funny moments make up for it. Would have given more stars for more action and less smoochin in bed

    25. Normally I love books by this author but wow I think the madness was just too much for me in this one. There were so many conversations in a chapter and I even got confused at times at who was saying what. I think it could have been shorter. It was so long. I kept falling asleep and waking to try to finish it up. All in all it was okay but not worth a 5 star rating.

    26. Funny and sweetThis was a great RH story. The Harrison's are one crazy bunch and Genevieve fits right in. She's snarky, foul mouthed, take no crap kinda girl and she's hilarious. Unlike most RH books, you get the complete story in one book!!

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