Bird s Eye View Rose a Canadian intelligence officer in Britain in World War II struggles with conflicting feelings about the war and a superior s attention Rose Jolliffe is an idealistic young woman living on a fa

  • Title: Bird's Eye View
  • Author: Elinor Florence
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rose, a Canadian intelligence officer in Britain in World War II, struggles with conflicting feelings about the war and a superior s attention Rose Jolliffe is an idealistic young woman living on a farm with her family in Saskatchewan After Canada declares war against Germany in World War II, she joins the British Women s Auxiliary Air Force as an aerial photographic intRose, a Canadian intelligence officer in Britain in World War II, struggles with conflicting feelings about the war and a superior s attention Rose Jolliffe is an idealistic young woman living on a farm with her family in Saskatchewan After Canada declares war against Germany in World War II, she joins the British Women s Auxiliary Air Force as an aerial photographic interpreter Working with intelligence officers at RAF Medmenham in England, Rose spies on the enemy from the sky, watching the war unfold through her magnifying glass When her commanding officer, Gideon Fowler, sets his sights on Rose, both professionally and personally, her prospects look bright But can he be trusted As she becomes increasingly disillusioned by the destruction of war and Gideon s affections, tragedy strikes, and Rose s world falls apart Rose struggles to rebuild her shattered life, and finds that victory ultimately lies within herself Her path to maturity is a painful one, paralleled by the slow, agonizing progress of the war and Canada s emergence from Britain s shadow.

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    1. I know that predictions can be hit or miss—they certainly are with me—but sometimes you’ve got to throw one out there, because you feel so passionately that a book deserves wider attention than it’s getting.I feel that way about Birds Eye View, by Elinor Florence. What it has in common with Code Name Verity and the BBC serial The Bletchley Circle is a story featuring the sort of smart women who really did contribute to winning WW II, but whose work largely went unsung partly for social r [...]

    2. Since I am the author, obviously I am going to enjoy my own book. But as an objective reader of historical fiction, I can say that this is the only novel ever written, to my knowledge, that has a Canadian woman in the Air Force as the protaganist. If someone else knows about one, I will stand corrected. I interviewed women vets and did an enormous amount of research to make the book historically accurate. And I find the subject of aerial photo interpretation fascinating. I hope other readers wil [...]

    3. Sadly I went into this knowing nothing about Canada in WWII, just one of the gaps in my knowledge I wasn't even aware of before. So, yay, I now have a nice overview to fill that in a bit. And the Canadian aspect is important, because the relationship with Britain is so different from that of the United States, and because so many volunteered so soon. Rose from Saskatchewan makes an excellent POV character. She's appalled by the shortages and the classism, but captivated by the history and stoici [...]

    4. This was such a delightful surprise. Without Sherwood Smith's fervent recommendation, I might never have picked this up, but I'm so glad I did. I come to this from the no doubt not unique but interesting perspective of having British parents who were about the same age as the main characters here, who both lived through WWII. My mum looked after evacuated children and my dad was in the RAF, though a telegraph operator rather than a flyer. When I was seven, we immigrated to Canada, so I have both [...]

    5. I know of Bletchley Circle. I know of spies. I'd never heard of photographic interpreters. But when you sit down and think of it, of course they existed; of course they did their bit and they were very important to the war effort; of course some of them were women.But first, let me say how much I liked this book and why I loved the heroine. She makes mistakes, learns from them, improves herself, has bad moments, and gets back up. I loved the subtle theme that war may seem glamorous at first, but [...]

    6. I got a free copy of this book from Netgalley. It is a quick and easy read, but a lovely book. It takes place during WWII, and starts in the prairies and then moves to England, where Rose, the narrator, is part of a unit that reviews endless photos to detect what is going on on the ground in Germany. Rose is a good character; confident, smart and somewhat naive at times. One of the surprisingly and quirky best things about the book are Rose's descriptions and love of farming and the natural worl [...]

    7. Relatively little has been written about the role Canadian women played during WW11, the author sheds light with her first novel. “Birds Eye View” tells the story of Rose Jollife, a young woman from Saskatchewan whose town becomes an air training base.This novel is more than an historical fiction for addicts. Its alluring storyline, rich prose, vivid description and captivating pace have kept me glued to every word till I reached the final chapter. The protagonist is a Canadian woman in unif [...]

    8. 2nd edit on 02-03-16: I gifted the paperback edition to my 86 year old Mother for Christmas. She called me to let me know that she finished it and LOVED it and hopes that Ms. Florence will be publishing more historical novels in the near future!edited to add: I would recommend clicking on the author's name and then following her link to her personal blog; I think it's titled "Wartime Wednesday's". Lot's of very interesting information and stories.This novel is a very well researched historical f [...]

    9. Another gem of historical fiction from Dundurn. Bird's Eye View by Elinor Florence tells the story of a naive Saskatchewan farmer's daughter joining the ranks of the WRAF after her RAF pilot is killed flying in the Commonwealth Training Program. Rose sails to Britain, and serves as an interpreter of images taken by bombers over Europe. She has a natural eye for detail in this demanding work.But the book is much more than this. It is a coming of age story in the best tradition. Rose suffers homes [...]

    10. I could not put this book down! There are so many books out there set during WW II, this one is different and worth the read. It follows a young Canadian girl from Saskatchewan to England to do her part for the war effort. She becomes an aerial photographic interpreter, looking for German weapons launching sites, troop movements, anything to help the Allies in the fight. I have never read anything about this branch of the military before and I found it very interesting. The author was born and r [...]

    11. Grab your hankiesThis is the best book I have read in years. After reading so many books based in wartime from an English perspective it was wonderful to read a Canadian based book. Incredibly well researched. It had me gripped from the beginning. I have sobbed alongside Rose. Her war story is so believable. My only negative thought us of Fowler. Silly man. Where did he get a new nightie from? I'm not going to give anything away but when you read what she does with her tin if Canadian soil I bel [...]

    12. I loved, loved, loved this book. It combines several of my favorite topicsWWII, women during the war, Western Canadian fiction. I don't think I have ever before read a Canadian WWII novel featuring a female protagonist, and it's about time someone wrote one.This book tells the story of prairie farm girl Rose Jolliffe through the duration of the war. When the war begins, Rose is a very naive eighteen year old, working at the local newspaper in her home town of Touchwood, based on the author's hom [...]

    13. Rose Jolliffe is a young Canadian woman who lives in a small Saskatchewan town called Touchwood. She’s naive and inexperienced but smart enough to brazen her way into a job at the local newspaper. She longs to join the military to participate in Canadians helping to win the war like her brother and male friends. Finally she finds a way to pay her own way to England and join the Royal Air Force. Along the way she finds some discrimination against Canadians and struggles to represent her country [...]

    14. I met Elinor Florence online through a mutual acquaintance months before her book was released by Dundurn this year - the same publisher that just put out my latest book. We hit it off and ended up doing two ‘War Birds’ events on Remembrance Day weekend, where we traded copies of our books. It’s been sitting on my to-read pile ever since, and I finally got to it this past week. As is often the case with books, it was perfect timing.It seems like several key points of this sweeping, World W [...]

    15. I absolutely LOVE this book!! There just aren't enough adjectives to describe how vividly I felt the emotions and saw the visuals in my own head. I learned so much I never knew before regarding how it must have been to live through a World War. My emotions ran the full range from feeling the depths of despair along with the heroine to the absolute rapture she felt at the end resolution of the book. I will read whatever this author publishes. What a joy--the very best book I've read in ages, and [...]

    16. I received this book through the first reads in exchange for an honest review.What a really good book by a Canadian author.It takes place during the 2nd World War. It starts off in Saskatchewan where they build a place for pilots to train before heading off to war. Rose decides that she wants to be a part of helping so she decides to join the British Women's Auxiliary as a aerial photographic interpreter. The book tells about what it was like for her. She finally joins up with the Canadians bef [...]

    17. I won a copy of this book in giveaway.We follow Rose from the beginning of the war to the end of the war which I liked. I felt as the years went by during the war there is a big character development of Rose. I didn't like the love affair of Rose and Gideon but I see it was need to get Rose from point a to point b. My fave. part of the book is when Rose and June walks into a store to buy a newspaper and June gives a child a orange and the child has never in his life seen a orange or tasted one. [...]

    18. I laughed; I cried; I remembered; and I learned! Ms Florence has a wonderful talent for expressing a woman's emotions, fears, and intuitions in these wartime circumstances that we have been exposed to from men's perspective forever This is "historical fiction" with the amazing insight from hours and hours and hours of "factual research". It has the honesty of the feelings of a woman in those trying times. Great reading for those that lived through these times, and for those who want to know more [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book, as a Canadian it was interesting to learn about the role small towns played in the war effort. I found it really interesting how keen the young men of the day were to enlist, our awareness of the ravages of war is so much greater now. I found this book easy to read and loved the main character. Most of all I was fascinated by the role of photography and its importance in winning the war

    20. Excellent book and very well researched. I found it a bit slow to start, but when I got into it I couldn't put it down. The description of planes returning from a successful mission only to crash on an ice- covered runway was almost like watching it happen. Rose Jolliff is a strong character, but the mistakes she makes give her believable. I've followed the author's blog and was fascinated by the way she worked her research into the story.

    21. Loved this book. I reserve 5 stars for my tippy top favorites (e.g To Kill A Mockingbird) and this fell just short, really a 4.75. Emotional, touching, descriptive and well written.

    22. One of my favourite things about this novel was its portrayal of a 1940s Canadian prairie town - neither a time nor place which I've experienced in person. And isn't that one of the best things about books and historical fiction in particular?: you are taken into other times and places.I have read quite a bit of WWII-time fiction, but not until Bird's Eye View did I learn in particular about British medical efforts around facial reconstruction or early plastic surgery to repair the badly damaged [...]

    23. After war breaks out in Europe, Rose leaves her newspaper job in a small prairie town, and travels to England to enlist because Canada won't allow women to fight. With her photographic background, she becomes an aerial photographic interpreter.The devastation from the photos she studies bring disillusionment along with a mistaken romantic involvement and the lack of female companionship among English women.When Canada finally allows women to enlist, Rose transfers on to the Canadian team and lif [...]

    24. Excellent ww2 novelI have read hundreds of books set during WW2 and this one was excellent. I learned so much about the photo reconnaissance program. And the characters were engaged and realistic. Overall a great read.

    25. Why did I take so long to get to reading this??!! The publisher graciously sent me a copy and it it sat on my shelf waiting to be read for too long! Once I started reading though, I could not put the book down! For man years, I tried to stay away from historical fiction based on WWII simply because I found it so disturbing. Kristin Hannah's book "The Nightengale" changed all of that and from there I went in to read a lot of non-fiction about the women in the French Resistance. So this book, abou [...]

    26. I love me some WWII fiction, and I was excited to read this book. It seemed to fit the bill: plucky Canadian heroine goes off to Britain to fight the Nazis.And on many levels it was great. I found the novel extremely well-researched. Without going into great depth, the plot of the novel focuses on a young Canadian farm girl enlisting in the British armed forces, and learning how to become an aerial photography interpreter. The problem that I had with the novel was that she was so dang dewy-eyed, [...]

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