Her Love Her Dragon The Saga Begins Abigail Donovan is a woman ahead of her time She wants to be than a housewife that embroiders all day she wants to be out in the world Finally the day comes but the world beyond the manor has danger

  • Title: Her Love, Her Dragon: The Saga Begins
  • Author: Julia Mills
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Abigail Donovan is a woman ahead of her time She wants to be than a housewife that embroiders all day, she wants to be out in the world Finally, the day comes but the world beyond the manor has dangers she never imagined and the biggest one of all is to her heart Manus O Brien is a Knight of the Round Table He has faithfully put his life on the line for King and CAbigail Donovan is a woman ahead of her time She wants to be than a housewife that embroiders all day, she wants to be out in the world Finally, the day comes but the world beyond the manor has dangers she never imagined and the biggest one of all is to her heart Manus O Brien is a Knight of the Round Table He has faithfully put his life on the line for King and Country times than he can remember There is only one thing he loves in all of the world and that is Abigail Donovan An ancient race doomed to extinction The Elders searching for a way to preserve their way of life Manus and Abbie hold the key Can they see past the myths and fantasy to a reality they never imagined Will they give all that they are to save another There are no coincidences The Universe does not make mistakes Fate Will Not Be Denied This book contains mature themes and explicit sexual situations It is intended for mature audiences of 18 years of age.

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    One thought on “Her Love, Her Dragon: The Saga Begins”

    1. This is the story of how the Dragon Guard started. Manus is a knight, Abigail is his wife. I was so excited to read this book, I knew why the kinights and dragons combined into one, but didn't know how exactly. Well, this story tells you how it all happened. We get characters that fill in the spaces and bring the story to life.Manus does not disappoint with his personality, he is just like the Dragon Guard members that we know and love. Abigail, is very independent and not like other women of he [...]

    2. In the beginning there was Lord Manus O'Brien, a highly decorated Knight of the Round Table. He falls in love with the fiery Lady Abigail Donovan. She in turn, falls in love with Manus and they marry. There is a meeting in the Cave of Dragons with King Alarick, last King of the Dragon Kin. Then there are 12 Knights (at the request of King Arthur) and the mage Goldwin. Experience the creation of the Dragon Guards and the fantastic saga begins!"There are no coincidences. The Universe does not make [...]

    3. OMG!!! This is a great beginning to the Dragon Guard. This short story puts everything into perspective. This story is captivating and moving all at the same time. I loved ever minute of it. I love this author's work. She is an author that I will buy and read whatever she writes. She is that good. If you love her other books then you will love this story. Grab your copy today. This is a must read.!!!!

    4. OOOHHHH Julia Mills gave us a birthday surprise! In a short but powerful story we learn about the beginnings of the Dragon Guard. And it has details we wouldn't expect. I really enjoyed this story. It was short with enough funny but most of all, it is filled with important ground info we need to understand our favorite shifters!! Thank you so much Julia!! Okay, what will you surprise us with next Dragon Lady!

    5. A wonderfully entertaining prequel to the author's Dragon Guards series "I've known from the moment you plucked me from the sky that I loved you. It was just that quick." "But you punched me in the stomach." She giggled and the last of his nerves unfurled. The wicked little glint returned to her eyes while she teased," And I may just do it again."HER LOVE, HER DRAGON: THE SAGA BEGINS by Julia Mills was a wonderfully entertaining prequel to the author's Dragon Guards series. I have heard such go [...]

    6. First off this was totally amazing short story. I just love anything Julia Mills writes cause her books always just so freaking mind blow amazing!! This book is about how the Dragon Guard were born. Now this is a short story but one you well not put down until your done. I just love Manus and Addie they are the first mate couple to know more this is so so so a must read!!!!

    7. Loved this little gem! It was great to see the birth of what we'd only heard About in the series. It was an extremely quick read but detailed enough to be intriguing & to end satisfyingly. It did leave me wanting more as well. Lol. Like I want Mills to write abt those other 11 Knights. Hehehehe. Great quick read!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAYNE & KYNDEL!!

    8. I loved this book. It was a nice quick read, that once you start you cannot put down. This book has wonderful characters that you cannot help but fall in love with and once you finish this book you want to know more. This is a must read.

    9. This is a very quick little prologue to the Dragon Guard series that sets up how the Dragon Guard came to be. This story not only explains how the dragon shifters were created but also gives a bit of insight into the first true mates.

    10. BeautifulWhat a beautiful beginning to the Dragon Guard Series. Thank you Julia for such a wonderful series. I can't wait for the next book.

    11. DragonLoveJulia Mills stories are always breath taking. She knows what is needed in a love story. This explains how the Dragon Guards were formed.

    12. It has been an absolute pleasure to read this heart stopping and romantic account of how our beloved Dragon Guard came to be.We meet Lord Manus O'Brien, who is also a knight of the realm. We also meet Abigail Donovan, a woman ahead of her time, strong willed and independent. Manus has loved her from childhood and now goes about wooing her, wins her heart and marries herese are very romantic and very detailed scenes, such as what he sees in her eyes is "hope, attraction, but most of all their fut [...]

    13. Any fan of the Dragon Guard series would enjoy this sneak peek into the beginning and where it all started. I highly suggest that this is read after you start the series because there may be a sense of "what is she talking about?". This is not a full in detail story but a short and sweet back ground of how things came to be.I enjoy Julia's imagination and words as they magically bring everything to life as I read. I could totally see Abigail and Manus's connection come to life and the excitement [...]

    14. Abigail Donovan is a head strong and independent young woman. She has wishes far beyond what her generation typically allows. Her parents finally allow her to travel to the 'city' with dad to sell their fare. Wouldn't you know on her very first trip danger would encase her. Manus O'Brien is a Knight of the Round Table who is unfairly sexy and strong. He has kept his feelings hidden for so many years that they are part of his soul. Aside from the love he holds deep for Abby, he has a strong devot [...]

    15. MehInstalove at its most banal describes this story with historical inacuracies. In Arthurian days, people did not eat cookies, a word derived from the French for "little cakes." Our heroine would not have gone to bed with a book to read as though anyone had paperbacks. Few people had books of any sort and even fewer could read, certainly not a skill one might expect a woman to have, because education wasn't something wasted on females.

    16. It is lovely to get this story telling us how the wonderful Dragon Guards came to be.What a great short tale telling how the dragon guards came to be.I loved Abigail, she was smart, feisty and perfect for Manus.It was also sweet how Manus had been in love with her since they were children.Sad that the dragons were dying out but a great idea to become what they are.Fitting that Manus shared with King Alaric.

    17. Her Love, Her Dragon: The Saga Begins by Julia Mills.4 out of 5 stars. This is a love story with a difference. It marks the beginning of the Dragon Guard with the chosen knights transforming into dragon shifters by Goldwin, The Mage. It shows the endurance of a true love that they are there for their partner for everything throughout time. The loyalty it takes to stand by the side of a loved one in support and strength of character it needs to assert yourself where their safety is concerned. The [...]

    18. What an amazing first book, I mean it may not have been the first published but coming into this with all 5 of the series available and this prequel it was so worth it to start here! I just feel in love and had to keep reading. I bought these when they went on sale, WHICH THEY STILL ARE! And I couldn't be happier!! I am officially OK with the fact that I am seriously fan-girling over this series! Now I know I am writing my reviews after reading all the books but I couldn't stop, it was an addict [...]

    19. Can't be anything but 5 StarsHer Love, Her Dragon: The Saga Begins (Dragon Guard Series) Julia Lake MillsI’m absolutely head over heels with Julia Lake Mills Dragon Guard Series so when I so she did a quick short as a prequel which explains how the guard came to be I knew I had to have it for my collection. What a beautiful love story between Abigail and Manus and the crème de le crème was when he was chosen to have his soul and being merge with a dragon to become one and help save the majes [...]

    20. If you love Julia Mills' Dragon Guards series, then you really should read this book. This short story tells you how they came to be, how the first person was merged with the first dragon. This is a romantic story, a tale of such a deep and meaningful love between two people that nothing can sunder their connection.With amazingly life-life characters, full of life, action and adventure; this is a novella to be savoured. The Dragon Guards series is simply outstanding, and that is how I would desc [...]

    21. Book: Her Love, Her Dragon: The Saga Begins (Dragon Guard Series)Author: Julia MillsPublication Date: 11/13/2014Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW This is a wonderful short story. It gives some depth into the origin of the Dragon Guard I loved reading it and finding out how it all began and with whom. Abi and Manus's love is like no other. Truly heartwarming how these two came to be. I would suggest you begin with this book then work your way through the others. T [...]

    22. This was a quick little short story for how it all began. The creation of the original dragon guard and the decisions and choices that were made. I dearly love the dragon guard series, the characters are well written and the relationships between the men and the women they love is wonderful and heart breaking at times. It was nice to read about the original dragons before they bonded with their knight counter parts.

    23. It was nice to have the background story on the Dragon Guards. I mean the story was "told" in the other books but its nice to read a stand alone about it. Abbi was awesome! LOL. Shes headstrong and doesnt take his crap! LOL. Cute how they actually met. Manus was just sweet. Really he was. Been in love with her for years. Watched from afar. Once he's wooed her and marries her we meet the old dragons and so begins the process. Awesome read and I enjoyed it.

    24. Really cute prequel ! I so enjoyed this story telling of the birth of the dragon guards! Manus is a knight of King Arthur's who has loved Abbie since he was a kid. Now he has come home and convince her to become his bride. A mishap has her falling into his arms, literally and the rest is fate. After he is asked to do something that will take extreme courage for not only him, but his new wife to accept.

    25. The Legend beginsI like this story because it shows the birth of the dragon guard. Usually some stories don't have an origins story. But this one does. You get to see the love between Manus and Abigail flourish as well as the joining of man and dragon. Can't wait for the next dragon guard book.

    26. Totally Fabulous!!I didn't even know about this book until I was almost finished with the fourth in the series. It is a great beginning and gives the reader the why's of how things happen in the following books. I highly recommend this book, all the while series. Totally worth the time.

    27. Finally the story of how it all began! Holy crap I fell in love so quickly with these characters and their amazing love! It was so wonderful reading all about how the Dragons and knights began this amazing adventure! This book was a great idea and wonderfully put together! I only wish it had been longer lol. Another five heart rating!♡♡♡♡♡

    28. WOW What a beautiful way to start the Dragon Guard! I should have read this before the first book of the Dragon Guard but I didn't know of it. To read of the beginning and the love Abigail had for Mangus was very interesting. Now I must say read this book first then enjoy the Dragon Guard stories.

    29. This book is awesomeThis was the beginning feisty fun reading. As I have read the entire series thus far, I truly can't wait to see what comes next. Every time I read about a dragon I end up wanting more. Ms Mills has done it again. Congrats again on what I am sure has been a wonderful year

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