The Curious Tale of Gabrielle What If You Woke Up In Someone Else s Life When Gabrielle moves to the small town of Envisage she finds herself drawn to a hidden antique shop and its mysterious owner A strange gift sends Gabrielle

  • Title: The Curious Tale of Gabrielle
  • Author: Zachary Paul Chopchinski
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What If You Woke Up In Someone Else s Life When Gabrielle moves to the small town of Envisage, she finds herself drawn to a hidden antique shop and its mysterious owner A strange gift sends Gabrielle back in time, placing her in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil, where she s unraveling history s darkest secrets But when demons appear, can Gabrielle fighWhat If You Woke Up In Someone Else s Life When Gabrielle moves to the small town of Envisage, she finds herself drawn to a hidden antique shop and its mysterious owner A strange gift sends Gabrielle back in time, placing her in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil, where she s unraveling history s darkest secrets But when demons appear, can Gabrielle fight to keep her dream adventure or will her life become a living nightmare.

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    1. Disclaimer: I received an advance reader copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. The copy I received was not the final copy, but rather the one issued to beta readers.The Curious Tale of Gabrielle by Zachary Paul Chopchinski is a young adult novel that blends historical fiction and magical realism. In the novel, the protagonist, Gabrielle, is given a magical bracelet that allows her to transport through time and place to experience the lives of the bracelet's previou [...]

    2. an unexpected and interesting read. A lot shorter than I would usually pick up but having started books 2 I suspect it could have made a single book rather than three singular ones, we shall see.A positive for the shortness was the pace at which the story moved, never a dull moment and I'm intrigued to read more.

    3. Ooohhh this book was amazing! I loved the plot and the settings and the characters. I enjoyed how there were so many questions to be answered, but we learned them along the way instead of right away.

    4. The Curious Tale Of Gabrielle by Zachary Paul Chopchinski.Thirteen-year-old Gabrielle was given a mysterious bracelet for her birthday. She went to bed as a normal teen but woke up in another time, as another person. When demons appear, Gabrielle's dream adventure turns into anightmare. But is a nightmare adventure better than just existing in your mundane life?A good read with good characters. Little slow in places. Netgalley and weaponry co-op.

    5. My Rating: 5 out of 5 starsDebut novel, The Curious Tale of Gabrielle was intriguing and refreshingly original.Gabrielle, a young girl with an inquisitive nature, ventures into an antique shop on her thirteenth birthday. The way the author describes the shop automatically made me think of a place I once explored in New Orleans called Arcadian Books & Prints.  Here is a pic I snapped of my own curious adventures that day.Gabrielle wonders through rows upon rows of old books and relics from t [...]

    6. An enjoyable plot and intriguing premise. I would have rated higher but I think this book need another few rounds of editing. It was small things like commas in the wrong part of a sentence, use of the word inferred rather than implied (easy mistake), and repeating the same word in one paragraph or even sentence rather than changing it up. I was a little unsure of the villain as well. He seemed a bit flat and he didn't even have a name. I also thought the love that Gabrielle had for Fionn and He [...]

    7. I'll start off by saying I received this eBook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The Curious Tale of Gabrielle was not what I expected. I have to say though, it was intriguing! I expected a time-travel adventure through the eyes of a thirteen year old girl, however what I got was definitely more than that. I was surprised with how dark the story got, but it gave the story a twist and made me feel for the characters. My only problem was some parts seemed off. I feel like it could h [...]

    8. Really interesting story with excellent descriptive details. Something about it felt a bit like a short story to me. Maybe because not all of the characters felt completely fleshed out and I wasn't sure what time period the story started in. The writing was definitely on point as it seemed like each word had been perfectly chosen and perfectly placed to set the scene and create the mood. Thanks to the author and The Reading Room for providing me with a free copy.

    9. I believe that this new author, Zach, is a true diamond in the rough. HIs first novel, The Curious Tale of Gabrielle, is a page turner. This story has had me captivated from page one. The author's unique writing skills make me thrilled to turn each page. I cannot wait for more!

    10. The Curious Tale of Gabrielle was my first book and I have a soft spot in my heart for it. The idea started back in 2012 when I saw an old antique bracelet and I couldn't help but to imagine all the history the bracelet had seen of those "if walls could talk" moments. I finally wrote my first draft of the book for NaNoWriMo in 2014 but it wouldn't be published until 2015.My first copy of the book was awful. Well, ok maybe not awfultually yeah that's what it was. I was so proud of this thing I ha [...]

    11. Check out this review, and many more, on my blog jessjesinghaus.wordpress4 out of 5 stars Curious indeed! The Curious Tale of Gabrielle is a smartly composed introduction to the Curiosity Series. The main character, Gabrielle, is an adventurous 13 year-old girl who is extremely close to her mother & father. Although neither parent make a real appearance in the book, their presence & importance to young Gabrielle is palpable - very important in a story such as this one. Gabrielle takes of [...]

    12. I just couldn't get involved in this book. The whole concept of the story sounded really good but unfortunately, for me, it just didn't deliver. With the main character Gabrielle being 13 years old, I would not class this book as Young Adult but rather as Middle Grade. I would have preferred more depth in the story as well as character development. This is probably a great read for younger readers but misses the mark for the YA genre.

    13. Gabrielle finally ventures into a store she's been curious about for a while and that where the adventure begins. Who is Alexandra and what is the story behind her bracelet. It reminds me of a variation of a scifi TV show I enjoyed watching years agobut I won't say what show since that might spoil the story.

    14. I recieved this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.I think this book was a really good start, although in the begining I was a bit confused abput what was happening it got better and I think that was part of the charm of the book.The characters are very well written and my heart weeped for them as the story progressed, and that ending for Fionn and Heather! All I can say is WOW!I can't wait to read the next book!

    15. Good reading for this rainy day. waking up someone else deciding what needs to be done and what can be done to save the ones you love

    16. Loved the audio book! In a two-dimensional format, a person has to make their mind build everything up in 3D. With someone narrating the story, that world is given a helping hand and suddenly more vibrant with color and character. Gabrielle Baker did a fabulous job creating a warm tone to the already fantastic revision of Chopchinski's inaugural story.

    17. Wow! Amazing! The Curious Tale of Gabrielle will captivate you as you experience this wild adventure of an inquisitive preteen who is strong willed and determined to protect the ones that she loves against evil and demons. She will steal your heart.On Gabriele's 13th birthday she is given a mysterious bracelet from the owner of the antique shop. This magical bracelet sends Gabrielle on an adventure back in time to a land of an evil kingdom. King James is determined to have Heather, Gabrielle's s [...]

    18. Great YA mystery/time travel book. Gabrielle is an interesting main character to take us on her journey. She is always looking for adventure. She definitely gets it in her journey. This book is well written with well developed characters. The pace is perfect to introduce Gabrielle and to explain the unique elements of her journey. I will definitely be continuing this series.

    19. I finished The Curious Tale of Gabrielle last night. Staying up until about 3 in the morning. Fair warning upfront, I follow Chopchinski on Tumblr and I picked up the book because of that; I also don’t think I am quite the target audience for it. Gabrielle is about a girl who loves exploration and wants an adventure. On her 13th birthday she decides that she is going to buy something from the one shop in her town she has never been in. What she gets is a Curiosity - that will give her a very d [...]

    20. I enjoyed this story about a girl that received a bracelet that let her experience the stories of other people throughout history. This story was very well written. All of the characters were very well done and true to life. And the stories they had to tell were full of excitement, terror, and love. I just did not really like the choice that Gabrielle had to make at the end of the story.

    21. I was given an advance reading copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Zach Chopchinski!A lot of people don’t usually read the prologue, especially when it’s an explanation, but I did. The prologue was what intrigued me to the story more.The story shows a young girl, Gabrielle, who is curious and adventurous. She wanders into an antiques shop which always made her wonder and meets Alexandra. Alexandra says that every item in her shop holds a story, which intrigues Gabr [...]

    22. The Curious Tale of Gabrielle is unlike anything I have ever read! In this original book, an adventurous young girl by the name of Gabrielle meets a strange old woman who gives her a very special gift for her birthday. After a whirlwind of very peculiar events, Gabrielle wakes up someplace she has never been to yet it seems as familiar as the faces of the strangers she sees next. Unsure if her life is real, a dream, or a nightmare, Gabrielle's head is filled with questions. When the truth is lea [...]

    23. "There are two types of ways to travel: either by a journey or an adventure." -Zachary ChopchinskiA wonderful debut novel from an author I will definitely be reading more of in the future. I immediately felt myself drawn to the character of Gabrielle and the journey we were about to go on with her. Gabrielle stumbles upon a mysterious bracelet that enables her to travel through time and essentially possess the life of another and experience their story through their eyes. Chopchinski builds a wo [...]

    24. I was provided with a free copy of this book for an honest review.The Curious Tale of Gabrielle was an intriguing read. The main character Gabrielle seemed like such a sweetheart and clearly cared deeply for those closest to her. Her curious nature is contagious. Though there were issues with some redundant sentences and grammar, this book was worth the read. It flowed nicely through the tale keeping it interesting and making you want to turn the page.A nice start to a series. Can't wait to read [...]

    25. This was a great inaugural book! It has wonderfully crafted details and a voice behind the characters making it come to life. The story starts off in a small town and follow Gabrielle and her curiosity as she finds her way into an antique shop. From there, she is left trying to wrap her mind around what is happening as she is transported into another time to experience life of another. Zachary can paint the scenery in his novel and leaves it open to many possibilities of more tales in the future [...]

    26. This book was so delightful and enchanting, with a dark edge that kept me on my toes while reading. Gabrielle is a brave, spirited young girl who instantly stole my heart. I saw so much of myself in Gabrielle. And each character she encountered was equally intriguing in their own ways.Aside from the engaging characters, I also found the plot to be refreshingly unique. I don't think I've ever read anything quite like this book. I'm very much looking forward to finding out what happens next!

    27. Well paced and well written, The Curious Tale of Gabrielle is a book that will pique your interest off the bat and keep you guessing along the way. Highly recommended to those who seek Young Adult novels,romance, suspense, or just a well-rounded, thoughtfully constructed story about a girl and her destiny. This beautifully crafted novel will grab you and suck you in until you're hooked! I couldn't put it down and I doubt you'll be able to either!

    28. The Curious Tale of Gabrielle is an enchanting story about a young girl who finds an antique bracelet that allows her to go back in time to visit the lives of its past wearers! I really enjoyed this book! The characters are lovable and relatable and the story is a quick read! This book made me laugh, cry and fear for the lives of the characters that I had grown to love! If you like young adult fiction, adventure with a hint of romance, you will love The Curious Tale of Gabrielle!

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