Holiday Abduction Vhyl is determined to acquire a certain lost artifact but when he lands on the forbidden barbarian planet known as Earth he finds than expected An attractive human female is in possession of the pri

  • Title: Holiday Abduction
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • ISBN: 9781927459645
  • Page: 404
  • Format: ebook
  • Vhyl is determined to acquire a certain lost artifact, but when he lands on the forbidden barbarian planet known as Earth, he finds than expected An attractive human female is in possession of the priceless object, and she s agreed to hand it over for a price.Apparently she doesn t know of his reputation or doesn t care.Intrigued by her fearless nature and her luscioVhyl is determined to acquire a certain lost artifact, but when he lands on the forbidden barbarian planet known as Earth, he finds than expected An attractive human female is in possession of the priceless object, and she s agreed to hand it over for a price.Apparently she doesn t know of his reputation or doesn t care.Intrigued by her fearless nature and her luscious brown skin this acquisition expert can t resist stealing a kiss But before he can take , his enemy arrives to stake a claim.It seems Vhyl isn t the only one interested in Jilly s treasure and Jilly herself On the run not only from Earth forces but his enemies too, they must fight to survive and evade capture.However, he can t escape the effect the human has on him.In the end, Vhyl has to make a choice Jilly or the priceless treasure he came for

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    One thought on “Holiday Abduction”

    1. Vhyl arrives on Earth in search of an artifact when he lands on Jilly's land. Jilly grew up with a grandmother who believed and in a moment when everything seems dire an Alien arrives and shakes everything up. With the men in black in pursuit and Vyhl going by John Smith, they are on the run. Vhyl decides that he wants Jilly though and maybe she is what he needs by his side.Fun filled book. Vyhl is a bit obtuse but it is in such a funny way. Liked Jilly, she is a feisty woman and thought this st [...]

    2. This novel was wonderfully exciting and fast paced. Langlais’ tale is vibrant and larger than life. The ‘Fine Art of Acquisition’ is even better than the ‘Mercenary’s Guide’ from earlier in the series. It gave me a deeper sense of the alien culture while also making me giggle. I also appreciated how Langlais tied the entire series more closely together via shared celebrations between all of the major characters. The sassy, snarky writing really let me get inside the heroine’s head. [...]

    3. While Vhyle is pretty knight-like in some respects, he really isn't in others. Fun, hot and well written, Holiday Abduction also showed us some of the characters from the earlier books.This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog(un)Conventional Bookviews

    4. Vhyl loves being on the wrong side of the law and no one stops him from getting what he wants. Not even a cute human with a primitive weapon will keep him from the artifact he came to earth to retrieve. Though if he was to be honest (and why would he do such a ridiculous thing!?!) the more time he spends with Jilly, the more he sees she may be the priceless treasure he's searching for.Like his cousins before him, Vhyl quickly learns that dealing with human females is not easy. Jilly has a strong [...]

    5. Nothing says Christmas like a purple alien set on acquiring his own gifts off the wish list. The only trouble is that Vhyl has trouble determining just which gift is the more important when his hunt for a priceless artifact leads him to an alluring barbarian alien female who doesn't seem all that impressed fearsome reputation.Holiday Abduction is a hilarious & sexy sci-fi romp just like Eve's other books in the series. If you like the other five books, you'll like this one as well. There's a [...]

    6. 3.5 chaos starsat first, I was a bit, just a tad, disappointed with the story since the last two were so much fun with diverse adventures. but it got better with the actions as by fleeing the cops, federal agents and jelly mini me. most importantly, I really like the quotes by both entities. what a great end to finish with epilogue. another thing, what about C.B. and her barbarian?

    7. Nothing says holidays like a purple alien set on acquiring his own gifts off the wish list. The only trouble is that Vhyl has trouble determining just which gift is the more important when his hunt for a priceless artifact leads him to a sassy, sensual barbarian alien female who doesn't seem all that impressed with his big bad rep. Jilly went from alone at Christmas and looking a foreclosure and eviction in the eye to going on the run with a virile, arrogant purple alien warrior who is reluctant [...]

    8. I wanted to like this book. I wanted to like it so much, I pre-ordered it on my Kindle. I've read all the other books in this Alien Abduction series so I knew to expect a little fluff, some sexy scenes, humor and adventure. Unfortunately when I sat down to read Holiday Abduction I felt like the characters were underdeveloped and the "plot" and action reminded me more of an old Wiley Coyote cartoon as opposed to a light romance. While the characters in other books within this series were consiste [...]

    9. One of the "Alien Abduction" series.Unknown to Jilly, she's in possession of an ancient artifact that Vhyl's determined to find, and when he shows up on her lawn one snowy December evening, she's not scared -- she's annoyed. But she's also attracted to the hot purple alien (is that like a Purple People-Eater?), and decides that she'd like to get to know him better. But time's not on her side, since not only the police but also Vhyl's enemy Mo, show up, equally determined to get the object. It's [...]

    10. I decided that Holiday Abduction would be the perfect early gift to myself to start the season. I couldn't have gotten that more right than if I had hit the lottery! Vinyl has solidly hit the top of my favorite "purple dude" list alongside Brax and Xarn. Never will you meet another more stalwart alien clinging tightly to his lack of morals and need to wreak havoc and mayhem. And Jilly! Love this heroine! She enjoyed being caught up in Vhyl's chaos despite the woes he brought down on them, wrappi [...]

    11. I Love This SeriesAnother LOL sexy romp with a purple alien who loves to be a bad boy and a human woman who he learns to love. I love the characters in this book. The purple hunky alien comes to Earth to steal an artifact. The human woman who unknowingly owns the artifact is down on her luck with her farm about to be foreclosed on. With other aliens on his trail and human feds in pursuit of alien sightings, he is more I interested in pursuing her and thrilled about the chase. She takes everythin [...]

    12. This was my first Christmas book of this season and I was well pleased. This book contained action, adventure, and humor along with a good amout of sex. This was a stand alone book untill you got to the very end when they do their Christmas celebrating and you really dont need to read the other books in the series. There is also another short story at the end of the edition i got from Kindle. The book had a better Christmas story then most.

    13. extreme insta-love and overall pretty clicheIt was an ok read but easily predictable. The worst part was how extreme the insta-love was. It was almost an overkill. They knew each other a couple of days? It just lacked depth. I doubt I'll continue this series.

    14. I am sad to say this is not like the others in the series :( I just didn't connect to the hero in this book as I did with the others. Didn't care for the heroine either - oh well there is always that one book.

    15. Vhyl goes to earth to acquire the XiiX. He tracks it to Jilly's farm where she's praying to find a way to pay her mortgage before it comes due. The XiiX is an ornament on her Christmas tree. She asks Vile as she calls him what he'll give in payment. Before an agreement can be reached, another competitor attacks and blows up her house. Jilly and Vile escape and between running into government agents and Mo again, they get together. When Vhyl asks Jilly to come with him, she turns him down. She re [...]

    16. Mini funny synopsis and story tidbits:Jilly is a trip in this book and I would give just about anything to meet her grandmother who seem like my kind of woman— a little eccentric with a love of guns who isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. She also happens to line her bras with tin foil. Jilly takes after her grandmother and when this Alien steps out of his ship she meets him with her with her shotgun aptly named Problem Solver. Her grandma always believed in aliens, but Jilly didn’t until n [...]

    17. Vhyl is looking for an artifact and has tracked it to Earth. He shows up on Jilly's doorstep to claim it and brings government agencies and an alien rival along with him. Before long, Vhyl and Jilly are on the run. But Vhyl is beginning to think that Jilly is a greater treasure than the artifact. I haven't particularly cared much for the heroes in this series (Except Dyre) mostly because of their morally ambiguous (or downright deficient) personalities. I get that a lot of the arrogance, chauvin [...]

    18. Holiday Abduction is awesome. Eve Langlais has once again combined sexy hot alien romance with adventure, excitement and lots of humor. My Family keeps asking me why I am giggling at my ipad. Love the line out purple "hero" musses about how the whole world that revolved around himself almost stopped.This novella reads more like a book as it was packed with adventure, excitement, awesome characters, the return of some great heroes and heroines from the other books in the series and a really great [...]

    19. I adore this series. The men are unrepentedly mercenary (and, well, sometimes they try to be heroic) and the woman are more than able to hold their own against them. When these big purple hunks fall, they fall hard and fast and they fight it with everything inside them. Until they don't.That said, I don't know if this book quite lives up to my expectations. Yes, Vhyl is determined to get the artifact he came for and he has no problems stealing, killing, or otherwise maiming anyone who gets in hi [...]

    20. I'd just like to point out that only the H in book one actually abducted his h, and that wasn't intentional. The others were mostly rescues, though one h abducted the H.In any case, this one takes place almost entirely on earth, and the H did the honorable thing and left her behind because she didn't wanna go. He ended up having to rescue her from another thie-uh-acquisitions expert who thought to use her for leverage. Bad idea to come between big and purple and his mate, even if he hasn't claim [...]

    21. Eve's books always carry a banter between the two head characters and it's what always gets me to come back to her books. She has this certain writing style that keeps you entertained. Vhyl may be from another planet and another species but he is still a man, "if you insist on probing, I could indulge you, but it won't be an experiment, more an experience in pleasure." He showed his teeth in a pointed leer." He's not from Earth so at times it takes him a bit to get what Jilly is saying, "it took [...]

    22. Holiday Abduction is a fun ride into the Science Fiction Fantasy of a purple alien and a young woman about to be foreclosed upon by the bank. Jilly was reared by her grandmother on a poor farm with not much more than love and laughter. It is a few days til Christmas and her grandmother is gone, Jilly is going to be homeless in a week and there isn’t much she can do but wish upon the shooting star she sees.The shooting star turns out to be Vhyl and his ship tracking the location of a very valua [...]

    23. All I want for Christmas is a Purple Dude.Once again, this story was a hit. This is Jilly and Vhyl's story. Vhyl's is an Acquisition Specialist looking for XiiX, a rare acquisition and ends up at Jilly's farm. Jilly needs money or the bank will take the farm. Vhyl's enemies are also looking for the XiiX. As usual, when dealing with the big purple aliens, there is a lot of funny dialogue between the characters. After a series of events, including a jellyfish like alien, the "men in black", the ba [...]

    24. Free book for honest review. juliesbookreview Vhyl like most of his kind are only out to make a name for themselves. He is searching for a treasure that he has traced to Earth. In a home occupied by a human female, this should be an easy job.Jilly is losing everything. Her home is about to be foreclosed on. No family left and on the verge of being homeless and now a UFO lands in her yard. The two work together to get the artifact off planet as emotions and feels change. Can the two go there sepa [...]

    25. Finished reading. What to say? Just that once again Eve hit the jackpot with these sexy&wicked, purlpe aliens.Vhyl on the adventure to earth to get some rare artifact. But when he meets Jilly, he understands that in the galaxy there are more precious treasure to obtain. Or more specifically to abduct. I'm not going to say anything you already don't know, if you have read any of Eve's books. It's funny, it's wickedly sexy (Those damn purple hotties.), it's adventurious. It's frukxing kick a*s [...]

    26. Merry kriss-mass!!Wonder story I would love more of these fantastic purple family, they make you laugh, sequence have tears in your eyes and so many more emotions I started reading this a few hrs. Ago. And just finished. It's pretty long but you still want more. Of this family I love how Eve always bring in the other couples, of the first 5 stories back there is even a short little bonus at the end with Megan and Ali. It would be wonderful if there is a story of all 6 couples doing some acquisit [...]

    27. Holiday Abduction(Alien Abduction Book 6) By EVE LANGAISYou just can't go wrong with Eve's wonderful creations! This was no exception for keeping and making your reading experience pure pleasure! The characters makes you want to see how,what,where,when and who issues the next smile to yourself while reading the antics,conversations and situations that they get involved in and out of while fighting for the first time the emotionally challenging and changing views on loving their own females. So d [...]

    28. I love this series. You get to meet a new character the hero Vhyl. Vhyl comes to Earth which is strictly forbidden looking for an object. He's an acquisitions specialist and will painfully discourage any other name. Anyway, he land directly in front of Jilly's house (the heroine). Being raised the way she was she doesn't scream in terror instead she invites him in for cookies and that's where the fun begins. I always like the Heroes in this series. They are strong and cocky but always in the bes [...]

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