The Scottie Barked At Midnight Spring is just a few weeks away but winter is still digging its claws into tiny Moosetookalook Maine Even business at the Scottish Emporium has frozen up so Liss MacCrimmon is cautiously optimistic

  • Title: The Scottie Barked At Midnight
  • Author: Kaitlyn Dunnett
  • ISBN: 9780758292872
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Spring is just a few weeks away, but winter is still digging its claws into tiny Moosetookalook, Maine Even business at the Scottish Emporium has frozen up, so Liss MacCrimmon is cautiously optimistic when a twist of fate lands her on a reality competition show until the contest gets a little too cutthroat.Driving on an icy road on a truly dark and stormy night, LissSpring is just a few weeks away, but winter is still digging its claws into tiny Moosetookalook, Maine Even business at the Scottish Emporium has frozen up, so Liss MacCrimmon is cautiously optimistic when a twist of fate lands her on a reality competition show until the contest gets a little too cutthroat.Driving on an icy road on a truly dark and stormy night, Liss swerves her car when something darts out in front of it She braves the weather and discovers a Scottish terrier shivering in the snow Relieved that the dog survived their run in, Liss sets out in search of her owner, unaware that the Scottie is actually a tiny celebrity or that she was dognapped Liss soon sniffs out the pup s owner, a well heeled woman named Deidre Amendole, who is ecstatic to be reunited with her furry friend Deidre and her Dancing Doggies recently won Variety Live, and the trio is slated to appear in the reality show s champion of champions competition But for Deidre, the contest is over before it s begun when she turns up dead.Deidre s daughter asks Liss to help find out what happened to her mother and to take Deidre s place on the upcoming show Before Liss can tell her she s barking up the wrong tree, she finds herself ensnarled in the strange world of reality competitions and hot on the trail of a deadly dognapper And just as she starts pawing at the truth, Liss realizes she could be next on the murderer s list.

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    1. When Liss MacCrimmon is driving home during an ice storm she sees a small dog run out in front of her car causing her to spin out on the icy roads. Liss finds the Scottish terrier limping and immediately takes her to the vet and then searches for an owner. Liss finds out the dog belongs to Deidre Amendole and is part of an act on a reality television competition known as Deidre and her Dancing Doggies. Unfortunately after returning Dandy to Deidre Liss gets a call from Deidre's daughter that her [...]

    2. The book summary will give you a pretty good idea what this entry in the Liss MacCrimmon series is about, but I just want to add that the idea to feature a pair of Scotties in one of Liss's adventures came from a reader who has four Scottish Terriers of her own. She generously acted as a consultant while I was writing. The story takes place just a few months after the end of Ho-Ho-Homicide. Many of the continuing characters in the series are back, plus lots of new ones. The talent competition in [...]

    3. I recently read Good Reads author, Kaitlyn Dunnett's book, "The Scottie Barked at Midnight". This is the ninth book in Dunnett's Liss MacCrimmon Scottish Mystery series. This fun series follows the exploits of main character, Liss, who works in Moosetookalook. She owns the Scottish Emporium there. Her latest story gets started when Liss swerves to avoid hitting a Scottish terrier. Shortly after Liss returns the dog to her owner, we are introduced to a murder mystery, and a cast of quirky suspect [...]

    4. I think this one is my favorite so far. Although, I still wonder why her friends ever let her out of their sight. At this point, I think it's gone way beyond "We need to show we trust Liss". Nope. You may trust her, but she draws trouble like a magnet.Nice light read, with lots of suspects, lots of questions as to why there is so much trouble, and a few backstory things to tie into old tales.

    5. This is Ms. Dunnet's best book to date, and I've read the whole series. I'll post a fuller review in a day or two at the most.

    6. Liss MacCrimmon Ruskin, owner of the Scottish Emporium in Moosetookalook, Maine rescues a Scottish terrier let loose on a dark, ice covered road as she is returning home from a shopping trip. Liss finds the distraught owner with the help of her friends on the local police force and returns Dandy to her owner who is starring in a reality TV show along with her dancing Scotties Dandy and her brother Dondi. The next day, the star is found dead and her daughter persuades Liss to take her place in th [...]

    7. For no particular reason, I have an irresistible pull towards cozy mysteries with a dog/cat in the title. Some of them are too sugary sweet for my tastes, but The Scottie Barked at Midnight didn't fall into that category.The first few pages of this novel are devoted to Liss Ruskin's treacherous drive through a snowstorm. Anyone who lives in a winter climate can relate to Kaitlyn Dunnett's descriptions of black ice, frozen slush, and sliding down hills. With her cramped hands frozen to the steeri [...]

    8. In Moosetookalook, Maine, a talent contest is taking place. A contestant dies. How can her act go on? Well, good old Liss MacCrimmon local snoopy person and owner of a gift shop gets involved after she rescues one of the Scotties involved in the act. Liss happens to be a former professional dancer, so she can do the old soft shoe and direct the Scotties and their dancing. However, of the contestants, one seems to be determined to eliminate the competition and win, by hook or by crook. Now Liss m [...]

    9. I actually enjoyed this book. It is not the first book in the series, but enough information was given throughout the story that you did not feel you were missing anything. The two Scotties are adorable in this storyline. I am looking forward to going back and reading some of the earlier books in this series.

    10. I enjoyed the way it started and the mystery began there. It was scary in some parts due to a fire taking place, but probably only to me. I would recommend this book for the satisfying ending alone.

    11. This was my first book by this author and I really enjoyed it. Got such a kick out of the name of the fictional town - Moosetookalook. Really kept me guessing who the murderer was. Will be reading more in this series.

    12. It has a Scottie on the cover.It's a light, cozy mystery with a not terribly deep plot.It has Scotties in the text.A+

    13. I really enjoyed this book. The author does an excellent job of making all of the characters interesting. I am looking forward to reading another book in the series.

    14. I won this book in a giveaway. This mystery keeps you guessing who done it til the final pages. Gread read.

    15. After suffering through the first seven books in this series hoping it would get better, I have been pleasantly surprised by the last book, Ho-Ho-Homicide, and this. I enjoyed this book--not something I usually say about books in this series.Though Dan was more annoying in this book than he was in the last, it was not to the point of aggravation. Liss was not annoying either. The mystery was interesting and involving. It involved Liss filling in for the murder victim who was appearing on a telev [...]

    16. I won this book through . Exciting and well written mystery. Read in one sitting. I had to see what happened next. Twists throughout the whole book. Exciting conclusion.

    17. In THE SCOTTIE BARKED AT MIDNIGHT author Kaitlyn Dunnett has gone to the dogs. Champion competition dogs that is. This book starts out with an exciting first scene and the excitement, as well as the fun and mystery, continue right up to the last page. The plot was a good one. Very tight and well written with interesting main, and supporting characters, and wonderful situations. The story find Liss out of her store, Scottish Emporium, and into the world of a variety competition show. It was fun t [...]

    18. Liss McKinnon runs a Scottish products store in Moosetookalook, Maine. Winter is definitely her slow season, though, and on her return trip from a shopping excursion to L.L. Bean, she finds a Scotty dog alone in the snow. The next thing she knows, she is competing in a reality T.v. contest as a replacement for the dog's deceased owner. As the "accidents" begin to add up, however, she realizes a killer may be on the loose. The premise allowed for a wild variety of contestants ( a snake lady, a ma [...]

    19. When Scottish dancer Liss MacCrimmon injured her knee, she thought she’d never dance professionally again. Driving down an icy road one night outside her adopted town of Moosetookalook, Maine, she swerves to avoid hitting an adorable Scottish Terrier. Rescuing the shivering dog, Liss finds out that she was in fact dog napped from a dancer on a reality TV dance show. When the dancer turns up dead and the dancer’s daughter pleads with Liss to take her mother’s place on the show, Liss agrees [...]

    20. After Liss rescues a Scottish Terrier in the snow one night, she works hard to find her owner. When she does, she discovers that the little dog has a buddy and the pair of them are celebrities. They're competing along with their owner in a nationally broadcast talent show. Liss suspects that the dog was stolen to prevent them from winning. That suspicion grows when the owner is found dead. The daughter wants Liss to dance with the dogs, instead.It's really a fairly ridiculous set up for a myster [...]

    21. This was a very light but amusing cozy mystery. Liss finds a Scottie wandering on the snowy roads of Maine on her way home from shopping. She eventually locates the owner, Deidre of Deirdre and her Dancing Doggies currently appearing on Champion of Champions. When Deidre dies unexpectedly, her daughter Desdemona persuades Liss to take her place and finish the competition. Since Liss was a former competitive Scottish dancer and has fallen in love with the dogs, she agrees. The comparisons to Danc [...]

    22. When Liss Ruskin finds a dog abandoned in the winter-time woods, she also improbably finds herself in the midst of a reality television competition. A former Scottish dancer, Liss is called in to help when the owner of the dog (and her companion) takes an accidental overdose. Someone has to be the leader in the dogs' dance act, and Liss has bonded with the animals. But other acts have problems with what may be attempted sabotage, and Liss has to wonder if the overdose was as accidental as it see [...]

    23. When the name of the town in the story is Moosetookalook, you know that a cozy mystery is on tap.When Liss MacCrimmon rescues a Scottie along an icy deserted roadside, she does not realize that she is about to become part of a TV reality show. When the dog's owner is found dead, Liss agrees to use her Scottish dance skills to complete the contract for the deceased owner. She partners with two Scotties in a talent competition and learns the backstage secrets of the reality show. Another murder or [...]

    24. Liss is back, At the start she is caught in a snowstorm and rescues a scottie. Dandy, the scottie, is returned to her owner. Well, the dogs Dandy and Dondi are performing dogs in a phony tv variety show. Within days their owner is found dead and therein lies the tale. Kaitlyn Dunnett has Liss take over the dogs in the variety show in The Scottie Barked at Midnight. All kinds of mischief is present on this show. At times I felt a little tongue in cheek this series is alwas a good read.

    25. These stories are like comfortable friends by now. Somewhat predictable, but still thoroughly enjoyable. And Liss has mellowed a bit with age, no longer the impetuous and somewhat irritating young woman she was in her late 20s.I desperately wish I could take a week's vacation and hole up at The Spruces in winter, just to stare out at the pines, sip hot cocoa, and catch up on reruns of BBC Mysteries. Until then, there's just waiting for the next Liss MacCrimmon book to come out.

    26. Great addition to an always entertaining series! It all begins on the proverbial "dark and stormy night" with Liss finding a lost Scottie dog. That dog turns out to be part of "Deidre and her Dancing Doggies", who are currently competing in a reality television show. But when she learns that this isn't the first bit of mischief aimed at one of the contestants, Liss can't help but try to find the culprit, despite any danger.

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