The Plantpower Way Whole Food Plant Based Recipes and Guidance for The Whole Family A transformative family lifestyle guide on the power of plant based eating with recipes from world renowned plant based ultra distance athlete Rich Roll and his chef wife Julie Piatt Created by re

  • Title: The Plantpower Way: Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes and Guidance for The Whole Family
  • Author: Rich Roll Julie Piatt
  • ISBN: 9781583335871
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A transformative family lifestyle guide on the power of plant based eating with 120 recipes from world renowned plant based ultra distance athlete Rich Roll and his chef wife Julie Piatt Created by renowned plant based ultra distance athlete and high profile wellness advocate Rich Roll and his chef wife Julie Piatt, The Plantpower Way shares the joy and vibrant health theyA transformative family lifestyle guide on the power of plant based eating with 120 recipes from world renowned plant based ultra distance athlete Rich Roll and his chef wife Julie Piatt Created by renowned plant based ultra distance athlete and high profile wellness advocate Rich Roll and his chef wife Julie Piatt, The Plantpower Way shares the joy and vibrant health they and their whole family have experienced living a plant based lifestyle Bursting with inspiration, practical guidance, and beautiful four color photography, The Plantpower Way has than 120 delicious, easy to prepare whole food recipes, including hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, plus healthful and delicious smoothies and juices, and decadent desserts.But beyond the plate, at its core, The Plantpower Way is a plant centric lifestyle primer that finally provides the modern family with a highly accessible roadmap to long term wellness and vibrant body, mind, and spirit health The Plantpower Way is better than a diet It s a celebration of a delicious, simple, and sustainable lifestyle that will give families across the country a new perspective and path to living their best life.

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    One thought on “The Plantpower Way: Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes and Guidance for The Whole Family”

    1. Man, I'm telling you, I've been a huge skeptic regarding all these plant based, vegan kooks pushing their froo-froo hard to find ingredients onto my beef tenderloin brain. "Be right there honey!" So, yeah, my wife gets this cookbook for Mother's Day and I'm forced to at least pretend like I'm going to eat this stuff, let alone ENJOY ithah! "Yeah, baby, I watered the garden!"Anyway, this Rich Roll guy, Mr. Dicathlon Vegan do gooder, heuhhishe and his family, they, uh, their recipes - they're pret [...]

    2. This is a really beautiful lifestyle/coffee table book about vegan cooking. It has super healthy food and lots of advice for starting out and pictures of rich roll running without a shirt on. The food sounds lovely (haven't tried anything yet) and focuses on whole foods, gluten free and mainly sugar free. There's lots of nice sounding nut 'cheeses' and milks and I'm pretty excited about the tempeh 'meat-loaf' and the peanut butter cookies.There are lots of recipes with nuts in so if you have a n [...]

    3. This book is really gorgeous. It has recipes so it's a cookbook but it's sort of more than that with notes and pictures from the authors's life. I highly recommend it.

    4. Great recipes that I'll be keeping close at hand. At first I was a little afraid that the recipes would be complicated and made with expensive ingredients, I soon found that that certainly wasn't the case. Most of the ingredients could be found at your local grocery store. The recipes are straightforward and wholesome. A great book for families looking to add more greens to their lifestyle.

    5. I'm a big fan of Rich Roll's Podcast. As a vegan and a long distance runner there is a lot of parallel (though obviously I'm the BOP or Back of Packer). I also tend to have an addictive/obsessive personality - so there is resonance here with the background. This is a very large book - definitely coffee table size. I've tried several recipes and taken a lot of the hints. I can strongly recommend the breakfast recipes - in particular the pancakes, porridge, and the puddings are all excellent. I th [...]

    6. A chia seed, a kale leaf, and a cherimoya walk into a bar. The bartender, a cow, says . My friend turned me on to Rich Roll's podcast. It's right in my wheelhouse, so I dig it. That lead me to this book. I've been pescatarian for a bit and limiting sugar and gluten from my diet and moving towards full plant-based diet and so this was right on time. It's not just a vegan cook book, it's a spiritual book. I already know that eating a plant based diet is mind-blowing in it's positive effects in eve [...]

    7. I really wanted to like this book and purchase one for all my friends to win them over to plant-based living. The photography in this book is absolutely stunning! Unfortunately, it's a bit new-age-y to win over converts on my side of the world. All kinds of statistics and medical information is provided throughout the book with no references to sources or footnotes. The authors openly point out their shortage of credentials, but I felt this would even more compel them to list sources. [Just an a [...]

    8. One of the most inspiring healthy lifestyle books I've ever read. The book is just beyond gorgeous to look at and chock full of recipes you can and will want to make - along with some incredibly valuable nutritional information. I cannot possibly say enough good things about the super foods section of their book!One of my favorite things about this book is just how personal it feels. As a mother, I sincerely appreciate the family style approach to many of the recipes as well as consideration of [...]

    9. This is one of those lifestyle books that annoy me-- beautiful family and home "living the life" and it's seemingly all because of the tips they are about to share with you. The layout made the content part hard to read, but the recipes themselves are not that exciting.

    10. I applaud the originality of the recipes. Obviously I selected it for the health aspects. However I've found errors in it and the recipes I've made were just ok. There's no way a carnivore would love it IMO. There are much better plant based cookbook out there.

    11. The Plant Power Way is a beautifully produced cookbook written by this beautiful happy healthy family. The cookbook contains some great recipes, lots of dubious health information and so many pictures of this beautiful family that is hard to remember sometimes that this book is about food. About the recipes: Some are a little time consuming and call for the occasional hard-to-find ingredient but most are quite doable. I feel that they are family friendly only for parents with lots of free time w [...]

    12. I read this book front to back including all the recipes and it kick-started my plant based diet. There's lots of good recipes and nice intentions in it. The reason I took away two stars is because 1) the book is too large. It feels more like a coffee table book than a guide to be used - pretty but not practical 2) there's no ingredient index which makes it much less useful for a newbie like me. And from what I gather from the articles within, this book is very much targeted towards newbies. 3) [...]

    13. LOVED IT! I have been plant-curious for awhile now and am always looking for good, simple guides to help me implement this life-style change. Picked this up over the weekend and could not have been happier. I've tried a couple of the recipes already and am really impressed. The dijon honey salad dressing is rocking my world right now ;) Can't wait to make more!!!

    14. Though much in this lifestyle book is aspirational rather than practical, it was a great read. Rich has a knack for explaining topics that may seem a little 'out there' in really relatable ways. I liked the back and forth formatting between his and his wife's writing. It made for a nice balance. I don't think I will be using any recipes from this book but a great intro to plant-based eating.

    15. Amazing recipes, I really didn't think that plant based cooking could taste so good. I'd highly recommend checking out Rich Roll's podcast too, it's a wealth of high quality information on fitness and nutrition.

    16. Julie Piatt and Rich Roll are, quite possibly, the most inspiring humans I have ever encountered. This book is fantastic. Every recipe is amazing, and the book is very inspirational. I love it.

    17. Great recipes if you’re really determined to transform your diet and your life for the better.Just know that the book was written awhile, but is still very relevant.

    18. I found this book to be really encouraging and helpful. I had borrowed it from the library and need to buy it! Really a great book if you are at all interested in a plant based diet.

    19. I own this cookbook and love all of the information available in it. However, when it comes down to recipes, if you were new to eating a vegan/plant based diet it would mostly seem overwhelming and complicated. I already happen to have a lot of the ingredients stocked in my house so that wasn't a huge issue for me but thinking of beginners, this would not be the cookbook I would recommend. I've tried maybe a dozen recipes and honestly just think that they are okay and nothing super amazing. I lo [...]

    20. I'll start off by saying that this truly is a beautiful book, although I just don't think it's the right one for me. Roll states that those wishing to lose weight should cut nuts from their diet and that actually eliminates a majority of the dishes presented in this book. On top of that none of the recipes actually caught my eye and many required ingredients that I'd have to go out of my way to buy.Having said that I shall keep an open mind and I hope to come back and perhaps try a few recipes w [...]

    21. This is so much more than a cookbookIt is a lifestyle book. And it is a BEAUTIFUL book. The photographs and writing are just as enjoyable as the recipes. I am not vegan, however I have many reasons for my choice to consume less animal products. The author Julie Piatt has composed very well though out recipes. She has trained me (through this book) to add many foods to my diet that were previously unknown to me. As most cooks do, I taste as I go. As I would step through Julie's recipes I was cert [...]

    22. I'm guessing that if you are already a vegan than this is a great book. I'm not so it wasn't. Actually I am half vegan, half vegetarian (maybe an egg or some cheese two or three times a week) and thought this book would help me become more vegan. Instead I found the size of the book cumbersome; the index useless; and the explanation of the icons at the end of the book.The pictures were beautiful, but not enough pictures of the food. The writings were inspiring but a little too stereotypical new- [...]

    23. A little too new-agey for me, but I can overlook that, I think these people are from California, so one has to make allowances.The recipes in this book look pretty good, some have interesting combinations that I think will work pretty good, have not tried any of them yet. Not a book that will turn Midwestern meat and potatoes types on to the plant-based way, however. But the fact that Rich Roll is some super athlete might get some people to rethink their eating. He should write a book about othe [...]

    24. In my library of practical cookbooks that are encyclopedia-like, small publisher paperbacks, recipes torn from magazine pages and handouts from cooking classes, this book is displayed for my pleasure with the beautiful to behold cookbooks. When I reach for it, it's joyful, healthy, calming vibe helps me slow down and be present. Practically speaking, it has enhanced my cooking of veggies and using ingredients that I formerly had little experience. I only take off one star because while I love Ju [...]

    25. I find the physical size and shape and layout of this book very awkward. It is large and heavy and difficult to use and the shape is odd. In addition, the colored pages make it difficult to read. There are lots of lovely photos of the authors and their family, but when I get a cookbook, all I need to see is photos of the food, not happy people holding an autumn leaf or at the beach or running. Even though there are tons of photos, there are not photos of every recipe. I would rather see a photo [...]

    26. I'm not a vegan - but I love this book anyway. If becoming a vegan would transform my family into the picture perfect one shown in this beautiful book - and me into the super-athlete that is Rich Roll, then it's worthy of consideration. In the meantime, if you are simply looking to eat healthier or simply are curious about the vegan plate, as I am, then this book is an excellent introduction and a tasty, approachable way to do just that.

    27. A beautiful cookbook I will pull lots of inspiration from but full of pricey ingredients and tedious processes, like sprouting your beans before cooking and soaking nuts. The vegan lasagna calls for 16 large zucchinis and 3 types of homemade nut cheeses The ice cream recipes look fantastic and easy as well as some great tea and latte ideas.

    28. Yummy recipes and a really pretty book. It's an adventure to read and use the recipes. Some are not so exact (zucchini bread calls for 4 medium zucchini (no cups or oz) and to put in a large rectangular pan. Again, an adventure which invites the users' creativity. These did turn out well, despite the lack of exactitude!

    29. Just became a Paleo-VEGAN human.I LOVE everything about this book. Julie has inspired me so much I actually just became a Paleo-VEGAN human. OMG SHE IS A CREATIVE COOKING GENIUS. Julie is THE MOST inspirational cook I have ever seen. Tried 3 recipes already and died of deliciousness.

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