Amish Confidential Lebanon Levi Stoltzfus star of the hit Discovery Channel reality show Amish Mafia delivers a sizzling tell all about Amish life today From the forbidden joyrides to the senseless shunnings to the co

  • Title: Amish Confidential
  • Author: "Lebanon" Levi Stoltzfus Ellis Henican
  • ISBN: 9781501110306
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lebanon Levi Stoltzfus, star of the hit Discovery Channel reality show Amish Mafia, delivers a sizzling tell all about Amish life today From the forbidden joyrides to the senseless shunnings to the colorful family feuds, he shares his frank insider s view of this fascinating and secretive society You ve seen the pretty postcards and the shiny tourist brochures Now, Lebanon Levi Stoltzfus, star of the hit Discovery Channel reality show Amish Mafia, delivers a sizzling tell all about Amish life today From the forbidden joyrides to the senseless shunnings to the colorful family feuds, he shares his frank insider s view of this fascinating and secretive society You ve seen the pretty postcards and the shiny tourist brochures Now, Amish Confidential takes readers beyond the buggies, bonnets, and beards into the hidden heart of back roads Amish country The all night field parties The prohibited automobiles The nosy neighbors and prissy tattletales It s all here the many English temptations The stitch and bitch quilting bees The sex, alcohol, and illicit Wi Fi And the random acts of kindness and remarkable forgiveness, too Interest in the Amish has never been greater The tourist counts keep breaking new records Amish Mafia is back for a fourth blockbuster season on TV, joined now by several spinoff shows Amish Confidential taps right into America s fresh fascination with the throwback Amish Stoltzfus weaves his never before told personal story through some high profile Amish episodes that rocked the news in recent years, including the Nickel Mines shooting massacre, the Amish sisters farm stand kidnapping, and the Amish Pagan drug gang As America s most famous Amish tough guy makes clear on every page, there is nothing plain or simple about the plain and simple life.

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      472 "Lebanon" Levi Stoltzfus Ellis Henican
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    1. Rewritten 24 Nov. Without doubt the Amish are fascinating. But behind closed doors they are just like us with all our problems. It's not hypocrisy as much as protecting their product - tourism and interest in all things Amish which have enabled them to become, as a community, very rich. They may reject the trappings of modern life but they are capitalists through and through. And making money in tourism and selling their not-always hand-crafted products relies on their image. This image is only [...]

    2. I wasn't expecting much from Amish Confidential, a tell-all memoir, by Amish mafia reality television star, Lebanon Levi Stoltzfus. Despite my expectations, it was quite good.I picked it up because watching The Amish Mafia is one of my guilty pleasures. It is a reality, cultural, crime-syndicate show with horses.The Amish, like other insular communities, have plenty to teach the outside world about they live their lives. Levi definitely has the inside scoop, having been raised Old Order Amish, a [...]

    3. I'd like to preface this review by saying that this is a well written book, but definitely not what I expected it to be. Who doesn't love a bit of sensationalism? I, like many other people, watched this show because it was interesting, and because it blew apart an ideal that many of us who are not closely familiar with the Amish held. They are different than us--we knew that, but I suppose I thought that meant that they did not experience the same things that we do out in the "English world." I [...]

    4. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the two authors of this book, "Lebanon" Levi Stoltzfus and Ellis Henican. I finished this book in one day. It really felt like it was told in Levi's voice. I thought I knew about the Amish but I learned so much about the inner workings of the Amish community in Lancaster, PA. Because of contractual obligations to the Discovery Channel, there was not inside information about the show "Amish Mafia." However, it is still as entertaining, if not more! Levi and [...]

    5. Is a really good book. Levi had plenty to say and was descriptive in explaining the "going-ons" in the Amish community. Was interesting reading it coming from an individual from inside the Amish community. I myself was already aware of many of the things that were described within the book being that I do not live far from the area and I have had dealings with the Amish. They are a great community but they (like most of us) have their dark secrets. Well they are not exactly dark hidden secrets a [...]

    6. Great storyIt was a surprisingly good book. Not quite what I expected, but still real good. I though it would be a dirtier, more negative look into the Amish lifestyle, but instead Levi leaves readers feeling good.

    7. Review of Amish ConfidentialReally enjoyed your book. I think you had a lot more to say. I believe you have more thunder to deliver In the Amish community. Hope you come up with another reality/adventure series for Discovery Channel.Kudos to you and Ellis Henican.

    8. Good Read, but I wish Levi would have talked more about what happened and didn't happen on the show. I hate that the show has ended. I'm sure there will be some type of spin off-- I hope anyway, or at least a follow up book on what everyone is doing after the show. I really enjoyed the show and learned even more about the Amish culture after reading the book. How forgiving the Amish are after such horrendous tragedies are something I will try to adopt in my life and a way of living I will not fo [...]

    9. I was so excited about this book. I'm a huge Amish Mafia fan and have followed these cast members for a few years now. I was one of those "English" people in Lancaster, looking for Levi :-) I wear my AM T-shirt with pride.I was happy when the book came out, but really didn't expect too much. I was pleasantly surprised though. Levi tells us stories from his own life but also adds in lots of facts and stories from the Amish community. Some good, some bad. All interesting to people like me, who are [...]

    10. Quite surprised how much I enjoyed the book. The history of the Amish is quite interesting and some of the tragedies suffered by the Amish were devastating. As viewer of the TV show I hoped for more insight into the events in the show, not much new is touch on, no inside information related to the show. First a history of the Amish, major events and inter workings of the Amish society, and finally more current events are touch on. If you are fan of the show and are looking for incite to the TV s [...]

    11. Interesting book. I happened to love this reality series just because I have always been fascinated by the Amish culture. The book is interesting. Levi introduces other facets of the Amish lifestyle that were not shown in the series. There is a great deal of historical background about the Amish that I really enjoyed. Worth the read if this sort of thing interests you.

    12. I enjoyed learning about some of the beliefs and cultural practices of the Amish. The negative issues may not be as generally found as the Amish author implied but if only the other stuff is true it was worth reading.

    13. This book has nothing to do with the tv show. However it was interesting to learn about the Amish culture.

    14. Levi's bookGood tread. Learned a few new facts. They're not too different than anyone else. I too watch the show an glad it will continue.

    15. Amish Confidential was not what I thought it was going to be when I purchased it. I figured this would be the star of Amish Mafia sharing some of the background details about the show with readers and about ten percent of the book was exactly what I hoped to read. The writing by "Lebanon" Levi Stolzfus and co-author Ellis Henican is nice and flows to make this book a very easy read. Most of the book deals with crimes that have happened in the Amish community throughout the United States. Stolzfu [...]

    16. "Amish Confidential" by "Lebanon" Levi Stoltzfus, star of the reality show "Amish Mafia". As an "English" (non-Amish),I've had almost no dealings with the Amish (except for a day trip to Lancaster,PA years ago).Stoltzfus was born into an Old Order Amish family but he chose not to be baptized into the community. He portrays the Amish as peaceful and generous, while also citing some very disturbing examples of illegal activity and immoral behavior among some members of the faith (there are bad app [...]

    17. Let me preface before I begin by saying I honestly don't know much about the Amish but I find them just as fascinating as probably everyone else non-Amish does. I also know that this book is one man's take on the secrets he's exposing, but until someone puts out something else supporting or rebuking it, I'll take it at face value. With that being said, I was utterly fascinated with everything I learned. Now, I am an avid Amish Mafia fan, whether it's fake or not, I honestly don't care's entertai [...]

    18. don't have cable tv so I am not familiar with his show Amish Mafia on Discovery, but I have played the role of geeky "English" tourist in Lancaster PA taking buggy rides, visiting gift shops etcme interesting anecdotes from his Rumspringa days, perspectives on the Biblical literalism he couldn't endorse living by, and perceived hypocrisy [e.g if electricity is so horrible, why is it to ok to store meat in freezer run by your English neighbor?], within-culture gossip, etcry uneven, disorganized w [...]

    19. Every year the media seems to pick up on a new topic for books, reality television and bad TV films. When I was in the 8th grade, the topic was child beauty pageants. The year after that it was rednecks, year after that it was polygamy, and I guess that last year's popular Lifetimey Dr. Phil-y topic was the Amish community. It seems like book after book and at least three films were made revolving around the subject. I find this odd, because the Amish are modest and grounded in morals and not ex [...]

    20. Interesting backstage look at the Amish. As an Ohio native, I've seen and driven by Amish farms, stores and buggies. Loved reading about Levi's experiences as a young adult during his Rumspringa and his later experiences with his neighbors and the church. The Amish do take care of their own, but they also manipulate and abuse their own as well.I knew a little about the Amish, but now I know more. And I stand by my original gut reaction when I was a small child discovering the Amish as they trave [...]

    21. First, let me say I was a fan of the TV show. I found it entertaining, even if the truth was stretched a bit. I was expecting this book to be more of the same. However, Levi illustrated an entirely different side of the Amish way of life. He has basically recounted his life growing up in the Amish community. He explains how he felt about the unspoken double standards and how he tried to cope with them as a growing boy. He also explains a lot of history behind how and why the Amish live the way t [...]

    22. I watched this show every week so I was happy Levi wrote a book. I never knew the history of the Amish in Europe or why they came to America and settled in certain areas. The old order Amish sure have a lot of rules to follow. The Mennonites broke off from Amish and are more progressive. Levi belonged the New Order which is not quite as strict. I found the book very informative and well written. I learned a lot of new knowledge. I wish he would have written about his life on the show and the peo [...]

    23. I listened to an audiobook of this. I have read two or three books on the Amish but you can't find very many written from the perspective of someone who is currently Amish. I haven't watched the show Amish Mafia so I didn't expect A lot about it. He did a nice job of delving into some of the areas you never hear about or at least I have never heard about such as dog breeding, taxes and more of the specifics about what is actually allowed and what is permitted to happen in a sort of don't ask don [...]

    24. Great readSo much more then I hoped for couldn't stop reading hoping for another book maybe a biography going to read it again

    25. This book gave a good history of the Amish and some of their beliefs. If you watched the show you must read this so it can feel in some of the blank spaces and question you might have.

    26. An interesting book showing both the good and the bad parts of the amish community. Though very little of the book came as a surprise to me it was still a very interesting read.

    27. Like many others, I too first heard of Lebanon Levi from Amish Mafia. The show was interesting, to say the least. I didn't take all of it seriously and did my own research about the cast. What I found didn't change my opinion that much of them. However, by the end of Amish Mafia, I had decided how I felt about Levi based on what the show was portraying. I decided I didn't like him. But, after hearing that he wrote a book about Amish life, past and present, I immediately wanted to read it. While [...]

    28. I didn't have high expectations for this book when I checked it out of the library. The author is the star of the "Amish Mafia" TV show which I've never seen, but neither have I heard anything good about it. I still haven't seen the show but the book kept my interest from beginning to end. It's not great writing, but I enjoyed reading about the Amish and the places they live which include where I grew up in Lancaster County, PA. Even my home town, Leola, is mentioned. This first hand account of [...]

    29. Fascinating book by an Amish man who apparently is part of a TV series on Discovery Channel about the Amish. A reality show. I've never seen it. This book is a no holds barred look at Amish life, and gives an honest look at what's going on in the Lancaster Pennsylvania Amish community. Some of the stories are hilarious, some tearful, but most highly enlightening. I guess what I enjoyed most about the book was the the truths that he ended up telling us that were basically not true. So many myths. [...]

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