The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds Everything is right on track for Danielle as she prepares for the grand opening of her bed and breakfast All that changes when her cousin Cheryl shows up to claim her share of the inheritance housem

  • Title: The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds
  • Author: Bobbi Ann Johnson Holmes Anna J. McIntyre
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everything is right on track for Danielle as she prepares for the grand opening of her bed and breakfast All that changes when her cousin, Cheryl, shows up to claim her share of the inheritance housemate Lily figures out there is a ghost in the house and the million dollar necklace goes missing There is blood on someone s hands and if Danielle isn t careful she ll be movEverything is right on track for Danielle as she prepares for the grand opening of her bed and breakfast All that changes when her cousin, Cheryl, shows up to claim her share of the inheritance housemate Lily figures out there is a ghost in the house and the million dollar necklace goes missing There is blood on someone s hands and if Danielle isn t careful she ll be moving from Marlow House to the Big House.

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    • [PDF] Å Free Read ↠ The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds : by Bobbi Ann Johnson Holmes Anna J. McIntyre Ø
      450 Bobbi Ann Johnson Holmes Anna J. McIntyre
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    One thought on “The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds”

    1. The Ghost Who Loved DiamondsHaunting Danielle Series, Book 2By: Bobbi Holmes, Anna J. McIntyreNarrated by: Romy NordlingerThis is another great little cozy haunted house story. Danielle's annoying cousin comes to town, only because she wants money. She wants the famous necklace that Danielle found. There is a robbery, a murder, and then now Danielle is accused! A real good read/listen.The narrator does it again but keeping this book fun and going strong.

    2. Pretty goodThis is a fairly intricate little mystery, more of the cozy type than hard core. While it's probably not for those who favor intense suspenseful mysteries, this story has enough twists and turns for the most dedicated mystery reader, so if you can get past the fact that many of the clues come through ghosts, you should enjoy it. My only problem with the book is that one of the characters is so very annoying and I disliked her so much that it almost put me off the book altogether. In t [...]

    3. This was a great second book of the series. Not quite enough ghost action because I really loved Walt in the first book. But it was still a fun read if a little long. I can't wait to read number 3.

    4. Just as much fun as the first one.I thoroughly enjoy this series. The characters draw you in and make you care about them (with a couple of minor exceptions). Even the really annoying character gets redeemed in the end. The plot is pleasantly intriguing without being overly convoluted, and the endings are satisfying. I will look for the next book in the series, because I am officially hooked. (Plus, I think it's hilarious there is a character with the same name and occupation as one in Janet Eva [...]

    5. This was an interesting continuation of the series; the timeline was fairly soon after the first book. There was a bit more danger and ghostly activity along with mystery in this story. It was an interesting and fast read.

    6. This was a page turner for me. (My husband woke up at 2am wondering why I was still awake) I enjoyed the details of the B&B which I appreciate. New characters that I thought were interesting. I would recommend this series!!

    7. Page turnerGreat read! Love this author! I read the first book in this series and also loved it. Now on to the next one! You won't regret buying any of this author's books.

    8. Danielle is almost ready to open up Marlow House as a B&B and she is having a special party where she will be wearing the fancy necklace from the last book. It's worth a lot and some think she is crazy to actually wear it. Things were going pretty good and then her cousin comes to town. Danielle and her cousin Cheryl didn't really get along and Cheryl think that because their aunt was not exactly in her right mind when she made out her will, that that was the only reason that she wasn't lef [...]

    9. After reading the first book in this series, I wasn’t very impressed with the author but I decided to go ahead and read on into the series. I almost abandoned this one after the first few chapters. For me, The Ghost Who Loves Diamonds started way too slow. The cousin is introduced pretty early, but I found myself very annoyed with the interactions between the characters. As with the first book, it seems like there is an excess of redundancy and repetition in the character conversations. I stil [...]

    10. I liked the first book, but this one was even better, with relatives and sinister greed.Danielle has settled into the home she has inherited from her aunt, only to find her one semi-close relative is challenging the will. But why? Cheryl has money, lots of money. Danielle assumes it's just Cheryl's way of playing with Danielle's sanity. Then, Cheryl takes off with the diamond and emerald necklace and doesn't come back.Walt, the resident ghost, tries to cheer Danielle. Then, Cheryl arrives back a [...]

    11. Although I wasn't enamored with the first book in the series I decided to stick with it and read the 2nd one. I am so glad I did! This one was a fun and quick read that keeps the reader interested with it's mystery. The characters are slowly growing on me, and although Walt wasn't as featured in this book as the first, I still enjoyed all the parts in the book where he showed up. The cousin, who you are not suppose to like, grew on me by the end. Overall a worthy sequel that has me hooked on the [...]

    12. Unusual murder mystery involving inheritance, cousins, resident ghost, and more red herrings than anyone can manage. By the time the corpse is found, even the reader wants to give her a swirlie! The resident ghost is a bit unusual and sometimes more of a hindrance than help, and the local cops are jailing a suspect every other day. But still, it was a fun read. Romy Nordlinger is okay as narrator.

    13. Great follow up to the first book!!This book was an excellent follow-up to the first book. You learn more about the characters which allows you to feel as if you know them better. This , of course, pulls you into the story even deeper. The writing is outstanding, you can picture this small town in Oregon, see the streets, the beach and even the town square. If you like your ghosts with some mystery, then this book and series is for you. Highly recommended.

    14. This is a much better story than the description makes it out to be. Better than my typical beach read 3. Lots of small surprises. Negative is some characters that initially seem overly 2D. Rounded rating up because exceeded expectation. Read it because I like the characters, and that's still true. Strong beach read. First book might be a prerequisite.

    15. I just find these books fun. Sometimes I have to take a break because they have that feeling you get from overly embarrassing movies when you are thinking, "How can one more thing happen to Danielle and her friends?!"

    16. Such a fun storyI choose this rating because it is a book that doesn't have sex, a lot of cussing and it keeps my interest through the whole story. It's like Murder, she wrote meets Ghost Hunters. So much fun to read.

    17. Hit or a missIll be honest I wasn't too keen on the first half of the book. Sorry but the cousin really annoyed me. However the book changed and I found it really good and couldn't put it down x

    18. Enjoyable but slow to get through due to my dislike of Cheryl. She was so very grating I made excuses to stop reading every time she had a pet in the story— which lead to a very slow read since she very much is the plot of this book.

    19. Ridiculous but thoroughly entertaining audiobook. And I didn't foresee the solution to the mystery of who killed the cousin

    20. Loved these booksI have such a hard time putting this authors books down once I get started! Very well written and worth every penny!

    21. Great mystery and fun to readThis is the 2nd book in Haunting Danielle and I just love it! I hope Lily and Ian stay with Danielle. Guess I will find out soon enough on to book 3!

    22. A good hauntingVery good story a little at first. Quarter of a way through could not put down. Lots and lots of twist and turns.

    23. I enjoyed the first book, but with the sequel, Holmes hit's her stride. The characters are wonderful, human (fallible), quirky. I love reading about Danielle trying to carry on two conversations at once without letting the other participant know that she's also hearing a ghost chiming in.

    24. Haunting DanielleI just finished the second book. It barely got the five stars because of the fake not fake fake not fake necklace.

    25. Hear meDeath, ghosts,love,murder,,money,inheritance, ah everything an awesome story should have. Wasn't able to put this book down, Second one I've gone through and I will be reading them all.

    26. Honestly, this series is one of my favorite ghost series. Danielle moves into a house that used to be owned by her aunt without knowing there's a ghost there. With her gift of sight, she can see ghosts like Walt Marlow who died in that very house less than a hundred years ago. She turns the house into a bed and breakfast house over his objections since he feels like it's still his house.Danielle also somehow comes with a trouble magnet. She keeps ending up in trouble, being framed for murder or [...]

    27. Not a bad addition to the series. Not excellent either. Whilst it was a great light hearted read it was also a bit far fetched. I believe the author did a bit too much running back and forth between suspects in this one. Even adding suspects when less then 10% remained of the story.Whilst the author managed to find an exciting idea for this story. I feel as if they couldn't decide on who to make the killer and thief. The usage of multiple suspects and even splitting the crime into two parts made [...]

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