Down Among the Dead Men Peter Diamond takes a dive down among the dead men to solve a seven year old murder case in the latest installment of Peter Lovesey s classic procedural series In a Sussex town on the south coast of E

  • Title: Down Among the Dead Men
  • Author: Peter Lovesey
  • ISBN: 9781616956271
  • Page: 374
  • Format: ebook
  • Peter Diamond takes a dive down among the dead men to solve a seven year old murder case in the latest installment of Peter Lovesey s classic procedural series.In a Sussex town on the south coast of England, a widely disliked art teacher at a posh private girls school disappears without explanation None of her students miss her boring lessons, especially since her replacPeter Diamond takes a dive down among the dead men to solve a seven year old murder case in the latest installment of Peter Lovesey s classic procedural series.In a Sussex town on the south coast of England, a widely disliked art teacher at a posh private girls school disappears without explanation None of her students miss her boring lessons, especially since her replacement is a devilishly hunky male teacher with a fancy car But then her name shows up on a police missing persons list What happened to Miss Gibbon, and why does no one seem to care Meanwhile, detective Peter Diamond finds himself in Sussex, much against his wishes His irritating and often obtuse supervisor, Assistant Chief Constable Georgina Dally, has made Diamond accompany her on a Home Office internal investigation A Sussex detective has been suspended for failing to link DNA evidence of a relative to a seven year old murdercase a bad breach of ethics Diamond is less than thrilled to be heading out on a road trip with his boss to investigate a fellow officer, but he becomes much interested in the case when he realizes who the suspended officer is an old friend, and not a person he knows to make mistakes.As Diamond asks questions, he begins to notice unsettling connections between the cold case and the missing art teacher Could the two mysteries be connected How many other area disappearances have gone unnoticed and uninvestigated Diamond and his hapless supervisor have stumbled into a web of related crimes Will Diamond be able to disentangle them

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    One thought on “Down Among the Dead Men”

    1. One of the best Lovesey novels I've read in a while. He's one of those writers whose works I always enjoy reading but often find it hard to be enthusiastic about. This time he seems to have got just about everything right. (That said, in the ARC I read there were some continuity errors and the like. I'm assuming they were cleared up before publication.)Chief Superintendent Peter Diamond (Lovesey's longtime series hero) and his immediate boss, Assistant Chief Constable Georgina Dallymore, have a [...]

    2. Another Lovesey winner. I thought his last book was a bit flimsy, but he's back in form with this one.As usual, there were so many strands that didn't seem to be connected until they were. I really enjoy following along with the detective and watching him or her find a pattern among the detritus. Of course, it makes me think there's some order to the universe. Hah.Anyway, Diamond is a fine character--irascible, irritable, and inexhaustible. He'd be hell to live with, but is fun to meet on the pa [...]

    3. It’s interesting to speculate whether the number of murders depicted in English mystery novels is greater than the number of murders actually recorded in the country. I suspect it’s a close call.Peter Lovesey is one of the culprits in that caper. He is responsible for not one but two detective series plus a slew of other novels, short story collections, and a TV series, all of them focusing on how people die, and why. One of his signature series features Peter Diamond, a police detective ope [...]

    4. This is the fourth or fifth Peter Diamond book that I read, and I just can't understand this series' loyal following. To me, the books read workman-like. Nothing special, nothing original. In this installment, Peter Diamond is forced by his boss, Georgina, to accompany her on/in an investigation of another police officer accused of ignoring evidence in a murder case because it led to a family member. It turns out that Peter knows this police officer and thinks highly of her. And so he's more int [...]

    5. The last thing Peter Diamond wants to do is to work closely with Georgina Dallymore - his boss. When she tells him he is going away for what may be a few weeks with her to investigate a problem in another police force he really doesn't want to go but doesn't see how he can get out of it. It turns out to be a possible police corruption case and involves a body in a stolen BMW and a car thief who claims to know nothing about the body. Unfortunately for him, the jury didn't believe his story and he [...]

    6. Great characters, fast pace, good mystery (though I guessed a couple of the twists). Fun dialogue too: at one point a concussed police officer gets annoyed and says, "There's no need to talk about me as if I'm a pet rabbit."New words I learned while reading this book:tealeaf: thief a porky: a pork pie, which is rhyming slang for a liein a strop: angrybricking it: terrifiedsod's law: if something can go wrong, it willrat-arsed: drunkscrubber: sluthewers of wood and drawers of water: a fancy way o [...]

    7. So I enjoyed this book because it was evidently the 15th book about this detective, but I had no idea because prior cases and such were not mentioned so that was good. I also love when mysteries are written by British authors because then they'll contain so much witty banter. I expected this book to be better than it was though, which was just okay. The content was a bit dry, and it seemed to unnecessarily lag in places before any sort of action occurred. I also felt the ending too abrupt. 3.5/5 [...]

    8. An entry in Lovesey's long running Detective Peter Diamond series. It's obvious the author is fond of his characters, and so am I. This book has a good mystery, great character interactions, a bit of humor. Not as gritty as some of the other British police procedurals (Nick Oldham, Brian McGilloway) and more thoughtful.

    9. Superintendent Diamond is off his normal patch, investigating corruption in Chichester. I really enjoyed the change of pace!

    10. A bitter sweet read for me. A book that I have been looking forward to by , perhaps, my favourite author of the moment, but the last book that I have of the series.I missed the background of Bath again in this story as the unlikely Dynamic Duo of Asst Chief Constable Georgina and Peter Diamond are chauffeured to the South Coast to assist a neighbouring force with an internal problem.The two brief episodes at the beginning of the story appear totally unrelated to each other and the Police matter [...]

    11. An excellent crime novel that had me hooked from the beginning. Lovesey has a knack for putting the facts out there for the reader and then stunning them with big reveals. Highly recommend and look forward to reading more from this talented author.

    12. First Sentence: “Are you sure this thing works?”Det. Peter Diamond has been recruited to work with his boss on a sensitive case out of town. To say he’s less than excited by this prospect would be an understatement, but needs must. What he doesn’t know, nor does his boss, is that the case involves someone with whom Peter had worked in the past. In the same town to which they are traveling, the art teacher at a private girl’s school leaves her position without notice. While the students [...]

    13. After Danny Stapleton steals a BMW he is shocked when the cops pull him over on his way to a dubious car dealer to change the registration plates. Unfortunately for Danny it turns out the car he lifted was already stolen, and worse than that, there is also a dead body in the trunk. Danny might protest as much as his wants, but he is looking at a sentence for murder or in best case accessory to murder.15 years later while Danny is spending his jail sentence an anonymous letter arrives at Sussex p [...]

    14. Peter Lovesey is a master of crime fiction and his latest is testimony that he continues to be the best. This is the fifteenth book in the Peter Diamond series. The setting is Sussex, a small town on the south coast of England. The inciting force that initiates the action is the disappearance of an art teacher at a posh private girls' school. None of her students miss her boring lessons, especially since her replacement is a good-looking male teacher with a sporty car. When her name shows up on [...]

    15. Peter Lovesey is back with a winner in this fifteenth Peter Diamond mystery. What better than to pair up Diamond with his superior officer-- a woman he has no use for? Some of my favorite scenes in the book deal with Diamond learning how to conceal crucial pieces of his investigation from his hapless partner, and readers can easily feel sympathy for him each time he has to stop what he's doing to stroke his boss's ego. Even "Dallymore and Diamond" has the ring of a vaudeville act whose name appe [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed "Down Among the Dead Men". Lovesey strays from his very wonderful depictions of Bath (which always make me wish to be there) to the environs of Sussex. Peter Diamond is still his detective, but Lovesey twists his relationship by partnering him with Georgina, his nominal supervisor. Diamond is not at all happy about being separated from his town, his cat, his jewel thieves, and his lady friend. And Georgina is quite the handful insisting on keeping Diamond in the dark until t [...]

    17. I've never thought the Peter Diamond series is Lovesey's best work, but I keep reading them, so maybe my unconscious mind has a different opinion. The big problem I had with this book was the preposterous plot. I finished it because Lovesey is an engaging writer, but I was very disappointed at the end. although maybe I shouldn't have been, given the utter improbability of the plot in the previous entry in this series (I won't detail the preposterousness of either because it's essential to the st [...]

    18. DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN. (2015). Peter Lovesey. *****.In this novel, the latest from Lovesey, we are treated to a demonstration of his skill in creating and narrating a plot that will appeal to all of his devoted mystery fans. The plot construction is seamless, and he demonstrates his ability to maintain suspense by bringing together his main character, Peter Diamond, and his superior – forcing them to work together on an internal affairs problem at a neighboring town. It includes murders, dru [...]

    19. The author is a great storyteller and this is a gripping read. This book features not only Peter Diamond but also Hen Mallin. The author's plots in this series are always outrageous but this time I felt there was too much to swallow. I could go along with the police corruption and I could just about go with the motivation of the murderer and I could even go with the ingenious disposal of the bodies but it was a step too far to see all this tied together. At the end it did not quite make sense. A [...]

    20. I have not yet had the chance to read this book, however, my sister was in a reading slump and decided to read it. She said it was a decent and okay book, but it is still worth reading. So definitely check it out and I cannot wait to read it.

    21. This is another excellent entry in the Det. Peter Diamond series. Now I've read all of them. Diamond is such an entertaining character and he always gets his man(or woman) in the end. I think this is one of his best. Highly recommend.

    22. I have never read anything by this author. I love British crime novels so I gave this book a shot. Great story with lots of twists. I enjoyed the banter between lead detectives. I plan on trying more of this Peter Diamond series!

    23. I read Peter Lovesey's WHOLE Peter Diamond series (16 books in all) in June and July of 2017, sequentially and without an iota of boredom. Forgive me for posting this as a comment/review into each book's space: I didn't think to do it as I was reading morning to night with no intervening literature.The main detective, Peter Diamond, a few other police types, and a couple of non-police characters are incorporated into a series of crimes set in and around Bath, England. Historical and literary inc [...]

    24. Lovesey is an excellent British Mystery writer. His plots take different turns. Peter Diamond is an interesting character without the standard problems of drink and bitterness that are the fare of many lead detectives and he has well a drawn-out supporting cast.The books tend to wrap up quickly with a few leaps of faith of logic. Some, of course, are better than others, but all are better than most.Perhaps he would be more popular with swearing and seamy sex scenes, but he is British, you know, [...]

    25. One of the better books in the series. Diamond leaves his crew in Bath and goes with Georgina to investigate a charge against Hen Mallin in Chichester. Mallin appeared in an earlier Diamond book, The House Sitter, and now will become the protagonist in a new series by the author. In this book, Mallin has been suspended because she did not investigate when her niece became involved in an old murder case. It is up to Diamond to get her reinstated. The characters in this one are from the art world [...]

    26. As always, an enjoyable Peter Lovesey story about his favourite Bath detective Peter Diamond. Except this time he's not in Bath, but has been whisked off to Sussex to investigate a serious misdemeanour in another force. And he's working with his irritating but always entertaining boss, Assistant Chief Constable (Crime) Georgina. There are two plots, both at first apparently nothing to do with each other, but of course they eventually collide. Overall, the mystery elements were a little bit weak [...]

    27. Peter Diamond goes to Sussex with his boss, Georgina, on an independent review, and meets up with Hen Mallin again. Hen's niece has disappeared after apparently driving a car that had a dead body in the boot. Other disappearances may be related, but HQ prefers that they not be found, since more dead bodies would affect their crime stats. And then an art teacher is reported missing and some schoolgirls may be in danger. All in a days' work, and I enjoyed reading about Hen again.

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