The Devil Ate Me Stan is an ex cop turned PI trying to make a living in an unforgiving city In between work his days are spent drinking away his disappointment at the shake that life has given him That is until one

  • Title: The Devil Ate Me
  • Author: P.M. Barnes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Stan is an ex cop turned PI, trying to make a living in an unforgiving city In between work, his days are spent drinking away his disappointment at the shake that life has given him That is until one day, when his best employee and the woman that he secretly pines for, comes in with a tale that turns everything he knows upside down.

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    One thought on “The Devil Ate Me”

    1. WTF? How can this novella have such high ratings?Awful. Terrible. Complete waste of time.FYI: The verb "ate" means *that*, too :-/

    2. This was a strange book to me. I went in thinking it was a private detective story with a paranormal twist, but came out thinking what just happened? Of course that doesn't make it a bad book, just one that you have to wrap your mind around. The characters were interesting and the story is well told, just different. I'd like to see how this series evolves and what becomes of them along the way.18+ due to sexual situations, language, and overall subject matter.

    3. I had assumed that this short read was one thing and it turned out to be something completely different. This book left me feeling some type of way and I loved it. This author has managed to turn my reality upside down. Looking forward to reading more of this author's books!!!

    4. Well what can I say but wow. What a great book to start out reading with. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I got this book . But she blew me away , with a very sexy devil and some very hot scenes . As you read your mind will take you to some places you might not want to go but when you come out the other side you are so glad you read .Her characters are well developed and well lets just say Satan is one hot guy, or should I say demon. I will warn you there sex and dam good sex in this [...]

    5. WARNING: Serious cliffhanger! The Devil Ate Me is an original story that has the potential to start its own niche genre. Wry humor had me chuckling along with the characters, and highly erotic sex scenes had me squirming in my seat. I was a little disappointed by the ending, which was sort of a "to be continued" serial story ending, without any plot resolution. I enjoyed the nicely developed characters, and was able to overlook spelling/punctuation errors because the story pulled me in. An enjoy [...]

    6. This is the story of Natasha, and how she ultimately ended up at David's mansion in the beginning of Book one, "the Devil Ate Me". The story itself is excellent, the characters lives well-defined. There are some disturbingly depraved sexual scenes, so this is definitely an 18+ book. I really enjoyed this quick read. It adds dimension to book one:-)

    7. P.M. Barnes has done it to me again. I found this book a little bit of a bore at first not going to lie. I had to read a little to get into it but once i did i loved it. Before i knew it this book was over. The mind of PM is seriously devious. (I think she may need mental help hehehe) The things she did with these characters OMG. PM should be in the same league as Steven King

    8. Whoa! What did I just read?! This book is supernatural HOT! Talk about your erotic paranormal novellas, this one takes the cake. I'm interested to see where P.M. Barnes goes from here.

    9. Here I am up late again reading the 2nd book in this series (I read the first one last night for those of you wondering) I must say I loved this one even more then the first one. The twists and turns kept me on the edge on my seat and my mind went a million different directions but yet all ended back up at one point. I love the character development and how it really told the story not only from one persons perspective but two. The beautifully twisted mind of this author is so shockingly gorgeou [...]

    10. Ok lol well I didn't read any other reviews before reading this book I don't like to know others opinions before I know my own. When I first started reading I was like ok I don't know if I like where this headed. My mind went somewhere I didn't like but I couldn't stop reading. I had to know what had happen to this women. As I continued to read I was seriously thinking WTF? This book is so uniquely different its insane. I have never read anything like it before in my life. I started it thinking [...]

    11. Wow was not expecting thatwas asked to read for an honest review. what can I say,first I don't read paranormal or fantasy type books. This is a fast paced read,from the beginning you're taken on this roller coastere characters are well developedso there's a bit of a kinda see where it's going and when it goes there,you staring at your screen and just wanna tell "Nooo get away from her" I don't know maybe it's just me. So final question,would I read again and would I recommend it? yes [...]

    12. Not at all what I expectedIn such a good way!This short story blew me away. I tried to go into it without any idea of the premise. As it turns out that was the way to go! This story was hot and surprising all rolled into one. I highly recommend this story if you want a devilish tale to read. I'm not often shocked by books and the usual game of twists have worn thin with me but this was a nice twist done well. Good job! Off to read more!

    13. **Before I read** I am friends with this author on Facebook. I will buy anything she releases to support indie writers. I will also give honest reviews. I am not a fan of parodies but another author wrote a parody I was able to enjoy. I will be bumping this up the TBR list. **This review may contain spoilers. Read with caution**

    14. This book is not for the reader that doesn't enjoy explicit sexual scenes and lots of language. Thankfully, it is only about 40 pages long. Otherwise i probably wouldn't finish it. I guess in my old age, I am turning into a prude.on the plus side, it is an interesting story line

    15. AMaxingYou did it again! You pulled me in had me mesmerized and enthralled an boom the book is done! Ahhhhhhhhh I wanted more!!! Awesome job PM Barnes! Loved it!!!!

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