Zilele Pierdute Emily nu e o fata ca oricare alta Poarta in fiecare zi aceeasi rochie neagra E moarta dupa matematica si stiinta Cele mai bune prietene ale ei sunt patru pisici negre si se da in vant dupa muzica rock

  • Title: Zilele Pierdute
  • Author: Rob Reger
  • ISBN: 9731283289
  • Page: 192
  • Format: None
  • Emily nu e o fata ca oricare alta Poarta in fiecare zi aceeasi rochie neagra E moarta dupa matematica si stiinta Cele mai bune prietene ale ei sunt patru pisici negre si se da in vant dupa muzica rock si punk.Iar acum Emily sufera de amnezie nu mai stie nimic din ce s a intamplat in zilele pierdute din memoria ei Habar nu are cine este, de ce se afla in orasul BlackroEmily nu e o fata ca oricare alta Poarta in fiecare zi aceeasi rochie neagra E moarta dupa matematica si stiinta Cele mai bune prietene ale ei sunt patru pisici negre si se da in vant dupa muzica rock si punk.Iar acum Emily sufera de amnezie nu mai stie nimic din ce s a intamplat in zilele pierdute din memoria ei Habar nu are cine este, de ce se afla in orasul Blackrock si ce legatura are cu fondatoarea lui, Emma LeStrande Noroc cu acest caiet negru in care si noteaza tot ce i se intampla, deseneaza pisici vagaboande si harti, lipeste fotografii si face liste care au intotdeauna 13 puncte.Derutata de faptul ca stie cum sa calculeze viteza finala si sa repare un espressor, dar n are idee cum o cheama, cati ani are si cum se numeste un pui de pisica, Emily aduna indicii despre identitatea ei si se trezeste in toiul unui conflict in care e mai implicata decat crede.13 lucruri pe care le vei gasi in primul roman Emily the Strange 1 Mister2 Un golem frumos3 Prastii imbunatatite4 Patru pisici negre5 Amnezie6 poker calamitate7 Ponei furiosi8 Un inspector dubios care urmareste chiulangii9 Liste cu 13 puncte10 Un generator de furtuni de nisip11 Dubluri fantoma12 O misiune secreta13 Urechelnite

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    One thought on “Zilele Pierdute”

    1. I feel like I just read a tween's diary. An angst tween. Still not sure really what the hell I just read but it was kind of interesting.

    2. This is my third effort at writing a review of the book. Obviously, it resists reviewing (at least by a 44 y.o. like myself).I found this book, and the whole Emily the Strange phenomenon, by accident, while browsing in a used bookstore. I picked up a copy they had out on the shelf and started thumbing through it and was immediately hooked. The conceit of the book caught my attention, and three days later, I'd finished it (the book, not the conceit).I found the book to be extremely enjoyable and [...]

    3. I've been a huge fan of Emily the Strange since I was little. Really little. (Like, 3.) And no, it's not only because I had the same haircut, name, and love of kitties. I just liked how spunky she was in general.So, of course, when this book came out, I was rolling around in my happiness.Basically, it follows 13 year old Emily as she recovers her memory in a ghost town called Blackrock. There are plenty of twists and turns (robot golems, psychic children, black cat possies), as well as Emily's s [...]

    4. Emily is weird, and endearing, and freaking smart. Imagine if Neil Gaiman wrote about April Ludgate (from Parks & Recreation) losing her memory and waking up in Gravity Falls, where she writes in a Diary-of-a-Wimpy-Kid-type journal. Yeah, I think that basically says it all.

    5. 13 Elements you will find in the first Emily the Strange novel:1. Mystery2. A beautiful golem3. Souped-up slingshots4. Four black cats5. Amnesia6. Calamity Poker7. Angry ponies8. A shady truant officer9. Top-13 lists10. A sandstorm generator11. Doppelgängers12. A secret mission13. EarwigsEmily the Strange: 13 years old. Able to leap tall buildings, probably, if she felt like it. More likely to be napping with her four black cats; or cobbling together a particle accelerator out of lint, lentils, [...]

    6. i made an account just to like this book. it is my favourite book because it is the only book i finished. :D

    7. The first of the four released books under Emily the Strange series, The Lost Days, tells us the story of Emily Strange finding herself in a place she doesn't know, and remembering nothing about herself. All she have are her pen and notebook, which remained her buddy pieces. She eventually learned she's in a town called Blackrock, as she saw in a newspaper, and tried to find the truth on what happened to her. Still remembering nothing about her past, or her present she roamed around Blackrock an [...]

    8. (Sorry for my English:))Sometimes I start to read English books when I cant wait for the hungarian edition. This is the story how I met Emily's book. The story is full of black humor and irony. If I read in English I'm very slow, that's my fault.At times I must get out my dictionary for idiot sentences for example: "BRITTLING FAVVWARX” meg „BLOGYAM!!!” What?! That's the way how to replace round oaths in young adult - most of them mean NOTHING (or I don't want to know because what I figured [...]

    9. At A GlanceGenre: Young AdultLove Triangle/Insta Love?: nope. Cliff Hanger: KindaRating: 3 StarsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:7Plot:5Characters: 7World Building: 7Flow:6Series Congruity: n/aEnding: 6Total: 7In DeptBest Part: Pictures!Worst Part: Unclear!Thoughts Had: What?; Who is supposed to read thisConclusionContinuing the Series: maybe.Recommending: maybe. Short Review: eh, i'm not sure who is supposed to read this book. I kinda feel like it should be younger teens, but some of the words an [...]

    10. 2.5 Felt an odd amount of nostalgia for a book I have never read before. I read this on my kindle and checked it out after confusing it with a popular graphic novel I see people talk about quite a bit here. What am I thinking of??? It´s driving me nuts.The writing felt a bit forced (like a middle aged man trying to sound like a 13 year old moody girlwhich I suppose IS the case actually) but I did really fall for the story and especially the strange Little setting of BlackRock. I won´t continue [...]

    11. This one was an easy listening and well read audio book. I´ve enjoyed it very much.

    12. 13 Elements you'll find in the bookI've had this book for more than 5 years and I still re-read it from time to time!Emily lost her memory and she finds her self sitting on a bench in a park (more of a patch of grass really) located in a beige coloured town. All she has with her is a journal, pencil and slingshot. She sets out and "befriends" the waitress in the local shop (El Dungeon) named Raven who's beautiful but slow. She eventually builds a lean-to made comfy by 4 black cats. Emily documen [...]

    13. kitabisevda/2012/Bir Dexter vakası ile karşı karşıyayız.Çok eğlenceli, sürükleyici ve şaşırtıcı.Bayıldım. Kitabın içinde resimler de var.Sanırım grafik roman deniliyor. :DKitapta 13 rakamı, hafıza kaybı, zihin okuma çok önemli yer kaplıyor. Biz uğursuzluk olarak algılasakta o kendisine şans getirdiğine inanıyor.En baştan başlayayım :DKitap hafızasını kaybetmiş bir kızın Blackrock*1 adlı bir kasaba da kendi kimliğini bulma çabaları ile başlıyor. El D [...]

    14. I had only heard of Emily The Strange in passing, and didn’t really know much about the books, comics, or product line. However, I’m already in love with the character and the way the stories are told. It reminds me of a very intelligent version of Greg Heffley from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, except that instead of it being almost entirely graphic novel, it's part novel, part graphics, and part a whole bunch of other interesting stuff. In a way, it’s similar to the process through wh [...]

    15. Emily doesn't know she's called Emily. She doesn't know anyone else's name. She doesn't know why she can't remember these things, or why eleven pages were torn out of her notebook. But she knows that she must figure out who she is, and why this happened to her.This is the first book in the series, and it begins well enough to keep you turning the pages for most of it; from the moment you start reading, you join Emily; you want to know how she got to where she is - in life, and on the bench where [...]

    16. It is a book written by an amnesiac girl (whom we already knew as Emily, since it was written in big red colour on the cover, duh!). She found herself sitting on a super-mini-park bench, totally in amnesia, equipped only with a slingshot, a pen, and a blank black book. She didn't know her own name, didn't know the name of the town she was in, didn't know what she did there. But it seemed that she knew many unusual things, such as repair anything broken (including golems), how to throw stones acc [...]

    17. Ok, so I picked up the fourth book in this series from Book Outlet for less than $2. I had no idea what the book was, but it was super cheap and the cover looked interesting. When the book came, I learned it was the fourth, so I proceeded to borrow the other three from the library.And that brings us to today. I have just finished this first book in the series and totally loved it. Yes, it's a middle grade book, and yes, it's absurd at times, but it's fun and silly and really enjoyable. I loved t [...]

    18. I admit it - I'm old and was never hip so a lot of pop culture stuff passes me by without even stopping to say hello. I didn't know who or what Emily the Strange was, but in this book, neither does she. It turns out Emily started as a sort of anitdote to Hello Kitty - appealing to those goth and wannabe goth teens who are too cool for that perky white cat. So then Emily started appearing not only on tee shirts, but in some graphic novel/comic books, too. And now she is the star of a series of no [...]

    19. My first foray into Emily Strange happened when I saw a drawing of her on the computer once. So, I got the inspiration to write a short story based on this character (based solely on her looks and name, didn't know any of her history) for an English assignment. It all worked out, got an A+ on the assignment and have been an Emily Strange fan ever since. Even owning an Emily Strange graphic tee and wallet.That's why I wanted to like this book so much. I took the book out of the library instead of [...]

    20. Okay, this book was adorable. I'll admit, at first it was a little difficult for me to get into. In fact, I almost put it down. But once I got into the story and the writing style became familiar I fell in love! There are a lot of lists and some very short and choppy sentences. But it is supposed to be following the thought processes of a young strange girl. And while she is VERY strange, its a strange I can definitely relate to. It is also incredibly diary style with awesome drawings.But apart [...]

    21. REVIEWEmily does strange, but she does strange funny. She is sarcastic and smart – she asks quirky questions and has crazy conversations. She doodles and draws – she is random and resourceful. What makes all of this extra STRANGE though, is that Emily does not even know who she is for most of the book.Presented in a diary format, The Lost Days truly gets into Emily’s mind. The pages are filled with drawings, 13-item lists, snippets of conversations, and Emily’s hilarious personality. She [...]

    22. I had such mixed feelings about this book while I was reading it. I've had two of these books for a while now and have been wanting to read them for so long. I really enjoyed the pictures in the book, but as I was reading, I was starting to wonder if I was supposed to know more about Emily as a character before reading these. I think there are also Emily the Strange graphic novels that came out before the regular novels. I knew that before I started reading the novels and figured it wouldn't mat [...]

    23. I've always wanted to read this ever since I got a charm bracelet of it, and it was my luck that my college friend had it.I gave this 5 stars, because I read it in one sitting. I couldn't stop reading it, because of the constant mystery, randomness, and awesomeness the author had written. Not to mention, the illustration was very interesting also.The story is about a girl who woke up with nothing but a few items in hand, and no memory at all. There were also cats, golems, and LISTS. With those, [...]

    24. "¿Quién es Emily? Ante esta pregunta, inmediatamente se nos viene a la cabeza la imagen de una niña pálida, vestida de negro, de pelo largo y con cara de mala uva. Emily es rara, es siniestra y tiene un puntillo gótico. Su imagen comenzó a popularizarse en una serie de pegatinas, después saltó a la ropa y los complementos, más tarde a los comics y hoy, por fin, tiene una novela propia. Pero, pese a que todo el mundo sabe quién es Emily, ella parece haberlo olvidado. Sentada en un banco [...]

    25. Wenn ich Emily the Strange nicht so sehr lieben würde und das Buch nicht so toll gestaltet wäre (jede Seite ist illustriert, von Fotos bis zu Briefen über Randgekritzel), gäbe es hierfür wohl eher keine 4 Sterne, 3 schon. Dafür war mir die Story dann doch zu unspektakulär? Und der Schreibstil nicht außergewöhnlich genug. Wenn man das aber außer Acht lässt hat man eine angenehm seltsame Geschichte vor sich, die nicht zu geradlinig verläuft, die einen miträtseln (wenn auch nicht unbed [...]

    26. I do not remember why I gave this a low score. Past me must have not enjoyed it very well. This is a shame, because I love the cover art and the idea behind this. I might have to find a physical copy to read. I read it as an ebook and that could have influenced my enjoyment.--I have cleared my rating for this. I found a physical copy of the book and I want to give this another chance! (My rating was at 2 stars)

    27. I have been a looong-time fan of the Emily character, so I was beside myself when I came across this full-length novel! I didn't buy the book expecting the story to be all that great - I just bought it because I'm a fan! However, I've been pleasantly surprised by Emily's amnesiatic adventures in the mysterious town of Blackrock. Love, love, LOVE it!!! Recommended for teens and all fans of Emily!

    28. This book was so funny! I was laughing out loud through a lot of it! Its kind of in a journal format about a 13 year old genius that's kinda weird--she has amnesia and is in a town called Blackrock, where there seem to be a lot of oddities and mysteries! Really enjoyed this, can't wait to read the rest of the series!

    29. I just couldn't finish this one. It became tedious and I tried to read a little bit everyday but I honestly couldn't finish it. I've scrolled through a few reviews on and I've seen that many people enjoyed it. There seems to be a running theme of nostalgia for quite a few people too. I don't think this was for me.

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